Sukky Foxxe - Sukky rides the sybian

St Valentines Day.

Sukky had known she was booked for a party on St Valentines Day, for weeks. Naturally she didn’t know for who, or where. Nor did she know what was to be expected of her there. That was the way of The Company. There was no need for her to know. Sukky would not be consulted in any way. She had signed a contract, and had signed herself away, with the stroke of a pen. She had done so willingly, and in the full knowledge of what she was doing. Her solicitor had fully informed her of what she was doing, he hadn’t tried to dissuade her, but he had pointed out the pitfalls. There could be no turning back. Chris had been with her, and when Joe had to leave the room he had taken the opportunity to spell out in clear plain language what it all meant. The reality had startled her, but that was all. Sukky had vowed to take, and grab all and any opportunities that came her way. This was her chance to get her head not just above water, but out of it. This would set them up, for the rest of their lives, if all went to plan. Sukky had been given another chance to back away, when she had first come to Amsterdam, so many months ago, when Max, one of the lawyers, in the legal office had gone over the contract one more time. Sukky had signed, eagerly. She was contracted to make porn films, to be fucked on film. The contract had gone further. Promotions, and receptions, but also parties, where she would do the companies bidding. Sukky would fuck their clients, she would fuck those with the money to hire her. Sukky had no say in who fucked her, or how, or where, or whether it was in private, behind closed doors, or if it was on stage, to be watched by those attending the party. Sukky loved it.

The car took her to the location of the St Valentines Day party. She was surprised to see it was Johann driving her. He had been the one to meet her on her first day, as she arrived in Amsterdam. Sukky remembered at the end of that first day, when he came to find her, to take her to where she now lived, and he had watched her pulling her knickers up, how embarrassed she had felt. Sukky went in. A room as ever had been set aside for her. A case stood in the corner of the room. Monika had packed it. She had the information of what was required, be it shoes or even a whip. She opened the case. An electric blue dress was inside. Sukky held it up to the light. The silky material gleamed in the glare on the rooms lights. Predictably there were a pair of high heels. There was a time when she though six inch heels were high, and could but totter about in them, these monsters had much higher heels.. She hoped she wouldn’t be on her feet to long. Sukky put the dress on, it had a low cut top, which came just under her nipples. The front of the skirt of the dress was gathered up, exposing her crutch. There were no knickers to hide her modesty. As she admired herself in the mirror, there was a knock at the door. Sukky went out, and down to the party, and whatever that might hold for her. Her stomach was tight, she felt a tingling feeling, the excitement was building within her. There were three couples in the room, she noticed she was not over dressed. At the rooms centre was a sort of saddle, with a dildo and pad in its centre, a Sybian. The pad would vibrate, and was very effective in stimulating a woman’s clitoris. Sukky knew it would be her clit, that was stimulated. No wonder she had no knickers to wear. Monika clearly knew her business. Sukky was led to the sybian. Sukky knew what they wanted. They wanted to be entertained, and she was here to entertain them. They had paid The Company for this, and she was the property of The Company, so she would entertain, and entertain them well. She danced with the party goers, for half an hour or so, then it was time. Sukky sat astride the sybian, lowering herself onto the dildo, a small one, only six inches, then positioned herself , so her clit was directly on the soon to be vibrating pad. Slowly the vibrations started, she felt the sensations in her clit, and a warm wet feeling in her cunt. Sukky pressed herself firmly down, as the vibrations increased, the dildo picking up the vibrations from the pad. She saw two of the men, who were watching masturbate themselves. The other had a woman sucking his cock, but at such an angle, that she could still watch Sukky. Sukky felt herself beginning to come, she would try to hold it back, just for a moment or two, to savour the feeling. The vibrations increased and Sukky knew it was a lost cause. She came. Sukky didn’t come in a loud noisy orgasm, just one of those quite, but deeply satisfying ones. She doubt the people in the room even knew she had come. Well that was one for her. But she wasn’t here for herself, she was here you used by them. They wanted to see her come on this machine, so let them. The vibrations increased, as she f***ed herself hard down onto it. she came again, in a load moan that seemed to go on and on.
“Oh yes, yes, yes, more, more, more.” Sukky shouted.
One of the men, pleasuring himself came too, what a waste. One of the women came over to her, Sukky was panting. A bead of sweat ran down her back The woman circled her nipples with one of her fingers, and then spread her legs, and fingered herself, so close to Sukky that she could smell her excitement. Then she put those wet fingers in Sukky’s mouth. She sucked on them hungrily. They had seen enough of Sukky riding the sybian. She was pulled to her feet, not roughly, but pulled. Sukky didn’t want to stand, she wanted to stay where she was, but of course it didn’t matter what she wanted. Sukky was here to do The Companies bidding, and its fucking as well. Sukky laid on the floor, it wasn’t cold, there were rugs over the wooden floor. The woman whose fingers she had so recently sucked, came to her, she sat astride Sukky’s face, Sukky’s face was in her wet cunt, doing that work, at which she had become so expert, and which she enjoyed so much. She ground herself onto Sukky, so much she had trouble breathing. Then she was gone, to be replaced by a second woman, and Sukky began a fresh task, then the last of the ladies who was so wet by the time it was her turn, that she came almost instantaneously. Ladies first it had been, but now it was the men’s turn to take her. One of them laid on the floor, in the spot that she had made warm. Sukky’s dress was gone, she was naked. Sukky got astride him, but anticipating there desires, she guided his cock into her arse. A second man, seeing what she had in mind, entered her cunt, and they both began to fuck her. The third man, the one who had wasted himself, put his cock in Sukky’s mouth, she felt him become excited, as she did all she could to make him erect once more, after all she was being paid to ensure he enjoyed himself.. The ladies watched, one noisily, from the sybian, riding up and down on the dildo. Sukky felt the man in her arse stiffen, and then come in a rush. Time for a change round. The man in her cunt, moved to her now slippery arse, and the now hard again man in her mouth, entered her wet pussy. Sukky signalled the ladies to join her. Sybian lady, one who would always be at the front of any queue, lowered herself onto Sukky’s up turned face, the other two moved one on either side, to enable Sukky to reach each of them with her hands. What a sight looked, a mass of heaving bodies, what a film this would make. Then she remembered. With absolute certainty Sukky knew they were being filmed, by hidden cameras. If only she knew where they were, she could make sure they had a clear view, no legs or arms, in the way of the line of sight. What a professional Sukky had become. But professional what. Slut or whore? They got their monies worth out of her, all of whom wanted a piece of her, and a very large slice at that. At the end of the night Sukky was exhausted. Her clit, still over sized, had come in for some extraordinary attention. They had taken it in turns to play with it, they licked, they sucked it, they fingered it. One of the ladies even tried to fuck it, she nearly managed it to!
Sukky slept in the car on the way home, in knowledge that she had done The Companies bidding, and fucking. Sukky was one of their contract girls, to be used as they saw fit, in anyway they saw fit. She slept contentedly.
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