Sukky Foxxe Porno shoot in Thailand

The New Year.

The holiday was over. Sukky had been the Chairman’s hostess, for more dinner parties, and had accompanied him to a New Years Eve diner dance. She had enjoyed herself, and knew he had enjoyed her company, as well as her body.
Sukky was flown north, to the location for the video shoot. She would be there for a least two weeks, before Joe arrived. He would arrive three days before the end of filming, so would be able to watch his wife at her work, for the first time since she became a contract girl.
Ophelia, and Claire were both there as was Chris, who had been contracted for six months to film numerous videos. They chatted, and caught up on each others news.
Sukky’s new assistant, had arrived two days previously. When they were introduced she was a bag of nerves. Sukky was soon to discover she was just as competent as Claire had been, if not more so, her name was Monika.
The location was an old colonial house, which had been converted into a plush country house hotel, but without losing any of its character. In its grounds were several bungalows, which they used as accommodation, each had four bedrooms, so there was no lack of space, or if they sought it, privacy. Ophelia, Claire and Sukky shared one between them. When the filming finished they would move out to one of the other bungalows, to give Joe and Sukky sometime to themselves. They had the use of the place until the end of the month. Ophelia and Claire would stay on after filming, but only for a few days.
Filming got off to an awful start, technical difficulties meant they lost the first two days. They would over run, which meant running into Sukky’s special time with Joe. They never did re gain that time, no matter how hard they tried. It didn’t matter to the rest of the crew, several days had been put aside for just such a contingency.
The day of Joe’s arrival came. Sukky was filming all day, so was unable to met him at the airport. Monika went to fetch him. When she arrived back with him they were still filming. Monika knew how much it meant to Sukky to be with him again, so she did what only a really great assistant could do. She took him to see the Doc. He had not brought an in date health certificate with him. The Doc did the tests, and rushed through the results, and issued that all important piece of paper, which said “go fuck your wife.” So he went to fuck his wife, and was waiting for her, at the bungalow when she finished work. The other two girls had made themselves scarce for the night. They just stood and looked at each other, then in a rush both started talking at once. They held each other close, neither wanting to break the spell. Finally, Joe carried her into the bedroom, and at last she became his wife again.
Monika woke them in the morning. Taking in Joe’s early morning erection, she whispered “Its half an hour to make up.” Sukky got up, leaving Joe sl**ping. Showered, and slipped out of the door. It was mid morning when she first noticed Joe behind the camera’s. Sukky watched as Monika found him a chair, so he could see the action. Sukky was doing a scene with three guys, Günter, Liam, and Hans, it was long scene. They had to do several re shoots, as the director was not happy with the angles. When at last he was satisfied she walked over to Joe.
“Well, what do you think?” She asked him.
“I had no idea, there would be so many people here.” He said “The place is packed, how do you do it.”
“You get used to it Joe, you concentrate on the camera, and what you have to do, and forget about everything else. Its work, that’s all, just work.” Sukky told him.
“I see you still enjoy your work.” He said, smiling broadly as he said it. “And you are doing really well, aren’t you, your own assistant, that girl Monika. You’ve made a success of this, and I am really proud of you.”
Talking of Monika, she appeared, clip board in hand. “Sorry to interrupt, but you are needed on the other set, in ten minutes.” She said
“Come on Joe, lets head over there, you might like to watch all this scene.” Sukky giggled.
The scene was with Ophelia. They embraced when they met again, both pleased to see one another again. “When you have finished satisfying your brazen wife, do you think there will a little left over for little me.” She said. Joe beamed, they would be together again, the three of them, just like old times. That night the three of them lay in the bed together. Joe wanted to know how his wife of several years had suddenly grown a new clitoris. Sukky told him Ophelia had done it, and she would explain how. Ophelia was at a loss. “It just sort of happened,” she said. “It was that vacuum tube, on the clit. She had it on rather longer than normal, and well, it stayed that way, perhaps the wind changed!”
“Its fucking huge now, when its aroused, you only have to touch it, and she comes.”
It was almost true, it was true that it had remained elongated. It was also true that it was far more sensitive than it had ever been. “Joe.” Sukky said “Stop talking about it, and suck it.” Joe did as he was bid, and as his tongue brushed against her clit, so Sukky came, not one of those loud noisy orgasms, but a satisfying one nevertheless.

The filming ended, and the crew left. Claire moved back into the bungalow, with the three of them. They had three days before Joe and Sukky would be alone.
“So.” Said Joe “its you I have to thank for the tickets to the cricket. I hear it was your idea.”
Claire blushed. “I was only doing my job, I was Sukky’s assistant at the time.”
“Well, it was a great idea, I had a brilliant time, I’ll have to find a way of thanking you, properly.” He said.
“Well, if you don’t mind, its lonely, sl**ping in my room alone, while you three share, could I join you?” So she did, Joe pulled two double mattress together, and made a giant bed, which they all shared. They shared each other as well. Joe was kept busy, fucking each girl in turn, and although he didn’t notice, he fucked Claire more than the other two. Claire circled her legs around Joe’s waist, tightening them, as he thrust his cock into her wet cunt. Claire threw back her head and as she did so, Sukky knelt astride her face, and lowered herself onto Claire’s upturned mouth. Claire’s tongue was soon busy, probing into Sukky’s cunt, and then her anus. Ophelia lifted one leg onto Joe’s shoulder, and offered him her wet cunt. Joe excepted the gift, and buried his face in it.

They said their goodbyes, and Joe and Sukky were alone. They enjoyed the holiday, and each other. All to soon it was over. They flew back to England, together. Then Sukky had a connection to make for Amsterdam. They hugged, and went their separate ways.
Monika greeted Sukky, when she walked into her office.
“Well, lets have it, what’s the schedule.” Sukky said irritably.
“First off, the Doc wants to see you. Then you are having your hair done. You have some forms to fill out. Then lunch. The afternoon is free, but check with me straight after you have eaten will you.” She said.
Sukky was in a bad mood, not her fault, she just missed Joe.
The Doc greeted her. “Take your clothes off please“ she said.
“Great that’s all I needed, a fucking internal.”
“Everything is fine, I’ll run your bl**d test naturally. But, you have not had a period for, lets see, ah yes, months. That’s to long, I know its not your fault, its mine. But you are so damm popular on the party circuit. Well this week, to add to your misery, you will have a period.” She said firmly. Two days later Sukky came on. She hadn’t been so miserable since she didn’t know when. Sukky couldn’t work, so she went home to Joe, and domestic life. Normality.
Joe was working so they did normal husband and wife things. She cooked, and cleaned. She washed his soaks. Sukky popped into the salon, her old workplace. There was a new owner, and new girls. Sukky didn’t know any of them. She was miserable. Then she bumped into Sheila, Chris’s wife. They had tea together in an upmarket tea room.
“You have done well for yourself.” She said. “And Chris, he has caught some of your success. He is away at the moment, filming.” They chatted, just gossip. It was all so normal, so dull.
Sukky yearned to be back at work. There was no excitement here. She missed Joe, she still loved him, but she needed more. She would make sure the schedule made more allowance for them, if not he would have to come to wherever she was, more often.

Sukky left England, the Eurostar, whisked her back, back to her life. She had done what the Doctor wanted. Now she would do what she wanted. What did she want. She wanted to do The Company’s bidding, to fuck, and be fucked for the company, either for videos, or well anything they dam well chose. Sukky was a Company girl, and loved it.

Back in the Groove

Sukky was back in Amsterdam. Joe would visit me more often, if she couldn’t get home to see him. He had started his own business, maintaining motor cruisers, and yachts. Hopefully that would mean he could take time off when she was not working.
Ophelia had news of her own. She had been offered a new three year contract. She had turned it down. After much negotiating, it had been agreed, two further years of modelling, then she would become a production assistant, then if all went well, to start directing her own films. She could still, during the three years be required to party. She signed. Sukky was really pleased for her.
Monika had news for Sukky. She was still in demand, if anything more so. She was booked for four videos over the next month, a busy month she said. Then a two week break. Sukky had several party booking, plus she was booked for a party on St Valentines Day. She didn’t say what sort of parties or where, and Sukky knew better than to ask. She was after all here to work, where she worked did not matter. The Company would decide, Sukky had no say in the matter. It was the way she liked it.
The videos were all to be made in Amsterdam, work began that afternoon. The scenes that afternoon flew by, it was good to be back, fucking. Claire was busy to. She had several scenes with Sukky over the coming weeks. She stayed in the same apartments as Sukky and Ophelia, although she had her own, Ophelia and Sukky now shared, a permanent arrangement. Joe was very happy with the arrangement.
When Sukky arrived for work, on Friday the place was in uproar. Even the bitch on reception had her knickers in a right proper knot. The reason, the Bitch told her was that the Chairman was paying a visit. As if she needed to know, was the implication. Of all the people who worked for The Company, she was the only one that Sukky could not abide. True there were people she would not wish to spend time with outside work, but that is the case wherever you work, in whatever business. This business, when you got right down to it, was no different to any other.
“Don’t stand there, he will be here anytime now, and he certainly won’t want to see you.” She snapped.
“What the fuck did she know.” Sukky thought. “But then, maybe he didn’t.” Sukky walked to the stairs, intending to walk up to the second floor, and see Monika, when she heard a familiar voice. Sukky turned to see The Chairman. He saw her and smiled, and walked towards her.
“Sukky.” He said, kissing her lightly on both cheeks, “how nice to see you, are you well?”
Sukky was well, and seeing the look on the face of that sour faced bitch, she was very well indeed.
“I want to see you later, I’ll have my man see your girl, and fix it up.” He said, then he was gone. Sukky climbed the stairs, and checked in with Monika.

The morning turned into the afternoon, Chris was behind the camera, he was becoming a fixture, Shelia wouldn’t be happy. Sukky had one scene left, not a very long one, just her and a guy called Patrick. She was ready for the scene, make up was just fixing her lipstick, he was wanking, almost in the face of the makeup girl, who took no notice. Sukky’s lip stick was done, he was hard. They were ready to go. He had just penetrated Sukky, when she heard the director call, “Cut.” What the fuck now, Sukky had had a long day, and just wanted to get home to unwind, everyone has days like that, don’t they? Sukky looked to where the director stood, the guy was still inside her, waiting to resume. He felt good deep inside her, she thought, and contracted her cunt muscles a couple of times, he did feel good. Monika was talking to the director, and then she walked over to where Sukky lay.
“Sorry to interrupt, she said, “but I need you, now, this will have to wait.”
The guy pulled his cock out of her. Monika’s eyes opened a little wider, as she saw his impressive manhood. “Fancy a quick go,” Sukky asked.
“There’s not time,” she said, with, Sukky thought, a hint of regret.
Sukky walked to the back of the set, and collected her wrap.
“We have to hurry.” Monika said. “While you shower I’ll explain.”
What the hell was going on, no one interrupted a shoot, not without very good reason anyway.
Sukky hit the shower. As she sponged herself, Monika told her what was going on.
“You are needed tonight, to accompany The Chairman to a reception some bigwigs do. When I say bigwig, I mean big, it’s a very important dinner. He has asked for you especially.”
No wonder the scene had been stopped, The Chairman said “jump,” and everyone asked “how high.”
It was already late afternoon, Sukky had to be ready by seven. It was going to be tight.
Makeup did her hair, and makeup. Wardrobe provided the evening dress. What a dress. It was an original from Paris. It fitted like a glove. A pair of the most exquisite knickers, beautiful silk. She didn’t need a bra, the support was all incorporated into the dress. The shoes, not to high, she had to be able to dance in them. A velvet cloak, with an embroidered silk lining to keep her warm, until she arrived at, wherever they were going.
Sukky walked into reception, The Chairman had been in conference all day, so they were going straight there. The car was waiting. The Chairman took her arm, and began to walk her to the car. He was wearing evening dress, he looked very handsome. The bitch was still there, at reception, but the look on her face, well, Sukky would have give a months wages to see that.
The car glided away, and into the evening traffic. “Sorry to spring this on you, but it was very last minute.” He said. “I needed someone to accompany me, and couldn’t think of anyone I’d rather spend the evening with, I hope you don’t mind.”
Mind, no she didn’t mind and was delighted. The tiredness had been washed away in the shower, she was wearing the most expensive dress she had ever seen, let alone worn. She was excited, and wondered where they were going. They arrived at a hotel, in the business quarter of the city. It a discrete sort of place, nothing flash. The uniformed doorman saluted as they walked from the car.
“Fucking hell girl, best behaviour, and don’t spill anything down your front.” Sukky thought to herself. The thought of that sent a shiver down her spine. Sukky pulled the cloak a little tighter. The hotel was a masterpiece of 18th century Dutch architecture. Her cloak was taken, and they walked into the room, where the reception was being held. The Chairman was announced, every head in the room turned to him, and in turn to see who was holding his arm. A waiter, with a silver tray of drinks offered a glass, they both took one. There were hands to be shaken, dowagers to be kissed. The Chairman worked the room, seeking out those he wanted to speak to, patting the occasional person on the back, some drawn close, for a private word.
They moved into the dining room, dinner was a very formal affair. Sukky eat little, just something from each course. The Chairman sat opposite her, so they did not speak to each other throughout the meal. The two men either side of Sukky, were very attentive. Dinner over, the dancing began. Sukky had just begun to dance with he Chairman, when he was tapped on the shoulder, and another gentleman took his place. This was repeated over and over, Sukky was it seemed very popular. She wondered how many of those here had been at the masked Halloween Party, and was sure it was quite a few. The evening ended all too soon. As they walked from the hotel, the car was waiting. The car pulled away, and into the night. Sukky relaxed into her seat, her mind lost in the events of the evening. Well she hadn’t disgraced herself, thank God. She thanked her mothers foresight in sending her to those awful dancing lessons. The food had been delicious. Although the Champagne, and wine had flowed, she had only sipped at hers, and had probably only really drank one glass all evening. She was light headed, d***k on excitement. So lost in thought was she that when the car stopped, she was surprised to see they were at the airport, at the foot of the steps to the Lear jet, his jet. Without a word, she followed him up the aircrafts steps.
Sukky woke the following morning, in The Chairman’s bed, at his house in Geneva. He lay beside her, still asl**p. She lay back in the pillow, and dozed. He woke a little later.
“Again, now, please.” He said. Sukky rolled onto him, and took him into her.

Sukky was flown back to Amsterdam early Monday morning. The weekend was over, her surprise weekend away, had given her another glimpse of the rich life. The very rich life. She didn’t want it, it wasn’t for her. She wanted to be comfortably off, yes. Ultra rich, no.
She was happy doing what she did, being a contract girl. She would continue to fuck for the company, until her contract ended, then would go home to Joe. That would be difficult, she loved her job. And she loved Ophelia. The car dropped her outside reception, on any normal day she would be late, and would be getting an earful from a producer, or director. Not today. The bitch was behind her foyer counter, smiling.
“Good morning.” She said. All smiles.
“Fuck her.” Sukky thought. With the most haughty look she could muster, Sukky cut her dead, and ran up the stairs to Monika.
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