Fucking for The Chairman


Sukky phoned Joe, he was due to leave for Australia later that evening. It was a subdued conversation. He’d been up graded to first class, “thanks Lynn,” Sukky thought to herself. She would see him after the cricket, after Christmas, and after she had made yet another couple of videos. He was flying into Thailand, for two weeks, just him and her. But first Sukky had work to do. The Company called and she obeyed.
The flight was booked, and her bags were packed. The Chairman would have some one meet her at the airport, then drive, and finally take her to the Chairman’s island in a boat. She was excited, but it was with the heavy knowledge that she missed Joe. She was missing Ophelia as well.
First class to Bangkok, then limo to the port, then luxury yacht for the hour crossing to the island. Sukky slept a lot on the flight. First class means bed, and decent food. The traffic in Bangkok, was awful, the yacht, the height of luxury. Her senses were alive. This was living.
The Chairman met her at the jetty. A servant carried the bags to the house. The house was smaller than she’d imagined, but set in beautifully manicure gardens.
“A drink, perhaps? No how inconsiderate of me, shower wash the journey out of yourself, then there will be time for drinks.”
Sukky was shown to her room. A large double bed, with a huge mosquito net. The bathroom was en suite. And what a bathroom, jacuzzi, power shower, and the deepest fluffiest towels she had ever seen. When she finished her shower, she discovered her bags had been unpacked, everything was folded away, even her knickers, which had been put in the drawer according to colour. Sukky hadn’t heard a soul.
She dressed in a light cotton dress, with cotton knickers, and sandals. Bliss, no tarting up, or would there be, and as she thought that, so she felt that little tingling sensation deep within herself. Gin and tonic had been poured for her, would she prefer something else, no, this was heaven. He showed her the pool, and they walked the grounds. He was the prefect gentleman. Dinner was at eight, please dress.
Sukky dressed in a vintage fifties evening dress, complete with gloves, and felt like a movie star, no a real movie star, not a porn star. After dinner, he saw she was tired, and he sent her to bed, like a little girl. She slept naked, a hot tropical breeze kept the room at a tolerable temperature. Sukky woke in the morning, the sheet on the floor, to find The Chairman sitting in a chair in the corner, just watching her. He smiled, and ordered tea. Sukky lay on the bed, chatting to him, until the servant brought two cups on tray. She felt no embarrassment at her nakedness.
They spent a lovely morning sitting by the pool, just talking. He was fun, funny. He was also her boss.
In the afternoon four girls arrived. The masseuses. Two for Sukky, two for him. They began the massage, it was lovely, working the stress of the last months away. Then they stipped off, they completed the last part of the massage using their entire bodies. Sukky thought that only happened in porn films, her films. It was Christmas Eve, and she was relaxed.
“We have two guests for dinner tonight.” He said. “Could you wear something, shall we say, revealing?”
“Revealing, or very revealing.” Sukky asked.
“Very.” He laughed.
Sukky dressed carefully for dinner. She wore a gossamer thin white dress, with a halter neck. Backless to half way down her bum. She wore no knickers. The dress might as well not have been there, she was to all intents and purposes naked. Heels, of course. Long dangly earrings, and matching necklace, and she was done.
Sukky walked into the drawing room. The guests were yet to arrive. The Chairman looked her up and down. “My God.” He said “You look marvellous, that dress is perfect.”
Sukky breathed a sigh of relief.
“The couple that are coming over tonight, lovely pair.” He said. They arrived soon after. He introduced her as Sukky, but did not elaborate. If they knew what she did, they kept it to themselves. They were Alisha, and Gerald, Gerry. He was something in something, or something. Alisha was tall, and dusky, an athletic figure, and long, so very long legs. She was dressed in a simple sheath dress, it was dark blue, beneath it Sukky could see her legs, but unlike her she was not naked, a vague outline of nipple, but that was all. Sukky’s heart skipped a beat. Was she here to make love to this beautiful creature. “Oh yes please.” She thought.
They eat dinner, on the terrace, protected by mosquito netting. It was a lovely meal, with polite conversation. Sukky never once felt like an outsider, or a tart. The night was alive with the sound of insects, and the occasion cry of a bird, or wild a****l.
They went indoors, for more drinks. Sukky barely touched hers. Since working for The Company, her alcohol intake had fallen to almost zero, one drink made her light headed. Sukky drank mineral water, with a slice of lemon. She suddenly realised that all eyes were on her.
“Sukky, darling,” said The Chairman, “would you mind very much, doing a little show for us.”
“A show?” She replied, “You mean?
“Yes darling, what you do so superbly at parties, in Amsterdam.”
“Of course, Sir.” She replied.
The tightness in her stomach was suddenly there The Company paid her, and The Chairman expected her to fuck to his bidding. That’s why she had been brought to this paradise. To be used, played with, and fucked. She had no say in the matter, she was to entertain his guests. Sukky was to fuck them, if that was what he wanted. She felt a wetness in her cunt, she was excited at the prospect. Fuck Alisha, hopefully. She liked being used, she liked being played with. She liked being fucked. Being under The Chairman’s control made it all the more exciting. Sukky had no say in what people did to her, who fucked her, or how, or when. Sukky was owned body and soul by The Company, by this man. She stood up, and went to the centre of the room. She sat, her bum on the edge of a seat, facing the dinner guests. Her hands ran through her hair, then down the length of her body. She teased her nipples, squeezed her breasts. Sukky lifted the hem of her dress, opened her legs wide, then closed them, and stood and turning, her back to them. Sukky lent forward, parting the cheeks of her arse with her hands. Then leaving one to slightly hold her cheeks where they were, she reached under herself, with her free hand, ran a finger the length of her pussy, and sank it deep into her anus. Then worked that finger in and out, before turning, and facing them again, licking it. Sukky unclipped the dress. It fell to the ground. She stood before them, naked. Sukky parted her pussy lips, and rubbed her clitoris, still swollen, and enlarged, and still ultra sensitive, even after all these weeks. She rubbed it, and moaned with pleasure. Alisha watched her like a hungry leopardess, about to pounce. Gerry she saw was talking to The Chairman, both looked in her direction.
“Come here.” He said.
He asked her to stand in front of them, they had all moved to a large sofa, and so sat together. Sukky was made to stand with her legs slightly parted. Alisha stood, walked around her. She felt Sukky’s breasts, her nipples tingled at her touch.
“What do you think of her clitoris?” The Chairman asked her.
Aisha sat back on the edge of the sofa, and Sukky was beckoned forward. She parted Sukky’s pussy, and ran her finger around the not so little button, that is Sukky’s clit.
“It big, isn’t it, I’ve seen the video of her, but I would never have believed it would stay enlarged.”
“Well Gerry, what do you think? The Chairman asked.
“You know what I think, and we want to buy her, that’s what I think.” He replied.
Sukky stood impassively, she didn’t know what to think.
“She’ll cost you, Gerry. She is a valuable asset. Her video’s sell like hot cakes, downloads alone are making two million US per month. As for parties, she could work every night at some party or another, there is a waiting list.”
“What your saying is, I can buy her remaining contract for $100 million, or forget it, well its too much, its no go.”
The Chairman smiled.
“She’d be worth it Gerry.” Alisha purred, “buy her me.”
“No, that‘s my last word on the matter.”
As they spoke, Alisha had continued to caress Sukky’s clitoris, she felt herself coming, and became slightly breathless. She must keep quiet. She couldn’t, an involuntary groan escaped her lips, as she came, in one big orgasm. Her legs trembled. Alisha continued to caress her. Sukky didn’t move.
“She seems to like you Alisha.” The Chairman said “But then we all do.”
Gerry and The Chairman watched, whilst Alisha worked her magic again, this time using two hands, her fingers deep inside her, Sukky came yet again. Her legs felt weak, she would have liked to either sit or lay down, but she was still being discussed.
“Look Gerry, Alisha its Christmas, we are old friends. You can have her now, a Christmas present.”
Sukky was being given away as a Christmas present, she felt dizzy.
Alisha smiled, and bent her head, her feline tongue flicked Sukky’s clitoris. Then she led Sukky back to the tiger skin on the floor, and there lifted her dress, over her head. Sukky laid back upon it. Sukky saw her part her lips, wet them with her tongue, and then she was upon her. Kissing and biting her mouth like a wild a****l.
“My Christmas present.” She murmured.
She pushed Sukky down, so she laid on the rug. Then she kneeled astride Sukky‘s face, her panties discarded, and Sukky tasted her wetness. She tasted musky, all the tastes and smells of the Orient seem to come from her, Sukky breathed in her odour, then parted the lips of her cunt, and probed deeply with her tongue, enjoying the taste. She didn’t last long against Sukky’s onslaught, and onslaught it was, Sukky was hungry for her. She came that first time so quickly, Sukky nearly missed it. A purring sound caught in her throat, as she writhed and moaned with abandon. Aisha moved to find Sukky’s pussy, Sukky anticipated her kiss, but when it came it was electrifying, she came on a wave of utter pleasure.
Gerry, sat drink in hand, and watched his wife with her “Christmas present”, a present from The Chairman, who sat and watched avidly beside him. Alisha enjoyed Sukky, Sukky was hers, given by The Chairman to do with as she pleased, for tonight.
It was after midnight. Christmas Day in paradise.

The following morning Sukky was woken by a servant, a very pretty Balinese girl. She drank her tea, then showered, and dressed only in a silk wrap, walked downstairs. Breakfast was taken on a terrace, next to the pool. Alisha was not there. Gerry was. Sukky wondered if the Chairman was with Alisha, no, she pushed the idea from her mind.
“Try a swim in the pool, said Gerry.”
Sukky stood, and walked to the pool. let the wrap drop, and dived into the water. It was surprisingly cool. She swam a dozen lengths before climbing out, and towelling herself dry. Gerry sat watching, with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. It was a lovely house, looking out over a wide bay. Gerry’s Island was in the distance. Sukky could see their house, she noticed part of the roof had recently been replace. Gerry saw where she was looking,
“Got blown off in a typhoon last year, when we were in Dubai, luckily the Chairman was in residence, and sent some workman over to fix the thing, before un tolled damage could be wrought.” Gerry told her.
So their house would have been wire for sound and vision. Claire had told Sukky how all company houses were filled with cameras, to record everyone’s move, and record all conversations. The parties, were all filmed, and because those attending had to provide a health certificate, and some form of identity, in advance, so everyone was documented. The information stored away for future use. For The Company’s use, good or bad.
Gerry came over to where she sat, he caressed her breast, tweaking her nipple between his finger and thumb, it came erect at his touch. She saw he had an erection under his sarong, Sukky pulled it loose, and it sprang up, she kissed it, running her tongue along its length, before taking its swollen and bulbous head into her mouth. Gerry groaned, then stood her up, leaning her over the table, he took her from behind, in quickly, in powerful and deep thrusts, she felt him deep inside her. Then it was over, as he came in an explosive spurt. He withdrew from her, and collected his sarong form the ground, then walked away, without a word. Sukky felt disappointed, now that’s what she called a quickie!

Sukky was eating some fruit, part of her breakfast, when she was summoned by a maid to Alisha.
Alisha laid on her bed, face down, her tout bottom tow perfect spheres, her legs slightly parted, giving Sukky a view of a tightly puckered anus, and cunt, with slightly protruding labia, her feet in the air, moving slowly from side to side. Sukky slipped the wrap off, and joined her. “Kiss me all over darling“, she instructed.
Sukky obeyed, caressing her, as she had said, all over with her lips. She moaned with contentment.
“Make me come, now.” She said. “Make me come, with your tongue.” She laid on her back, her legs wide, her labia slightly opened, glistening with her cunt juices. Sukky kneeled between her legs, and bent her head to the loveliest of tasks, running her tongue along Alisha’s wet quim, then running the tip of her tongue around Alisha‘s arsehole. Sukky returned to Alisha’s cunt, sticking her tongue deep inside. Sukky felt Alisha’s cunt contract, and she came pulling Sukky’s face hard into her, her nails digging deep into Sukky’s head, before releasing her, with a deep sigh of satisfaction.
The afternoon passed, in a relaxing manner, another massage, a swim in the pool. Early evening drinks in the Jacuzzi. Bliss. Soon it was time to dress for dinner, Christmas dinner. Dressed in yet another very revealing number, though this time she did wear knickers, Sukky went down to dinner. There were eight for dinner, including her. It was a lively evening. The Chairman was the perfect host, witty, with it seemed endless funny stories. The evening ended, all to soon, and so the guests left, including Alisha, and Gerry.

They stood on the little jetty, and watched the guests go. Sukky was reminded again that the Chairman in spite, or was it because of his money, was a lonely man, he had no one to share this paradise with. The Chairman turn to her, and kissed her in the moonlight.
“Did you enjoy Alisha this morning?” He asked.
So this house was wired as well. “Yes.” Sukky replied, “very much.”
He laughed softly, the way the Irish do, with warmth.
Sukky slept with him that night, and all those that followed. They made love. Nothing was hurried, nothing was rushed. He ensure her enjoyment, and she ensured his. He took his pleasures with her, and Sukky was glad she had been brought to this place.
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3 years ago
Can't believe the different directions this going. Brilliant
3 years ago
excellent addition to the series