Sukky Foxxe - auctioned and gangbanged!

The Auction

Sukky’s week off with Joe flashed by. Although Sukky was not working, he was. They spent as much time together as they could. Sukky had missed him, more than she realised. They had both known when she was offered the contract, that there would be times like this. It was still painful. Sukky had to get the Eurostar on Sunday afternoon. She had scripts to read, on the train. Sukky boarded the train in Ashford, and bid a tearful farewell to Joe.
Sukky sat back in the seat as the train pulled away. Then her mobile went. Joe, saying a last I love you. No, it was Claire. Had she got the train? Good, get off at Brussels Midi there would be a car outside the station waiting for her. Sukky was going to a “party.” Claire had packed a case, with something appropriate from the wardrobe department, again. Sukky asked her where the party was, but the train had entered the tunnel, and she lost the signal.
“Back to work with a bang” Sukky thought.
Well the last party at the Chairman’s was a lovely diversion, with luck it will be him again.
The train slowed, and finally stopped at Brussels. Sukky walked down the platform, and saw a someone with a board with her name on it, her real name. He took her to the car, and they raced away.
“Where are we going.” Sukky asked.
“Not far, just the airport. You’re flying to Berlin.”
The flight down on the Lear jet was smooth. Sukky could get used to this executive travel.
At Berlin she was met by a helicopter, and taken to a large mansion, hidden behind large walls. At the door she was shown in. Her case was brought in, and she was shown to an upper room.
“Get yourself ready, then ring this bell, and I’ll show you down. You have an hour.”
Then Sukky was alone. She showered first, working the dirt of her journey from herself.
Time to look in the, see what Claire has provided.
Sukky opened the case. Inside was a dress. Well some people call it a dress. It was red, bright scarlet. Sukky held it up . It was transparent.. She put it to one side. Also in the case was a thong, also red, and even more see through, if that was possible. The material was miniscule, the back piece was diamantes‘. There was no gusset, just the line of imitation diamonds, with the thong was a string of love beads. Also packed into the case were a pair of red high heels. Really high, eight inches at least.
Sukky applied her make up. Red lips, smoky eyes. She inserted the love beads into her bum, pushing each of the eight beads in, one by one. Only a small loop remained, so they could be pulled back out. Then she put the knickers on. They barely covered her pussy, but they fitted with pin point precision, covering only her pussy, so that’s why they had wanted to measure her there. Next she buckled the heels on, and tried a few steps. So far so good. Sukky reached for the dress, there was no bra, she slipped the dress over her head, and smoothed it into place. It was totally see through. The back was bare, coming just below the top of the jewelled thong. The front plunged to the top of the thong, an inch or so above her pussy. The dress was halter necked, but the material was only just wider than her nipples, enough to cover them, but not her breasts. “Better keep my back straight, and shoulders back.” The lower half of the dress, was split up both sides, to the thighs. There were two other slits, one at the front, and one at the rear reaching to the waistline. Sukky checked herself in the mirror, bl**dy hell if Joe could see her now. The section of the contract regarding parties, and what that implied had been dealt with in depth, but when Joe was out of the room. Chris had filled Sukky in on what “party” meant in reality, he hadn‘t spared her blushes. Joe, well, Sukky didn’t intend to tell him. He was happy his wife was a model, and even a porn actress, but somehow she didn’t think her being a whore, even a high class prostitute, as Sukky thought of herself, if she though about at all, would go down well with him.
Sukky rang the bell, and was e****ted downstairs. She wasn’t nervous she realised with a shock. She was excited, she had a tightness in her stomach.
Sukky was led into a room. There were perhaps twenty five, or thirty people there, all men there were no women. All had rather more clothes on than she, which wasn‘t difficult. Sukky was met by a distinguished looking man, who led her to the front of the room. She saw huge pictures of herself beamed onto screens around the room
“This is Sukky“, he announced.
He led her further and up onto a raised area. The lights shone on her. He held her hand, and span her around, in a twirl. He had her stand, her legs parted, facing the room. He pulled open the lower part of the dress, revealing her knickers. Then ran his hand over the front of the material. Sukky felt herself become moist. She was excited, but what was going on. She didn’t have long to find out. He ran his hands under her breasts. Then turned her around, bent her over, bum to the people in the room. He ran his finger along her cunt, pushing the diamantes’ slightly into her labia. Then he twirled her around again, so she stood panting, facing into the room.
“Well.” He shouted.
“€3000.” Sukky heard someone shout.
€8000.” Someone countered.
“I’ll give you €10000” another voice said.
Sukky was being auctioned, auctioned to the highest bidder, but for how long, a night?
“Christ, had she offended The Chairman, and now he was selling her off.” She thought.
“Come on” he said “She’s worth more than that.”
He turned Sukky again, her back to the room. He bent her over, and reached for the love beads, which he clearly knew would be there. He pulled one bead out. The room loved that, and the bids rose steadily, as the beads were pulled out, one by one.
The bids continued, until at last the bidding stopped. Someone had bid €250,000 for her.
Sukky had just been brought. and was scared.
Sukky was handed to the man, with the winning bid. He led her away, to another room. In the room was a massive bed. All around were mirrors. He led her to the bed.
“That’s the most anyone here has ever paid to spend the night with anyone.”
Sukky was relieved to find it was only the night, and let out a sigh of relief.
“I hope I am worth it.” She said. Still trembling.
“So do we, so do we.”
“Yes, we.”
Sukky turned and saw there was five other men in the room, six in all. All young, early twenties, it was going to be a long and very busy night. She reached behind her neck, and undid the halter. The dress fell to the ground. Sukky walked to the bed, and got onto it, on all fours, bum wiggling in the air, invitingly. Sukky did not have to wait long. The first of the purchasers, ran his hands over the cheeks of her arse, and pushed his fingers into her cunt. Another got onto the bed. He was naked, his cock hard. Sukky took him in her mouth. That was two occupied. The other two knelt either side of her, and she began to wank their cocks. Skiing someone had told her it was called. The man behind, having thoroughly wetted her cunt began to fuck her, hurriedly. Sukky pulled the cock from her mouth.
“Stop“ Sukky said “There is no rush, lets make sure you all enjoy yourselves.”
They looked slightly shame faced, like naughty schoolboys, which they almost seemed to be.
“Right” Sukky said, “lets get organised, so everybody gets a turn,” she ordered them.
“You” Sukky pointed to the enthusiastic one, “You lay down there”.
He laid down. she got astride him, and took his cock deep in her cunt.
“Next, you.” Sukky pointed to the next one, “You fuck my arse, right.”
He nodded, smiling, as if his ship had just come in.
“You, keep yourself hard, and take the place of the first one to come. And you, may now put your cock back into my mouth.”
They did as they were told, like a pack of over rich, little boys. Sukky had them if not eating out of her hand, then eating her out!
One by one they came. None of them lasted very long.
“You do have me all night?” Sukky reminded them.
She was told that she was there’s until midday, when lunch would be served.
“Ok, you watch me. The first one to get hard again, has his pick of where to fuck me, and so on, ok.”
They all nodded.
Sukky lay back on the bed, and gave them quite a show. She had removed her knickers. She rubbed her hands all over her body, and then masturbated, fingering herself deeply, licking the juices from each of her fingers. Then she moved on to her arse, and pushed two fingers deep. When she had satisfied herself, Sukky walked to the six little wankers. Holding a finger under one of their noses, and put it in his mouth. He licked it, and then licked her cunt. He was hard, so she squatted down, and sank onto his hardness. A second was ready again, Sukky sucked his cock, before he said he would like, if it was no trouble, to fuck her arse. Sukky obliged, by altering position slightly. The night continued. Each of the six taking their turn, before coming, and resting again. She had no rest, one or more was always ready, and if not, then Sukky “entertained them.”
At last the gong rang, which signalled twelve o’clock. It had been a long, long night.
Sukky dressed, and accompanied by her “owners” went to lunch with them. There had been other auctions that night, Sukky saw several other girls, sl**py eyed. But it was she who had got the highest bid. Sukky’s owners were overwhelmed they said, it was the best auction they had been to, thanks to her. It was time for them to leave, the girls had the house until Sunday night, when they would be collected, by the company, and taken north or south, east or west, to resume their “day” jobs!
As they were leaving, an envelope was handed to her. It contained there thanks, and €250000, the money was Sukky‘s. They had decide to pay twice, once to the company, once to her, for memorable night. bl**dy hell, that is a bonus. Glamour model, porn star. Prostitute? No company girl, Sukky thought.


Sukky arrived for work ahead of time, that Monday. She went into the admin offices, to find Claire. She was at her desk. “Did you know about that party.” Sukky asked her.
“I know about all the parties, not that I’ve been to any, but I get the itineraries, that’s how I work out what you are to wear, unless something is specified.” She said.
“Well, the dress was fantastic, the knickers amazing. Were the love beads your idea?”
Claire blushed, and Sukky knew they were.
“I’ve something for you.” Sukky said.
Sukky handed her an envelope. As she opened it, her eyes opened wide.
“Just a little bonus, for you, with my thanks.” Sukky said.
“But there’s over a thousand euros here.” She said.
“Twenty five thousand euros, ten percent of my bonus, keep looking after me Claire, and there will be more hopefully.” Sukky said.
Claire smiled, and tucked the money into her handbag.
“No one has ever done that for me before, thank you. Right to business. You have a quiet week, just four scenes, I’ve arranged for them to all be done tomorrow. Today you have a stills session. Your admirers from the weekend want some pictures of you, in and out of that dress. That’s the good news. ” She added.
“What’s the bad news then Claire.”
She took a deep breath, before continuing.
“Right, you have a party to attend on Halloween, that’s the week after next. Then you have a very busy fortnight in November, four scenes per day for two weeks solid. Then we are into the party season. You are booked for five, with Halloween, that’s six.”
“Well that’s not so bad, you had me worried, it will be hard going, but I expected that when I signed my contact.”
“There’s more. You are booked to spend all Christmas including Christmas Day, up to New Year, with the Chairman, he has taken a real shine to you.”
“What, I am spending Christmas at home, with Joe.”
“Not anymore you’re not. You are spending Christmas with the Chairman, in Thailand.”
“Yes, Thailand. And then you are shooting a video there in the first two weeks in January.”
Sukky didn’t know what to say, or think. Christmas away from Joe.
“Oh fuck it Claire, what am I going to say to Joe, he doesn’t know about the parties, and I don’t want him knowing either, fuck, fuck, fuck.”
“I’ve known about Christmas since the evening you spent with the Chairman, and have given it some thought. I have a plan, that’s why all your scenes this week are tomorrow.”
“Go on.”
“Well, in you file, it says Joe is a cricket lover, right. Well England are in Australia this winter, and are playing on Boxing day in Sidney. So, I’ve brought his Christmas present for you. Two tickets, for all five days, plus the hotel is booked, as are the flights, only need to add the second name. You just need to give them to him. Then he can meet you in Thailand, and you can spend the last ten days of January together, am I good, or am I good.”
“You are a little gem“, Sukky kissed her on the lips, and she blushed deep red.
“See the Doc, when you finish Wednesday evening, she’ll give you your Thailand jabs, the first of them anyway. Your train is booked for Thursday morning, you have ten days, you have to be back two days before the Halloween party. Ok.”
“Ok” Sukky said.
“It’s time you were in make up, I’ll catch up with you later.” Said Claire.
Sukky headed off to make up. Thailand that was exciting, and spending two weeks there with Joe, but that was over two months away, November and December, were going to be hectic months. Make up done, Sukky walked to the studio, for the stills session, dressed in the same outfit she had been auctioned off in. The session planer pined to the wall, showed this was to be the only set. Shouldn’t take to long then, an hour or so.
Sukky popped the love beads into place, and smoothed the thong into place, and adjusted it, so the material was covering her pussy, well just. Sukky knew it had been made for her, and it fitted exactly. Then wearing the dress, and heels, she walked onto the set. It was turning out to be a day of surprises. The photographer was Chris. Sukky hugged him. He had a short term contract with the company, as a stills photographer. Sukky was delighted.
“Right come on, lets get down to business.” He said.
He photographed her from all angles wearing the dress. The dress off, she posed in the thong, one of the shots, sat in a chair, just like his armchair, legs wide apart, her pussy clearly visible through the thin material of the front of the thong. Then the thong came down, legs in the air, with it hanging on her ankles. Some open pussy shots, pinks. Then Sukky masturbated, using her fingers, and finally she pulled the love beads from her arse, slowly, one by one.
“bl**dy hell.” said Chris “you know your stuff these days, once I had to nudge you more than gently to get that sort of shot. Your still gorgeous though love.”
Sukky walked up to him and gave him a kiss on the lips.
“Have lunch with me?” She asked.
He smiled. And agreed. They eat in the restaurant, but at a table by themselves. They did some catching up. Sheila was well, and had asked to be remembered to her. Sukky told him of her Christmas schedule, without going into detail. He knew all about the party clause in the contract, and knew that Joe didn’t. He didn’t press for details, for which she was glad.
“Good idea about the cricket, he’ll love that, I know I would.” He said reassuringly.
Sukky spent the afternoon in the city, buying a couple of little things for Joe’s Christmas, and something for Claire. Then after diner, she went to bed, early, and alone.

The next day’s filming started at eight. In the video Sukky was an Anne Summers sales lady, something she had actually been. Though she never sold the stuff this way, but perhaps she should have. Scene one, involved her entering the hosts house. There were six ladies there. She had to give them all a parcel, each contained an outfit, and a toy, which they then had to try, in adjacent rooms. The next scene Sukky alone in the house, waiting for the guests to re emerge, bored she use’s a vibrator on herself. Then lunch. The afternoon sets, find her still fingering herself, when two of the hostesses “nephews” arrive home. They watch her through the window, before making an entrance. Sukky gives them a good show, they then join in, but she has to teach them how to lick a woman’s pussy, and where. They have just started fucking, just as “aunty” walks out in her very revealing outfit, complete with Japanese love eggs , which are two large plastic eggs, with weights in them so they move in the most fantastic way. She goes off on one, but watches as they pleasure Sukky. Sukky tells her to join in, which she says she can’t because she’s their aunty. The last scene is where aunty has given in, one of the boys says they have always wanted to do it with her. Lots of fucking with the two guys, including a double penetration for Sukky, and Aunty, then a great girl, girl scene with aunty.
The shoot was over just on five o’clock. The last scene had overrun on time, they were enjoying themselves a little to much, according to the director. Well fuck him.
Sukky showered, and was just towelling herself dry, when Claire popped in to remind her to see the Doc.
The Doc, took her bl**d pressure. “It’s a little high“, she said.
“Well if you’d just been doing what I’d been doing, you’d have raised bl**d pressure.”
She then took a bl**d sample, and gave Sukky the once over.
“Right time for a little prick.” She laughed, a Doctors joke.
She gave the jabs. “You might feel a little flu ish tomorrow, it normal, and your arm will ache like mad.” She warned.

Sukky arrived home, to find Joe was still at work. She tided up. Joe was not the greatest of housewives. Must employ a cleaner. Honestly a cleaner. Joe arrived home at last. He showered then they made love, very slowly.
Afterwards they went out for dinner, at a real swanky place just outside town. It was lovely. Sukky had always dreamed of eating here, well now they could whenever they wanted. Time was the issue now, not the lack of money. When they got home Sukky said “If money was no object, what would you most like to do, no not sex, come on, what?”
He thought for a minute, then said “Watch England beat Australia at the Sidney Cricket Ground.”
Good old Claire. Sukky handed him the tickets. His face beamed. “What’s the catch?” he asked.
“No catch, but the second ticket, its not for me, so take Dave with you, hotel and flights are included, its my Christmas present to you.”
He was both elated, and disappointed. “How do you fancy two weeks with me, in Thailand.” Sukky asked
“Yes, that would be great, when?”
“The last two weeks in January, I am there just before Christmas, to make some videos, I’ll be finished mid January, so you can watch the last couple of days filming, if you‘d like.”
Smiles all round, Joe was over the moon, the Cricket, and Thailand. she’d tell him she’d be working right up to the flight to Thailand in December, and this would be the last time they’d see each other until he flew into Thailand, another day. Tonight was to good to spoil.
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