Sukky Foxxe - Sukky's first anal

Working Girl

The bookings kept on coming. She stopped working at the beauty ther****ts. The fill in job had become the job. She was booked by Brian for a second time, this time the shoot took place in a derelict factory. The place was falling apart. It was cold, she had goose bumps. The rain dripped through the roof. Brian apologised, and so he should. The toilet hadn’t been used in years. Sukky wasn’t about to change that, and squatted in the yard. Fuck this. Brian though, was really pleased with the results of the shoot, and paid her a little extra, and booked her again. He promised it would be warm, dry and with a clean loo. It had better be! Joe was away, yet again, and would be for another two weeks. Her mobile rang. It was Nina, ringing from Brighton.

Sukky stood under the shower, the water was steaming hot. She turned her face into the flow, reflecting on how she came to be here. The previous evening, wearing an ivory coloured dress, she had attended the premier of a play at the Royal Theatre, in the centre of Brighton. A lovely meal at a nearby French restaurant followed. Richard had taken her. Richard had paid for the tickets, and the meal. Later Richard had unzipped her dress, and caressed her neck. The Debenhams underwear she had been wearing soon joined the dress on the floor. They fell, together onto the bed, his face buried between her breasts. He made love passionately, but quickly. Sukky arched her back and thrust back against him, as he climaxed inside her, before collapsing onto the bed beside her. Sukky took him in her mouth, tasting her own juices on his cock. When he was hard again she straddled him, and slowly fucked him, raising herself so the tip of his cock almost, but not quite slipped out of her, before plunging its full length back inside herself.
She turned the shower off, and towelled herself dry. Then began to dry her light brown hair. She brushed it, and then tucked it behind her ears. She walked naked back into the room. It was empty, Richard had left while she was still in bed. An envelope, still sealed, beside her pillow. She ignored it. She was just dressing, when her mobile rang.
“Hi, its me, how did it go?” asked Nina.
Sukky smiled. “The play was good, the meal better.”
“And Richard?”
“He was fine, surprisingly good company,” Sukky answered her.
“Good, just making sure you’re ok. I’ll ring you tonight, must dash,” Nina hung up.
Sukky finished her make up, mascara, and some lippy. Then she dressed, jeans, a jumper, belted about her waist, and calf length boots. She put the envelope, un opened into her hand bag, then wheeled her carry on suitcase to the hotel foyer, and handed the room key over. Richard had already paid for the room. She took a taxi to the railway station. Arriving home to an empty house, mid afternoon, she sank into the armchair with a cup tea. She closed her eyes, and dozed. The phone woke her. She must have slept. It was Nina.
“I have another booking for you, if you’re up for it, the day after tomorrow, dinner dance, and another for a concert, next Wednesday, and a booking with me the following morning.”
Sukky thought for a minute. “Yeah, I’m up for it.” She pressed the end call button. Then opened her handbag, and pulled out the envelope. Sitting back down, she tore it open. It contained £1000, in twenties. She counted the money twice, before putting the money into her purse. She was doing another video for Chris tomorrow, a hardcore one, this week was almost booked solid, and now only one day free the following week. So much for the part time job she could just fit in as and when she wanted. She smiled to herself.

Nina opened the door to her studio, it was just before eleven. “Coffee?” she asked.
Sukky smiled, and nodded her head, then followed Nina into the small kitchenette.
“So, how was last night?”
“The concert was fantastic, but god, he was a bore. Don‘t book me with him again.”
“Sorry love they can’t all be good company, what time did you get away?”
“About half an hour ago.”
“Got his monies worth then.”
“So, Nina, what are we doing today?”


Joe pulled up outside a very large Victorian detached house, with a gravel drive, the type you drive into, and through, and out the other side. The house was immaculate.
“Are you sure this is the place” Sukky said.
“Well, this is the address, Chris gave you.”
“It can’t be, I know this Dutch company is big, but this can’t be it surely.” Joe drove slowly up the driveway, there were several other cars already parked. “I still think this is the wrong address.” As Sukky said this, the front door was opened, by a very tall exotic looking woman with deep dark brown eyes. She reminded Sukky straight away of Imman. She was absolutely gorgeous, no she was more than that. The gorgeous woman smiled, and said. “You must be Sukky, come on in both of you, we are just having a drink.” Sukky walked in, leaving Joe to bring her bag. There were several men setting up lights, and a girl with a light meter.
“Drink first, then the paperwork, OK,” said the gorgeous woman.
Sukky had a glass of mineral water. She saw a tri pod, with sheets of A3 clipped to it. It outlined the days filming. Before she could read where she was in the script, Joe handed her the file with her papers, which would allow her to work. ID, and health certificate, dated yesterday. Ophelia, was her name, not Imman, checked them, and pronounced them to be in order. She then showed Sukky everybody else’s certificates, Sukky noticed, with a butterfly in her stomach, that Ophelia’s was there too. “Right that’s that out of the way, lets get ourselves prepared, shall we” Sukky read the board, she was going to be a busy girl.

Ophelia took Sukky to a room that was being used as a changing room. Sukky stripped off straightaway, nothing worse than underwear lines. Then went to the room being used by the makeup artists, and dressers. Make up took about thirty minutes, by which time she had learnt that the production assistant had been in a car crash that morning, so Ophelia was standing in. Sukky was then dressed in a red PVC corset, red stockings, and red and black boots, which came just over the knee with eight inch heels. Joe would normally have helped with the lacing on the boots, and the corset, but there were several people who looked after wardrobe, and props, they also dressed her. Sukky‘s dresser for today was a guy of about forty. It felt strange being dressed, and by a man. She noted there were no knickers. He handed her a large rabbit vibrator, one of those twelve inch ones, that would make Sukky’s eyes water, well that’s why she was here, this was not an underwear shoot. “Right check me over.” Sukky said. To the dresser.
“You look great, just need to check your fanny as you asked love.” Sukky bent over, and felt him touching her. She had once had a speck of toilet paper on her labia, and was so embarrassed. That won’t happen to her again. Sukky went back into the main room, an enormous space, furnished with antiques. There were full height windows which were open onto the rear garden, and polished wooden floors. The room smelled of beeswax she noticed. The girl with the light meter smiled, and said “Perfect timing, we are just ready for you, we are starting you with a solo, just to warm you up, and get the lighting right, then we’ll move into the real action, OK. A few stills first.”
Sukky stood in front of the camera, she was always nervous until a shoot started, then the lights flashed, and that disappeared. The corset was cup less, so a few tit and bum shots, followed by some open leg. Sukky had a nice cunt, waxed so it was silky smooth.
“Can you hold yourself open darling,” the girl said. Sukky could, and did, then slipped a finger in, without being asked. To her surprise she was wet already!
“Right a little with the vibrator,” Sukky was handed the twelve inch rabbit, which the girl had turned to its full on setting, kind of her, and began to play. Then the video cameraman, no another girl, blonde, very sweet, took over. “That’s great“ she said, “That’s it, now all the way in.” Sukky leaned back and slide the rabbit in, all the way, it throbbed, and pulsed within her. Playing with herself, what a way to earn a living.
“That’s it love” she said, “mouth open a little, now work on your clit - great.”
Sukky turned her back on the camera, for some rear shots, she worked the vibro, pulling it all the way out, before plunging it back in to the hilt. Then Sukky felt a hand on her shoulder, which travelled down her back, and between her legs. A very expert hand took over from Sukky‘s, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment, as the unknown person fingered her from behind. The finger ran along her cunt, and circled her arsehole. Mmm. Her eyes came sharply open again, when Sukky felt a finger slide up her arse. She did’t do anal, but it felt great, and Sukky came for the first time that day. Sukky looked down to see who it was. It was Ophelia, she smiled, and began licking Sukky’s pussy. This was going to be a bl**ding fantastic day. Soon Sukky had her face buried in Ophelia’s pussy. Sukky was on top, her arse in the air, as Ophelia flicked her clit with her tongue. Ophelia was very good, very good indeed. As she licked, Sukky felt two hands grip her hips, and then a cock entered her. As Sukky was fucked, so Ophelia continued to lick, second orgasm of the day. Sukky settled down and enjoyed the moment. They swapped places, and it was Ophelia’s turn to be fucked, while Sukky licked her bum. Sukky probed her anus with her tongue, sticking the tip inside. A change of angle as the guy, slipped his cock into Ophelia’s arse, she moaned, then pushed back. Then it was time for the money shot, an ATM, as its called, arse to mouth. Her arse. His cock. Sukky’s mouth. Sukky opened her mouth, and the cock was between her lips, Sukky gave the guy a blow job, before feeling him stiffen, he came on Sukky’s outstretched tongue. She shared the cum with Ophelia, then kissed her. One scene down.

Sukky went back to the changing room. The dresser come make up artist, John, helped her out of her corset, and boots, then re applied Sukky’s make up.
“ You are enjoying yourself today, how many times?” Joe asked, from a chair in the corner of the room.
“Three already, lucky me” Sukky giggled.
“I thought so“ he said. “I was standing at the back watching, you were looking good, want to fuck Ophelia again don’t we!” Sukky smiled. She’d been married to Joe for, for well ages. He knew her all too well.
“What’s next Joe?” Sukky asked.
“Well you’ve got a three some with the tall blonde guy, and the slim black boy, he’s a bit young isn’t he?”
“Not for me he’s not” Sukky laughed. He was a bit young, or was it that Sukky was getting on a bit. Nineteen or maybe a year younger, he could probably fuck all day, if she was lucky he would. The lovely black boy, Ethan, was the gardener in the video, who Sukky couldn’t resist, well she couldn’t, the other guy, her husband - not a patch on Joe. Sukky was just giving Ethan a blow job, still in her knickers, but fingering herself, when “hubby” came home. After a little huff, he joins in, like you do. Sukky had Ethan in her mouth, and “hubby” fucking her from behind. They swapped over, Sukky tasted herself on “hubbys” cock, she tasted good. Sukky wondered if Ophelia liked the taste of her pussy. Sukky was just thinking this when she realised Ethan had stopped fucking her, and was pushing his fingers into her arse. They were well lubed, considerate of him. Sukky thought it was just a little anal finger play, as in the earlier scene. She had said in her memo to the production company that she didn’t do anal, or had she? Oh shit, had she! Now she wasn’t sure she had. As this was going through her mind, the inevitable happened. Ethan pushed his cock into her bum. Sharp pain, which made her gasp, fuck that hurt. Sukky gritted her teeth, biting down onto the cock in her mouth, fucking hell. Sukky felt herself being stretched. Jesus fucking Christ. Sukky felt so full, but then a wave of pleasure washed over her, as he drove deep. Was this what she had been missing out on. Like Ophelia earlier, Sukky pushed back, and gave herself to the moment, as Ethan fucked her in arse, as she gave “hubby“ a blow job. A mouth and arse full of cock. The scene finished, with two cocks coming in her mouth.
Back in the changing room, Ophelia rushed in, all apologetic. Although she was a model, she was working as the production assistant, due to the car crash earlier that morning, she had told them. She had just been checking some production notes. “I am so sorry” she said. “You don’t do anal, do you, why didn’t you say something?” Well for one reason Sukky had a mouth full of rather large cock, and for another, once the pain had passed, Sukky had quite liked it, but before she could say anything Joe said, “coz she fucking liked it, that’s why, didn’t you, I could see the look on your face. Guess your taking it up the arse from now on”.
Sukky smiled. “Well Ophelia, Joe’s right, so put me down for some more”.
As Ophelia left, Sukky looked at Joe, he was giving her one of his looks. “I know, I said I never would, but you do get extra money for taking up the arse as you so beautifully put it. Plus you‘re right, I did like it”
“I’m saying nothing, just so long as you know what your doing.”

After lunch, it was down to some BDSM. Sukky was strapped into a contraption, which stopped her sitting up, her arms tied, ankles were fixed to a leg stretcher, spread eagled, that’s what Joe had called it. Sukky’s legs were raised into the air. Her nipples were fitted to two clips, which pulled them hard. That pinched, ouch. Ophelia, and a sweet blonde girl, started working on her. A small tube with a vacuum pump was fitted over Sukky’s clit. Her clit expanded into the tube. Pleasure and pain. When she thought she would be going home without it, the vacuum was capped, leaving just the tube, with her elongated clit in it. Felt fantastic. Then a small vibrator was attached to it, and she thought she would die. Sukky felt something enter her arse - well she had asked for it - and then a large dildo filled her cunt. The blonde girl, Svetlana, kissed Sukky on the mouth, for what seemed to be forever. Ophelia continued to work on Sukky’s pussy, and clit, then Sukky came over and over again. She had never felt anything like it, Jesus would it ever stop. She couldn’t but help but scream. Then the not so sweet Svetlana, now wearing a strap on, fucked her first in the pussy, then, yeap right up her bum. The scene finished, too soon for Sukky “no leave me here, I want some more - no really!”

Ophelia joined Sukky in the changing room. Sukky was naked, but for her shoes. Her legs were still wobbly.
“Ophelia that was great” Sukky started to say.
Ophelia too just had her boots on, and walked up to Sukky, bent down and kissed her very hard on the mouth. Sukky felt her tongue in her mouth. Fucking hell the day was looking up. Ophelia continued to kiss Sukky, and she kissed her back. Ophelia had been so turned on by Sukky’s reaction to the scene. She had found herself strongly attracted to this woman, this newcomer, and wanted to get to know her better a lot better. When she had first seen her that morning, she had felt a strange sensation, the hairs on her neck had stood on end, love at first sight, couldn’t be, well maybe just a little. As Ophelia took her face away, she smiled broadly,
“My hotel after, you and your husband?” Ophelia smiled.
Sukky immediately said “Yes.” Perhaps too quickly.
“Lucky me.” Ophelia said.
As she left Sukky, was dressed for the next scene. Joe came into the room to wish her luck. “We have a date tonight, with Ophelia, do you mind?”
Mind, did he hell, he was as horny as hell, everyone seemed to be getting it, except him. He smiled his reply. Ophelia was in the next scene with Sukky , Ethan as well, together with the first guy, Jorgen. John had already buckled her shoes, Sukky put on a see through blouse, and just before she pulled up the silk knickers, she turned her back, and spread her legs.
“Better get some lube into my arse, sweet heart, there are two guys out there who all want to fuck me in the back door.”
Joe slide his lubed fingers into her. It felt good. She would have liked it to continue. Time for that later. Later she could just do what she enjoyed, without having to think about camera angles. She could direct herself, plus Joe could fuck her arse as well, she’d never let him before, even though he’d always wanted to, now, well now he could do as he wanted.
“Come on this is work, this is what I do, time for that later, if you remember we have a date!”
Sukky pulled her knickers up, and stepped into a short black skirt. Right ready for business. She walked onto the set, feeling really good.

Before Sukky showered, she went to collect her days ill gotten gains, her wages of sin. As she was paid, the producer, said that she should be paying him! bl**dy cheek, Sukky had seen him wanking in the corner!
“Same time tomorrow“, he said.
“What? Tomorrow? What do you mean.” Sukky asked.
“ I want you for the rest of the week sweetheart. Its for websites that The Company owns. Usual rates, four scenes per day, for the rest of this week, and the week after in Cornwall, then maybe we can talk about a contract. That will be regular work.”
Sukky was dizzy, it was only Monday. That was some serious money. This was only going to be a once or twice a month thing, at most. Now she was being offered a full time job, fucking.
“Yes, yes, that would be great,” she stammered.
“Oh” he said “And a blow job per day, as you don’t like me wanking, starting with a fuck now”
Fucking wanker, she thought.
“I’ll bite your dick” She said, “but you’d probably like that.”
Might be worth it, two weeks work, four scenes a day. That’s, bl**dy hell serious money. For that sort of money he could fuck her every day if he wanted, a blow job, no problem. Sukky slipped her wrap off, knelt down, and unzipped him. He had a monster of a cock, she ran her tongue along its length, and then sucked its tip, all the time working her hands up and down the shaft. Then she bent over the desk, and he fucked her from behind. Sukky felt his cock stiffen, and then he ejaculated into her. Sukky stood up, smiled, and began walking from the room, swinging her hips, as she reached the door, she turned “Same time tomorrow then, sir?”
Sukky walked back into the dressing room, to see Joe smiling at her. “Good day at work gorgeous?” Quipped Joe.
“Like you wouldn’t believe, and they’ve just booked me for the rest of the week, and the following week,” Sukky hugged him. She’d leave out the arrangement with the producer. The casting couch, still going strong after all.
“That’s fantastic,” he said
“Come on we have a date, remember!”
God didn’t they though.
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That was great. Getting a right little pro isn't she?
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