Sukky Foxxe in the dungeon

In Demand

Sukky was having coffee with Sheila, in their usual haunt, down by the harbour. It had become an almost regular thing, every couple of weeks or so they would meet up for a chat.
“So how is your new career going” Sheila asked.
“Great, all thanks to you and Chris. I did another session with him yesterday, he wanted some stills for some website.”
“Yes he told me, you seem to be very much in demand.”
“Did he tell you I am doing videos as well?”
“No, are you, really?” Sheila pretended to be surprised, Chris had told her all the knitty gritty.
“Yes, I did a blue movie for him last Thursday. God I was nervous.”
“He didn’t tell me, but then he wouldn’t, I expect he thought if you wanted me to know, that you would tell me yourself. Are you going to be doing anymore?”
“Yes definitely, I am going to, but I’ve still got to tell Joe.”
“I wish I could be a fly on the wall for that conversation, so how was it, you know being fucked by someone else, and with Chris filming it?”
“You really are a dirty cow Sheila. It was a real turn on since you ask, I did a girl, girl, then with the guy, God he was dishy, and then with them both. I haven’t enjoyed myself so much for ages.”
“With a girl, I’ve always wondered about that, was it, you know?”
“It was great, I was apprehensive at first, but once I got started it was just fantastic.”
Sukky’s mobile phone interrupting them. It was Nina, the female photographer from the corset shoot. Would she be available for a booking. Why wouldn’t she? Did she do videos? She did now.

So it was a couple of days later that Sukky found herself in Brighton. Joe was still away working, so she was alone. Sukky hailed a taxi, one of those light blue and white ones, which took her to the address she had been given. A large Victorian building in Kemp Town, on the sea front. It was clearly divided into flats as well as offices, the numerous brass name plates and door bells were a give away. The door opened and Sukky took the lift to the very top of the building, to Nina’s large airy studio. Nina, greeted her, then went over the days shoot in detail, but which had already been agreed over the phone. It was to be a fetish shoot, mainly PVC and latex.
They started with some pvc. Tight and very figure hugging. Nina’s young gofer, Mike helped zip her up. Nina was a quick worker and before Sukky knew where she was, she had, had half a dozen changes done, all photographed against various backgrounds, and as yet hadn’t had to flash her fanny! That was about to change.
“Right” said Nina “Now lets make a start on the website stuff.” Sukky put on a pvc maid’s outfit. No cups in the top, and no crotch in the knickers. Click, click, click. A few shots of her standing, both front and back, then some more of her reclining on a real weird looking plastic chair, seventies chic. “Legs open a little wider please.” Said Nina. “That’s right, hold your self open, mmm good.” Sukky held her pussy open, and then fingered herself. Mike the young gopher seemed routed to the spot, making sure he got an eye full.
“Time for a quick video, before we break for lunch.” Nina announced. Still in the same outfit, she switched cameras. Sukky played with herself, just fingers, but all the same she had that familiar tightness in her stomach.
Lunch was a quick salad, and a bottle of water, before they re started.
A muscular guy arrived as they eat, he would be part of the afternoon shoot. He was not Sukky’s type, but he was clean, and very polite. Nina checked his certificates, and then they got down to work. Sukky’s outfit was a red and black pvc corset, with matching thigh high boots. The young gofer, Mike, helped Sukky get laced up. He adjust her tits into the cup less corset, then pulled the boots into place, and as he did so his hand brushed against Sukky’s cunt. Clearly no accident, but if it made him happy Sukky didn’t mind, he was sweet really, and cute.
Now to dominate the other model. Sukky led him about the studio on a lead, him on all fours, had him lick her boots, then beat him, when they weren’t to her liking. Then crushed his balls with her heels. It must have been painful, but judging by the size of his erection he seemed to enjoy it. Sukky tied him to a bench, and sat on his face, smothering him. She felt his tongue working on her pussy, for his trouble she hit him hard with a riding crop. Sukky worked his cock, until it was throbbing, but stopping before he came. Now he had to kneel in front of her whilst she masturbated with a vibrator, his face was as close to her cunt as it could be, without his head being in the way of the camera. Then, after Sukky had pleasured herself, he was “allowed” to cum, but only on her boots, which he then had to lick clean. Sukky’s day was not over yet, although she had been at the studio for almost five hours. True some of that time had been lunch, and then the changes, but it was a long stint. Her back ached, bending over so the camera can see your bum, and having your legs in the air, holding your pussy open is hard work, and you have to smile, or pout as you do it. Another change of outfit. This time a waist clincher, stocking and heels. Mike helped her dress, his hand, or arm brushing against her tits, or bum as he worked. Sukky could see from the bulge in his trousers that he had an erection, that must be starting to hurt she thought, he seemed to have a hard on every time she looked at him. He brought out a strap on dildo.
“Shall I help you with this?” He asked, his eyes bright.
“Would you mind.” Sukky managed to say, only just managing to stop herself from giggling. The dildo was about eight inches long. Sukky held it in place, as he tightened the harness to her. As he did this Sukky asked him how old he was. “Eighteen.” he replied. Sukky thanked him for his help, and walked back out into the studio, where her “sub” was waiting.
The shoot over she returned to the dressing room. She couldn’t get the straps undone, so she called around the door, to ask Mike to come and help her. He was only too happy. He unbuckled the straps. Sukky looked into his eyes as he did so, and lent forward and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Thanks.” She said, brushing her hand against his obvious erection. It was then that she noticed Nina looking into the room.
“Fancy one last set, one we hadn’t planned, but one which might interest you both?”
“Sure, what have you in mind?” Sukky asked.
“Well, Mike turned eighteen last week, and he wants to try out in front of the camera, he has his certificates, they have just been delivered, could you………?”
So in the waist clincher, and heels Sukky led a gob smacked Mike into the studio. She pushed him onto a sofa, knelt and unzipped him, the camera, and lights were ready, even so Nina only just managed to catch the start of the action. Sukky took Mike’s aching cock into her mouth, he just groaned. She pointed her bum towards the camera, reached under herself, and fingered her cunt. Then she climbed onto Mike, pushing her tits into his face, at the same time sliding down the length of his cock, as it filled her wet cunt. They fucked like that until her skin shone with sweat. Then she was off him, “from behind, Mike, fuck me from behind.” With one knee on the sofa, the other foot on the floor, slightly angled for the camera, he took her. Sukky felt him deep within her. It felt good, very good. At last she heard him say “I am going to come.” He pulled out of her, Sukky tuned and knelt in front of his, taking his cock in her mouth, until he came on her tongue, and on her face. He was exhausted. Sukky just smiled. “That was fucking great, and Mike, well done.” Said Nina.
It had been a long day. After she had showered, Sukky sat and chatted with Nina over a coffee, Mike had left, and she had a train to catch. “Well that was an unexpected end to the day.” Sukky said to her.
“I think you wanted that fuck as much as the boy did, I am only glad I filmed it, otherwise you would have just had a quickie in the changing room, am I right?”
She was, Sukky could only blush in reply. Nina leaned forward, and kissed Sukky’s lips. Sukky kissed her back. “Oh fucking hell, this is turning into some sort of day.” Sukky thought to herself. Sukky never did leave Brighton that night. She stayed the night and in the morning she did three more very satisfying scenes with Mike, all filmed by Nina. And this was work!

In the Dungeon

It was three weeks after her first video shoot with Chris. Joe, had been persuaded by Sukky, it is not wise to ask how, but he had agreed that if she wanted to do videos, hard core even, that he wouldn’t mind, and even if he did, she‘d still do them, and he knew it. What he had said, was as long as she was happy doing it, that was the main thing. Sukky thought he was rather proud of her, and in his own way he was.
It was an early start, the journey seemed to go on forever. Driving into London, what were they thinking, and in heavy rain. Sukky with Joe in tow, arrived in Kentish Town, and found the location, The Dungeon, a fetish club, with bar area, play areas, and of course the dungeon. The photographer was inside, Brian. Brian was one of the photographers Chris had arranged a booking with. Today was just stills. Brian was a forty odd happy go lucky jobbing photographer, who genuinely enjoyed his work, he was not unlike Chris in that respect, although he was more interested in the fetish side of the business. He was also a really nice guy.
“Hiya” he greeted them. “Changing room is downstairs“
“Great.” Sukky said.
The owner was Gary, sorry Master Gary, who with his wife, Helen owned and ran the place. She called out as they disappeared downstairs that she’d get a cuppa brought down to them. Joe dropped the bags in the changing room, and Sukky popped to the loo. At least the place was clean and warm, and not as seedy as Sukky thought it might have been. She went back to the changing room. Sukky stripped off, she had no sooner stepped out of her knickers than a boy arrived with the tea. “Oh fuck.” He was about f******n, Sukky thought his eyes would pop out of his head. “Who are you sonny” She asked.
He went bright red, before stammering, “Helen is my Auntie, but I help out sometimes.”
He had a good look though, before he disappeared, checking Sukky over from top to toe. Taking in all her body. His eyes sticking out on stalks, were not the only things sticking out!
“Right Joe, what does Brian want first off?”
Suit, and stockings, office type strip.
Sukky changed. Black suit, very smart, some nice underwear, stocking, with court shoes. Joe gave her a final check over. Sukky walked out. Brian was just about ready.
“Ok where do you want me,” she asked.
They started the shoot, which was basically a strip. Always keep your shoes on, get your knickers off quickly, but never take your shoes off, Sukky remembered from what Chris had advised. A few tit and bum shots, some open leg stuff, and they were done. First set done.
Sukky went back to the changing room. Next set some PVC stuff, very high heels, cup less pvc bra, and pvc crotch less knickers, with a pvc suspender belt. More tit and bum shots, and some more open leg stuff, in which she was tied to the “Masters Chair“. Brian worked quickly, and was perhaps the most cheerful photographer she had yet met. A man happy in his work.
What’s next Joe - “corset, and heels.”
Joe tied her corset, she pulled on some stockings, nice lace topped ones, the lace came almost came to her pussy, and used the eight inch high heels again. Joe buckled them.
Sukky walked back out into the dungeon. Brian indicated to the gyno chair. After posing in front on the chair, Sukky sat back in it, and put her feet in the stirrups. He took some more photos, including some holding herself open, what did Chris call them, “pinks” that was it pink shots, although in this position her pussy lips were already parted, slightly, the inner lips, protruding and curling onto the outer lips. Brian was asking if she would mind doing some toy pics. Joe passed her a white vibrator. As she inserted it, she saw Gary and Helen standing at the other side of the room. Sukky wondered where the boy was. She looked beyond the lights, there he was, peering out from behind a curtain at the back of the room. Dirty little bugger. Brian wanted a lot of toy pictures, all angles, and some pushed to the limit up, her fanny. At times she thought he was going to stick his lens into her cunt. Click, click, click and another set done.
Just wearing her heels Sukky began to walk away for another change. Gary walked up to her, and started talking. He said how he liked her look. He told her about his club. Would she like to do some work for him? “Well maybe. BDSM stuff, that’s a bit extreme, isn‘t it?”
As he spoke, he stroked Sukky’s bum, and parting her cheeks slightly, and ran his finger over her anus, nothing like being forward. Then altering his position, cupped her pussy in his other hand. As he did this, so Brian called for the next set, pweew.
Next set and she was tied to the cross, another strip, with some more open leg shots. Easy, and that was it.
Afterwards Gary asked Sukky to join him and Helen, he explained what sort of stuff he shot. Sukky had a chat with Joe, when Gary was seeing Brian off.
“What do you think?”
“Up to you love” said Joe. “Whatever you decide I’ll come along, so I’ll be with you, and make sure your safe.”
“But it’s a bit extreme Joe.”
Sukky gave it a few more moments more thought. “Fuck it., why not, who knows I might enjoy it.” She was surprising herself these days, she thought. Gary returned.
“OK Gary I’ll do it. When do want me, and what do want me to do.”
He ran through the outline of the proposed shoot. Helen would be in it, plus another couple of guys, and a girl.
“Tomorrow, what, so soon.” She said. Oh well why not!
Next day they went to Gary’s out of town photo studio, near Sevenoaks. Sukky don’t think Joe would have taken her into London two day’s running. The studio was in a terrace of an old Victorian houses, not top notch, but smart. Helen, opened the door to them, and showed them around. A two bedroom apartment, kitchen, enormous studio’s three in all, plus a dungeon. A spacious changing room, with a decent mirror, for putting make up on. Helen suggested Sukky took her clothes off, to avoid underwear marks, then come up for a cuppa, while they sorted the paperwork out. Sukky joined them in the kitchen. Helen passed the tea. She told Sukky that for the first of the day’s sets, the Gary would be dominating, whilst another guy, John filmed. She said if Sukky needed to stop, then they should have a safety word. Sukky agreed on the word, and was shown into the dungeon. Gary was there already.
First off he said, “we use the swing chair,”
Lots of straps that make a chair, which was suspended from the ceiling. Sukky managed to get in the thing, and was strapped into it, so she couldn’t move either hands, or legs. Sukky’s legs were wide apart held there by a leg stretcher. Then she was blindfolded. The camera was running throughout. She found it strange being blindfolded. All was quite, although she knew other people were in the room, Joe for one, with Helen, the camera man, and another guy, doing the lighting, plus Gary. It seemed like ages and still nothing happened. Just when Sukky thought it never would, a hand ran up the inside of her leg, from ankle, up past her knee, along her thigh, and then it brushed against her pussy. All of a sudden both her breasts were grabbed hard, someone was behind her, and squeezing so hard she gasped. Her nipples were pulled and something put on them, claps she thought. Shit, maybe this was not such a good idea after all. She heard a buzzing, then felt almost an electric shock in her pussy. It didn’t stop, but seemed to be clipped onto her clit. then felt fingers playing with by now wet cunt. So wet, so soon. Christ, now he was fingering her, and how. A vibrator was then put inside her, and fixed so it wouldn’t slip, or be pushed out. Sukky felt herself coming, that was unexpected, but it didn’t stop, another wave hit her, and she cried out. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”
Sukky heard Gary say “Be patient, and if she was good, she would indeed be fucked.”
Then something struck her, someone else was playing with her, not just Gary, and she came again. The vibrator was turned up. Something was put in her mouth, and she knew it was a cock. But whose, Gary’s maybe. She didn’t know. She was told to suck, which even though she had no choice, she did. Sukky’s mouth was fucked, this was not a blow job, someone was fucking her mouth, hard. She gagged as it was f***ed all the way in. He, she didn’t know who, pulled it out just enough to stop her gagging. All the time her pussy was getting some very serious attention, first from the vibrator, and also from fingers, fingers which seemed to be everywhere.. Now her clit was being licked, god how long could she take this for. Then she felt a cock enter her cunt, before it was pounded. Sukky couldn’t ever remember being fucked so hard, and at the same time her mouth was fucked, almost as hard. The cock was withdrawn from her pussy, and she felt him, whoever he was, cuming on her stomach, then the guy with his cock in her mouth came on her face, and on her lips. Sukky felt some of his cum trickle into her mouth. She came again, this time she screamed aloud with pleasure. Then it was over, she felt disappointed that it had ended. The blindfold was removed. The guy doing the lighting was the one who had fucked her mouth. Gary, who she guessed had fucked her, untied her, and helped her out of the chair, her legs were all wobbly, like jelly
“Fuck that was good.” Sukky said.
Lets have a rest for a bit, said Helen, before we start again.
Next up was a set with Helen. Helen was great. She explained what was required. Sukky hoped she could do it.
Sukky was strapped down, and then before she knew it Helen was squatting over her face, and lowering herself onto Sukky. Sukky stuck her tongue out, and tasted Helen’s pussy, which she held open. Helen tasted good. Helen lowered herself further, until all Sukky could see was fanny, all she breathed was Helen, and all Sukky could taste was Helen. Being strapped down, Sukky couldn’t move even if she had wanted to, which she didn’t. When Helen got up, Sukky felt disappointment. Not for long. Sukky watched transfixed, as Helen put the biggest strap on Sukky had ever seen on. “She is going to shag me with that. Shit, fuck, shit.” Sukky thought.
Sukky saw Helen put a lot of lube on it. She walked towards her, the dildo sticking out in front of her, huge and hard, obscene. Then it was inside Sukky. Sukky managed to open her legs a little wider, and pushed to meet Helen’s thrusts. It hurt at first, as Sukky was stretched open, but the lube did its job. Helen finished, then licked Sukky’s pussy, until, not for the last time that day she came again.
“I am getting paid for this, bl**dy hell. What is Joe thinking.”
Sukky needn’t have worried. Joe was as good as his word, and was cool watching his wife being tortured and fucked. Too cool maybe?
Next a break for lunch. Sukky was starving. A girl and her boyfriend had appeared and had cooked lunch. A young couple, both good looking. The guy was athletic, and cute. The girl, was pretty, with a nice bum, and small, but perky tits. Sukky was checking her out. bl**dy hell, she was looking forward to the afternoon.
Helen saw Sukky looking at them, and said “They are both for your desert Sukky, so eat up!”
Desert came slowly. So did Sukky. She was filmed with both cooks. Strapped down yet again, while both took turns with her, to the instructions of Gary. Finally Gary took his turn with Sukky, again. The two cooks took turns with her mouth, cock, then pussy. Gary took care of Sukky’s by now soaking pussy. God he fucked hard. The female cook collected both loads of cum, before sharing it with Sukky, by dribbling it into her mouth. To swallow or not to swallow, not an option. Swallow it was. Sukky always did anyway!
The shoot was over. Sukky was showering when Helen came into the dressing room. She gave her a big hug, and a large envelope containing her pay. Sukky’s wages of sin.
“There is a little bonus in there for you, you were brilliant.”
Little bonus. It was what she would have had to work a fortnight for at the beauty ther****t, and that was just the bonus. Sukky liked this modelling, and she liked the money. This was a way of earning a living that Sukky really enjoyed. She couldn’t wait for her next booking.
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3 years ago
I hope this goes on for a bit but you have than one story. Don't know how you keep them all going. They are great
3 years ago
Excellent again!
Keep up the good work.
3 years ago
Nicely written - I'd love to see where this one goes from here!

5 Xs and thank you for having such a lovely, dirty mind ;) !

3 years ago
oo i'd like to read more of Sukky's work please