Glamour Model (part 3) Sukky's threesome.

It seemed that before Sukky knew where she was, that she was back at Chris’s studio. He had been commissioned, that was how he put it, to take six sets of her by an American magazine, a magazine who he had already sold a set of her to. They wanted more, a lot more. She arrived slightly early, she was a good time keeper, and didn‘t like to be late. Outside it was an awful day, the wind coming straight of the North Sea, bringing driving rain with it. Chris was organising his lighting set up. Sheila was sat at his desk, with a pile of paperwork in front of her. She smiled at Sukky as she walked in. “Hello you.” Sheila said. “I hear you are down to two day’s a week at the salon, good job you’ve got this part time job, that place is going down the swany.”
“Part time, I am thinking of moving in, I seem to be here every day.”
“I’ll be gone in a few minutes, I’ll come back and finish up here later.”
“No need to go on my account.” Sukky said “You being here doesn’t bother me.” In fact she rather liked having an audience, though she didn‘t say as much. So Sheila stayed, although she didn’t do much more work. Chris worked through the sets, but with a hundred or so photo’s per set the morning became the afternoon. Sheila popped out and brought them all back some lunch. While she was gone Chris said “Strange, Sheila never stays during a photo session, especially an adult one, I think she feels part of it, being as she was the one who approached you.” The last of the sets were done. Chris had another photo session to do, with someone else. Sukky left with Sheila. They went to Sheila‘s, for tea and a chat.
“You seem to enjoy modelling, and it agrees with you, you are looking happier than I have seen you for ages, maybe I’ve never seen you this carefree.” Sheila said.
“You are right, I am really enjoying myself, who would have thought it, I know I wouldn’t have. And the money helps, but I am not sure I am doing just the cash, although I wouldn’t be doing it for free, no its something else, I can’t explain it, even to myself.”
“Well Chris thinks you have what it takes. After that first session he didn’t stop talking about you, I got a bit pissed off with it, but now I see what he means, you are so different in front of the camera, and its rubbing off on you away from it. You are much more confident.”
“Never tried it yourself?” She asked.
“Well I’ve done it a few of times, been in a couple of magazines, but I was never like you, although I did quiet enjoy it, maybe one day I’ll give it another go, who knows.”

The Request.

Chris put the phone down. His hands were shaking. The Company, a Dutch porn business, the biggest in the industry, outside America, wanted Sukky. They liked the photos he had sold them of her. Now they wanted more, much more. They wanted a video of her. They wanted it badly. He poured himself a drink. The question was would she do one. He sat behind his desk, thinking. They were offering him a nice little earner, for the film, and possibly a further payment if they took her onto their books. “Sheila love,” he called “we need to chat” Sheila sat beside him. “That Dutch company I told you about, they want Sukky, they want her to make a porn film, what do you think?”
“What do I think, difficult, she likes modelling that’s for sure. When I watched her the other day she came alive in front of the camera. She likes the money too. I think she might go for it. Look don’t ask her to do hardcore straight off, she’ll probably say no, see if you can get her to agree to a soft-core, a hardcore with a girl maybe. Make sure whoever you have in mind are attractive, very clean, smart, and about her age. Get them to coax her, then keep your fingers crossed. If you handle it right, she’ll do it, don’t push her, if you back her into a corner she‘ll say no, and she won‘t change her mind. You like her don’t you, should I be worried?”
“Worried, no, its just work for her, unfortunately, but she is bl**dy great, learns quick, always on time. What’s more she finds it a turn on, lets hope you’re right and she‘ll go for it, this could be a big payday for us, fingers crossed Sheila, fingers crossed.”

The phone was ringing as Sukky unlocked the front door. She hooked her handbag on the chair, which was beside the phone, then sat down and kicked her shoes off as she answered the phone. She had been working at the beauty ther****t‘s. It was a Monday, so it was only two hours in the morning, not really worth going in. It had been quiet, again, mainly ordering stock and not much of that, the place was going out of business, she knew, good job the modelling work kept coming in. Since the catalogue shoot she had done six more shoots. Her bank manager had started to talk to her, or maybe he‘d seen her picture in one of those magazines!. “Dirty old bugger,” she thought.
It was Chris. Could she pop into the studio for a chat. She had to go to that part of town later, so arranged to be there for three. Sukky walked up the long step staircase that led to his studio, she was early, it was a quarter to the hour. She knocked on the door. It was only a few weeks ago that this very door had so intimidated her. Not now. She was much more confident, she realised, Sheila had been right. The photo shoots with Chris, and the others he had recommended her too, had worked some kind of magic on her. She even walked taller. The girls at work had even noticed the change in her. Chris opened the door. “Come in, come in, I’ll put the kettle on, then we can chat” He said mysteriously. Sukky sat on the sofa in the corner of his studio, the corner he called his office, but which was just a corner. Her short skirt hiked up, but she didn’t pull it back down. The computer on the desk hummed, and then dropped to screen saver. Sukky was amazed to see the screen saver was of her. It was from that first shoot she had done with him. There she was perched on his leather chair, legs wide, wearing heels, and a smile. Her pussy lips parted slightly, with a swollen inner labia, her clit peeking out. Until that moment she hadn’t realised she had been excited in that way. Or hadn’t admitted it to herself. After that first session she and Joe had only just got through the door when she’d pounced on him, needing his cock, needing a fuck. Chris brought the tea over, with a plate of biscuits. “I’ve something to show you,” he handed her an envelope. “Open it.” He said excitedly. Inside were two copies of the same magazine, top shelf magazines. There on the front cover was the same picture of her, the one which was looking out from the computer screen. A captions at the top of the page, and some writing down one side were the only difference. “What do you think?”
She was truly gob smacked. Front cover. She opened the magazine, and worked her way through until she found the “spread” of herself, which included the centre pages. There were six double pages, all of her, from knickers and bra to held open, fingers in. The centre page showed her with two fingers fully inserted. She didn’t know what to say.
“Made a packet from that shoot, there’s this set, plus I’ve sold all the other sets, one to that American magazine, and the rest to a Dutch website. I’ve never sold all the sets from one shoot before. ” Sukky was pleased for him, she liked Chris. She was also secretly pleased for herself. This was confirmation to her that she could make money from being a glamour model, and was in demand. It wouldn’t last, she knew that, maybe a year, but a year, which she would make the most of, and grab any and all opportunities that came her way. And maybe have some fun along the way.
“That’s not the only reason I wanted to chat to you, alone” he added mysteriously. She looked up from the magazine, as he continued “ I have a booking, and I want you to model for me.”
“Yeah, of course I will Chris, I really enjoy modelling for you, so anytime, but you know that” She answered quizzically.
“There’s more to it, look up to now you’ve just done stills. I also do videos, and would like you to be in them.”
“Videos, like blue movies?”
“Yes sweetie, I do hardcore, and other stuff as you know. I want you to do a shoot, just to try it out, if your willing of course, paid naturally. If you like it all well and good. If not, go back to doing just the stills.”
“You want me to do hardcore, blue videos, oh fuckin’ hell Chris, that‘s, well its porn….?”
“What you do now is porn, listen the shoot its is a try out, for you to see how you go, so it will be soft core, that’s no penetration, kissing, and touching, but no actual fucking. Its soft-core with a guy, but I’d like you to try a hardcore girl, girl scene. What do you think?”
Think, she didn’t know what to think. She was totally lost for words. But she hadn’t said no Chris noticed, fingers crossed she‘d say yes. Play it cool. “I thought you would be surprised, and didn’t know what your reaction would be, that’s why I wanted to speak to you alone.”
She sipped her tea, mind in a wirle. Photo’s were one thing, but porn movies were something else entirely, weren‘t they?
“So how does the soft core scene with the guy work?” She questioned.
“Well, basically you and he strip, kiss, fondle each other, he’ll hold you open, and maybe finger you a bit. You’ll do the same to him, a bit of cock sucking, if you‘re willing. Everything, but no penetration.”
“Ok“, Sukky said, “what about the girl, girl scene, you said that would be hardcore, what’s that mean.”
“That’s a full on scene with a girl. Including fingering, toys, and you kissing, and licking each others pussy’s, have you ever been with another girl before?” She had, but said nothing. Her mind drifted away, from the present, to a few years before. As she remembered the time she was with Liz. They had just arrived back at her house, after a girls night out. Tarted up. They had both flopped onto the sofa. she was taking her shoes off, when Liz said, “I could have copped off with that guy, you know”
“Yes you could, but you’d have regretted it, getting it in the car park was what we did when we were teenagers, we’ve both grown a little old for that, don’t you think”. Sukky said.
“I really fancy a fuck, I’ m as horny as hell, it’s that guy fault, touching me up on the dance floor.”
“I know, I saw” Sukky said rather icily. “And I had to put up with lover boy’s friend, who thought my tits were fair game, he put his hands up my skirt, and tried to finger me, he was bl**dy hopeless, and he slobbered down my neck, yuk.”
“I still fancy it, might have to play with myself tonight, just to get myself off to sl**p, you know.”
Sukky knew all too well. Liz was staying at her and Joe’s for the night. She was in the spare room, which was next to their room. Listening to Liz playing with herself would keep her awake and did not appeal in the least, and in any case she fancied it as well, if the guy on the dance floor hadn‘t have been such a wanker, she would have had a quickie with him..
“Look, Lizzie, why don’t you go up now, and wake Joe up, he’ll sort you out. He’s in bed, go on.” Sukky said, amazing herself even as she said it.
Liz looked at her, mouth open. “What!”
“Its obvious“, Sukky continued, “for months you have been mooning over Joe, flashing your tits, and knickers whenever the chance occurred, brushing up against him. You fancy him, what’s more he fancies you.” Liz sat looking at her, for once lost for words. But she was tempted. God was she. But did Sukky mean it, she wasn’t pissed, Liz was sure she wasn‘t. She did fancy Joe, and had been giving him all the signals, which he had failed to read, even if Sukky hadn’t. “He would love to fuck you, and you want to fuck him. We’ve been talking about a threesome for ages, you’re name is always top of the list, so why not, lets do it now tonight.”
“But, but, you wouldn’t mind?” Liz stammered.
“Would I be suggesting this if I did. No, I don’t mind, and it might be fun, we both might enjoy it, come on.”
Liz smiled, and Sukky knew they were on. They walked up the stairs together. Liz opened the bedroom door, they crept in, like two very naughty schoolgirls. Joe was asl**p, lying on his back, in the centre of the bed. It was a warm night, and he had kicked the sheet off. He always slept in the nude. Liz went to the far side of the bed. She looked at Joe, then back at her friend. This would be fun. Liz took her dress off, it slipped to the floor. She didn’t wear a bra, her breasts were on the small side, something which she hated. She was wearing a see through white thong. The outline of her pubic hair was visible to Sukky. She slipped onto the bed, beside Joe. He rolled towards her, Sukky saw his arm circle her waist. Liz took hold of his cock, it stiffened in her hand immediately, then started to move her hand up, and down, it was soon hard in her hand, she had been looking forward to fucking him, and now she would. Joe was soon aroused. He slowly open his eyes. Liz smiled at him. “Its alright” Liz said, “look over at the doorway.”
Joe was still groggy from sl**p, and still wasn’t sure if he was dreaming. No he was dreaming, must be. Liz had been flirting with him for months, and he’d been tempted to try it on with her, but had never had the opportunity, or the nerve. Now here she was here holding his cock. Joe turned and looked at the doorway. Fucking hell, he was dreaming. Sukky smiled at her husband, and as she did so let her dress drop to the floor. she unclipped her bra, and took her panties off. Then joined them on the bed. Joe by now was wide awake, and had a very stiff throbbing cock. Sukky bent down, kissed him on the lips, before moving lower to kiss his swollen cock. Liz moved her mouth, and licked the swollen head. Together they gave Joe a cock sucking he would never forget. And it felt great, Jesus, but didn’t it.
“Hey, you two, slow down, or this will be over in a few more minutes.” Joe said.
The two women both stopped, and moved back up the bed. They took it in turns to kiss Joe. Sukky felt Joe moving, and then his hand was between her legs. Liz had her legs in the air, she was removing her knickers, so she too could have her pussy attended to, by Joe. Joe lay between them, Sukky had one leg over his legs, giving easy access to her very wet cunt. Liz was positioned in the same way, so Joe could play with two pussy’s at the same time. He was in heaven, “please God, don‘t let me wake up.”
Sukky had gotten into a very comfortable position, when Joe stopped. He got up, and said
“Turn over, both of you, and move closer together.” They did as we were instructed, looking forward to whatever was to follow. They lay face down, their legs touching. Lizzies skin felt soft and warm. Sukky felt Joe on the bed again. Then his hand was between the cheeks of her bum, and fingering her. Liz was getting the same treatment. Liz felt Joe‘s fingers deep inside her. He knew what he was doing, she was wet, so wet, and was aching for him to fuck her, she had been imagining it for ages, and had masturbated to the imagined moment, and now she was here. True she had never thought of her friend being here as well, but it might be fun with her as well. Joe bent down, and she felt him licking her bum. His tongue probing her arsehole. She lifted her hips slightly so he could do it all the more. Mmm that was nice. Then he moved over, and it was Sukky’s turn. She moaned with pleasure. Liz put her arm around her friend, and moved closer, she tuned to look at her. She was in ecstasy. As she looked at her, she opened her eyes, they had a dreamy quality to them. Liz smiled, and then kissed her, full on the lips. Sukky felt Lizzie’s tongue in her mouth. She responded, kissing her back. Sukky had never kissed a woman like this before, but liked the feeling. They kissed for what seemed ages, all the time Joe using his soft magic hands on their pussy’s. Then he stopped, both women were acutely disappointed, but knew there was more to come, hopefully a lot more. Joe turned Sukky over, interrupting their kissing. He moved between her legs, he was on his knees, and pulled her up to him, before he pushed his iron hard cock, into her welcoming cunt. She arched her back as he entered her, and came almost at once. God that felt good. Liz raised herself onto her knees, and kissed Joe, but the angles were wrong. “I hope he saves some for me,” thought Liz. “I can’t kiss him like this,” so she moved, so she could reach Joe’s face. She moved one leg over Sukky, so she was astride her face. Sukky looked up at Liz’s cunt. She had the underneath waxed, it was silky smooth. She smelt Liz’s pussy, it smelt sweet, and it glistened with wetness in the light, which shone from the wall lights, which someone, Joe probably, had switched on. She was glad he had. As she looked up, so Liz lowered herself towards her face. Without thinking, she took hold of Liz’s hips, and pulled her down. She licked the full length of her labia, lightly at first, then more f***efully. Then with Joe fucking her hard, she pushed her tongue into Liz’s wet cunt. Liz felt the busy tongue, and lowered herself a little further, she groaned, and pushed herself down, to enable Sukky’s tongue to reach deeper into herself. Sukky felt Joe’s cock stiffen within her, and knew he would soon come, if he didn’t stop for a break. But she was unable to move. She was pinned to the bed, firstly by Joe, fucking her, and also by Liz who was now grinding herself into her face, which was wet from her pussy. Fortunately Joe, knew he was on the “brink.” Liz felt him pull his cock out of her, and she moved slightly forward, and Sukky felt Liz bend over so her face replaced Joe between her legs, as she moved to lick her clit. In doing so, she exposed her bum to her hungry tongue, which now moved between her cunt and arsehole. Sukky had never imagined, that she would get so much enjoyment from this, but there it was, and there she was, face wet from Liz’s cunt, while Liz worked on her clit. And then she felt Liz come, her tongue was inside her, the wetness was like a flood, Sukky drank it all in as her pussy pulsated. Liz felt herself come, in a powerful wave of utter pleasure. Perhaps she should have been making a pass at Sukky, this was fantastic. Liz’s attention to her clit had only one outcome. Knowing Joe was watching, just made it all the more intense, as Sukky too came in a wave of pleasure, which seemed to last forever. Joe pulled Liz away, her face, smiling happily. Then with Liz on her knees, he took her from behind. He fucked her hard, whilst the two women again kissed, tasting each others wetness on each others faces. Joe pulled his cock out of Liz. “I need to come.” he said.
The girls looked at each other. Then without a word they sucked Joe’s cock. Liz’s juices tasted good on Joe’s cock. Sukky finished Joe off, by wanking him into Lizzie’s mouth. He really did need to come, and did so, in a pulsating flood. Then the girls kissed, sharing Joe’s load between them. They flopped down onto the bed, all three of them worn out by their exertions.
“We must do that again, soon.” Sukky managed to say, breathlessly.
Joe smiled, “Couldn’t you do that again with Liz now, while I watch, then we could start again, after all none of us have work tomorrow!” Sukky pushed Liz back onto the bed………. Sukky was brought back to the present, as Chris said “It really needs to be hardcore, the girl, girl bit, I mean.”
“Sorry Chris, I was just thinking.”
“You think, I’ll make another cuppa, yours has gone cold.” Sukky was lost in her thoughts. Chris came back with the tea. He sat watching her. He didn’t say anything, knowing now was the time to keep quiet. Sheila had told him to play it cool, he was playing a blinder, he hoped.
Was this the opportunity Sukky had thought of earlier. Should she grab this, did she want to do this? “Look Chris, I am not sure, it’s a big step.”
“That’s alright, I understand, but I‘ll need an answer sooner, rather than later, but if you are going to do it, you’ll need a health certificate.” Chris explained what this was, which basically meant she needed a bl**d test to prove she didn’t have AIDS, or other STD’s.
“No pressure then Chris.”
Sukky thought to herself, what’s the difference between the stills I do, and doing the same on video. None she thought. “Fuck it Chris, I’ll do it, I try my best, and then we’ll see.”
“Are you really sure?” He asked her.
“No, not really, but lets give it ago.” Chris took her to a Doctor he knew, who would do the bl**d tests, and provide the certificates. The shoot would be this Thursday, three days away.
“Is Joe going to be there, for the shoot.” Chris asked.
“No” Sukky replied, “he is away for the week, working in the West Country on some ship or other.”
“See you on Thursday, then.” He wanted to shout “yes” to the heavens.

Thursday arrived in a rush. Some weeks drag by, not this one. So it was again with butterflies in the pit of her stomach, that Sukky climbed the steep stairs, to the third floor, and Chris’s studio. The door was ajar. She tapped on it, and walked in. Chris was busy, working intently on his lighting set up. The sets were already prepared. “Come in, you’re early aren’t you?”
“Well, no, I am bang on time, as always.” She replied.
“Oh dear, where does the time go, your certificates are on the desk.”
Sukky checked them over, all was well. She knew there wouldn’t be a problem, but then there is always a nagging doubt, silly really.
“You’re here first, so shall we go over what we are going to do” Chris said.
“Good idea, lets.” She replied
Chris out lined what he wanted. First off, a strip, then cut, move to the sofa, and then using fingers, then a toy, Sukky would masturbate. “Nothing you haven’t done before, darling, just this time it’s a different camera.”
Alright for him to say she thought. “Ok, what then?”
“Then we’ll do the girl, girl scene, then you with the guy, followed by a threesome, she is doing hardcore, but you can join in, anyway you want, OK.”
“Ok.” Sukky gulped, then taking a deep breath said, “look Chris, as this is a try out, as you so delicately put it, lets try it out properly. I’ll do hardcore with the guy, if you don‘t mind and its OK. Lets see if I am really up to this, you want me to fuck him, don‘t you, but were afraid I‘d say no.”
Chris stood and looked at her for what to her seemed an age, but was in reality just a couple of seconds. “Yeah, you’re right, look are you really sure about this? I mean really, really sure. ” He said. Play it cool, play it cool.
“I am sure, I vowed that I would grab any opportunities that came my way, make the most of this, while it lasts. Something tells me this is one of those moments. I don’t intend to not make the most of what comes along. So yes I am sure. Lets give it a go, like you said I can always go back to just stills.”
Chris smiled “Ok, lets sort your marks out.” Chris showed her, at each set, the imaginary lines she was to stay within. It seemed easy enough. Chris had just finished when her two “co-stars” arrived. She was glad they were here, as she had butterflies again. bl**dy great huge ones. First night nerves perhaps. She needed to pee, badly. Valerie, the girl, well she wasn’t a girl, any more than Sukky was, she was in her early thirties, slim, with dark hair. She had the most gorgeous eyes, a deep brown, which Sukky found mesmerizing. The guy, Leon, was about the same age. Tall, and well toned. He was very dark, but not quite black. A hunk, this might not be so bad after all. Chris checked all the certificates, and then they each checked each others.
“Ok, Sukky” said Chris “lets get started, shall we.” Sukky was dressed in a simple red blouse, with a pencil line black skirt. Black under wear, and stockings, with of course high heels. She started doing a strip, trying to be as sexy as possible. Sukky remembered all that Chris had taught her, whilst taking stills. She stripped for the camera, keeping as much eye contact with it as possible. She was used to Chris seeing her naked, and soon forgot that Leon, and Valerie were watching as well. The blouse was unbuttoned, then she unzipped the skirt, and it slide to the floor. Then the blouse joined it. Sukky ran her hand inside her panties. Although they were black, they were see through. she had also unstitched the cotton gusset, so her pussy could be seen clearly through the thin material. She turned her back to the camera, unclipping her bra. Turning back she slowly let it fall. “Cut” called Chris. “That’s great Sukky, now we’ll move to the sofa, where I want to see you finger yourself through those lovely knickers, before you remove them, Ok.” Sukky moved to the sofa, and began again. She ran her hands down her body, teasing her nipples, before slipping her hand inside her panties. Sukky’s legs were open wide, and knew the camera was getting an excellent view of her pussy through her by now very wet panties. She put a finger into herself, then removed it, and licked the wetness from it. Then it was time to remove them, She slid them down, just the same as if it had been a stills shoot. Holding herself open with one hand, and continuing to finger herself, and play with her clit with the other. “Cut” called Chris again “Hold it there love, time for the vibrator.”
Sukky had brought a black rabbit with her. Valerie passed it over, and gave her a nod of approval, as she did so. Was it because she liked the choice of toy? No more like she liked the look of Sukky, and was looking forward to their fuck. Sukky started to pleasure herself with the rabbit, using all its functions. It buzzed against her clit, and pulsed inside her cunt. Then used the two functions together. She forgot all about the camera, and felt that nice warm feeling deep inside her stomach. She threw her head back and groaned, as the wave of utter pleasure washed over her. Fucking hell, that was unexpected bonus she thought to herself.
“Cut” called Chris. “That was great, I mean really great.” Sukky relaxed, suddenly aware of how tense she had been. The tenseness had gone, washed away by the orgasm, and with it any nerves she might have had.
“Right time for the next scene” Chris called. “Sukky, you go and freshen up, while I move the camera’s.” Sukky freshened up, as Chris called it. Where would a girl be without baby wipes. Sukky dressed in the next outfit. Re applied make up, and went back out for the girl, girl scene. Her next outfit was just under wear, and of course heels. Valerie was just in her knickers, stockings and stiletto’s. She had nice tits, Sukky noticed, dark nipples that went with her dark hair, and eyes. They started on the sofa, just kissing at first. This was the first time she had been with a woman since she had slept with Liz and her husband Tom, on the night before they had moved away, a farewell threesome, not their first, but as it turned out, their last. Valerie ran her hands down Sukky’s body, she shuddered. Goose bumps appeared on her skin. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. Valerie ran a hand over the top of Sukky’s knickers, then ran a finger along the length of her once again wet cunt. Sukky ran her hands over Valerie’s bum, and then between her legs. She too was wet, Sukky pulled her knickers to one side, and slide two fingers into her. Her pussy felt very soft as Sukky fingers entered her. Sukky parted Valerie’s labia, as her fingers circled inside her. They almost tore each others knickers off, in their eagerness. Then with Sukky laying on the sofa, Valerie got on top, in the sixty nine position, and they buried their faces in each other.
“Cut” called Chris. “Cut, that means stop ladies.” They stopped, somewhat reluctantly. “Fucking hell, that was good,” thought Valerie.
“Time for a toy each,” announced Chris. They were handed the vibrators they had each brought with them, and then without a moments hesitation began again. Valerie slid the vibro in and out of Sukky, whilst at the same time licking around her bum hole with her tongue. It was electrifying. Sukky altered position so she could do the same to Valerie, and then stuck the tip of her tongue into Valerie’s arsehole. They moved positions several times, always making sure the camera could see the action. “Cut” shouted Chris. “That’s it, for that one.” Now it was time for Sukky’s scene with Leon. Had she been reckless in telling Chris she wanted to do a hardcore scene with him. He was very dishy, but, a lingering doubt remained. Sukky re did the war paint, and dressed in a cotton dress, with white knickers, but no bra, walked back onto the set. Leon was waiting for her. Sukky was nervous again. This would be the final hurdle. Could she go through with it? She needn’t have worried. Leon took her hand, and led Sukky to the bed, where the action was to take place. Chris started filming, as Leon kissed and caressed her. He was so gentle, Sukky couldn’t believe it. He was making love to her. She had expected to be stripped, then fucked, without so much as a thank you. Leon undid Sukky’s dress, then pulled it down, so he could suck her nipples. They responded, and were erect immediately. He bit down on one hard, and Sukky gasped. The dress was by now on the floor, and Leon was rubbing her pussy. Sukky undid his trousers, he had no pants on. She pulled his cock out, and kissed it, then sucked on it gratefully. Sukky’s head went up and down, as she tried to take it all into her mouth. Sukky moved down, and sucked his balls, one at a time, before moving her lips slowly to the tip of his cock once again. Then it was Sukky’s turn, as Leon went to work on her clit with his tongue, fingering her as he did so. Then he laid back on the bed, Sukky got astride him, squatting. She took hold of his cock, rubbing it against herself. She moved her hips forward, and impaled herself onto his cock. Then Sukky fucked him. Sukky had expected to be the one who was fucked, but here she was doing the fucking. she made sure her legs stayed wide, and lent back slightly, so Chris could get a good view, and therefore a good shot. Sukky looked directly at the camera, licked her lips, and then pouted. Leon then lifted her off of himself. He turned her over, and at last fucked her deeply from behind, doggy fashion. “Cut” called Chris. They stopped. Time for a break. Chris called her over.
“Well“ he said “how are you enjoying it?”
“Enjoying it, what do you mean, this is work!” She said saucily.
“Look, love, you’re a natural. When I did that first shoot with you I knew that. This is the same. You remember your marks, and you remember the camera, making sure I get the goods, and you enjoy it. This one last scene then we talk again.” The final scene, the threesome, began. Valerie and Sukky continued where they had left off, then were joined by Leon. While he fucked one of them, the other would either suck his balls, lick his cock, or lick each other. It was hot, and sweaty. It seemed to last an age. But at last Leon had to produce the goods, and come on one of them. Although he was hard, he seemed to be having difficultly in coming. In the end he wanked himself off into Sukky’s mouth. She let a little dribble down her chin, where Valerie eagerly licked it, the rest Sukky gulped down. And that was it. They said their good byes, and Leon and Valerie left, leaving Chris and Sukky alone in the studio. Chris made the tea. That was becoming a habit.
“Well” said Chris “Will you do it again?”
“Defiantly” Sukky said without a moments hesitation, “but was I any good, really?”
“You are great.”
“Will you be able to sell this shoot, I know you said it was a try out for me,” Sukky asked.
Chris hesitated, and smiled. she wondered what was coming. “You remember I told you I’d sold some of your stills sets to a Dutch website.”
“Yes, I think so, that’s was when you showed me the magazine, with me on the front cover.”
“That’s, right, well” He paused for breath, “they asked me if you do videos, and if so could I film some scenes for them to look at. They wanted hardcore, but I didn’t know if you wanted to do it, which is when I asked if you would. The fact is all today’s scenes are already sold to them.”
“bl**dy hell Chris, am I that in demand.”
“You are. You can make a go of this, if you want to. What does Joe think?”
“I haven’t told him about the videos yet, or the hardcore, but I think he‘ll handle it fine, who is this company, that finds me so attractive?”
“Well they are based in the Netherlands, which is where they mainly film. They’re a big, multi national. Porn is big business with them. They only go for the best, and produce the best quality. They pay extremely well, these videos with you today, has paid me more than a months money, in cash. look love, if you want to be in this business, then this company is the way to go. They look after their people, and no mistake. But, and it’s a big but, they want their pound of flesh, and in your case, it is your flesh, literally.”
“When will I know.” Sukky asked.
“Sooner, rather than later, they want today’s videos first thing in the morning, by courier. Its just a case of waiting.” In the mean time, Sukky had other bookings. If the company called, great, if not, well nothing lost.

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Thats brilliant.
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I can't wait for more!!!!
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very good part 4, 5....