Photo shoot, Mum becomes a slut. (Part three).

I looked at myself in my dressing table mirror, Checking. I’d applied my make up, a variation on the look Alfie always did for me when I was modelling. False eyelashes, black mascara, black eye liner, and black eye shadow. I was pleased with the results. It wasn’t as heavy as Alfie would have done, but then it wasn’t for a photo shoot.
It had been a hard day, Jack had spent four hours taking pictures of me, filming me masturbate, fingering my arse, making myself come. He hadn’t fucked me, and I needed it, slut that I was. Alex was there as well, my daughter, together. Jack needed content for our website, he needed more, so tomorrow we would be back in the studio, but at least then there would be men to be filmed with. I couldn’t wait. I was a slut on heat.
Geoff emerged from the shower naked, drying himself with a towel. Using a lip brush I carefully applied my red lipstick. A couple of months ago I’d have said I looked like a tart. Now I thought I looked great. A slut always, but I looked sexy, hot. I’d just finished when Alex walked into the room, holding her dress. She’d done her make up similar to mine, dark eyes, red lips. She didn’t see her father, although he clearly saw her. She just wore a pair of heels, and a thong. “Mum, this dress is alright, isn’t it?” She asked.
“Of course it is darling,” I replied.
“Good, zip me up will you,” she asked. “Dad, still in the shower, and I thought I took ages!”
“No, he’s right behind you,” I told her.
She turned, holding her dress over herself. Then she dropped it, and stepped into it, wriggled her tits into place. I stood, and zipped her up. She gave her father a long look, said nothing, and left, leaving the door ajar.
Geoff stood motionless. His cock semi erect.
“Like what you saw sweetheart?” I asked.
He coloured up, blushing.
“Look, don’t be embarrassed, Alex isn’t. I can see by your cock you did,” I said, taking hold of his member. It sprang into life at my first touch.
“Wish Alex was doing this?” I teased.
His cock was solid, but he still said nothing.
“You do, don’t you. Want me to call her back?”
I took my hand away, he still hadn’t said a word.
“Alex,” I called through the half open door.
There was a pause. Geoff just stared at me. He hadn’t said no. His cock was still stiff, rigid. Standing to attention.
Alex walked half through the open door.
“Alex, that dress, not quite right, take it off, and try a couple of mine, that red one you like,” I told her.
“Ok Mum, if you’re sure,” she said, confused. “Unzip me then.”
She turned, seeing her father, standing beside the wardrobe, his cock erect. She didn’t say anything, she was my daughter, a tart like me. A slut who craved cock. Any cock. She would I know wait for me to direct her.
I unzipped the dress, the one I had so recently zipped up. I pushed it off her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor. Geoff watched as I revealed his daughters breasts. She stepped out of the dress, careful not to catch it on her heels.
“Mmm, I think the thong isn’t right.”
I pulled it down, slowly, watching Geoff’s eyes. He didn’t take his eyes off her. His cock still hard. She lifted her heels, one by one. Now she was naked.
“Pretty, isn’t she Geoff, turn around darling, so Daddy can see everything.”
She turned, slowly, allowing her father to admire her body.
“Want to touch her Geoff? Want to feel her tits, her young pussy? I know you do.”
He looked at me now, wide eyed, but uncomprehending.
“Alex, go and feel your Dads’ cock,” I told her.
She did as I bid her. I watched as she reached out, and gripped Geoff’s cock with her hand. He made no effort to stop her.
I knew this was terribly wrong. I was fucking Alex, even her b*****r had fucked her, as he had fucked me. It was only a matter of time before Geoff found out. Jack had persuaded me that this way, we would be off the hook. His argument was persuasive. If Geoff fucked his daughter, then he could hardly complain if I did, or Jack did. True he’d fucked her before, but he didn’t know he had, fucking men! No he needed to know, and what’s more, he had to want to. So the plan had been hatched. Jack had all the answers. My Jack. He was my son, and I was his slut. His Mummy slut.
I watched as Alex began to give her father a hand job, gently at first. I took his hand, and place it on her breast. Then I moved it down, slowly, tracing her body with his hand, until it was between her legs. I knew her cunt would be wet. I knew because mine was.
“Alex, you said you wanted to give Daddy a blow job, now would be a good time honey,” I whispered.
She knelt, not letting go of his hard throbbing cock. Her lips closed over the bulbous head. Geoff, leant back, and closed his eyes, as his daughter pleasured him. She worked his cock hard with her hand, all the time her mouth fucking his cock. She gave good head my daughter, I should know, I’d watched her many times. Many times I had been the lucky one, as she had gone down on me, on my wet cunt. I squeezed his balls, then kissed him on the mouth. His mouth was warm, soft. My tongue tangled with his, his tongue in my mouth. I felt him stiffen. I knew he was coming.
“That’s it darling, come in her mouth. The little slut wants it all. Fuck her mouth.”
He came then, groaning as he did so.
“Don’t swallow it all, darling, I want some as well,” I told her.
She squeezed every drop, not spilling any. Then she rose, and we kissed, sharing her fathers come. Only then did we swallow. We swallowed it all. Geoff still stood, his back to the wardrobe, his cock flagging, slowly.
“Darling, pull your knickers back on, and I think after all, that dress will be just fine.”

I watched her re dress, then zipped her back up. Geoff hadn’t moved, but I noticed he watched her dress, watched as she pulled her knickers up, watched as she wriggled back into her dress.
“We’d better hurry, don’t want to be late do we,” I said.
Geoff, watched as she walked from the room.
“Geoff, come on get dressed, we are going out, if you remember!” I said.
I dressed, my cunt wet. I wanted a fuck, I wanted cock. I wanted pussy. But I knew now was not the right time. Later I would have both.

I drove. Geoff sat beside me, Alex was in the back. I drove along the cliff road. JB’s club came into view, and I pulled into the car park.
“We’re going here?” Geoff asked, “Come on Angie, we’ve been here before, we wont get in.”
“We will, come on, I’m hungry, and I know we could all do with a drink,” I said.
I locked the car, and we walked to the door. I recognised the doorman, he opened the door for us, “good evening, and welcome,” he said.
We walked in. The restaurant manager smiled. “Good evening madam, have you booked?” He asked.
“I told you we wouldn’t get in,” Geoff whispered.
“No, I haven’t,” I replied.
“That’s no problem for you madam.” He said, leading us to a secluded table, from where it was possible to see both the restaurant, and the club.
“How did you do that?” Geoff asked, once we were seated.
“I know the owner, Jack had a commission from him, and I was the model,” I told him.
“You were the model, come off it Angie,” he said.
“No Dad, she was. She’s brilliant.” Alex put in.
“And what’ more Geoff, I’m going to be modelling a lot more, Alex as well. You might not approve, but I don’t care. Its something I, no we, both enjoy.” I told him.
“Why wouldn’t I approve. You have changed these last couple of months. If that’s what’ brought about the change, then bring it on,” he said.
“So you like the new me?” I asked.
“Very much, can I see some of your photo’s?” He asked.
“When we get home, if your good!” I teased. “What do you think Alex, shall we show Daddy some of our photo’s?”
“Oh yes, that might be fun,” Alex replied.
We eat, we drank. We danced. Geoff had a hard on as I danced with him. I could feel his erection through my dress. I pushed against my leg, then against my cunt. I wished again we had fucked before we had left home. We would later.
“That feels nice,” I said to him.
“So do you,” he said pulling me tighter.
“Time you danced with Alex,” I said.
“Alex, oh, I’m not sure I could,” he said.
“She’d be disappointed if you didn’t. Tell you what, dance with her while I pop and powder my nose, and who knows, she might let you watch her strip when we get in, you’d like that, wouldn’t you,” I said softly in his ear.
“Angie, I don’t think……..” he began.
“Don’t think Geoff. I know you want to. She doesn’t mind. Now go and dance with her. Feel her up if you want to, I won’t be long. Enjoy!” I told him.

I slipped away. I passed the toilets, and opened the door marked private. At the end of the hallway another door led to a flight of stairs. I knew the way. I opened the door, and walked in. JB was behind his desk, a tall red headed woman looked up from her armchair.
“Hello, how’s my slut tonight?” He asked.
I felt the familiar surge of warmth in my stomach, a tingling in my pussy. Would he want to fuck me, there on the desk, while the redhead watched, while my husband and daughter were downstairs. I hoped so.
“I got your message. I’ll be there.” I said to him.
“I know you will. Tomorrow evening, don’t be late. You know what to wear. Now slut, who is the little whore you’re with tonight?” JB demanded.
“My daughter,” I replied.
“The little whore you did the porno film with. She is a slut, it must run in the f****y. Looks just like you, the slut mother, and her whore daughter. Bring her as well. Make sure she is dressed properly. I’ll enjoy fucking her, you can watch. Would you like that slut,” he asked, knowing I would.
I nodded my acceptance.

We arrived home. Geoff was anxious to see our photos. I started with the string bikini shoot, the tame ones, then a couple of the hotter ones. Geoff looked at picture with the bikini bottom stretched over my pussy, but because the material was so thin its outline was so clear, I might as well have not been wearing it. He could see from the pictures just how wet I had been.
I reached across, and felt his cock through his trousers. His cock stirred, and was instantly erect.
Pictures of Alex followed, pictures of us both in those dresses, the ones with the plunging necklines. The dresses were silver, shiny, they glittered as the light caught the material, short, predictably so. It reach just below our bums. To say the dresses had a plunging neck line was laughable. They plunged to below our belly buttons. Alex. She had, always had my looks, quite how much Geoff now saw. We could almost have been twins, in the photos it looked as if we were. Even the ones with no panties, our labia held wide. He cock was stiffer than ever.
“Enough of those, for now at least. Want to see the real thing Geoff?” I asked.
“What, you mean………..”
“Yes Geoff, both of us. Want to see Alex’s pussy spread wide?” I asked.
He couldn’t speak, he just nodded his head.
I unzipped her, again. The dress fell to the floor, he watched from the sofa. She stepped out of it, then unzipped my dress, which joined hers on the floor.
Geoff watched, his cock making the front of his trousers bulge, as his wife, and daughter stripped before him. We stood in front of the sofa, wearing just our heels, and knickers. Alex’s little lace thong, my black silk knickers. Both were see through. He could see our pussy’s though the thin material.
“Take your trousers of Geoff,” I commanded.
“And your pants Dad, take them off, and your shirt. You want to see us naked, then you too,” Alex told her father.
We waited, in our heels and panties, as he stripped. Then he sat, and waited, his cock obscene, hard.
We were both a pair of sluts. We both wanted that cock inside us. We didn’t care who had it first, but we both needed it. The addiction ran through two generations. Perhaps more. Perhaps my mother had been a slut in her younger days. Perhaps she still was. I’d find out one day, I’d send Geoff to fuck her, but first he needed to be controlled, corrupted to us.
We knelt, and between us gave head, sharing his hardness between us. Careful not to go too far, he mustn’t come again, not yet. He had work to do, two sluts to service. Sluts need regular servicing.
“Alex has wanted to suck your cock, ever since you fucked her,” I told him, as she licked his balls, her tongue probing his anus.
“I’ve never fucked her, Angie,” he said.
“But you’ve thought about it haven’t you Geoff, you’ve thought about fucking her.”
“Yes, yes, but I haven’t,” he replied.
“You have you know, you have fucked her. Fucked our little girl. You liked it Geoff, she told me. She liked it too. You fucked her again. Twice in one night Geoff, in our bed.”
“No Angie, I swear, I haven’t. I’ve thought about it, but………”
“Geoff darling, last time you came home, you were early, Alex’s was sharing with me, her bedroom being re modelled, she was in our bed, but I was out all night. You fucked her from behind, twice. In the morning, we swapped, and you fucked me, remember?” I asked.
“Oh God yes, I remember, but I didn’t know Angie, I didn’t know.”
“But you let her suck your cock earlier Geoff, just as she sucking your cock now. Soon you’ll fuck her, but not from behind Geoff, she’d ride you, and you can look into her eyes, as you come inside her little sweet pussy, you want that Geoff, you want to fuck our little girl?”
“Please Angie, please,” he said.
“Don’t please me, darling, ask our little slut daughter. Ask her Geoff. Alex stop sucking Daddy’s cock, he’s got something he wants to ask you.” I said.
She stood up, standing beside me. We were both nude, but for our shoes. Sluts keep their heels on, don’t they? We stood, side by side, our legs apart, so he could see our sex. Our cunts. Our wet aching pussy’s, hungry for cock.
“Well Daddy, ask me. You want to fuck me, then you have to ask,” Alex told him.
“I don’t know how to………..”
“Daddy, just say, Alex can I fuck your cunt, or if you prefer, Alex, can I fuck your arse. What do you like Daddy, my pussy, or my tight little arse.” She said.
“Alex, can I fuck………..” He began.
“Daddy, you have to tell me, look, here,” she said, opening her labia, “or here,” she said turning and spreading the cheeks of her pretty arse, revealing her puckered little hole. “Want to fuck me in both places Daddy?”
“Please Alex, yes, I want to fuck you, I want to fuck you so badly,” he finally asked, almost begged.
“Ok, you only had to ask,” she told him. “But Daddy, lets not forget Mummy, she needs cock as well. Want to watch me make her come?”
“Ohhhhh please,” Geoff panted.
I sat on the arm of the sofa, my legs spread wide, my wet pussy opening. Alex ran her finger along my labia, parting my inner lips, then she slid a finger inside me, deep as it would go. She pulled it out, and offered it to her father, “suck it,” she told him.
He closed his eyes as she put her finger in his mouth. She let him savour my aroma, my wetness.
“Now Daddy, just so you know the difference, try mine, watch!” She instructed.
He watched. He’d been ogling her for the past year, maybe longer, but now he watched as his daughter plunged two fingers into her wet cunt. She kept them there, ensuring he watched. His cock grew ever harder, if that was at all possible. She pulled them out, and held them under her nose.
“Smells different, doesn’t it. Similar, but different, Daddy. Now taste me,” she told him.
I sat on the sofas arm, slowly masturbating, as Geoff tasted his daughters juices, sucking gratefully on her fingers.
“That’s better,” she told him, “now you won’t mistake me for her, will you.”
Her face was between my legs, her tongue replaced my fingers. She knew so well after our photo shoots, her tongue probed, her fingers were never still. Geoff watched open mouthed, as our daughter took me to the edge of orgasm.
“Ohh, God, of my fucking god,” I almost screamed. I was so turned on, as Alex licked my clit, my labia, my anus. Her tongue never still. Geoff watched, his cock rigid. I came then. My cunt was overflowing, making my inner thighs wet, a little trickled into my little brown puckered hole. Alex pushed into me, lubrication for later. She was such a slut, my daughter the slut. Just like her slut mother. The thought made me come again, just a little one, Geoff didn’t notice. My little slut did, she knew her slut mother had come again, she might even know why.
“Geoff, don’t just sit there, make her come, make little baby come,” I instructed him.
He reached out, lightly touching her cunt, then his finger disappeared inside her, and he no longer needed encouragement. I moved, and worked his cock with my hand, keeping him like steel, but never allowing him to reach that point, the point where I would be unable to stop him coming. He mustn’t come, I told myself. If he mustn’t she was. I could hear her breathing, becoming heavier, I looked up, her nipples were so stiff, her cunt so wet. Geoff had lost his inhibitions, his face between her legs, wet from her pussy. Her juices glistened on him. She came then, noisy little slut, came on her fathers face, while his tongue was inside her. I envied him. But I knew my time would come again.
“My turn,” I said.
I pushed Geoff back onto the sofa, his cock sticking up. I took it, straddled him, then sank onto it. I loved his cock. It was big, and quiet thick. Alex had been right, Jack’s was the same. I slid down its long length, until I had it all inside me. I tightened my cunt muscles, gripping it, holding it firmly within me.
“Lay back darling, I want your cunt, I want to taste you,” I said to Alex.
She smile, moved so I could reach her, then opened her long legs, and held herself open for my tongue.
I couldn’t help myself. I’d fucked my son, I’d fucked my daughter. I’d even watched as my son had fucked her, shared him with her. Now like the slut I was I was enjoying a threesome with my husband and our daughter. I was in slut heaven. Two sluts, depraved, fucking Geoff, who had lusted after his own daughter.

Alex took her turn with her father, riding his cock. We both sucked his cock during after each of our turns. Enjoying the taste of each other.
“I can’t wait much longer, I’m going to come,” Geoff moaned. Alex was straddling him, fucking him hard.”
Alex held his face, so he would be f***ed to look into her eyes as he came. He moaned, then he ejaculated into his daughter’s pussy. She had his cock all the way inside her, and kept it there for several minutes after he had come. Then she slid off him, and together we cleaned his cock. Then it was my turn, as I collected his come, as it oozed from her cunt. I was very though, some I held in my mouth, tasting my daughter and my husband, mingled together.
“Time to share,” I said.

He satisfied us both several more time that night, but inevitably night turn to day. He had an appointment in Paris.
“Daddy,” Alex said, in a voice that Jack used on me, when she wanted something. She could twist her father around her little finger if she wanted to. “Want to fuck me again?”
“Yes,” he said simply.
“Good, but buy us some underwear in Paris, expensive, sexy. I’ve written our sizes in the back of your passport, oh and Daddy, in Italy, a couple of dresses, each would be nice, classy little numbers. Get a girl to help, she could try them on, and when she does, you can imagine stripping me, and Mummy of course. Oh dear, your all hard again!” She giggled.

JB’s house had fantastic views out to sea. The shimmered off the sea, which was still, not a single wave disturbed its mirror like surface. Far out I could see a cruise liner heading who knows where. A girl brought us our drinks. I looked at the girl. She was young, younger than Alex perhaps.
“You like her slut?” JB asked.
I nodded.
“I thought you might. Maybe later. Now let me look at your little slut,” he said.
Alex turned three sixty degrees for him as he admired her. She wore a gold dress, short, and tightly fitted. It shimmered in the late evening light, with it gold ankle cuff high heels, which just made her long legs seem as if they went on forever. I knew that underneath she wore a gold sparkly thong. Her hair shone, her eyes sparkled in anticipation. In excitement. My stomach was a knot of butterflies. Like her I was excited, excited by the unknown that was to come. I wore a red dress, that nipped in tight at the waist. It was short, ending mid calf. My high heeled shoes were nude. Underneath, I wore a matching set of ivory lace bra and knickers. Our make up was a light version of our working look, the black eye shadow, and false eye lashes, although we had only lightly used the eye liner. I reflected on how much I had changed since that first photo session, followed by my meeting with JB. I had so much pent up sexual frustration that day. JB had taken advantage of me, I’d parade myself in his club, wearing a string bikini, exposing my breast. Then I’d given him a blow job, in public, as my son, and his friends watched. Even that hadn’t been enough, I’d open my legs, spread them, so I could finger myself. I was glad he had. I was enjoying my new life. At least I had a life. It wouldn’t last, it was wrong. Here I was with my daughter knowing we would be used as playthings of JB, and only he knew who else. I was wet at the thought, I knew she was as well. She was like me, a slut. We didn’t look like sluts. We were expensively dressed sluts. Our hair just so. Our make up carefully applied. We looked like the wives, or daughters of professionals, money no object. We weren’t. Tonight, we would whore ourselves. That was why we were here. We addicted. Addicted to sex, to the unexpected. The unknown. We gave ourselves up. JB was right, we were sluts. His sluts for tonight.

The room was full. Couples danced. Girls passed about, holding trays of drinks, or nibbles. I eat a little, drank a little more, but not so much as to become light headed. I’d emphasised the need to drink little to Alex. I hoped she had listened. I glimpsed her at the far side of the room, standing between two guys, who she seemed to have in the palm of her hand. They were captivated by her. JB led me out onto the dance floor. We danced. I felt his hand on my lower back, his hand went lower, stroking my bum. I rested my head on his shoulder, wanting him to explore my body. He didn’t. He behaved like a gentleman. I didn’t want a gentleman, I was a slut, I wanted him. The dance was over. He led me to a table, and introduced me to a business acquaintance.
“Hi,” he said, “haven’t I seen you somewhere before?”
I didn’t think so, but said nothing.
“She’s the model, on the Aston, Oscar,” JB stated.
“Oh course, how could I have forgotten, you looked great in that shoot. I’d like to discuss a little business with you, if you don’t mind that is JB?” Oscar asked.
“No, you go right ahead, but tell you what, take her daughter with you.”
“Do I look like a fucking baby sitting service!” Oscar said.
“Oscar, that’s the daughter,” JB said, indicating to Alex.

He wanted me for a photo shoot. Alex showed him some shots of me, of her, of us both. Now he wanted both of us. The shoots in Ibiza next month.
“Who did your make up, its great.” He said. He wanted Alfie. I’ll send you the details, and flight details.”
Alex gave him Jacks email address. She smiled, “mmmm, holiday in Ibiza, just what we needed Mum!”

We arrived home. It was just after lunch. We had received some strange looks from the neighbours as we got out of our taxi. I was exhausted. I grabbed a couple of bottles of mineral water from the fridge, then we headed out onto the deck. Jack lay sunning himself, beside a topless and leggy redhead.
“Oh hi Mum,” he said, “good party?”
“Interesting, and yes, we did have a good time,” I replied.
“You joining us out here?”
“Just for a while,” I replied. I took the sun-bed nearest me, Alex another.
“This is Brittany, Mum.”
We said our hellos. I noticed she had small breasts, probably 34b, I judged. She looked as if she was tall, slim. Her hair was long, wavy. Red. I wondered if she had ginger pubes, or if she was bottle red. Then I saw the freckles across her belly, and knew she was the real deal. Despite my tiredness I wondered what she tasted like. I licked my lips. Her nipples were pointed, they shone in the afternoon sunshine, a mixture of sun cream, and a little sweat.
“Mum, I’ve invited a few people over tonight, a few drinks. We could try out the new hot tub.” Jack said, “I knew you wouldn’t mind.” He was using that voice, the one he knew I was unable to say no to.
“Oh Jack, you could have asked earlier. There’s masses to do, you can’t just invite a load of people without planning. What about drinks, oh, and food………..”
“Mum, chill, its taken care of. I’ve got caterers to do a buffet, and drinks are from Charlie’s, we pay for what we use, the rest we send back.”
I leant over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
“In that case, I need some sl**p. Wake me at six darling.”

I wandered through the house, music was coming from the garden. The guests had gone. The party was over. The mess remained. I was too tired to even consider cleaning it up. I’d do it in the morning. Better still, I’d get someone in to do it. Jack was in the hot tub with the red head. I couldn’t remember her name. Redheaded bimbo.
“Hi Mum, you joining us?” Jack asked.
“I don’t think so,” I replied.
“Come, do you good, relax for a while, after all what have you got to do tomorrow?”
Well apart from getting this place cleaned up!
“Oh alright,” I answered.
I slipped my dress off, and threw it onto a chair. I was about to step into the hot tub, when Jack said, “you don’t need to be shy Mum!”
He was right of course. He’d seen everything. I unclipped my bra, it joined my dress. Then I pulled down my panties, and threw them at the chair. They missed, and fell on the deck.
I dipped my toe into the water. It was warm. Soon I was sitting opposite Jack and his bimbo, what was her name? The water jets massaged my back. Jack had been right, this was a good idea. I closed my eyes and savoured the relaxing water.
Brittany I thought, that’s redhead bimbos name.
“You and Brittany enjoy the party?” I asked.
“Yeah, it was cool.” Jack replied. “Want a nightcap Mum?”
“Why not,” I replied.
Jack stood, I looked up, to see him standing in front of me, his big cock almost erect. Without thinking I reached up and grabbed it, my fingers closed around it, my lips closed over it. Only then, when it was in my mouth did I think about the bimbo. Fuck.
I let go, and laid back. Jack was smiling, Bimbo was staring.
“I’ll get those drinks,” Jack said.
I watched him walk naked to the bar, his erection obscene jutted out in front of him.
“I’d love to watch you blow him,” Bimbo said.
“Sorry Brittany?” I said stunned.
“I said, I’d love to watch you suck his cock,” she said.
“I…….I’ve had too much to drink, that was… an accident,” I said lamely. It was the best I could come up with.
Jack returned, carrying the drinks. I needed mine. His cock had flagged, albeit slightly. I took my drink, Brittany took his cock, placing her lips where mine had so recently been. She worked it, until he was hard again.
“There you go Angie, your turn,” she said.
“I told you, it was a mistake,” I said.
“Go on Mum, show her,” Jack encouraged me.
“Jack, I’m your mother, don’t forget it. Now, I think its time I went to bed, don’t you?”
He clearly didn’t. He stood in front of me, his cock just in front of my face. Brittany slowly moved her hand up and down his long shaft. I was weakening. I was so tempted. I needed to get a grip. She was a stranger, at least to me. She took hold of my hand, placing it on his cock.
“You know you want to,” she cooed.
I did. I did. I wanted it. I needed it. My name is Angie, I’m an addict. My name is Slut, I need cock.
I took it, opening my mouth, closing my lips around it. I was lost, I took it deeper, I almost gagged. He was fucking my mouth now. Brittany watched. I didn’t care at that moment. My entire world was my sons long hard cock. His cock in my mouth. He pulled it away, and gave it to her. As he did, he came, his hot come ejaculated into her mouth. I felt cheated. It should have been mine.
She smiled at me. She swallowed it all. Dirty bitch. I was jealous. Jealous of my sons girlfriend. Jealous he had come in her mouth, and not mine.
“Now you can make me come Angie,” she said. “You want to, you have wanted to since you saw me this afternoon haven’t you?
She was right, I had. I did.
“Go on Mum, you know you want to,” he said in that voice. The voice I was powerless to refuse. “Go on you slut, do it!”
She was on the edge of the tub, her legs spread. Her cunt was waxed, but for a strip of red pubes just above her labia. Her lips were pale, and covered in freckles. She looked down at me, her red curls falling over her face. She pushed them away, tucking them behind her ears. She drew my face to her, to between her legs. I could smell her sex, aromatic. I could taste her, before I tasted her. Then I was lost, my tongue was in her, my fingers were in her. I was greedy for her. There was no finesse, no gentleness. Just my all consuming need to have her. She pulled my head, forcing my face into her. She was suffocating me. Suffocating me with her wet cunt. I breathed her in. I drank her. I eat her. She came, exploding into my mouth. Her juices flowed, and flowed. Then flowed again. I felt her body tremble, the buck. She writhed, my tongue on her hard clit, my fingers on her G-spot, another in her tight anus. She came again, and again she flowed.
I was aware that Jack was taking pictures of us, of his girlfriend and his mother. I didn’t hear the camera, but I knew he was using it. I pushed my arse out, and parted my legs. Then I forgot about the camera, about Jack. All I could think about was the bimbo’s cunt. Her pussy. Her fragrant love juices, that flowed into my mouth. Her sent. The feel of her cunt, the tightness of her anus, as it squeezed my fingers. She hadn’t touched me, she didn’t need to. I came anyway.
Jack was hard again, hardly surprising. I felt his cock as it pushed against my pussy, I relaxed my cunt, and he penetrated me, filling me, even as I drank his girl. He fucked me, my face bumping against her cunt. I was coming, almost before he was fully inside me. I felt my cunt grip his cock, almost as if it had a mind of its own. Then I came, moaning, muffled by her ginger freckled cunt. He withdrew, and offered his cock to her, so she could taste me, she licked my wetness from him, then he fucked her, and then it was my turn to lick all traces of her from my sons hard throbbing cock.
Then it was my turn to be pleasured by her. Her tongue brushed against my hard button of heavenly pleasure. I gasped. She moved on, and down, lightly touching my outer labia, which had parted to reveal my inner lips. She didn’t hurry, she took her time. Her tongue traced the circumference of my anus. Jack filmed it all. The thought of my son watching us excited me. I was almost there again. She pushed her tongue inside me, as she did, I looked directly into the lens. Into the dark soul of my son. As so often his lens was an extension of his cock. I looked into the lens, and came.

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So fucking hot! Thanks!