Photo shoot, Mum becomes a slut. (Part two).

Part Two.

Click, click, click. “Ok Mum, now look back over your shoulder at me, and lean slightly forward,” Jack called.
I did as my son asked, looking back directly into the lens of his camera. I leant forward, just a little. Click, click, click.
“That’s great, now move your legs further apart, so you knickers are stretched tight between your ankles.”
I did as my son had told me. I was naked, my last remaining item of clothing stretched between my ankles, my legs apart, my cunt visible from behind. Behind where my eighteen year old son photographed me. I knew I shouldn’t be doing this, at least not for him, but I couldn’t say no to him. I couldn’t say no to his friends either. One of them, George was filming the session. I was a slut I knew. Jacks slut model. His mummy slut.
“Open you pussy a little, no just with one hand.”
I moved my hand to between my legs, and parted my outer labia a little. Then a little more. I was wet. I knew I was, I always got wet when he took pictures of me. It always amazed me just how wet. I opened myself still further, and slipped my middle finger inside myself. It felt good. I knew it wasn’t right, but I was beyond caring. I’d gone too far already. Jack had filmed me, with my daughter Alex. A lesbian scene. Afterwards he’d fucked us both, me his mother, and Alex, his s****r. We’d wanted it, so had he. We were sluts, both of us. Now we’d do his bidding. It excited us. We were becoming addicted.
“Another finger,” Jack ordered.
A second of my fingers joined the first in my hot wet cunt. I bent a little further, pushing my bum out, my knickers stretched tighter between my ankles. I knew I had a good bum, and long slender legs, my calves defined by the killer heels I was wearing.
Click, click, click.
I moved, turning, facing the camera. Jack was concentrating behind his camera. George, more relaxed, moving about, a hand held video camera in his hand. I saw both boys were erect, bulges in the front of their trousers betraying their excitement. I wondered if they would let me give them head, or perhaps one or both of them would fuck me. That thought made me tremble. My clit was aching, a bud of ultra sensitivity. I longed to bring myself to a climax, soon they’d would want me to masturbate. Then I could release some of this pent up frustration. I laid face down, my knickers finally gone, so I could at last spread my legs wide. Jack was between them, as was George, as I pleasured myself with my fingers. I inserted fingers in my cunt, so wet, so hot, others in my anus, so tight. I was coming. Jacks camera was clicking, almost non stop. I groaned, I was there, oh my God. I came, as my son watched, his friend watched. As they watched they recorded. Recorded for a magazine, a web site. They would sell my pictures. My slut shame. I was their’s to use. I wanted them to use me. Soon Jack would pimp me, I knew. I wanted him to. Just the thought of that made me come again, this time I was louder, my fingers rammed inside me. My cunt muscles pulsed, gripping my fingers even as they moved in and out of me. My anus contracted in unison. I was sweating, I was panting. I was exhausted.

I arrived home, it was breakfast time. I’d been at JB’s all night. A party. It had been a great party, I almost had bowed legs. I’d been fucked by God knows who. I really needed to get a grip of myself, I was doing things that I knew I shouldn’t. A month ago I was an almost happily married mother of two teenagers. Now one of those teenagers was taking dirty picture of me, filming me, with his mates as I masturbated. He sold the pictures, they were on the web, so were some of the films. If that wasn’t bad enough, and I knew it was, I’d done a lesbian shoot with my own daughter, after which he’d fucked us both. I needed to end this, control it. Become a normal mother again. The trouble was I didn’t want to. It was like an addiction, the more I did, the more I craved more. I was now earning a living as a model, sooner, rather than later I would make a hardcore porno movie, he hadn’t asked yet, but Georgie his partner had lined me up with a Dutch porno company, something X. I was being encouraged to do one by my nineteen year old daughter, who wanted to be in one, even be in one with me. That wasn’t right. I was a slut. I’d do it when they asked, I knew. I was a tart, a slut. Jack, my eighteen year old son was controlling me. He pushed my buttons, turned me on. How did I let my own son turn me on, control me so I’d do anything. Because I was a slut, why else. He was going to sell me, and his s****r. Whore us both. I didn’t care, I was excited by the thought. Slut. My daughter was just like me, a slut. My husband, didn’t know. He was a workaholic, away most of the time. He’d fuck me occasionally, but not often enough. I needed it every day, twice a day, three times a day. More. I was a slut.

I made coffee, and poured myself a cup. I sipped it. I’d need a couple more to get through the morning. As re-charged, so my daughter Alex walked into the kitchen. She was wearing just a pair of white cotton panties, high cut which emphasised her long legs, and a silky cami. They were the same as my legs. We were both 5’ 9” tall. The same size, in everything except out tits, mine were a D cup, hers a C. Not a lot of difference. She was nineteen, I was thirty six. She was the same as me, a slut. A tart. Two sluts together.
“Dad got home last night while you were having your brains fucked out,” she said.
“He must have got an early flight,” I said, sipping my coffee.
“Hello, I’m sharing with you, while my bedroom has an en-suite fitted!” Alex pointed out.
“Oh yeah, had put up with Dad snoring then! Well welcome to my married world darling,” I told her.
“Snoring, no, raging hard on more like!” Alex told me.
“Poking in your back, one day you’ll……….Not poking in your back?”
“Nope, fucking me from behind, managed it twice. Didn’t know he had a big cock like Jack, now I know where he gets it from.” Alex added.
“Twice, wow!” I said. He hadn’t fucked me twice on one night for………
“Twice, and he’ll be waking up anytime soon, expecting his loving, faithful wife beside him!” Alex said, smiling. “If we’re quick you could strip off, and slide in beside him, and he’d be none the wiser.”
I quickly slipped my dress off, and let it fall to the floor. I was naked but for my heels.
“What no knickers Mum, you really are a slut,” Alex giggled.
“Well, I did have a pair on when I went out, I must have left them somewhere!
What a slut, couldn’t even remember where I, or when I’d left my panties. I was a slut, a whore maybe, a slut for sure.
Anyway who are you calling a slut, who just fucked her Dad,” I laughed. “Right, come and wake us in about twenty minutes, I’ve got a full day today.” I was about to walk upstairs, when Alex called me back.
“When I left, he watched me go. And I’m wearing white panties, you’re not,” she said.
“Well come on, let me have them,” I said.
I watched as Alex pulled her knickers down, revealing her waxed pussy. She was still excited by her recent fuck. Her outer labia was red, and slightly swollen. I felt that familiar warm feeling in my pussy, a feeling made worse, as I pulled her warm, damp panties on. The gusset was wet, both from her, and come from my husband. I pulled them into place. Slut. I savoured the wetness, the warmth, the cold wet come. We were both sluts. Her father had fucked her. She didn’t care, or even mind. She’d enjoyed it clearly. She was a little slut, a tart. Me, I should have been outraged, but was I? Fuck no, this was exciting, a game maybe. Slut that I was, I was enjoying myself, and if that meant fucking my daughter, my son, or anyone else, then that was just fine. If it meant being prostituted by my son, if it meant him prostituting my daughter, I didn’t care. I should have. A month ago I would have screamed, no! Now, well now I would scream, yes! I handed her my heels, and crept upstairs, where my husband lay half asl**p, his cock sticky from his daughter. I slipped under the duvet.
“What came over you last night?” I asked.
“Well its been a long time, too long,” he said. “And you seemed different, when you reached behind you, and coaxed my cock, until it was hard, without saying a word, I was just so turned on. One more time, then I have to get into the office.”
So my daughter had begun it, not passive, but the instigator. Dirty little slut that she was. So she’d wanted a fuck from her Dad. I should have gone absolutely mad, this was so wrong. But I didn’t. She was a slut, I was a slut. Were we whores, most probably!
I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling myself tight onto him, as he fucked me deep. My nails raked his back, as he fucked me.
“Harder,” I gasped.
“Faster,” I groaned.
I looked over his shoulder. Alex stood framed in the open doorway, watching. She ran her tongue across her lips. Her hand was between her legs, fingers busy. She raised a leg, her foot against the door frame, and tilted her head. She masturbated, watching her parents fuck. Her slut mother moaned, coming as the slut daughter came, as the husband came, came for a third time, but for a first time in his wife’s cunt, and not his daughters young wet pussy. He collapsed, exhausted.
“Wow, that was fantastic, but different from last night,” he said, confused possibly.
I looked to the door, but the little slut was gone.

“Mum,” Jack said.
“Yes Jack,” I replied.
“I want you and Alex this afternoon,” he said.
“You want me your Mum, or me your slut model,” I asked.
“Oh definitely the slut. You are still my slut aren’t you.
I felt that warm feeling, so instead of slapping his face, I replied “oh yes, what do you want me to do?”
“Be ready at two, heavy on the makeup, and wear something revealing, short so I can see you knickers, and low cut so I can see your tits. Alex too,” he ordered.
“You want us to look like a pair of tarts?” I asked. Why would a son ask his mother to dress like that, his s****r too. Come to that why was I excited by the thought of it.
“Tarts, whores, you know,” he said.

I wore a skin tight red dress. My nipples poked through the cheap thin material. I didn’t wear a bra. The dress covered my bum, just. I wore black knickers, transparent, without a cotton gusset, so my pussy lips visibly kissed the nylon. The black calf length boots were heeled. My makeup, was as requested heavy. Heavy black mascara, black eye liner, also thick. The eye shadow, equally black, and heavily applied. Alex had the same makeup. It had become our trade mark look. Our tart look. We looked hot. Ready. Sexy. Wanton. We looked like s****rs. She wore a black watch kilt, tiny, short, tight. Her knickers were from the same multi pack mine had come from. I could see all her young pussy through the material, from her clit, to her anus. That puckered little hole. Her white cropped blouse, was knotted under her bust line. Her nipples visible through the thin cotton. She too wore calf length boots. Fmb’s. Fuck me boots, Alex called them. Well we’d see.

Jack drove us to Charlie’s bar. A sleazy place on the edge of town. Not a place a son should take his s****r, let alone his mother. We walked in. It looked the same as it had when he had brought us here before, the night we had first met Charlie. The night Jack had exposed and fondled our tits, so everyone in the bar could see. A stripper was on the stage, laying back, her legs open, her thong pulled to one side, a finger in her cunt. Jack led us to the side of the bar, and spoke the topless waitress. She led us through a door marked private. In an office, behind a desk sat Charlie. He smiled as we entered. I should have been worried. I should have been scared. I wasn’t. I was wet, excited. I didn’t know what was going to happen. That excited me.
“Ok, Jack, you can have the place on Sunday. From ten until six. But you leave the fucking bar alone. One of my girls will be here. She’s not part of the deal, understand?”
“Yeah, I get it. You’ll send these two home when your done with them?” Jack asked.
“The bus stops right outside, they can catch it,” Charlie replied.

Charlie looked us up and down. “Strip,” he ordered “just the dress, and you the skirt and blouse.”
We did as he asked, then stood in our panties, as he walked around us. He looked me in the eye, and I felt his hand cup my cunt.
“Fucking hell, you are up for it, wet already, and so is your slut of a daughter. Why you do this, none of my business. But tonight you’re working for me, so first things first, suck me off.”
We both sank to our knees, and unzipped him. He wasn’t hard, not then, but soon after he was. He had a long thick cock, it was veined. A smear of lipstick was on the shaft. Not ours. We worked his cock together. His balls too, and together we shared his load, as he came in Alex’s mouth, who kissed me, allowing me to taste in our reward.
Afterwards we stood. “You’re mine until midnight, so time you started earning. No leave your clothes there. Come with me.”
We followed him into the bar. Our breasts uncovered, wearing cheap see through knickers. He led us to a booth, where six young guys were celebrating. What if some one recognised us, I thought. What if they did. Did I care. I realised I couldn’t have cared less. Tonight I was a slut. More than a slut. I was a whore. That excited me. I’d been whored by my son. Beside me Alex’s nipples were hard, evidence of her own arousal. A slut like her mother. Soon to be a whore.

The six guys took turns in fondling us, they touched our breasts, our cunts.
“Wow, this ones fucking soaking,” one said.
“This one too,” another announced.
One his cock sticking up from his jeans, pulled me to him, I went to suck him, but that was not what he wanted. He pushed my legs apart, then pulled me onto him. His cock penetrated me, as I sank down onto his cock. I straddled him, then began to fuck him. I glanced over, and saw Alex had been bent over one of the seats, and was being fucked from behind, already another waited his turn. A cock pushed into my mouth. They took turns, each fucking each of us in turn. A cock in our cunts, a second in our mouths. We weren’t hidden from view, others could see what was going on. I didn’t care. I enjoyed the thought that we were being watched. Were others wanking themselves as they looked. I was a slut, a whore. I loved it.
I was sent to the bar, to get their drinks, and ones for us. I walked in my boots, my knickers lay where they had fallen. Men watched me, a brave few groped my bum, cupped my cunt. The topless barmaid smiled, and poured the drinks. I carried the tray back. Alex was still being fucked. I leant over and kissed her. Then we lay on the sofa, side by side. They came on our faces, one by one. I had come on my face, on my lips, some in my mouth, some in my hair. The six guys were spent. Their time was up. We cleaned ourselves up. Then it was time for another group. Then another. We worked our hours, sometime together, sometimes apart.

“You did well tonight,” Charlie said. “I’ll want you again. I’ll ring Jack. I’ll use you at my other club, more select. Now time you were gone.”
We stood at the bus stop. Dressed in our sluts outfits. Looking like a pair of street walkers. Cars hooted as they passed. Some cat calls. Whistles. A few stopped, and asked our price. We weren’t working, we’d finished for the night, we told them. A Police car stopped, a Policewoman got out.
“Names,” she demanded. We gave them.
She took our addresses. Dates of birth. She didn’t judge.
“Here’s the address of the prostitutes drop in centre. Go get yourselves checked out. They give out free condoms. Make sure you go. Now you ladies be safe, but you can’t work here,” she said.
“We’re just waiting for a bus,” I told her.
“Now that’s a new one!” She laughed. “Don’t piss me about, this is the red light area, and I know a tom when I see one. Don’t be here when I come this way again.”
She left, driving swiftly away.
Alex was laughing, I joined her, together we laughed, almost crying.
“We’ve just been cautioned for soliciting,” Alex laughed.
“Like the whores we are,” I giggled.
We were still laughing, as we boarded the bus, arm in arm.

We attracted a lot of attention on the bus. The late night bus was full, and we had to stand. Hands felt us up, my dress was lifted, my bum groped. A young couple, sixteen year olds watched us, he had his hand on his girlfriends crotch, but he watched me. He looked familiar, then it came to me. He lived three doors up. His cock was hard, but then someone blocked my view of him, and his girlfriend. I was excited again, the thought of being seen, watched. Caught. I was a total slut. A whore. And with my whore daughter we got off the bus, and walked towards our house. The young couple walking behind us. I swayed my hips, give him a show. What was I thinking. I wasn’t, I was enjoying myself. I stopped, and without bending my knees, I bent over, and rubbed my boot. I knew the view he was getting. My knickers were cheap, and very see through. Unless he was blind, and he wasn’t, he could see my cunt, my wet cunt. Wet from my juices. Wet from the multiple fucking I had received.

We showered, Alex would again share my bed tonight. Her room, still not finished. Jack was in his room, at his computer.
“What did you trade us for Jack?” I asked. I knew he’d used us. Then we were sluts to be used in anyway he saw fit. That exited me, I knew it did Alex as well.
“Use of the club for a photo shoot, I’ve an order for a video of you and Alex. Sunday, at ten. But I want you made up, and ready to start filming at ten.” He said.
“What sort of film?” I asked.
“Hardcore, you and Alex, and a couple of gentlemen. You did say you’d do anything!”
“I did, and we will. You only have to ask. Was tonight’s bus journey a test?” I asked.
“How did it go?” He replied, grinning.
“We were cautioned by the Police for soliciting. Even advised to go to the clap clinic!”
“Good advice. Enjoy being fucked at the club Mum?
“Mmmm, that was nice. He wants us to work for him, at another of his places. You arrange it Jack, we’d like that. Oh and Jack, we get paid. You owe us for tonight. We’ll do what you want, whatever it is. But we get to keep what’s ours, understood!” I told him.
“So you’re whores now?”
“Whore, sluts. What’s the difference.” I answered. The difference was blurred in my mind. I knew I wasn’t the dutiful wife any longer. I pretended to be, but that was an illusion. I was SLUT.

Charlie’s club was even more sleazy in the cold light of day. George had set the light up, a simple set up he told me, he’s eyes checking me out. The stage was lit, but without a stripper. One of Charlie girls sat filing her nails on a stool by the bar. It was the same one that had served me the drinks the evening I had been fucked here with my daughter Alex. She smiled, then went back to her nails. We’d paid for the use of the club with our bodies. We’d been fucked by groups and individual men, used. Used so that Jack could film us being fucked again. Today would be my first hardcore film. My son was going to direct me being fucked. I knew that this would be my final humiliation. There would be no going back. The film would be sold, out of his control. I’d be on the internet. I knew the other stuff he’d taken was on there, but this seemed different. I could pretend I was a glamour model, but after today there would be no pretence. I’d be a porn actress. I’d be a slut, and everyone would know the truth. What was that truth? My daughter was anxious to be in a porn film. Her b*****r had filmed her long before I’d modelled for him, wearing that string bikini. She’d told me she’d just been stripping. She was a liar, as well as a slut. She’d fingered herself, held her cunt open so her b*****r could see her secret places. She was a slut, like her mother.

Alfie had done our usual heavy slut make up at home. We both little black dresses, with black high heels. There were about a dozen people in the club, apart from the three boys. I saw George was filming already. Music started, Alex and I danced, George never far away. “Kiss each other, come on, you know why you’re here,” George called.
We did as we were asked. Our tongues explored each other mouths. Then, I was grabbed by one of the guys, he started dancing with me, Alex also had a new dance partner. Then my dancing partner tore my dress, ripping it from the neck to hem, until I was standing in my underwear. Alex had also been stripped.
“Cut,” George called.
My throat was dry, I was excited, excited by the unknown. My son Jack hadn’t told either of us what the boys intended. I was their slut model again. Jacks slut mummy. I knew it was to be hardcore, but that could almost mean anything.
They led us to one of the booths, already lit for us. I was pushed down onto the leather seating, A face between my legs, already his tongue busy in my wet cunt. Alex’s head was beside me, Jack directed we should again kiss, we were anxious to. I needed a cock, I needed it so badly. I was being watched by, I didn’t know by how many people. I was being watched by my son’s friends. I was being watched and directed by my son. My son was directing how I should fuck, and how I should be fucked. I was his slut model. I was wet, my nipples erect with excitement. My mouth was full of my daughters tongue, her breathing was heavy. She was approaching an orgasm, brought there by the tongue in her pussy. I imagined that sweet wet young cunt. I could almost taste it. The thought was enough, and I came, my first of the morning. The tongue was gone, and I was turned over, onto my stomach. I felt a hand between my legs, fingers in my pussy. I savoured the sensations. I ached to be fucked, then I felt it, a cock, being rubbed on my labia, I knew my outer lips had parted, the head of the cock parted my inner lips, then a slight pressure, and it was inside me. I felt its thickness, as it stretched me. I pushed back, against it. The cock penetrated me, going deeper, filling me. I looked at the camera, and ran my tongue over my lips. Another cock was in front of me, I opened my mouth, touched it with the tip of my tongue, before taking it into my mouth. A cock in my mouth, another in my wet pussy, fucking me hard, ever faster. Alex was still close to me, being pounded from behind, on her knees, she too had a cock in her slut mouth. As I watched, another guy approached her, now she had three, alternating two in her mouth, the other still fucking her. I was jealous, jealous of my slut daughter. I didn’t need to be. I was given another. I sucked the new one, the cock in my cunt was withdrawn, to be replaced by the third. A cock, wet from my cunt, or was it from Alex, in my mouth. I cleaned it of the sticky juices. I looked out at Jack, there he was behind a camera, a bulge in his trousers, betraying his erection. George was there somewhere, but I couldn’t see him. A guy sat beside me, his cock obscene, sticking upright. I was pulled upright, and onto him, sinking down the long pole like cock. I took it all. Alex was again beside me, straddling another cock, groaning as she fucked, and was fucked. Two sluts on a lit stage.
“Cut,” Jack called.
Alfie walked over. We were instructed to stand, the turn, and bend over. I felt Alfie’s fingers, as he pushed them into my anus. He was lubricating our back passages. He was very thorough, pushing the lube deep. We hadn’t been asked if we would do anal. We were Jacks sluts, to be used as he wanted. I was his mummy model slut, and I loved it.
We retook our positions on the erections, as the filming resumed. A cock in my mouth, a cock in my cunt. Was then lifted, and the cock was pushed into my arse. It slipped in, there was no resistance, Alfie’s lube and seen to that. The cock stretched me, as it penetrated me relentlessly, deeper, and deeper it went. Alex was between my legs, her face buried in my wet cunt, I held myself open, so she could access my hidden places, her tongue probed, even as my anus was ruined. Alex was being fucked from behind, though whether in her sweet pussy, or her tight arse I couldn’t tell. A cock in my mouth, I worked it with my free hand, as I sucked it, enjoyed its taste, its length. Alex was gone, in her place another cock, this one black, and huge. It f***ed its was into my cunt. I was double penetrated. I was full of cock, it felt sensational. I groaned with pleasure, and came on a wave of sensations, my cunt flooding. I was fucked hard, in all my holes. I glimpsed Alex, as she too was fucked hard, a cock in all her orifices. She came several times, the lucky little slut. A cunt was on my face, not Alex, this one had a strip of black curly pubes, I licked it, tasting the musty flavour, I probed her anus, whoever she was. Too soon she was gone, and a cock ejaculated onto my face. Most in my mouth, but some was wasted. In all nine guys used us, as my son and his friends filmed, and snapped away. Nine guys, and the topless barmaid, it was her cunt I had tasted. I wanted her again. I wanted my son to film me with her. She was a slut, like I was, like Alex was. Sluts always want more. I wanted a lot more.

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made me cum real good while I was on cam