Photo shoot, Mum becomes a slut. (Part One).

I looked around. It wasn’t very big, but for a first photographic studio it would do. I turned to Jack and said “Its great darling.”
“Thanks Mum,” he replied, “I knew you would see its potential.”
There were three sets, which could be set up before the photo shoot. I knew this was a big deal to Jack. He, and his friends had invested all their savings into this first venture. They were all excited. In one corner, the reason for the excitement. An Aston Martin DB9 cabriolet, all gleaming and black. Their first assignment.

“Jack!” George called across the studio.
“What is it?” Jack asked.
They stood talking, my Jack and his two friends. George and Alfie. They looked worried, and talked in loud whispers, which I couldn’t quite hear.
“What the fuck are we going to do,” George exclaimed.
They talked some more. Then they all stood standing, looking at me.

“Mum,” Jack asked, in the way that I’d always found it hard deny him. “The model we had booked has rung in sick The agency hasn‘t anyone else today.”
“Oh dear, nothing serious,” I replied.
“Of course its serious, she can’t make it, and we need a model, its our first paying commission. If we don’t do this shoot, then we could loose this even before we get a chance to make a go of it,” he said.
“What are you going to do,” I asked.
“You could model for us,” he said.
“Me, oh no darling, I couldn’t, anyway I’m……….my voice trailed away.”

Alfie showed me into the changing room. I had butterflies in my stomach. Why had I allowed myself to be talked into doing this. I was thirty six, the mother of two c***dren.
“I’m going to go quite heavy on the makeup Angie, for the photo’s.” Alfie told me.
“Might be best if you took your clothes off first, don’t want to get your nice clothes messed up, plus we don’t want any underwear marks when the shoot starts.”
I stepped behind a screen. What was I thinking. I began undressing, unzipping my skirt, letting it fall to the floor, I stepped out of it, I unbuttoned my blouse, and stood in my white lace underwear. I saw myself reflected in one of the mirrors. I had always looked after myself, watching what I eat, gym sessions twice a week. Men, I knew turned their heads when I entered a room. I reached behind myself and unclipped my bra. Then I pulled my knickers down, until finally I stood naked. I tied the belt of the thin cotton dressing gown around my waist. Alfie did my make up he cleansed my face, removing the makeup I had been wearing. He redid my face, false eyelashes, black eyeliner to emphasis my eyes, then black eye shadow, lots of it, from my eye lashes to my eyebrows. Mascara, also black, and thick. I looked like a tart, which was what the boys wanted, although they hadn’t used that word. Alfie pleased with his work left me to change into the bikini. It was yellow, what there was of it, which wasn’t very much. The bottom was a G-string, more string than bottom. The material that would keep me just decent barely covered my pussy. Thankfully I was waxed, just a small strip of hair above my clit was all that was left, a small wedge of blonde hair, otherwise nothing. I tied the strings on either side, having adjusted the material. It was as I feared, very small. I pulled it up so my little wedge of pubic hair was covered, but that meant my arsehole had little or no coverage, but for the string. Well they wouldn’t be taking pictures like that. I put the top on. My 36c breasts were larger than intended for this top. The cups, if you could call them that didn’t cover my breasts, just a wide strip of material down the front. I tied the string around my neck, then the one around my back. I slipped the shoes on, six inch heels. I checked myself in the mirror. A slut, a tart.

I nervously walked out into the studio. The three boys turned and watched me walk across the floor. The six inch heels made my legs look longer, they gave definition to my calves. My hips swayed.
“Wow Mum, you look fantastic,” Jack exclaimed. Alfie smiled quietly, George just looked me up ad down, hungrily.
I’m 5’ 9” in tall, so with the six inch heels I was well over six feet, taller than the three boys. I should have felt confident. I didn’t.
“Shall we get started,” George said. The boys had been staring at me for what seemed an age, but was in reality only a few seconds.

I took up a position on one of the sets. Jack explained they wanted me to keep within a defined area, so I was always between the camera, and the backlight. I stood facing the main camera, mounted on a tripod. The main camera was operated by George, Alfie and Jack each had smaller cameras. They were all snapping away. I relaxed, and suddenly realised I was enjoying the attention, with that realisation came another. I was becoming excited, sexually. I felt a warmth in the pit of my stomach, a dryness in my throat. Now it was time for me to pose with the car. Click, click click.
“Mum, can you lean right over bonnet,” Jack asked.
I leant forward, as he asked. Then Alfie called, “No, that’s not quite right, wait.”
I stood back up. “I think we need the bikini pulled up over the top of your hips Angie,” he said. “Do mind?”
He adjusted the side strings, tugging them higher. The material, thin and miniscule was stretched tighter over my pussy, the string between the cheeks of my bum, pulled deeper.
They started over. Click, click click.
Jack doing the directing, with growing confidence. Telling his mother how to hold her body. Now he wanted me to sit on the bonnet of the car. I gingerly took up the position in the centre of the bonnet, my back against the windscreen. Click, click click.
“Mum can you spread your legs a little,” he asked.
What, spread my legs, in this so called bikini. No I couldn’t, I thought.
“Sure, no problem,” I replied.
I opened my legs a little.
“Great Mum, that’s great, now just a little more.” Jack called.
I moved my feet a little further, being careful not to drag my heels on the cars paintwork.
“Wow, fantastic Mum,” Jack called, “that’s really great. Now put your feet right on the edges.”
I moved again.
“That’s really brilliant,” he called. Click, click, click.
I looked towards the boys, they were all snapping away. George I noticed was taking some shots from low down. I looked at Jack, hoping my trust in him wasn’t misplaced, no it couldn’t be, I was his mother after all. Then I saw it. Jack had an erection. My own son had a massive hard on. Was I turning him on? I realised with a jolt that I was, him and both his friends. They all had bulging crotches. The dryness in my throat returned, I was becoming more and more turned on, and the knowledge that I was turning them on, in turn turned me on. My nipples were erect, when did that happen, Not only were my nipples hard as nails, but my pussy was suddenly wet. Not just moist, but wet. They’d be able to see a wet patch on the crotch of the bikini. I groaned inwardly.

“Mum,” Jack said, “you look fantastic, really fab, now can we have a few topless shoots.”
“Jack, come off it, I’m your Mother after all. I think this is enough, don’t you?” I said. I needed to end this, end it now. I should never have agreed to it. It had been a mistake, a terrible mistake.
“Oh come on Mum, you go topless on the beach.” Jack reasoned.
That was different, or was it? I was confused.
“Mum, its what the client wants, its what we have to supply, otherwise…” His voice trailed off.
He knew I’d agree, I had always found it difficult to refuse him.
“Alright, alright,” I agreed.
I was about to reach up and untie the top, when Alfie stopped me.
“No not like that, well not yet,” he said.
I was still spread on the bonnet of the car, my back against the windscreen.
“Sorry Angie,” he said. He then reached from inside the car. He pulled the bikini top to either side, like drawing curtains. My tits sprang free. His hands brushed against my nipples, and I groaned out loud. I gulped, embarrassed. I bit my bottom lip. Click, click, click.
Each of the boys were busy with their cameras, the bulges in their trousers more pronounced.
“Now bring your feet up a bit, bend your legs,” Jack said.
I did as he asked. Click, click, click.
“That is awesome Mum,” Jack said, never taking his eye from the camera. Click, click, click.
I felt the bikini bottom ride up, I went to adjust it.
“No Mum, leave it, its just perfect,” Jack said. Click, click, click.
“Now can you kneel up, your back to me, and hold onto the windscreen with both hands.” Jack asked.
“Jack, do you……….oh alright,” I said there was no point. I couldn’t say no.
I moved into the position he had asked. Click, click, click.
“Now push your bum into the air, that’s it, perfect,” Jack said.
I was so wet now, I just prayed none of the boys would notice.
“Now, move your legs apart, that’s it.”

The shoot was over. I climbed down off the car.
“Lets see what we’ve got,” Alfie said. We walked over to a computer, and he sat in front of us, bring up the images they had taken. I still wore the bikini, although I had covered my tits again. The first shots stunned me. The woman on the screen in front of me wasn’t me, was me. A me that even I didn’t recognise. A sexy woman looked out, in image after image. I saw myself in a completely different light. The images moved to the car, and they became more erotic, my pussy, barely covered, nothing left to the imagination. The bikini bottom stretched over my pussy, but because the material was so thin its outline was so clear, I might as well have not been wearing it. I could see from the pictures just how wet I had been, no wonder the boys had been hard. Erect. I felt a cock now, brushing up against my hip, then a hand on my bum. I felt it, but did nothing, I was mesmerized by the images I was seeing. Alfie had done my makeup, he’d done a wonderful job. I looked sexy, hot. Tarty. A slut. Was that what they had wanted. A slut? Now I was sitting on the bonnet, my legs spread, spread wider with each shot. And with each shot my pussy became more exposed. Wet and exposed. A finger traced the outline of my labia through my bikini bottom, it felt fantastic. I had been so aroused throughout the shoot, and was again. I shifted my feet to allow the finger, no fingers to continue. I reached back, and stroked the cock. It was as hard as steel. Rigid. Hard. Big. There I was, on all fours, looking over my shoulder back at the camera. The camera was looking at my bum, my arsehole, brown and puckered uncovered, the string off to the right. Then I moved my bum into the air, my labia stuck out from the sides of the string. The crotch of the bikini, if you could describe it like that was soaked. Had I really been that wet. Deep down I knew I had. The finger was inside me now. It felt good, no it felt fantastic. I needed it, I needed to be fucked. Now.
A bell rang, and everyone looked up. “I’ll go,” George said.
I felt disappointed, the fingers would go with him, I was close. I closed my eyes, then heard Georges footsteps walk across the studio. The hand stayed where it was, the fingers still did their magic. I turned, Jack looked at me. He smiled, said nothing, then walked off to one side. With him went the fingers……….

“Angie,” George said, “this is Mr Barrington, our client.
I turned and saw a handsome man sun tanned, wearing a pink polo shirt, with chino shorts. He had short black hair, greying at the temples. I felt my legs go weak, and held onto the back of Alfie’s chair.
“Hi, its John” he said, “but my friends call me JB.”
He kissed me on both cheeks. Well I can see now why Jack insisted you be the model. You’re his Mum, no that can’t be right,” he said
“Oh Jack insisted did he!” I said, smiling. I couldn’t help it. Tricked by my own son.
JB scanned the photos, nodding as he skipped from one to the next.
We stood waiting, waiting to see his reaction. After about fifteen minutes he stood, and stretched his back.
“They’re great boys, I want them. Clean them up, you know what I want. I want them tomorrow, no later than one, understand.”
The boys all nodded., then he turned to Jack.
“Jack, I want some more of the model you’ve used there, so make sure Angie is available. I’ll leave that you.”
I am here I almost shouted.
He turned to me, “Angie, fancy a spin in my car,” he asked.
“I’d love to,” I said, but let me put some clothes on first.
“You are great as you are, come on.” He replied.

The car speed along the coast road. JB handled the car well as he powered through the bends, and curves. We arrived at a bay, I’d been there before, once. On the cliff top overlooking the sea was a club, with I had been told the best restaurant in the county. It was posh, select.
“Lets have a drink shall we?” JB asked.
“What in there, be serious JB, one look at what I’ve got on, not a lot, I wouldn’t get past the door, and you know it!” I told him
“Maybe you’re right,” hold on. He replied.
He reached into the back of the car, and brought out a beach wrap. It was black, almost like a man’s shirt. It had no buttons, and was see through.
“That’s going to make all the difference,” I scolded him.
“Trust me,” he said.
I put the wrap on. It was worse than before. Nothing was hidden.
“I bet you we get in, and served a drink, no problem,” he said.
“Bet, what are you betting” I asked.
“This car, if we don’t get in, its yours,” he said
“So what’s the catch, there got to be a catch!” I said.
“Good for you, but if we get in, then I get you,” he said, suddenly serious.
“You get me! Come on I’m married, have two k**s!”
“I know,” he said.
I accepted the bet. I was onto a winner. The car was mine.

We walked to the door. Me with my models makeup on, heavy smoky eyes, false eyelashes, red lips. A tart, wearing a string bikini, which even now crawled up my pussy. The bikini top worked its way up my breasts, the bottom part of them uncovered. The heels made me wiggle my bum, sway my hips. Tart my head screamed. Slut, they’ll turn you away for the slut you are. Flashing you pussy at your son, and his mates so they could take dirty photos of you. Slut. You let your son finger you, and loved it. Slut, you felt him up, his big hard cock. Slut, slut, slut, I thought as we walked from the car park to the door.

The doorman was about to turn me away, I knew. He even smiled as he spoke. Fuck off he said to me. But he didn’t. He didn’t turn me away.
“Good afternoon Mr Barrington he said, “good afternoon madam,” he said.
He opened the door to allow us in, in to the inner sanctum. It was plush, I sank into the carpet. A bow tied waiter showed us to our table, a table on the terrace. His usual table. He even held my chair for me, as I lowered my bare arse onto the chair, pushed forward for me. He smiled at me. “Drink?” he asked.
The waiter brought the drinks, mine a martini, not the pre made stuff from the supermarket. He sipped his. His eyes never left me.

“A calculated risk,” he said referring to the bet. “A risk worth taking, but only if you know the odds. Now your mine I think, unless your going to renege on our little flutter.”
I was angry, angry with myself . “What if I did renege as you put it, what then?”
“Well Jack has some rather large bills to pay, doesn’t he!”
So that was it. I thought for a moment or two. I had to do it for Jack, it wasn’t his fault I’d made the damm bet.
“Alright, but you promise Jack will be get plenty of work.”
“He will, I have shall we say contacts. Now I’d rather like to see you breasts.” He said.
“What, here, are you mad?” I replied.
“Now, now. Show them to me, like in the pictures, now!” He said.
From the look on his face, I knew he was absolutely serious.
I did as he said, I pulled the material covering my tits to each side, so it to the sides of my breasts. No one threw me out. They would, I was sure. I covered myself with the thin see through black wrap, that would really make a difference. I suddenly noticed my nipples were hard, my mouth was dry, and I had that familiar feeling in my stomach. How could this turn me on for Gods sake. The voice in my head answered, because you’re a slut.

We finished our drinks, it was time to go. JB had what he wanted. Me. I went to pull the cups back over my tits. “No, no. Leave them as they are.”
We walked through the club. I might as well have been naked. My nipples ached they were so hard, they craved to be touched, my pussy was wet again, the bikini bottom soaked. The doorman opened the door, and at last I felt the fresh air on my body.
He wouldn’t let me cover myself, and so we drove back to the studio. We pulled onto the parking spaces in front of the studio. The boys were all stood outside, laughing. He parked at an angle so I was on their side. He got out, and came to my door. Like a gentleman he opened it, and I twisted in my seat, my feet on the ground. He stood in front of me, his crotch in line with my face.
“Suck me,” he said.
I was stunned. “What?” I stammered.
“You heard, suck my cock.”
“You can’t be serious, for one thing my son and his friends will see.”
“Would that bother you?” JB asked.
I asked myself the same question. This morning wearing this bikini in public would have bothered me. Now?
“No, it wouldn’t” I said, reaching up, and unzipping him.
Even as I pulled his cock from his trousers he was hard, I pulled his cock down, ran my tongue around its head, then it was in my mouth. I knew Jack could see, see his own mother giving a blow job in a car park. Slut. I worked my mouth up and down his cock, cupping his balls, squeezing gently.
“Play with yourself while you do it,” JB instructed.
I did as he told me, with my right hand I pleasured myself, pulling the string to one side. I was wet already, I’d known that. How wet surprised me. I felt my juices run down my thigh, and into the cleft between my buttocks. My clit was so sensitive, already it had pushed itself from its hood, erect.
The boys watched.
JB was excited, his cock throbbed, but still he didn’t come. I wondered what Jack and his friends were thinking. I could see them watching, watching as I played with myself as I gave a man I’d know for an hour a blow job. Then I didn’t care, I was a tart, a slut. I’d been there slut earlier, now I was JB’s slut. I could feeling myself starting to come, it was just there, small, but building. Then JB came in my mouth, his cock throbbed, and his come hit the back of my throat, followed by a second pulse, then a third. I wanked his cock dry, licking every drop, and swallowing it down. He pulled away, and tucked himself away. I went to pull my bikini bottoms back into place. He stopped me.
“Angie my slut, leave it. I want you to walk into the studio like you are. Let your son and his friends see what a slut you are. Understand,” he said.
I understood. I nodded. I stood up, my tits and pussy exposed.
“And remember,” he said “ remember our agreement. I’ll send for you when I want you.”
I walked towards the studio. I could see the shock on the boys faces, then realised it wasn’t shock, it was excitement. They were excited. With that growing realisation came another. I was excited too. The car drove away, and as it did the boys looked me up and down. They didn’t see Jacks mother anymore, they saw a slut.
“Mum, you just give Mr Barrington a blow job!” Jack accused me, his eyes travelling from my bare breasts, with their hard nipples to my soaking wet pussy, its labia swollen with excitement.
“What if I did?” I asked.
“Fucking hell,” was all he could reply

We walked into the studio. I turned and faced they. I still hadn’t covered myself. There was no point. They had seen me all but naked during the shoot. They saw me naked now, not just naked, but sexually aroused. Almost as if I was on heat, which in a way I was.
“You tricked me Jack. There never was another model was there. You wanted me to model all along. Why Jack, why did you lie to me. Why didn’t you just ask?” I said. I wasn’t angry. Maybe a little disappointed.
“Mr Barrington didn’t like any of the potential models we showed him, then he saw a photo of you, on the beach last summer, you know the one. He wanted you as the model.” Jack said.
“And so you tricked me. Taking dirty pictures of your mother, I know some of them aren’t but, close up’s of my pussy, in this so called bikini. Is that what you wanted.?”
Slowly he nodded his head, and whispered “Yes.”
“You want me to be your slut model Jack, ask me, go on ask me. Have the guts to say Mum will you be a slut for me.” I snapped.
He said nothing.
“What about you two,” I turned on Alfie and George, “come, ask me, will you be our slut model?”
Alfie said nothing but George looked me in the eye, and said what I wanted to hear.
“Angie, will you be our model, alright, our slut model.”
I looked at Alfie, he mumbled the same words, but added he thought I was gorgeous.
“Come Jack, your turn,” I told him. “You weren’t so shy when you finger fucked me were you.”
“Alright, alright. I’m sorry. Will you be our model, please Mum.”
“Yes darling, I will. You want to take dirty pictures of me, go right ahead, but and hear me good. Ask me, tell me the truth. Tell me what they are for. Just be honest for fuck sake. You want to touch, feel my tits, finger my cunt, go right ahead, but only when I’m being your slut. When I’m Jacks Mum I’m off limits. Do we understand each other,” I asked.
They suddenly beamed, smiles from all of them, as what I had said sunk in.
“Now want to do a set?” I asked.
They did, of course they did.

I went to the make up room with Alfie, he touched up my make up. Then we started again, still in the string bikini. Only this time I knew what they wanted. They knew I would agree. I held my tits, one in each hand, my right elbow on my right knee, arched my back, my arse higher than my head. I squeezed my nipples, already erect. The boys cameras captured me, three cameras, each from a different angle. I opened my mouth, licking my lips, obscenely. They loved it. I gave them more, at last the bikini bottom was gone, although at Alfie’s insistence I kept the top on, still pulled to the sides. I lay back, my long legs spread, my cunt open, oozing my wetness. I felt no shame, why should I, I was a slut. Sluts feel no shame..
“Mum, can you hold yourself open,” Jack called.
I did as my son asked, I opened my labia, a trickle of my love juice ran down into my anus. I sighed. I was so turned on, I needed a fuck, so desperately. If not a fuck, then I needed to come. I noticed George was using a different camera. A video camera.
“Are you videoing me Georgie,” I teased him.
“Sorry Angie, should I have asked?” He said.
“No, its fine. Want to film me masturbating, want to see me finger myself?” I asked.
They all nodded.
“Then watch me come boys, remember I’m your slut, yours.”
I slid my middle finger into myself, sighing as I did so, it felt so good, then a second finger, I slowly finger fucked myself, whilst circling my clit with a finger form my other hand. It didn’t take long, I had been needing this it seemed all day. Then it hit me, I climaxed. I silently groaned. I didn’t stay silent for long, “oh fucking God, yes, mmmmmmmmmm,” my breathing became heavier, then it washed over me, “yesssssssssssssssss, oh fucking yesssssssssssssssss.”
I slowly recovered, I’d needed that. I looked at my audience. Alfie, George, and finally my son, Jack. All were hard, the bulges in the trousers testified to that.
I licked each of my fingers, until each was dry.
“Well, did your slut do good?” I asked them.
They nodded.
“Good, now let me know when you have some more work for me, won’t you.” I told them.

That night after I had showered, I walked into Jacks room, he was bent over his computer. I didn’t doubt what he was looking at. It was me. The images he had taken during the day.
“What will you do with them,” I asked.
“Mum, fucking hell you made me jump,” he said.
I took a step closer, and saw why. His erect cock was in his hand. He was wanking, wanking over his own mother.
I stood beside him, my arm on his shoulder.
“Don’t stop, Jack,” I said.
He didn’t know what I meant. The photo slideshow, or wanking.
I reached down, and put my hand over his, and moved it up and down. He got the message. The slideshow continued, as he tossed himself off. The second set of photo’s were more than erotic, they were pornographic. A close up of me, fingers deep in my cunt, another, of my eyes.
“You like it when I’m a slut Jack?” I asked.
“Hell yes, Mum, your gorgeous, we all think so, we’re not the only ones.”
“So your going to sell dirty picture of me, is that it?” I asked.
“Going to sell? We’ve already sold the stills, and George has a bidding war going on for the video.” Jack said continuing to rub his cock.
“Mmmm, so I’m that in demand am I?” I said.
“You’ll get your modelling fee, each time we use you, you’ll be paid Mum,” Jack said.
“And that will make it alright. Am I your slut in here Jack, you’ve got your cock out in front of me, so in here, and at the studio am I your slut?”
“I guess so, but…….” His voice trailed away my hand replaced his on his cock. What was coming over me, I had no idea. This morning I was just an ordinary frustrated wife, and mother. Now I was giving my son a hand job.
“Jack, you want to touch me,” I asked, already knowing the answer.
His hand reached up between my legs, under my towel. His fingers were soon deep inside me, his thumb stretch out, rubbed my clit. It felt fantastic, wrong oh course, but that added to the excitement. When he came, it was all over his stomach, such a waste. I was coming, and groaned in his ear, “Your slut is coming, faster.” He did as I asked. I came for the second time that day. I felt alive again. Satisfied. I reached out a finger, ran it though a glob of his come, and tasted my own son. I was a slut, his slut if he wanted. Every time I thought of myself as a slut, it turned me on. I couldn’t help myself, I didn’t understand myself, but it was something powerful, within me. It frightened me, I needed to find a way to control it.

I made breakfast coffee three days later, my husband, Geoff had arrived home late, I had been dozing in front of the telly. He had given me the briefest of brief kisses on the cheek, before collapsing into his chair. He was working too hard. Now he was hidden behind his paper. The occasional grunt the only communication. Jack still hadn’t emerged, come to that not had my daughter Alex. The paper barrier was down, Geoff sipped his coffee and stood up, “by the way, I should have said earlier, I’ve got to go to Frankfurt tonight, not sure how long I’ll be away, couple of days, maybe three. I’ll ring you when I know.” Before I could offer an opinion he was gone.
“Fucking great,” I fumed.
As I fumed Jack walked into the kitchen, wearing just a pair of boxers. He held a sheet of A4 paper. He held it out for me. I quickly read it. It was the invoice for the photo shoot. That photo shoot, which I was quickly regretting. What had come over me that day, I had no idea. I saw my name, next to the words modelling fee. £5000.
Five grand, fucking hell.
“This can’t be right,” I said, shocked, and surprised.
“Course it is Mum, you earned every penny.” Jack said.
“Earned what?” Alex asked.
“Its Mums modelling fee for the photo shoot,” Jack told her.
“I didn’t know you knew,” I said, feeling embarrassed.
“Course I know, Jack showed me the pictures, bl**dy hell Mum, you looked so sexy, and that bikini, wow, didn’t leave much to the imagination, does Dad know? She asked.
“I haven’t had a chance to tell him, he won’t be interested anyway,” I said.
Before I could say anymore my phone rang. It was JB.
“Hello my little slut, hope you hadn’t forgotten me,” he said.
I moved away from the k**s.
“How could I?” I asked.
“You haven’t forgotten our arrangement I hope,” he said.
I wished I could, but the sound of his voice made my stomach churn. My mouth was dry. I was his slut, and knew I couldn’t say no to him.
“No, I was waiting for your call,” I said. I should have told him to fuck off, I couldn’t.
“Good, you’ll have another modelling assignment today. Make sure you look your best, as only a slut can.” JB said.
“I will,” I assured him.
He hung up.
I felt hot, my throat was dry, my nipples were erect, all from that phone call. What was wrong with me.
Jack’s phone rang. He chatted away for a few minutes, then ended the call.
“Mum,” he said, “Can you model for me again today, its paid like before.”
“Of course darling,” I croaked, my pussy tingling.

“What do you want me to do,” I asked Jack. We were at the studio. Alfie was waiting for us when we arrived.
“Mum, Alfie will do your makeup, then we’ll chat,” Jack said.
“I am your slut boys,” I said. I didn’t know why I said it, but it thrilled me just thinking about it. Saying it made me wet. What was wrong with me.
I went with Alfie.
“I’m going to do your makeup the same as the other day Angie. So can you take your clothes off, so there’s no underwear lines.” Alfie asked. He was so polite.
I pulled my dress over my head. I was naked beneath. I knew they didn’t want marks on my body caused by my bra, or panties. Alfie beamed, as he looked me over.
“Do you want a wrap Angie? he asked.
“No Alfie,” I told him.
He was quick and efficient, but it still took half an hour to make me up.
We chatted as he worked. I liked him. He was polite.

The make up was done. He opened a cardboard box, inside was my outfit for the shoot. A black corset, stockings. Monster heels, eight inches at least. He helped me dress. I felt his breath on my cunt, my wet cunt. I was excited, my pussy wet with anticipation. Was he smelling my pussy, breathing me in. He was. He knew I was a slut. Why did I think that, but again sexually energy flowed through my body. Jesus Christ, I was becoming a wanton, brazen hussy. That thought made it worse.
“What do you want me to do today, Alfie,” I asked.
“What we tell you slut,” he replied. I had ceased to be Angie, Jacks Mum, I was now Slut.
I took up position where I was told. A leather arm chair behind me. I wore the corset, it was cup less, my breasts jutted out. The corset was laced tight, restricting my breathing. The heels were so high, black patent, exactly my size, the heels bigger than any I had worn. The stockings seamed, with thick lace tops. Alfie had helped me get them straight, he was so helpful. His hand had brushed against my pussy, I thought accidentally, then it happened again. He clipped the stocking to the suspenders attached to the corset. Then he had cupped my pussy, run a finger along my labia, parting my outer lips. I moved my feet, so he could explore me should he wish. I had already been wet in expectation of what was to come. He probed me with his finger, then his hand and finger were gone, he led me out, to where I now stood. Wet, nipples erect. Waiting. A slut waiting to be told what she should do. My son was behind the camera, George took position behind a second. They were video cameras.
“Mum,” Jack said, “you are a slut, a tart. Show us your slut cunt, you slut arse. Finger yourself. We are going to film you, then sell it so others can wank as they watch you. You’ll like that won’t you slut. Think of all those men holding their cocks as they watch you finger yourself, slut.”
My legs were like jelly, my stomach just butterflies. I began, first squeezing my nipples, already so hard they were beginning to hurt. My hands moved down to my smooth, waxed pussy, my finger brushed my little pubic wedge. I parted my labia, held it wide. I looked at the camera, imagining the lens was a hard, throbbing cock. My sons hard throbbing cock. I remembered the hand job I had given him, he had a nice cock, thick, and about eight inches long. I wondered what it would feel like inside me. I tried to wipe the thought from my mind, it wouldn’t go away. I was a slut. Their slut. I turned my back on them. I walked the few steps to the chair, knowing the camera was zooming onto my arse, u*********sly I wiggled it, my hips swayed. I loved this, showing my body off, spreading myself before the camera. I raised my leg, and placed my right knee on the arm of the chair, I took hold of the chairs back, leaning, knowing the view my son would now have of his mothers cunt, her wet cunt, her arsehole, that small puckered virgin hole. Knowing where the camera would be focused, I tensed my back passage, then released it, before tensing it again. I did it several times over, as I did so, I reached between my legs, running my hand across my pussy, then opened it, so the camera could see my hidden parts. I pushed my arse back, then inserted two fingers into my aching, wet cunt. The inside of my thighs were already shinning with my wetness, as it ran from my cunt, and down my legs. I tasted myself. I turned around, sitting in the armchair. I sucked my fingers, imagining they were cocks. I was a slut. I was Jacks Mummy slut. I could see he had a hard on again. I wanted to suck his cock, because that’s what a slut Mummy would do. I put each of my legs over each of the arms, I was fully open, spread wide. I inched forward slightly, so they could see my arsehole. I tensed it, then ran a finger across it. Mmmmm, that felt nice. I did it again. Throughout my time on the chair, flashes went off, as stills were taken, breaking from time to time my concentration. I shouldn’t be doing this, I knew, but I couldn’t stop, I wasn’t sure I could ever stop. I didn’t want to stop. Sluts don’t stop, they can’t control their base desires, their sex drives. I knew this, because I had become one, perhaps I had always been one, hidden just below the surface. George handed me a vibrator, a big purple rabbit. I switched it on, I knew what they wanted, they didn’t have to tell me. Jack wanted his slut mother to use it on herself, to see it thrust deep inside her cunt. The rabbit felt wonderful, it whirled inside me, within seconds I came, then came almost immediaty again. The rabbits foot vibrated against my clit, already engorged, hard, poking out from its hood. I worked the foot hard against it. Then I was out of the chair, turning, bending. My left leg on the chairs arm, arse in the air. I penetrated myself with the rabbit again, God it felt good, deeper, then out, then in. I fucked myself with it. Then I moved the rabbits foot, and slowly inserted it into my bum. My little puckered hole resisted at first, but it had been well lubricated with the wetness that had flowed from my cunt. It felt fantastic, penetrated at the same time in anus and cunt. I suddenly had a vision of myself being fucked by the two boys, a double penetration. The image was very really, so real it made me come again. I was a total slut, masturbating so my son could film me, while fantasizing he was fucking me, fucking my arse, his friend in my cunt. Another in my mouth.
The boys stood by me, the shoot was over. There cocks still hard. I reached up, and rubbed their bulges. Then squeezed their cocks through their trousers. I looked up through my false eye lashes. I knew I had to have their cocks, but knew I couldn’t. I couldn’t go that far.
“Do you want our cocks, slut mummy,” Jack asked.
“Can I?” I asked “Can I please.”
“Only because you’ve been a good slut. This will be your reward,” he said.
I unzipped them, my mouth hungry for them. I sucked them, in turn, worked their cocks with my hands, my tongue. I was hungry for them. I was now a total slut.
“Fuck me,” I almost begged. “Fuck me I need it.” I couldn’t believe my own ears. I’d spoken what my mind was thinking - out loud. I was not just a slut, but a depraved one.
“You want us to fuck you slut?” Jack said.
“Please.” I whined.
“Not today slut mummy, maybe another time, but not today.”
They came in my mouth, on my face. I swallowed what I could. Then smiled up at them. “Thank you,” I said.

It was mid afternoon a couple of days later. I longed for another booking, but there hadn’t been any. Perhaps there would be no more. My mobile rang, I answered it. It was JB. He spoke to me for a few minutes, then hung up.
I sat taking in what he had told me I was to do.
I dressed in my shortest skirt, and most revealing blouse. The skirt wasn’t short enough. I took the skirt off, and in a thong, walked into my daughters room. Alex lay face down on her bed, reading.
“Can I borrow a skirt,” I asked innocently.
“Sure Mum, help yourself.”
I rifled through her wardrobe, until I found the one I wanted.
“bl**dy hell Mum, you sure that’s the one you want,” she asked.
“Its perfect,” I told her. “I’m off out to meet someone.”
“You got a boyfriend Mum……….you have, fucking hell.”
“Not a boyfriend, just someone who brought me a drink, he’s buying me another this evening, do you mind?” I asked.
“Mind, course not, Dad’s always working, and when he’s not he’s thinking about work. No Mum you enjoy. Come on, who is it?”
“It’s a businessman your b*****r introduced me to.” I told her truthfully.
“Not JB,” Said whispered.
“That’s right, JB.”
“Wow Mum, he’s well gorge, he’s loaded as well.”
“Its nothing like that, he wants to discuss me doing some more modelling for him, that’s all.”
“Modelling! You are so lucky. I wish I could. You going to do porno Mum?” She asked.
“Porno, no just glamour.”
“Mum, that video you did for Jack, the one with the rabbit and the chair, that’s porno, I think you should go for it.”
“You wouldn’t mind?” I asked.
“Why should I, I only wish I could, its my fantasy. Jack is good with the camera, wasn’t it weird him filming you, you know masturbating?”
“I didn’t know he’d shown you that film,” I stammered.
“Course he has, he shows me all his stuff, I’m his critic. You looked great, that make up makes you look like some one totally different. Real sexy. it’s a fabulous look. And you get so turned on, wow real cool.”
“You really don’t mind do you?”
“So like I said, go for it. Hey Mum, next time you have a shoot, can I come and watch?” Alex asked.
“Watch, oh I don’t know.” I thought about it. “I suppose so if Jack doesn’t mind, but why?”
“I want to see how he gets you so excited, he filmed me a couple of times you know,” Alex said.
“I didn’t know, doing what?” I asked.
“Only stripping, it was no big deal.” Alex said “ Go on have a good time, oh and Mum, love you.”

Alex’s skirt just covered my bum, but I had the legs for it, I had the figure as well. Seeing myself in the pictures and video that Jack had taken convinced me of that. The blouse was white, I didn’t wear a bra, JB had told me not to. The red tartan skirt screamed tart, but that was the idea. He wanted his tart, his slut. I was happy to oblige.
JB’s penthouse overlooked the bay, about fifteen minutes from where we lived. I was buzzed in, an elderly couple tut, tutted when they saw me. A middle aged woman was more vocal, “we don’t want any prostitutes here,” she shouted at me. The lift doors thankfully hid me from her.
The apartment was swish, but lacked the female touch. He was on the deck, immersed in a hotub, a bottle of champagne nearby, in a cooler. Beside him, a young woman, her pink nipples just visible below the waterline. I slowly unbuttoned my blouse, then took it off. The cool air felt refreshing as it caressed my nipples. I twisted, and unzipped the side zip of the skirt. I let it drop, then stepped out of it. My thong followed. I slipped off my shoes, and joined them in the warm water. He handed me a glass of bubbly. The other woman was beside me, her hand on my thigh as I sipped the bubbly. I felt the warmth of her skin, I was excited. She kissed me, her wet mouth covered mine. I’d never been with another woman, I knew that soon that would change. I let her take the lead, I was unsure of what to do. She guided me, caressing my breast, teasing my nipples, tugging on them, pulling them, biting them. It was like a current of electricity. I held her face to my breasts. Her tongue never stopped. Her hand was between my legs. She was tender, she didn’t rush. Slowly, much too slowly, I came, I held her close, biting her shoulder. I was like a dam bursting. I groaned, then shook, as my first lesbian orgasm washed over me.
JB had watched, now he lifted me from the tub, and laid me on the deck. I felt his cock push against my cunt, I opened my legs a little wider, and he penetrated me. I arched my back, and he went deeper. I needed his cock, I needed any cock. I was being used by him, I didn’t care. Sluts don’t. The woman, straddled my face, and lowed her cunt onto my mouth. I wanted to taste her, to pleasure her as she had pleasured me. My tongue probed, as JB thrust deep inside me. I wanted to eat as much of her I could, I drank her in, trying to drain all her juices. She flowed into my mouth, as JB flowed into my cunt. She sucked his cock, removing all his come, and my wetness. Then she shared it with me. She was a slut as well, two sluts together, as one.

It was after ten the following morning when I arrived home. I walked into the kitchen, hoping the k**s were still asl**p. I wasn’t that lucky. Alex was sitting eating her breakfast. “You dirty stop out,” she giggled, “I hope no one saw you come home!”
I bent over, to get a glass from out of the cupboard.
“Mum, please, I’m eating my breakfast,” she giggled again.
I stood and looked at her, slightly puzzled.
“Mum, you haven’t any knickers on, and that skirt of mine barely covers your bum when your standing. Tell me you didn’t stop anywhere, you came straight here.”
“Only the petrol station, still that explains the whistles, and horn blowing,” I replied, smiling.
“Whatever’s got into you, I’ll have some,” Alex said. “By the way, Dad will be home this afternoon, so perhaps a longer skirt, or some jeans, and definitely a bra, he’d blow a fuse if he see’s you dressed like that, oh and Jack wants to see you, he’s in his room.”
I walked upstairs to Jacks room. He was on the phone, but waved me in. I sipped my water. Finally he was done.
“Mum, bl**dy hell, you’ve been out in that! Anyway, I want you for a shoot tomorrow, starts at midday, is that ok?” He asked.
“Of course its ok!” I replied.
“Mum, Alex wants to come and watch, says its alright with you?”
“That’s what I told her,” I answered.
“If your sure,” Jack asked.
Of course there was a problem. He was my son, taking picture of me doing god knows what. My daughter was coming to watch, yes there was a problem. The problem was I couldn’t say no. Alex had told me to go for it, that she wanted to do porno. Fucking hell.
“No of course there’s no problem, whatever you and the boys want, I told you that, and I meant it.” I said.

Geoff arrived home just before five. He was elated. He’d just signed a new client for his company, he thought he had a promotion coming.
“I’m sorry” he said, “but I’ve got to go to L,A in the morning, I’ll be there for week, maybe ten days.”
“Oh Dad,” Alex said, “you’ve been way for ages can’t someone else do it?”
“What and get the glory!” Geoff replied, “no way honey.”
He hugged her, and kissed her forehead.
“Well get me a prezzie then,” she told him.
Later I slipped into bed beside him. He turned his back, and was asl**p almost straight away. I lay there listening as he slept, then I too drifted off.

In the morning, when I woke, he was gone. I lay there thinking, I had a busy day. The shoot started at twelve. Had it been wise to say Alex could watch, probably not, but then Jack would show her the pictures anyway, and the video if they filmed me. One way or another she’d watch her mother being the slut. I felt that warm feeling in my stomach, and reached between my legs. It felt good, I closed my eyes. I raised my legs, and slowly played with myself. I was jolted back to reality when Alex called “ Mum, its time you were up, its half ten, no time to finger yourself!”
My eyes flew open, and I threw back the quilt, and leapt out of bed.
“Nice Mum,” Alex said smiling, “very nice.” Referring to the fact I was naked. “Come on Jack left an hour ago, we’ll going to be late.”

“You drive,” I said to Alex, throwing her the keys to my car. She drove into town, and parked behind a row of shops. I was about to get out of the car when she very matter of factly said “ oh, bye the way, Jack said he’d get me a part in a porno, just a small one, well something anyway, I mean you don’t mind do you!”
Mind? Yes I should mind, but how could I stop her from doing something I was, stop her doing something her b*****r was involved in? I wanted to say no.
“No luv, its up to you, you’re nineteen, you sure?” I asked.
“Couldn’t be more so.”
Be careful what you wish for!

We walked into studio for the days shoot, and went straight to Alfie’s room, the changing and make up room.
“I’ve got an idea,” he said. “Alex, fancy modelling with Angie?”
“Really, what do you think, bl**dy right I would,” she said.
“Angie, do mind, it will make a great shoot,” Alfie said to me.
“You want me to play the slut with Alex?”
“Yes, you said you’d do anything, we just had to ask. I’m asking,” he said.
“Then my answer is yes,” I replied.
He had both me and Alex strip off, and stand in front of him. He walked around us, half closed his eyes, looking us up and down. Felt both our tits. Had us stand back to back.
“It’ll work, it will be great,” he said “Ingrid.”
Ingrid was his assistant, new to the job, and eager to please. He gave he a rapid list of instructions, before she hurried away. Then it was down to our make up.
“Angie, I’m going to do your usual look, but the eye shadow is going to have this silver glitter eye shadow mixed with it. Alex, I’m going to do you exactly the same, so sit back and watch as I transform Angie into the slut we want her to be for the shoot, then it’ll be your turn, and I’ll see if we can get you to be the slut your mother is.”
Alex looked surprised at his words. I felt that familiar feeling, deep inside me. It took him twenty minutes. I already felt different. The red lips, false eyelashes, together with the over heavy eye shadow. He’d blended the foundation well, it was lighter than I would have used, with a little blusher. I looked in the mirror, and didn’t see myself, I saw the tart, the slut who was me. I looked at my daughter, “well what do you think?” I asked her.
“Wow, fucking hot, and he’s going to do that to me, cool!” Alex gushed.
I sat and watched, as Alfie went to work on my daughter. He transformed her. He did her face exactly as he had mine. When he finished, we sat side by side, and looked into the mirror.
“See, you’re so alike, its difficult to tell who is who, brilliant! You could be twins” Alfie beamed.
Ingrid arrived back, puffing, carrier bags in each hand. I hadn’t met her before, but she seemed nice enough. Mid twenties, plump. Alfie had met her at college.
She held out two pairs of “diamond” drop earrings. We each put a pair on. Next two “diamond” chokers, three inches thick, which matched the earrings. We each sat, as Alfie clipped them around our necks in turn. We were naked, but for our jewellery. Next hold ups, eight denier. We stole a look at each other as we smoothed them into place. Heels, six inches, black. The slut mother, and the slut daughter? I didn’t know. I knew I was becoming increasingly excited. I wondered if Alex felt the same.
Ingrid held out two thongs. Black, traced through with silver thread. They were as see through, as they were miniscule. We each stepped into them, and adjusted them into place.
“No my little sluts, like this,“ Alfie said. He pulled them, so they hooked over the top of our hips. They rode up, cutting upwards into our pussy’s and bums. He looked pleased with his handiwork. Then he stroked each of our cunts through the material of our newly brought knickers. I saw Alex smile as he touched her. The dresses were silver, shiny, they glittered as the light caught the material. I held my arms up as Ingrid put mine over my head. She let it drop into place. It was short, predictably so. It reach just below my bum. To say the dresses had a plunging neck line was laughable. They plunged to below our belly buttons. Ingrid arranged my dress, to cover my tits. Beside me, Alfie fitted Alex’s identical dress. Then he admired us. I looked at Alex. She had, always had my looks, quite how much I now saw. I could have been looking into a mirror. She smiled back at me.

We walked into the studio, dressed identically, looking identical. Two sluts on a stage. As we walked our breasts became exposed, as the dresses slipped to one side. We held hands, as we presented ourselves for Jacks inspection. He smiled, he smiled very widely, and so he should.
“Mate, you’ve fucking outdone yourself, why hadn’t I seen this, they look just like each other, George is going to be pissed when he see‘ the result of this shoot” Jack said to Alfie. Then to us, “you both look amazing, gorgeous.”
“Where is Georgie?” I asked.
“Some place north of Amsterdam, a company called Triple X, they like you Mum, they like you a lot.”
He started clicking away. There were other people in the club, a couple of girls and a barman behind the bar.
We posed beside a leather sofa that had seen better days, the lighting had already been set. We pouted, always together.
“Now lets see your tits girls,” Jack called.
We both let the dresses part, I’d posed for Jack before.
“You ok with this darling,” I asked Alex.
“Course Mum, Jacks taken pictures of me topless before,” she replied.
“Can you get your nipples erect Alex, like Mums,” Jack called from behind the camera.
Alex, tweaked herself, exciting her nipples, until they were almost as hard as mine. Almost, because watching Alex play with her tits made mine even harder.
“Now hold each others tits,” Jack called, “yes that’s it, now kiss each other, but lets see your tongues.” Click, click, click.
We kissed, her lips were wet, her mouth yielding. Quickly I felt myself enjoying the sensation, it became real. We were still kissing, when Jack called, “now play with yourselves, and each other. I want you playing with each others pussys.”
“Ok, Alex,” I asked her.
“Oh yes, don’t worry about me,” she replied.
We did as we were bid, I slid my hand under her dress, lifted it, then felt her pussy through those miniscule panties, she was wet. I was surprised, I knew I was. My nipples were hard, my throat became dry. Alex was doing the same to me. Click, click, click.
“Mum, you are so wet, my God, you clit is hard, Mum, you are so naughty,” Alex giggled in my ear.”
“Ok, loose the panties, now,” Jack called “I want a shot of you pulling them down, that’s it Mum, pull them tight between you ankles, great.” Click, click.

The first stills were done. They weren’t the stills Jack wanted, I knew that. They were just to warm us up. Alfie lightly touched our makeup, up. Ingrid brought Alex a new stocking, to replace the one that had been laddered. Now the work of the day would begin.
We moved to the sofa. We kissed him in turn. Jack was videoing now I was about to fuck my daughter, while my son filmed and directed us. I was a slut, a tart. She squeezed my tits, it hurt, but the pain was pleasurable. I moaned with pleasure, and the pleasure that was to come. I was a slut. I played with my daughter, teased her nipples, her breathing became heavier. Such a slut, just like her mother. My dress fell to the floor, I stepped out of it, and bent over the arm of the sofa, “Arse in the air mummy slut,” Jack called. I did as I was asked. Alex took her dress off. Her nipples hard, like mine. Her cunt swollen with arousal. Two sluts in just their knickers and heels and stockings. Her red lips closed over my nipple, her eyes looked at me.
“Now fuck her,” Jack shouted.
I was pushed onto my back. I raised a leg, and d****d it over the back of the sofa, spreading myself wide. Wide for the camera, wide so everyone could see my wet cunt. I was a slut. I waited the tongue hot, wet. Wet as my cunt. It worked my clit. I closed my eyes with pleasure, I was coming. I cried out, “oh fucking yes, yes, just there, mmmmmmmmmmmm.”
I came, my first of the day. A long day. I felt, sensed the tongue leave me. I looked down my daughter had just made me come with her tongue. She leant forward, and kissed me. I tasted myself on her tongue, as it wormed its way into my mouth. She pulled away, smiling.
“You are such a slut Mum,” she whispered.
“And so are you darling,” I told her.
My legs were as wide as I could get them. I moaned and fingered myself. A stocking encased leg straddled me, and a smooth, silky cunt was lowered onto my face. It was dripping wet. A sluts cunt. Alex’s cunt. I had never viewed a pussy aesthetically before. I did now. It was beautiful. Her inner labia protruded from the outer. It was swollen. Her clit was erect. I opened my mouth, and drank her in. She tasted sweet, an under taste of muskiness. I ran my tongue along her labia, parting it with my tongue, unzipping it. I probed with my tongue, pushing it inside her. I ran my tongue across her anus, it flinched, then relaxed, then tightened again. She was coming, I moved down, and drank her, as she came, then came again. She screamed for someone to fuck her. She was such a slut. A wanton whore, like her mother.
“Cut!” Jack called.
He stood beside us, we were spread on the sofa. Our legs spread wide, our cunts gaped. We shone with sweat. We loved it, sluts that we are.

“Is there anything you wouldn’t do for me slut?” Jack asked.
“Nothing, I’d do anything for you, anything at all,” I replied. I ran my tongue around my lips, tasting my daughter.
“What about you little slut, you are so like our slut mother, but what would you do for me?” Jack asked.
“I’m my mothers daughter, and like you say, we are alike. Am I a slut like her? If so, then anything at all.” Alex replied. “Just ask us.”

We left studio, it was early evening. We still wore the dresses from the shoot, the same heels. Our knickers, soiled from the shoot were in our handbags, we wore new ones, the same, but new. New too our stockings, the old laddered and torn.
Men watched us walk past, eyeing our bodies, waiting, hoping our breast would come free of the dresses. They looked at our legs, they saw two sluts, me and my daughter, but she looked like my s****r, maybe my twin. We walked arm in arm, Jack at our side. He drove us out of town, to a bar on the outskirts. Not the sort of place a son would take his mother. The lighting in the booths was subdued, the bar brightly lit. Two barman worked behind it, while girls in just a pair of knickers, brought drinks to the tables. On stage a girl stripped and went through her tired routine. Jack sat between us, his arms around our shoulders. I felt him expose my breast, and rub my nipple. I looked over, and saw he was doing the same to his s****r. A guy at the bar, sitting on a stool watched. I opened my legs a little, giving him a glimpse of my crotch. He smiled. My hand was on Jacks crotch, rubbing his hardening cock, I licked my lips, all the time keeping eye contact with the guy on the stool. I felt a hand on mine, Alex’s. I opened my legs wider, and ran my hand across my pussy, feeling it through the thin material of my miniscule panties. I was wet again. After the afternoon, I was ready for more. I wanted to be fucked. I needed a cock. I was such a slut. The guy on the stool approached us, he stood and watched, then asked, “how much for the two whores?”
The question was directed at Jack.
“That depends on how long you want them for my friend.” Jack replied.
I felt suddenly very hot, my cunt was flowing. I was a slut, a slut to be used. I wanted to be used.
“All night, both of them, together.”
“Shame, they have a booking in a hour, for the rest of the night,” Jack replied.
“But they are available? Good. Here’s my card. Ring me, I think we can do some business. This is my club, I‘m Charlie.” They shook hands. Shortly after we left.

We arrived home, we drank bottle of wine in the lounge. We still wore our outfits from the shoot.
“You going to whore us, Jack,” Alex asked.
“Depends, do want me too?” Jack teased. “What about you slut,” he asked me.
“I’m still your slut Jack, you tell me, and I’ll do it,” I replied.
What I should have done was slap his face, but the thought excited me.
“She’s your slut, and I’m yours Jack,” Alex said. “I’m so wet, you want to fuck me Jack, or are you going to fuck Mummy?”
“Are you Jacks Mum, or are you still the slut model? Jack asked.
“Jacks Mum wouldn’t dress like this,” I said.
My cunt was tingling with excitement. I un buckled his jeans, and reached inside. His cock was hard, as hard as I was wet, as wet as I knew his s****r was. Alex slipped her dress off, it dropped to the floor, then helped strip her b*****r. Naked he was pushed by two sex hungry sluts to the sofa, his cock hard and obscene. I took it into my mouth, took it deep. I left a red ring three quarters down its length.
“Want to try and see if you can do better,” I asked.
Alex smiled, “That shouldn’t be too difficult!”
She opened her mouth, then dipped her head. Jacks cock disappeared into her mouth, down her throat. She gagged, dribble ran down her chin. She surfaced, then looked to see where her line was.
“I win, I think,” I said. My line is at least two millimetres below yours, that means I go first.”
I straddled my son, Alex held his cock against my cunt, she pulled my labia, it parted, and I sank onto his long, thick cock. I rode it, sinking onto it, until it was all inside me. It filled me, it stretched me. I needed it. I wanted this. Why I should have been disgusted with myself. I wasn’t. It excited me. Forbidden fruit. I was a total slut. Today I had descended, beyond imagination. I’d fucked my daughter, now with her I fucked my son. I was a slut, and so it seemed was she.
His cock inside me, Alex licked my clit, already hard, erect. She excited it, when she sucked his balls I missed her. Then I came, loudly. A wave of pleasure shook my body. I didn’t care from where that pleasure came. I just wanted cock, any cock, his cock. I had competition, Alex wanted cock as well, his cock. We swapped, she took the big cock, wet from my cunt, she took it all. I saw the initial pain on her face, soon it was all pleasure, then lust, I watched her come as I sat on Jacks upturned face, his tongue busy, snake like. As she came, I did as well. We kissed, our tongues entwined. We rode the pole, he lasted well. The son of a slut, he did well. It couldn’t last. We had both come several times, it was his turn. We sucked our juices from him, then he pleasured himself into our mouths, we shared it, and together we swallowed it. Not a drop went to waste. Two happy sluts, contented sluts at last.

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Wow...didn't know my pussy could get this wet!!
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Hot story, awesome to stroke to!
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Dam the best Loved it just sexy good.
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that was so exciting and well written I was hard all the way till the end.
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Nice story.