Fucking with Mum

Fucking with Mum

Mum’s friend had arrived early that morning. Fran was an attractive woman, a little older than Mum, in her mid to late thirties. I hadn’t seen her for a year or so, but had always liked her. They were staying for a couple of nights, Fran and her son, well built, and muscle in all the right places. He had those dreamy blue eyes that made my stomach skip. He had injured himself cycling, and had his leg pinned from the ankle to the top of his thigh. The sort of pins that are on the outside, and look just agony. The pins had been removed this morning.

We only had two bedrooms, both doubles. Fran had my room. Fran’s son, Oliver had the sofa bed in the front room. That meant I was sharing with Mum. Mum had, had me when she was fifteen, so she was in some respects more like an older s****r. We liked a lot of the same things. I was s*******n that year. My braces had been taken off, and my acne had gone - thank fuck.

Mums bedroom, was not only bigger than mine, but it also had an en-suite. We sat on the bed chatting, when Mum’s boyfriend came in. He was one of the reasons I had readily agreed to moving out of my room. “Hi you two,” he said, before leaning over and kissing Mum on the cheek. “I need a shower.” Then he stripped off, and walked naked into the en-suite. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, he had a bum like a peach. And his cock, wow!

“Wow Mum, his cock is well big,” I gushed. Not that I had much experience of either large or small cocks. “No wonder you are so happy these days, bet that feels great.”
“Polly, really!” Mum said. “I was about to thank you for giving up your room to Fran, but now I see it was just so you ogle Robbie! I thought I’d treat you, what do you fancy?”
“Promise you won’t be cross,” I said.
“Why would I be cross darling, now come on, my treat, what do you fancy.”
“Teach me to give a blow job.”
“What, why!” She replied.
“Mum, I haven’t got a clue how to, do I do the balls, do I gag, where do I……..Look Mum, I don’t want to make a complete idiot of myself when I first do it.” I said simply and quietly. “I need someone, you, to show me how.”
“Look Polly, it’ll come naturally, you don’t need to worry about it.”
“But I do, the girls at college were talking about it. I just want to know how to do it properly. I wish you’d just show me.”
“Be careful what you wish for Polly.”

Robbie walked from the shower, a small towel wrapped around his waist. I looked at him. He was by far the dishiest of Mums boyfriends, but not the only one. Dark haired, six feet tall, muscled arms, great peck’s, and a fabulous six pack.
“What are you two talking about, shopping I’ll bet, let me guess, shoes, or handbags,” he smiled.
“No wrong on both counts lover. You wouldn’t believe it,” Mum said.
“Try me,” Robbie replied.
“Polly here wants me, to teach her how to give a blow job.”
“So don’t tell me then,” he laughed.
“No Robbie, I’m serious. Polly wants me to show her, so how do you feel about it?”
I was stunned, was Mum really thinking about it?
“How do I feel about it, what do mean Chrissie, how do I feel about it?” You know how I feel about you sucking my cock, and if she wants to watch, fine. But if she’s sucking my cock that’s a bit different isn’t it.”
“Why, why is that different?” Mum asked.
“Look Chrissie, we’ve been together long enough for you to know what I like. So my question is are you going to kick me in the nuts if I get carried away with Polly?” Robbie asked.
Mum looked from Robbie to me, and back again. “No Robbie, no limits, if she’s old enough to suck cock, then she’s old enough for whatever else.”
“So a threesome then, come on Chrissie are sure?”
In answer Mum pulled his towel away, and took hold of his cock with one hand. I saw her smile, then her lips closed around Robbie’s cock. She looked up at him, then closed her eyes, as the whole length disappeared into her mouth.

Robbie was laying on his back, his cock now hard in Mums mouth. She took that mouth away, and held his cock towards me. I took a deep breath, now was my turn. Mum had told me to be careful what I wished for. I took hold of it, then dipped my head. His cock was rigid, hard as steel. If I had thought it big when he walked to the shower, now it was huge. Long, and thick, veined. I touched the purple head with my tongue. Then closed my lips around it. I copied what Mum had been doing. I took as much as I could, then felt Mums hand on the back of my head, pushing me down. Just when I thought I’d gag, she took her hand away. I came up for air.

“Polly, when you need to breath, come up, but keep working you tongue, look like this,” she said.
She ran her tongue down the length of the shaft, down to his balls. “Now you,” she said. Then she pulled her silky nightie over her head. She was naked, I watched, as she lifted her leg, then lowered herself onto Robbie’s upturned face. We sucked his cock together, our tongues touching. Then she groaned, and closed her eyes, “Oh, yes, don’t stop, yes, yes.” She came, softly. After she smiled at me. “Now you.”

I slipped the straps of my night dress over my shoulders, then let it fall to the floor. I didn’t have any knickers on. I knelt on the bed. I held his cock again. It felt good in my hands. I was confident of what I should do with it, how I should lick it, suck, wank it. I did what Mum had shown me. She was laying on her side, watching, one leg folded up, as she played with her pussy. It was waxed, with only a little strip of pubic hair above her labia, which I saw was puffy, no swollen. Wet. She nodded at me. I understood.

I lowered myself onto his face, I was nervous. Scared. No one had ever licked, or kissed me between my legs. I wondered what it would be like. Robbie’s cock was in my mouth, I worked my tongue. As I worked my tongue, Robbie worked his. It was fantastic, I felt it, on my clit, then down, opening my labia like a zip. I shivered. My stomach was tight. I was sweating. Then his tongue reached my anus, I felt it trace the circumference. Then he probed, pushing in, was he really trying to put his tongue up my bum. I felt Mums breath on my face, I opened my eyes, she kissed me, on the lips. Then we shared his cock, taking turns to suck, lick, cock balls, and even his anus. She showed me everything.

My orgasm came. I wasn’t quiet, as Mum had been. It lasted forever, going on, and on. I stayed on his face, even as Mum straddled his cock. She rubbed it against her cunt, then it was in her. She slid down it length, savouring it thickness, then she fucked him, fucked him hard. The cock slipped out of her, I took it, and tasted her juices. I wasn’t sure what had come over me, then I pushed it back inside her, holding her pussy as I did so.

“Time you two kissed each other, properly,” Robbie said.
I didn’t know what he meant, then the penny dropped. By this time all my inhibitions’ had long gone. I’m not sure Mum had any. We snogged, I felt her tongue in my mouth. I responded. Then I felt myself being pushed backwards, and she was between my legs, her tongue like a snake inside me, and almost at once, on my clit, then gone, running down my inner labia, then probing. It felt wonderful, better than Robbie. Maybe I should get her to show me how to do it. “Be careful what you wish for,” she had said. Her words echoed in my head.

“No darling pull the clit hood back, then use your tongue,” she instructed.
I did as she told me, my face wet from her pussy. My tongue ached, from the attention I had given Robbie, and now from the work on Mum. She was above me, in the sixty nine position. I looked up to see Robbie, as he slid his cock into her. She groaned with pleasure, either from me, or his cock, or more likely both. He fucked her hard, I felt her breasts swinging against me. He pulled out of her, and put his cock in my mouth, then he fucked my mouth, I gagged, but he took little notice. Then it was back inside her. He fucked her again, before he returned it to my mouth.

I lay on my back, Robbie was between my legs, his cock, wet from Mum pushed against my pussy. It was huge. Purple, and throbbing, I felt as if I was splitting, it hurt. Then it was inside me. I adjusted to the size, and Robbie pushed deep inside me. I wasn’t a virgin, well not quiet. A boy at school had parted my labia with his cock, not really penetrated me, before coming. I had to walk home with his come in my knickers. So a virgin, maybe, but no more. I arched my back, as Robbie went even deeper inside me. I was sweating, was that really normal. Then I came again. He pulled out of me, it hurt, and I was disappointed. Then I was swung on top of him, my back to him. He fucked me again, but this time, it felt much different, his cock brushing against the front of the inside of my cunt. It was electric. At the same time, Mum licked my clit. A cock deep inside of me, a tongue outside. Either would have done it for me, but together - indescribable.

It was Mums turn, I was jealous. He was fucking her, not me. I wanted the toy back. I wanted the tongue back. I wanted to shout it. Then I remembered. I wasn’t two, I was s*******n. A woman. I did what she had done for me. She was on all fours, I kissed the cheeks of her arse. Caressed her back. The cock was offered to my mouth, and at those times I took it hungrily. Then he rubbed it against her anus, then pushed. It slid into her arse. I watched her grip the pillows. Then slowly this time, gently, he fucked my Mum in the arse. Gradually, he fucked her faster, harder. She loved, really. No, I was sure. The cock was offered to my mouth again, I went to turn away, a hand, his hand grabbed my hair, and the cock was in my mouth. Immediately I forgot where it had just come from. I was in love with that cock. I was in love with moment. I was in love with sex. I felt wanton, on fire. Alive.

He was coming, his cock was in my mouth. His cock was harder than ever. It throbbed, then sort of twitched. He ejaculated into my mouth. An explosion of come. The only time before that I had been in contact with sperm was that day at school. All I remembered was the cold horrible sticky stuff in my knickers. This was hot, and I wanted more, Mum wanked the last into my open mouth, squeezing every last drop. I savoured it, but then was unsure as to what to do with it. Mum was there, “swallow it all Polly,” she told me. I’m a good girl, and did as my Mum told me. Swallowed it all down. I was exhausted, sweaty. My legs ached, where they had been spread wide. My arse was sore, sore from where it had been fucked. My overriding memory though was of happiness. That and being satisfied. The evening wasn’t over He would be hard again, soon. After he watched me and Mum, together. Then again we fucked. As we fucked I learned. I had a brilliant teacher, a teacher I loved.

I woke, it was after one. I was alone in Mum’s king sized bed. My legs had dried come on them. It was even in my hair. I showered. Then wrapped a towel around my head, and wearing my dressing gown walked into the kitchen. The dressing gown was very short, but did cover my bum, but even tied there was a certain amount of cleavage. My breasts weren’t huge, 34c, compared to Mums 36d. I wished I’d put a pair of knickers on. Fuck why should I. This was my home, they were the visitors. Mum was deep in conversation with Fran. Oliver’s appointment at the hospital had gone well. His recovery was well on course. This I heard as I poured myself a glass of mineral water, which I gulped down.
“So if its all great, why are you so pissed off Fran,” Mum asked.
“Chrissie, you wouldn’t believe it,” Fran said.
“It can’t be that bad, surely,” Mum said.
“Alright, alright. The psyo says, and what would you like for your sixteenth birthday.”
“And?” Mum says perplexed.
“And fucking Oliver says, a blow job.” Fran sighed.
“Is that all,” Mum replied.
“A blow job from Polly, or her Mum. You and Polly!” Fran said looking embarrassed.
“So!” Mum said, “Could be worse.”
“You don’t mind,” Fran asked.
“Why should I? He’s a healthy young man. I’d be more worried if he didn’t think about sex every other second.”
“Your right, its not as if I’ve anything against either sex or blow jobs.”
“Look, when is his sixteenth birthday?” Mum asked as I took a second glass of water.
“Next Saturday,” Fran replied, slightly puzzled.
“Shame, your be back home by then. Oh well. Polly go in the living room, and give Oliver an early birthday blow job.” Mum said matter of factly.
“Yeah ok Mum,” I replied.
“Very funny Chrissie,” Fran said as she with Mum followed me into the lounge.
“Your Mum tells us you’d like a blow job for your birthday, from one of us,” Mum began.
Oliver looked shame faced.
She continued, “so its your birthday today, oh and Christmas as well, Polly.”
I stood in front of Oliver, he was rather cute, if a little young for me. I untied the belt fastening my dressing gown. I slowly opened it. Oliver’ eyes widened as I reveal myself. By the time I dropped it to the floor his erection was obvious. I knelt before him, I heard Fran whisper, “oh my God.”
I took his cock in my mouth. Compared to Robbie he was small. I pulled his foreskin back hard. He came straight away. I worked his cock, until I had every drop. Then stood, and turned. Mum was smiling, Fran had a hand over her mouth.
“Oh dear Oliver, never mind. Lets try again shall we.” Mum said.
“Go on Polly, you get him started, then I’ll give you a hand, you did say a blow job from both of us?
Fran lent against the wall, her legs unable to carry her forward, or out of the room. My cunt was in his face, but he didn’t know what to do. I instructed him, a little better. His cock was stirring. Mum just had her knickers on, a nice Brazilian lacy pair. We took it turns, as we had the night before. Now he was hard again, we shared the cock, licked his balls, as the other sucked his cock, then switched. Mum pulled her knickers to one side as she pushed her pussy in his face. His cock was rigid, his breathing heavy. Mum told me to slow down, to make the moment last longer. I did as she told me, still learning.
“I bet he’d like to fuck us, don’t you Polly,” Mum said.
I took the hint, and straddled him, the cock slid easily into me. I rode it gently, steadily. Mum pulled her panties off, then she too fucked him, pulling his face into her tits. I worked his balls, with my hand, and my tongue.
“I going to come again,” Oliver said. He groaned as he came inside Mum. The look of utter pleasure on his face. The cat that had really got the cream.

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2 months ago
bit confusing, where did robbie appear out of? he obviously wasn't staying there given the sleeping arrangements prior to fucking the mother and daughter so he just came into the house and decided he needed a shower so stripped off in front of a seventeen year old girl?
2 months ago
liked the 3some with her Mom best. although the spur of the moment BJ was hot
5 months ago
Hot story, thanks