I sat at my dressing table. In front of me envelopes, lots of brown envelopes. All bills. All unpaid, and likely to stay that way. I scooped them up, and threw them into the bin. I applied my mascara, then a little blushed over my foundation. Satisfied I opened the top draw to my right. My knicker drawer. The silver and black pair, they would do, I pulled them on, standing pulled them all the way up. I sat again, this time to buckle my shoes. Finally I stood and took the dress I had selected from its hanger. I stepped into it, careful not to snag my heels on the material. I zipped myself up, then shook my breasts into place in the dresses bodice. Satisfied I applied my lipstick.

The party was in full swing when I arrived, I took the glass which was offered to me, sipped it, as I looked around. I didn’t know anyone, anyone that is except Marta, she had invited me, and I couldn’t see her. I didn’t really know Marta, she was a customer at the hairdressers where I worked, she had been coming in for about a month. The month she had lived in England, since arriving from Latvia. I’d liked her straight away, we’d had the occasional drink, but that was about all. I wandered around, the house was huge, well by my standards. The music was loud, and people danced. I’d been in all of the ground floor rooms, the huge conservatory at the rear, she wasn’t there. A tall dishy guy asked me to dance, we swayed to the music. I felt his muscled arms threw his shirt, god he was fit, and then some. He pulled me tight against him. I felt his erect cock through his trousers, then the music ended. Reluctantly I moved away from him. “Have you seen Marta,” I asked him. “Marta, yeah, she’s upstairs.”

I took another drink, and walked up the stairs. There was more music, and still more rooms. At the back of the house was another huge room, the music was even louder here, I walked in and saw Marta. She was dancing with a muscled black guy. She had her back against him, he had her left breast exposed in his hand, his thumb and forefinger teased her nipple. His right hand was between her legs, she held the hem of her skirt in one hand as he fingered her, in her other hand she held his cock. I stood mesmerized as her hand moved slowly up and down the hard rippled shaft.

I don’t know how long I had stood there, transfixed. Seconds, or minutes, I didn’t know then, nor do I know now. What I do know is that I had butterflies in my stomach, I noticed the room was brightly lit, which was strange. Then I saw a guy with camera, filming Marta. I knew too that my cunt was suddenly wet, true it had been tingling when I’d danced downstairs. I didn’t notice as a pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around me, and hands ran down my body. A flash in front of me, as a camera flash light went off snapped me back into reality.

One arm held me tight, as the other explored my body, first my tits, my nipples hard through the thin material of my dress, then between my legs, fingers running across the gossamer thin material of my soaking wet panties. My cunt was wet, my throat dry. I closed my eyes, as the stranger took me to the brink of orgasm. My legs felt like jelly, and if he hadn’t of been holding me I would have collapsed onto the floor. I felt my knickers being pulled down, and lifted one foot as they were pulled off. Then hot breath on my pussy, just before a tongue ran the length of my labia.

I opened my eyes, suddenly startled. Marta was being filmed as she fucked the black guy she had been giving a hand job to. In front of me another guy with a camera was filming me, another took stills. I looked down, a girl with long black hair knelt between my legs, her tongue busy working my clit. I wanted push her away, but the strong arm held me, clamped against a hard cock. Fingers from behind penetrated me. Then none of it mattered, as I came in one earth shattering orgasm. I almost peed myself, almost.

I was carried across the room, my dress was pulled over my head. I was naked, except for my high heels, and my knickers around my right ankle. I was pushed onto a sofa, then I saw the guy I had been dancing with, the one with the hard cock. It was still hard, its bulbous head engorged, almost purple. I gasped as he pushed it inside my pussy. Not slowly, but hard and fast. He rammed it, inside me. I should have stopped him, but I didn’t try. Not that I could have. I groaned with pleasure. He fucked me, ever harder. Another cock was beside my face, this was black. The black cock glistened wet. Wet from Marta. A hand held my head to stop me from turning away. They didn’t need to, I opened my mouth, and took it all. I tasted Marta, musky. Then the cock throbbed, and the guy came in my mouth, he pulled his cock away, a final ejaculation hot, jetted onto my face. A soft mouth replaced the cock, a tongue wormed its way into my mouth. I opened my eyes, to see Marta. She pulled back, smiled, and kissed me again. I had never been into women. Sure when I was a teenager I’d experimented, hasn’t everyone.

Marta was gone, gone to be fucked next to me. The cock was still being rammed in and out of me. It felt so good, so hard, so big. I didn’t want it to stop. I felt as if I was on fire, the pleasure sensations built inside me. Then the cock was ripped from me. It hurt. I was pulled up, as the guy sat on the sofa, then I was pulled back down, down onto his waiting cock. I sank onto it, taking it all. Now it was my turn to fuck him. Up and down, taking it almost all the way out, before sliding down the long shaft. I opened my eyes, and looked to the side of me, where Marta fucked. Her skin shone with sweat. I saw beyond her, others fucking. I saw too guys standing watching, wanking there cocks. The camera was still there, no camera’s. Before I could think, another cock was in my mouth. I worked my tongue on it, and as I did, I was lifted up slightly. The cock slipped out of my cunt, I felt it, the tip against my anus. It slide in, not that I tried to stop it, then it was pushed deeper, slowly, but slowly it filled me. Then another cock in my cunt, so I had three inside me. I was in seventh heaven, I wanted more, much more.

That night seemed to be a night without end. I was fucked in the arse, in the cunt, in the mouth. I lost count of how many men had me. There were women to, Marta, and the girl with the black hair. But there were many more. All the time the camera’s filmed me. There were breaks, but they were few and far between. I had needed to pee, a fat guy lay on the floor, his mouth open his cock hard as I relieved myself into his waiting mouth.

Then it was morning. I was sore. I ached. My legs ached. My back ached. My jaw ached. My arse was sore. My cunt was sore. Marta led me to the kitchen, we were both naked, but for our shoes, our stiletto heels, which echoed on the wooded floor. I drank the glass of water she poured for me. Then drank another. “Enjoy yourself Beatrice?” Marta asked.
I smiled at her. “I did, don’t ask me why, but I did. But now I feel dirty, I need a shower.”
“I know what you mean. But first, you need to meet Boris.” Marta said.
“Boris? Which one was Boris?” I asked.
Marta laughed. “Boris is the boss. You don’t argue with Boris.”

Boris was charming, I stood in front of his desk like a naughty schoolgirl, still naked, the remnants of my panties, on my right ankle. I almost giggled.
Boris liked me he said. He gave me an envelope. It was fat. Full of cash. Cash?
I looked at him quizzically
“I pay my girls well,” he explained.
“Girls?” I asked stupidly.
“Yes, girls like Marta, and now you. I want you at my club tonight, Marta will take you,” he assumed. He paused. “Look I the envelope.”
I looked. “There must be a thousand pounds in here,” I stammered.
“Three,” he replied. “Two for tonight, and one for some clothes. You need nice clothes.”
“But I might not want to work for you,” I told him.
“But you will Beatrice, you will.”

And I did, but that is another story…………………
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