The Married Guy

It's been a while since my last post, also a while since I was with a guy...Needed a little time to figure things out with my last outing, still working on it, but in the meantime I got horny...really horny.

I've always wanted to get fucked....had never tried it and was always the top when an encounter came down to anal sex. I put up an ad on my local craigslist and said I was looking for an older man who could top me, (among other things I like to do in bed with men). I met John...He is 53, in amazing shape (maybe the hottest ass of any guy I had ever been with) and told me in his email that he was very sensual and liked to take his time...I had no idea!

I went to John's house Friday night around 8pm..He answered the door and greeted me with a sexy smile. We shook hands, he invited me in and we had a couple of beers. I noticed the picture of his f****y around the house, he admitted he is married and his wife and daughter were out of town for the weekend. He told me he hooked up with men once or twice a year, an old itch to scratch from his college days.

We sat down on his couch and talked further for a while, John kept putting his hand on my knee and rubbing it, I scooched closer to him until he put his arm around me and we kissed, long and passionate...He tasted so good! Great kisser and my dick was very hard inside my pants. took off my shirt and I helped him out of his, I licked and sucked on his nipples and heard him let out a very sexy moan...He reached for my belt buckle and started undoing my pants, we both stood up and took stripped down to our underwear...I was rock hard under my boxers, John had a nice growing buldge in his crotch...I stripped off my boxers exposing my rock-hard seven inch cock...He smiled and took it in his hand as he kissed me...I then worked him out of his briefs, got on my knees and took them down slowly..He had an amazing 8-inch cock that was starting to grow...I looked up had him and started licking the underside of his balls, verly lightly...he moaned with pleasure...I took his cock in my other hand and gave it a few good strokes...then made eye contact with him as I licked up his balls to the bottom of his shaft and up to the head of his dick, which was rock hard by this time..I took him in my mouth, tasting his salty precum, I grabbed his athletic ass and moved my outh up and down on his cock as he stood there moaning and saying "oooooh..bayb!...yeeesssssss!" I contuniued blowing him for another couple of minutes, then he grabbed my head and lifted me up gently and kissed my mouth and whispered in my ear "I want to take you to my bed now" We held hands down the hallway to his bedroom..We stood at the foot of it and kissed, and rubbed our hard dicks together as we kissed, I felt his hands everywhere, rubbing my ass and up and down on my back...we lay down on his bed and made out for a while..he rolled me over on my back and kissed his way down to my balls, he took each one in his mouth, lightly sucking on them until he licked his way up my shaft and took me in his mouth...he was an expert cocksucker...I wanted to cum just 30 seconds after he started blowing me, but made my stamina hold out. When he was done He licked his way down to my ass, and started tounge-fucking me..his tontue was amazing on my asshole, feeling him lick me while his hands played with my balls...I wanted to explode, I kept moaning "Oh Fuck John!...Ohhhhhhh! Yeah, baby!!!" He then came back up to me and gently kissed me once again...he whispered in my ear.."I want to fuck you...can I put my cock in your ass?" I yelled out "OH YES!! PLEASE BABY FUCK ME!!! I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!!" He reached into his nightstand and pulled out a condom and gently slipped it on, then he got out some lube and squrted it on his dick and onto his fingers...he laid me on my back and put his fingers up my ass, slowly, lubing me for his cock...He then spread my legs and he slowly inserted his dick, It hurt at first then it felt very nice...I let out a pleasant moan and he slowly started to move his dick deeper up my ass..He started geting into a rythem..moving in and out, I wrapped my legs around his delicious ass (bubble butt nice and smooth) and let him fuck my ass while I moaned "ooooo fuuuuuuckkkkk!! It feels ooooo Fucking goooood!" He then flipped me over on my stomach, then arched my back and moved me so I could see us in a mirror near his, he entered me and I watched him fuck me doggie style..I was so amazing, he started fucking me harder when He stopped and moved me to the end of the bed, where I could still see him in the mirror in front of me (seeing him from behind with the mirror in back of him) He stood at the edge of the bed and put his cock in my ass and started fucking me again, I watched his hot ass moving back and forth in the dim bedroom light...It was all I could take anymore...Feeling his dick hit my prostate and seeing his hot body while he fucked me I was ready to cum and cum hard...I started moaning loudly and he reached around and grabbed my cock right when I yelled "OH SHIT JOHN! I"M CUMMING OH FUCK I'M CUMMING!!! My sperm went all over his bedspread, huge buckets of my cum were spilling from my cock...he then yelled out.."OH FUCK ANDY OH FUCK BABY YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSW! AHHHHHHGGGG! And I could feel his cock throbbing in my ass has he came in the condom.. We both collapsed after our orgasms..we lay there for a few minutes before we got in a 69...I peeled off the condom and licked all the remaining cum off his cock...he licked off what was left on mine...we then got into each other's arms and fell asl**p.

A Awoke four hours later, still in his strong arms, got out of bed and put my cloths on, found some paper and a pen and wrote him a note saying he was the fuck of a lifetime and I wanted to see him again, left him my number and left his house.

A very nice friday night indeed. Guys, get yourself a horny married man if you every want to get fucked...he'll do you good!
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1 year ago
Fantastic story!
1 year ago
great story
2 years ago
Wow incredible story lved it and i came in my panties will have to clean up now thanks
2 years ago
Yes.. getting fucked by a nice older guy is just wonderful. Loved how your stud licked out your asshole before fucking you... that is so hot.
3 years ago
I'll be 55 on Friday, if ya wanna move on up!!!!??!? Thanks for letting the world know that we "mature" GUYS aren't dead!Everything works as good as ever and we can last forever! Love Babe, Craig

BTW, great story!!
3 years ago
Welcome to the fantastic world of man on man sex mmmm a cock in the arse is fantastic
3 years ago
FUCKING AWESOME STORY! Let us know when u guys get together again!