Being Used and Fucked over April 16-17

My Master had told me that I was to be used over the weekend and that I was to be available from 9am on Saturday morning. I was to be completely naked with only my collar and chain on. I did as instructed, I always do, I try to be obedient
I stood outside my ranch door naked and waiting. The truck turned up just after 9. There were 6 men in total including my Master. As soon as he appeared I knelt down in front of him and accepted his cock and balls into my mouth. It is the way he requires that I greet him. Once that was over he took me to the rear of the truck and pushed me inside with the men and told them to get to know me but no fucking as he wanted to keep his truck clean.
It was an hour and a half drive and all the way the men were feeling me, fingering me, slapping me about a little and laughing and calling me names, the usual stuff like whore, fuckmeat, cum dumpster etc.
When the truck stopped they all got out and I could see it was an old ranch house with some barns. They chained me to one of the posts, got some stuff and a BBQ out of the truck then began driving stakes into the ground. I knew what was coming!
I was tied down onto the pegs with plastic ties so that I was spread eagled and then they put a bag over my head. I was fucked mercilessly for a while by all of them although it was hard to tell which ones but they all had a few goes on me. After a few hours I heard them having beers then they removed my hood and they were all standing over me. They were all naked and had their cocks pointed at me. They all began urinating onto me and laughing. My Master urinated into my mouth and I had to drink it all.
I was fucked intermittently during the nite by any of them that wanted it so I didn’t get much sl**p. In the morning I was roped onto a bench tits up and they began again fucking me but this time in pairs, one throat fucking me the other cunt fucking me and at least two of them anally fucked me which was soar as I am not used to such rough anal sex. I gagged and vomited a few times while being throat fucked but they all just laughed and kept the vomit in a can. I had presumed the can was just to keep the place clean as they also pissed into it from time to time, how wrong I was.
Late on Sunday I was tied back down onto the stakes and a tube pushed into my mouth and a funnel at the other end. They were all smiling and my Master whispered into my ear “drink it all or you will be punished”. I tried my very best to drink everything that was poured from the can into the funnel but I choked and gagged a lot so quite a bit went onto the ground although I did manage to drink about half.
I had been disobedient so I was punished. I was chained back to the post and each removed their belts and began strapping me hard. It was painful but I kept saying “thank you” as I had been trained to do. I had bruises all over my back, ass and calves and once they were happy with that they turned me around and began strapping me over my tits, stomach and thighs. I was screaming by the end.
Finally I was thrown back into the truck and taken back home and dumped outside my ranch, naked covered in cum and piss and with bruises all over. I showered and fell asl**p happy that I had pleased my Master

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3 years ago
Sweet post. If you could expand it and go into more details it would be great!
3 years ago
I think you're way to pretty to be treated like that.
3 years ago
It needs more depth but good premise!
3 years ago
good , but lacking in details
3 years ago
good writing but sadly very short, hope you write some more
3 years ago
well done my fuckbitch, wel done xxx