Jesse’s First Day

Jesse’s First Day

Jesse didn’t want to be late on his first day so he got to the office about 20 minutes early. He was looking sharp in a black suit pinstriped in light blue. The shirt matched the pinstripes and the tie was made up of reds, purples and a little of the light blue to bring it all together. Jesse had never had a tailored suit in his life, but now he knew why someone would pay so much for one. They made the guy wearing it look like a movie star. Antonio had worked his magic on the suite overnight and when Jesse had stopped by early this morning to pick it up Antonio had insisted that he wear it today, telling him that Ms. Angel expected it.

“My, my, my, don’t you look fabulous!”

Jesse turned to see Rika coming through the door with big smile and a grocery bag. She was wearing a black pencil skirt with a crisp white dress blouse, unbuttoned just enough to show off a bit of cleavage. Sexy, yet professional.

“I’d have to say the same for you Rika. In fact, I’d say you are positively glowing this morning. The date with…um…I’m sorry I can’t recall…


“Yes of course, it went well I take it?”

Rika’s smile alone told the story.

“Oh yes! It was a wonderful evening full of romance and smoking hot sex!” Rika laughed “We’re both walking a little funny today! Hey, since you’re here why don’t you c’mon into the conference room and help me set things up for the staff meeting.”

Jesse followed Rika and her long legs into the conference room where she directed him to gather up plates, glasses and utensils for the food she had brought. They worked quietly, but comfortably together. When they passed by each other in the close quarters around the table their hands would casually touch the others body as they excused themselves by. Jesse had done some catering work back in his high school days and fell back into the easy rhythm of set up work.
Ms. Angel watched them from the doorway for a few seconds, impressed with how quickly they were acclimating to each other. She wondered how things would go with the rest of the crew.

“You two sure seem to be comfortable with one another.”

Jesse and Rika jumped, startled by Ms. Angel’s sudden appearance. They looked at each other and Rika shrugged as she said,

“I suppose so. Jesse just seems to know what needs to be done and then does it. I like it when a man sees a void and fills it.”

“Oh, I agree Rika. But I like it even more when a man provides a void and I get to fill it.” Ms. Angel said with a smirk. They all laughed and Jesse stepped over to Ms. Angel and asked,

“May I take your coat and hang it up?”

“Yes, please put it in the closet in my office.”

It took Jesse a couple of tries to find the closet and by the time he got back to the conference room all the rest of the employees were there. Ms. Angel was sitting at the head of the large oval table and there was a seat between her and Rika waiting for him.

“Oh, here’s Jesse now. Jesse, I would like to introduce you to Kara, Selena, Carla, and Pria. Ladies, this is Jesse.” There were nods and mumbled hellos all around the table. “This is Jesse’s first day with our company and he has been fully apprised of all of his job duties, but I ask you to be understanding with him as he settles in.” Angel smiled at Jesse and then continued. “Later today we will be conducting a screen test with a very talented young lady who is new to this business, but very enthusiastic about making her big break. Kara, do you have the scene ready?”

“Yes Ms. Angel. I will only need to get some…”

Jesse focused on Kara as she talked. Her complexion was like cream and her green eyes and short red hair gave her very striking looks. She wore a bright blue blouse and Jesse could make out some freckles on her chest. Her blouse wasn’t unbuttoned as far as Rika’s though she still was showing a bit of cleavage as well.

“If you need it, Jesse can help you with the screen test. In fact I’ve already told him to plan on it.”

“That will be great Ms. Angel.”

“Good. Selena, how are the revisions to the screen play coming along? Will it be ready soon?”

“Yes, Ms. Angel. I’m currently rewriting the entire fourth act…”

Selena looked like a book worm personified. She wore square black rimmed glasses with straight black hair that hung to her shoulders. She had on a grey turtle neck sweater that made her eyes look grey and only a small amount of makeup. The tight sweater did a nice job of making the most of her small breasts. Even her voice seemed small and mousy. She looked like she was trying to fade into the chair she was perched on. In truth she looked and sounded like she would be far happier working in a library.

“…it should be finished by Friday.”

“Excellent. Sounds like things are coming along very nicely. Carla, how are you and Pria coming along with the sets?” Carla glanced at Pria and said,

“Things are moving right along. We’ve got two of the sets finished and…”

At first glance Pria and Carla looked similar since they both had their long hair pulled back in pony tails. But that was where the similarities stopped. Pria had dark almost black eyes with shiny black hair and looked like she might have some Spanish heritage. Carla’s eyes were bright blue and her hair was a soft brown. They were both wearing red polo shirts with the company logo that fit close to their bodies and accentuated their figures. Carla’s shirt also accentuated her strong arms. These girls were used to doing hard work and it showed in their bodies.

“…they will be finished long before Kara needs them.”

“Wonderful! It sounds like things are moving along smoothly and on time. That’s all I have for this morning, does anyone else have something we need to discuss?” Selena cleared her throat and sheepishly raised her hand. “Yes Selena?”

“I was…er…wondering when Jesse will be available to help out with our individual…projects for this shoot?” Ms. Angel had to work to hide her smirk and Janice and Carla openly grinned at shy little Selena’s question.

“If you need his services I’m sure he can stop by your office right after this staff meeting. Am I correct Jesse?”

“Yes, of course. I’m ready to do my best to help out in any way I can.”

“There, it’s settled. Everyone please be sure to grab some of the goodies that Rika picked up and thanks for coming in early for the meeting.”

Ms. Angel pushed away from the table and the rest of the women followed suit. Everyone gathered up their stuff and began to head out of the conference room. Selena almost bolted from the room, but the others were more leisurely about it. Kara stopped and extended a hand to Jesse. As they shook hands she looked deep into his eyes and said,

“It’s nice to meet you Jesse. I’m looking forward to directing you.” She flashed him a smile and strode from the room. Ms. Angel said,

“As soon as Selena is finished with you come directly to my office. If anyone else asks for your help, tell them you are scheduled with me for the rest of the morning. Understand?”

“Yes Ms. Angel.”

Jesse left the conference room to go to Selena’s office as the other women were milling around and grabbing some snacks. He wasn’t sure exactly where her office was but it didn’t take long to figure out because each door had a name plate. After stumbling into the Studio he had to back track to a short hallway that ran off of the main one with an office on either side. The door on the left had Kara Dune on the name plate with a simple Director written beneath it. The door on the right said Selena Ryland, Screen Play Artist. Jesse shrugged after reading the title and knocked on the door. He heard Selena’s quiet voice call ‘Come in.’ Jesse stepped into an office that had a modern feel to it with lots of chrome, black leather and glass. That was all Jesse had a chance to see because as soon as he closed the door Selena growled out,

“About fucking time! What the hell did you do, take a tour of the facility?”

Her voice sure didn’t sound mousy now. She stood and stalked around her desk toward Jesse with the front of her black pleated skirt tented out over her hardon. That was when he realized she wasn’t very tall. When she got to him she pulled up her skirt and grabbed her cock in her left hand as she reached up to the back of Jesse’s neck with her right. She pulled hard as she said,

“Get down here! You can’t suck me from way up there!” She pulled hard but couldn’t move Jesse which only seemed to inflame her even more. “Down! Get down here! I’m about to fuckin explode I’m so fuckin horny and you’re standing around like some statue!” Jesse realized that if he was going to keep his job he better do as she said. Selena wasn’t directly in front of him so he bent at the waist and turned his head to the side to take her in his mouth. Her penis wasn’t very long, six inches or so, but boy was it thick! It was all Jesse could do to get her in his mouth. “If that bastard hadn’t run off with Michelle, I wouldn’t be so damned horny!” As soon as Selena was in Jesse’s mouth she began to hump him like crazy. With one arm along his back, the hand at the base of his neck and her other hand on the back of his head she thrust up into his mouth. “Does anybody ever think about how difficult it is for me to pour over those sexual screen plays for hours and hours without relief? NO!” She punctuated the NO with a hard thrust. Jesse was scrambling to accommodate her thick member, but his jaws were already aching. She had her skirt pulled up so she could watch her fat prick as it slid in and out of his lips. This turned her on all the more, making her hump Jesse’s mouth even harder. Jesse could see her watching him out of the corner of one eye and out of the corner of the other he could watch her rise up onto her toes as she pumped her hips back and forth. Luckily for him, Selena was so pent up that it only took about five minutes of thrusting in wanton abandon for her to shoot a huge gooey glob of cum into the back of his throat. Jesse gagged, coughed and swallowed hard as Selena sent three more hard shots into his throat. “Oh god! That is so good! I haven’t cum with anyone since that little douche ran off with Michelle and that has been way too long!”

Selena released Jesse’s head and stepped back from him. She had a wicked little smirk on her face as Jesse rubbed his aching jaw muscles.

“I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?”

“Not really. It’s just that you are very thick and my mouth only opens so…”

“I am thick aren’t I?” She interrupted as she looked down and gripped her cock again. Her fingers didn’t even come close to encircling it. “Here, put your hand around it.” Selena took one of Jesse’s hands and wrapped it around her still firm penis. She put her hands on her hips as Jesse kneeled before her and held onto her. Even Jesse’s hand wouldn’t encompass her thick girl cock. “Oh I like this view, you on your knees holding onto me and even you can’t get one of your big hands around me. If it doesn’t fit in your hand, how do you suppose it will fit in your ass?” Selena chuckled at Jesse’s nervous glance up into her eyes. “Whatdya say stud? Are you ready to bend over and take one for the screenplay department?”

“I’m here to help you in any way I can Ms. Selena.”

“Ms. Selena…I like the sound of that. From now on you can call me that whenever you address me. Now. Undo those pants and show me my cock’s new home for the next year.” Selena swirled her finger in a circle as it pointed at the floor to show Jesse to turn around. Jesse turned around and undid his belt and pants then let them drop in a pool around his knees. Hooking his thumbs in the waist band of his boxer briefs, he added them to the pool. “MMMM, Jesse you have one nice ass.” Selena stepped around in front of Jesse and handed him a condom. Where she’d gotten it he had no clue. “Put this on me.” She said. Jesse took the packet from her and opened it. To Jesse’s surprise it was bright red. She lifted her skirt up out of the way and Jesse rolled it onto her swollen member. It just barely fit and made an odd contrast to the black and grey ensemble she was wearing. She moved back to her spot behind him. “On all fours.” She commanded, and Jesse complied. He was starting to breathe harder as she neared him and squatted over his ass. She pushed his shirt and jacket up onto his shoulders as she rubbed the lubricated tip around his sphincter for a second or two. Then she simply entered him. The sheer size of her took his breath away. She stayed still, fully inside him, relishing in the feeling. She could feel his muscular ass between her thighs and her balls were lying against his taint area. She could feel him quivering. Whether it was from the pain of her stretching his ass with her girl cock or the excitement she couldn’t tell and really didn’t care. She was just thrilled to be in someone’s ass.

Jesse could feel the lace tops of her black thigh high stockings pressing into the sides of his ass and he felt her hands follow up along his back to come to rest on his shoulders. Then the fucking commenced. Selena started off slow, all hip action. She was grinding her thick cock into him with the sexy moves of an accomplished pole dancer, arching her back as she rode his ass. Not thrusting so much as wallowing in the thick mud of much needed sex. Selena was in no hurry and wanted to enjoy every second of this delicious tryst. Her modest short heeled pumps made soft swishing sounds as they fought for purchase on the cream colored carpet.

Jesse could feel the tendons of her inner thighs digging into his butt cheeks as she wriggled around against and inside him. He couldn’t see her, but the way she was moving was sexy as hell and it was turning him on like crazy. Her tempo was increasing and her legs were getting tired so Selena laid along Jesse’s back. When she pressed her sweater clad breasts against him he instantly knew that the sweater was made of cashmere. It was impossibly soft between her firm breasts and his muscular back, multiplying the sensuality of the experience. Selena slipped a hand around his torso as she snaked the other down to his crotch. She easily found his throbbing penis, but instead of gripping it she lightly ran her fingers over it.

“You seem to be enjoying this.” She whispered in his ear.

“Yes Ms. Selena.” He replied in a strained voice.

“Do you think I’m sexy?” she purred

“Oh, yes. Yes. Yes.” He whispered and she answered with even more exaggerated hip movement and a,

“MMMMMM. I’m glad you think so.” She took two fingers and thumped his pecker hard, causing him to jump and squeeze her cock with his sphincter. “Oh that was very nice.” She licked his earlobe and then sucked it into her mouth. She went “MMMM” again and kept sucking on it as she thumped his cock again. Jesse grunted and let out with an,

“Ohhhhh.” Of his own.

Selena knew that Jesse was all hers. She could do whatever she wanted with him and what she wanted was for him to cum the same moment she did. She began to thrust into him. Hard pounding thrusts with all of the pent up frustrations she had within her. She released his ear and grabbed his cock in her hand, squeezing it hard she said,

“I’m so close to cuming, I can’t wait to explode in you! It feels so good to be buried in your ass that I think I could do this for the next eight hours and then slump off home to crash on my couch. I love how good you feel around my dick. I want you to cum with me.”

“I can’t.”

“Yes. You can.”

“I’m not supposed to cum.”

“You want to don’t you?”

“Yes, but…”

“I want you to cum with me. I want to feel your dick pulsing out hot shots of cream as mine is doing the same in your ass. I want to be one with you. Are you ready to cum?” All Jesse could do was nod his head. “Here we go.” Selena began pumping his ass in earnest. Her balls were slapping against him and she was stroking his turgid cock with her hand. She had just had an orgasm so even though she was close she knew she could wait for him. She didn’t have to wait long. Jesse began panting really hard and she felt him tense up beneath her. Something about making a guy cum while she was pounding his ass always sent her over the edge. The rest of Jesse’s body went rigid and she felt his cum pulse down the length of his prick. That first pulse through her hand sent Selena into hot ecstasy filled convulsions. She emptied her balls into the condom in his ass as she milked his cock onto her office floor.

The little two person cum fest was over in about 15 seconds. Selena was spent and thoroughly satisfied as she lay on Jesse’s back. It was all Jesse could do to keep from collapsing on the floor in his own cum. After a minute or so Selena pulled her feet up under her and stood up. The air felt cool on Jesse’s newly exposed skin and his sphincter felt like it was never going to close up. Jesse had to squeeze it hard a few times to get it to feel like he wasn’t gaping open. Selena reached down and patted his ass cheek as she said,

“I like watching a guy try to get back to normal after I’ve stretched him out. Seeing his asshole shrink and contract always makes me want some more.” Squatting over his rump she rubbed the tip of her cock around his sphincter and pushed the head back inside him. “MMMM I so want to do you again, but I’d better not.” She stood back up and walked over to pull a sheet of paper towel from a roll on top of a cabinet. As she wiped up she said, “I’ve already kept you too long and on top of that I’ll have to hear about making you cum. That gets me in trouble every time.”

Jesse got up off of the floor and Selena offered him the roll of towels. He pulled a couple off and cleaned himself up. They didn’t speak as they straightened their clothes. Jesse took a couple of extra towels and wiped up the evidence on the floor.

“There’s some spot remover in the top cabinet drawer. Use that to finish cleaning up.” Jesse did as he was told and Selena sat back down at her desk and went back to reading the screen play as if he had already left. Selena heard him open the door and without looking up she said,

“Thank you for coming by this morning Jesse. I expect to see you first thing tomorrow morning as well, unless of course Ms. Angel needs you. Understand?”

“Yes Ms. Selena.”
Jesse pulled the door closed with a soft click and hurried down the hall toward Ms. Angel’s office. As he reached for the door handle Rika said,

“Knock first! Ms. Angel never likes for anyone to barge in on her!”

“Oh. Yea, right.”

Jesse planted two quick knocks on the massive door and was rewarded with a muffled ‘Come in.’ Jesse turned the handle and stepped inside, the massive mahogany door clicking shut behind him. Ms. Angel’s head was down over some papers on her desk and she absentmindedly twirled a pen in her hand while she read. As Jesse approached the desk he was once again struck with how beautiful she was and how feminine she looked. As he watched she took the pen and underlined a section of print and added a note on the side of the paper. Finished, she looked up at Jesse and a small smile touched her lips.

“I hope that Selena wasn’t too hard on you. She’s been pretty grouchy the last few weeks so I’m sure she must have had some serious pent up frustrations.”

“Um…no Ms. Selena was…enthusiastic, but didn’t hurt me…too much.” Ms. Angel laughed and said,

“Ms. Selena eh? I’m sure she likes that. And listen to you, already so diplomatic here in the office. Well, enough of the small talk. I have work to do and you need to help me.” There was something different about Ms. Angel but Jesse couldn’t put his finger on what it was. She rolled back from her desk to allow him to take his place under it. Before she rolled in she pulled up her skirt and released her penis. It was already swelling with anticipation of the warm wet confines of Jesse’s mouth. Just before he took it in his mouth he realized what was different about her.

“Ms. Angel! Are your eyes a different color? They’re brown and I could have sworn they were blue yesterday!” She smiled down at his astonished face between her long smooth thighs and said,

“Actually they were blue yesterday. I was wearing blue contacts just for the fun of it. I think it’s cute that you noticed just as you were getting ready to take me in your mouth! I guess that shows that you’re more focused on me when I’m in your mouth, which is a very good thing.”

She put a hand on the back of his head and pulled his mouth over her as she rolled back up to her desk. Time passed rather slowly for Jesse. His mind was wandering and he wasn’t very focused on taking care of Ms. Angel like he should have been. Finally in frustration she rolled away from the desk pulling her member from him with a pop. She motioned with her thumb as she ordered,


“But I…uh don’t…”

“Jesse it’s obvious that you had an orgasm this morning with Selena. You’re lax in your performance and frankly you’re being far more of a hindrance than a help. Here’s a list of errands that I need you to run. You should be finished by lunch. Eat wherever you want, but be back here by 1:00 pm. Maria is due in at 1:30 and I want to be sure that you will be here for her even if she arrives a little bit early. Understood?” Jesse was feeling sheepish as he softly answered,

“Yes, Ms. Angel.” Jesse took the list from her and headed toward the door.


“Yes Ms. Angel?”

“From now on I expect you to honor our agreement to limit your orgasms. I understand that Selena can be very persuasive, and I’ll be having yet another talk with her, but you have to be able to resist. Understand?”

“Yes Ms. Angel.”

“Good. Whatever it takes for you to regain your focus by the time Maria gets here, do it.”

“Yes Ms. Angel.” As her focus returned to the desk Jesse understood that he was dismissed and headed for the door. As he pulled the door closed he heard Rika answer her phone,

“Yes Ms. Angel?” She paused as she listened to the instructions. “Meet you at 12:30 sharp at Leo’s Grill. Yes, I’ll tell her right away.” Rika hung up the phone as Jesse approached her desk. “So Selena put you over the top and now you’re both in the dog house.” Jesse only nodded miserably. “Guess you’d better not have any more screw ups today.”

Jesse nodded again and handed her the list. They went over what he was supposed to do and about how long he could expect it to take. As Jesse was leaving Rika made a couple of suggestions. One for lunch and one to help him get refocused.

“The New Orleans House has oysters on the half shell for lunch and you should stop by GWA on 10th street. When you get to GWA ask for Lena and tell her you work for Ms. Angel and need to get refocused. She’ll know what to do.”

“I understand the oysters, but GWA?”

“Girls With Attitude.”

“Oh.” Jesse left without any further questions.

At 1:00 on the nose a brand new Jesse, with a broad grin strode through the doors and straight up to Rika’s desk.

“Lena is amazing! In thirty minutes she…massaged…pushed…prodded…and I drank some kind of…well I don’t know…it was a tea I suppose…but it just…”

“Slow down cowboy!” Rika smiled and held up her hand as she said. “I’ve been to Lena and already know what you’re talking about.”

“You have? Oh, isn’t she amazing?”

“Yes. She was one of the best fluffers in the industry until she went mainstream.”

“Fluffer? What’s a fluffer?”

“They keep the actors in porn movies aroused so they’re ready to go when the cameras start rolling.”

“Oh.” There was a bit of pause. “Is that what Ms. Angel has planned for me to do to help out on this movie.”

“Well…that is something that the last assistant did from time to time, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be doing it…at least not all of the time.” Rika finished with a grin.

Jesse let out with a heavy sigh and just as he was about to reply the door opened and in stepped a young woman with black hair and a pair of the bluest eyes Jesse had ever seen. She confidently strode up to Rika’s desk and said,

“Hello, my name is Maria and I have an appointment with a Ms. Angel at 1:30.”

“Hello Maria, we’ve been expecting you. I’ll let Ms. Angel know you’ve arrived.”

As Rika picked up the phone Maria turned to Jesse and extended a hand. When Jesse took it she gave a firm handshake and said,

“Hello, I’m Maria.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Maria, my name is Jesse.” Maria gave him an appraising look and quipped,

“It could be very pleasurable, if you like.” Jesse had a confused look on his face, but before Maria was f***ed to explain Rika said,

“Ms. Angel will see you now. Just through those doors, please.” She indicated with a nod. Jesse and Rika watched her walk across to the doors and enter with a fluid motion. Only her perfume lingered behind. Jesse said,

“Wow. If I didn’t know what we’re doing here and passed her on the street, I’d swear she was just some college girl out for a stroll.”

“Yep, she’s a pretty one. She even makes me feel a little old and frumpy.” Jesse snorted,


The phone rang and Rika picked it up.

“Yes Ms. Angel? I’ll send him right in.” She hung up and said, “You’re up big boy.”

Jesse entered Ms. Angel’s office to find Maria lounging in one of the chairs across from Ms. Angel’s desk. Her long legs were crossed at the knee and she was slightly slumped. She was wearing a pair of skinny jeans with flat heel black boots that came up to her knees. A white loose knit sweater hung off one shoulder with a bright fuchsia bra strap cutting across her smooth tan skin.

“Maria, this is Jesse, my personal assistant. He’ll be attending to all of your needs while you’re here working with us.”

“All of my needs…” She drew out dreamily, “I have some serious needs. Is he up to the task?”

“Oh yes. You’ll find that he is quite adept.”

“How nice.”

“If you’ll go back out to Rika she’ll show you to your dressing room and I’ll send Jesse along in a minute.”

“Sure. See you soon Jesse.” Maria unfolded from the chair and left the room.

“Jesse, I know this is your first real day on the job, but it is very important to keep that young woman happy. With those looks even if she doesn’t really act all that well she’ll still be huge. And if she’s huge, so is our bottom line. With that in mind I need you to pretty much give her anything she wants. Got it?”

“Um…I think so. I guess I’m just a little nervous about messing something up. Are there any limits on what I’m supposed to do for her?”

“Well don’t go out and kill her ex-boyfriend or anything, but if it’s sexual, or food and drink related I’d say that’s all pretty much on the menu. Especially if it’s sexual.”

“I’ll do my best Ms. Angel.”

“I’m sure you will Jesse.”

As Jesse closed the office door behind him Rika called him over to her desk and handed him a list. It was beginning to seem like lists were as big a part of his new job as spending time helping his coworkers with their “stress” issues. He looked at the list: Champagne, Sub sandwich with a list of ingredients, Strawberries and other fruit, and Hurry back! With a little smiley face beside it. Jesse looked up at Rika and before he could ask she said,

“The Fresh Market on the corner of Fifth and Vine will have it all. We have an account there. Hurry back!” she finished with a chuckle.

Jesse was back in thirty minutes and knocking on the dressing room door.

“Who is it?” Came drifting from within.

“It’s Jesse. I have all the things on your list.”

“Oh good! Please come in.”

Jesse opened the door and was greeted by the sight of Maria sitting in an overstuffed chair in the corner of the room. She was wearing only her fuchsia bra and was slumped down in the chair so that her butt was on the edge of the cushion. Her legs were spread and dangling between them was an impressive penis backed up by a large ball sac. Jesse couldn’t help his eyes lingering for a moment over her incredible body. She was so feminine and so shapely that it made her cock stand out all the more in contrast to her body. She truly looked like a woman with a penis. Jesse tore his eyes away and set the food on the counter of the small kitchenette as he rummaged in the cabinets for a plate. As he busied himself with the food preparation she said,

“You like what you see, don’t you Jesse.”

He didn’t answer right away, unsure of what she was asking. Did he like her penis, the position she was in or the overall look? Finally he said,

“Yes. I think you are a beautiful young woman.” She snorted and quipped,

“Young yes, beautiful…I suppose so, woman? Well, the penis between my legs belies that image doesn’t it?” Jesse finished getting her lunch together and took it over to her. As she took the plate from him he said,

“I supposed it does at a genetic level, but to me you look like a woman with a penis, not a boy with breasts.” Maria thought about that as she bit into her sandwich. Jesse opened the Champagne and brought her a glass.

“You know, I like how you see it.”

“I’m glad you do, but it really doesn’t matter much what I think. What do you think? Are you a boy with breasts or a girl with a penis?”

“I’m not sure. I like everything about being a pretty girl. The clothes and the shoes, flirting with guys and how easy they are to get all hot and bothered, but I have to admit that I love fucking the guys. I love controlling them and using them to make me feel good. I love being a girl because of the access it gives me to guys.”

“How do the guys react when you take your panties off?”

“Most are pretty cool about my penis. Some get pissed and storm out of the room and one actually hit me. Took a swing and caught me off guard. Gave me a pretty good black eye too.” She said with a chuckle. “I’m a black belt in Jujitsu so suffice it to say that the rest of the evening didn’t turn out quite like he planned. He spent the rest of the night giving it up to me.”

Jesse believed it too. She was a very confident young woman with an athletic build. Jesse slipped out of his jacket and kicked off his shoes. Without being asked he knelt between her legs and took her in his mouth. She was soft as he began to suck on her, but as the seconds slipped by she began to grow. She sat her partially eaten lunch on the floor and continued to sip at her champagne as she watched him begin to struggle to contain her growing prick with his mouth.

“I love to watch a guy blow me. Something about the view down past my breasts that is such a turn on. Most of the girls I know who have dicks can’t wait to get rid of them, but not me. I like mine and besides, right now I’m something special, something unique, if I get it cut off then I’m just another girl. What’s the fun in that?”

Maria was fully erect and throbbing. Jesse worked the head of her penis around at the back of his throat, trying to get past his gag reflex. She calmly sat and watched him work while she sipped her champagne. There was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” Muffled through the door came the response,

“My name is Selena and I have your audition script.”

“Oh! Please bring it in!” The door opened and Selena was startled to see Jesse on his knees between Maria’s long legs. His head bobbing as he worked her cock. Selena stopped for a second unsure if she should go on in, but Maria waved her forward as she said, “Thank you so much! I’ll get started on it right away. Do you know how long before the screen test?”

“Uh…’bout an hour.” Was the flustered response.

“That should be plenty of time.” Maria noticed that Selena seemed mesmerized by what was going on between her legs. “If you’re not too busy you’re welcome to stay and watch. I enjoy it even more when I have an audience.”

“Thanks, but…I…er…need to be getting back to work.” She ducked out pulling the door closed behind her.

Selena’s brief stop by the dressing room had a definite impact on Maria. While she was talking to Selena she got even bigger in Jesse’s mouth and now her hand was on the back of his head.

“That’s it Jesse. Work me over. I want it to be really big and hard for my shoot. MMMM, yea, deeper, come on, I know you can do it.” Her voice was so sexy it had Jesse trying to deep throat her with everything he had. Gagging and slobbering he tried to swallow her over and over. “Play with my balls. Ummm, yea, feel how big they are, how full of cum they are, they’re going to work up such a big load for your hot mouth. Feel how heavy they are, hold them in your palm and weigh them. Put your other hand on my tit and play with my nipple. Yea, get it good and hard too. Oh Jesse, you’re doing a great job. I’m getting super turned on! In fact you’re doing too good of a job.” She gently pushed him off of her cock and away from her. She was leaning forward with her eyes closed, hands on her knees quivering and breathing deeply as she tried to come back down from the brink of her orgasm. Jesse watched her shake occasionally as her wet cock twitched in vain between her legs. Finally she opened her eyes and big grin spread across her beautiful face.

“Damn you’re good. But I’ve got to save the orgasm for the screen test. I want it to be huge. Let’s take a look at the script and see what’s in store.” She opened the screen play and began to read through it as Jesse watched her. He found it hard to believe that she was only 22 years old. In many ways she seemed much more mature than that, appearing to have the confidence of a woman in her 30s. She had her body back under control, no longer quivering with excitement, but she must have liked what she was reading because her penis stayed rigid. “Oooo, looks like things could be getting a little rough in this scene. It appears that I don’t take no for an answer. Oh look, here’s a copy of the script for you.” Maria handed him his copy. He flipped it open and started skimming through it. She was right, it was going to get a little rough. The scene was set in an elevator in an off strip hotel in Vegas. She was coming on hard to him and he was not going for it. Jesse skimmed through the script which had very little dialogue for him. All he was going to have to do was play hard to get.

“So, whadathink Jess? Can you handle this scene? Can you handle me getting a little rough with you?”

“I think I can handle it.”

“Good, because I have to admit, after that blowjob, I really want to get off deep inside you!” She laughed out loud. There was another knock at the door and Kara simply opened the door and stepped in.

“Sounds like you two are having fun. That’s great because it will give you a good report for the camera. Jesse, have you had a chance to look over your part for the screen test?”

“Yes, I took a look at it. Seems like all I have to do is play hard to get.”

“That pretty much sums it up. Think you can pull that off?”

“I’m pretty sure I can.”

“That’s wonderful! Now if you’ll just go down to the end of the hall to the sound stage I’ll help Maria get dressed while you read over your script some more. We should be ready in about thirty minutes. Ok? Ok.” With that she turned her attention to Maria and Jesse knew that he was dismissed.

When Jesse got to the sound stage he found Pria and Carla putting the finishing touches on three sides of an elevator. The prop sat on some springs and was held in place by four poles so that it would move up and down a little. When Jesse walked up Carla asked,

“Looks pretty realistic eh?”

“It looks just like the one in the lobby.”

“That’s good because that’s the one I modeled it after. Want to give it a test drive?”

Jesse shrugged his big shoulders and stepped up into the cube. He bounced up and down and the car moved smoothly along its poles.

“Seems like it works great to me.” When he turned around both ladies were sporting some serious bulges in the front of their kakis and he realized that wasn’t the type of test drive they’d meant.

“Oh Carla, look at the shape of him. I am greatly desirous of penetrating him deeply!” Jesse realized those were not Spanish eyes, they were Middle Eastern eyes. Should have guessed from the name.

“Pria honey, I’m right there with you!”

“Do you think we have the time to enjoy him prior to the shooting?” Carla glanced at the clock on the wall.
“I know it’s not going to take me long to bust a nut. I’m horny as hell! What about you?”

“I’m already oozing precum from my swollen member! I say let us do him!”

Both women unzipped their pants and pulled out their pricks as they stepped into the fake elevator with Jesse. Carla pulled Jesse into her arms and kissed him deeply as she pressed her cock against him. Pria pressed into him from behind and began kissing along his neck. Jesse was squeezed between these two lovely bodies, the creamy boy filling in a lusty t-girl sandwich. Pria reached around in front and undid Jesse’s pants. She pushed them off of his hips and down to the floor. She rubbed her oozing member along his muscular butt cheeks as Carla worked Jesse’s front. Carla reached down and gripped Jesse’s penis and stroked it a few times, pulling him erect. She then grabbed her own cock and taking them both in her hand began to rub them together. Pria worked up some spit and used her fingers to rub it all over the head of her cock. Without any hesitation she worked the tip past Jesse’s butt cheeks and into his ass. Placing a hand on each hip she rolled up on her toes and pushed into him. Jesse gasped at the size of her as he involuntarily clamped down on her.

“Oh Carla! He is squeezing me! I’m going to explode my joy deep inside of him!”

“You must be stretching him pretty good cause he’s getting soft! Give it to him Pria! Squirt it deep inside him!” Pria began to jerkily saw her raging hard-on in and out of Jesse’s ass and moments later moaned and said,

“I’m cuming Carla! I’m cuming really hard!” Pria thrust forward and buried her cock in Jesse as Carla reached around and grabbed Pria’s ass with both hands and pulled her even deeper into Jesse. Pria whimpered and groaned as Carla squeezed her ass while she came. Jesse was trapped between the two women with one’s prick in his ass and the other’s pointing up between their stomachs. When Carla felt Pria’s ass quit twitching she let go and allowed a spent Pria to withdraw her deflating cock from his ass.

Pria leaned back against the wall and Carla purred to Jesse.

“On your knees big boy! I want some of that sweet mouth of yours.” She stole one last kiss and Jesse did as she ordered. She stepped up to him and he opened his mouth for her. She went straight in and didn’t stop until Jesse gagged. She pulled back and pushed in again, but Jesse was ready and leaned back a little to soften the blow to the back of his throat. Carla smiled at him, grabbed the bottom of her shirt and in one fluid motion pealed it over her head. Now she stood there in her kakis and a thin white bra. Carla was built. Jesse could see she had nice four pack abs and a lean muscular body. Tattooed on her stomach was an arrow that pointed down to her penis, and over the arrow were the words ‘Place mouth here!’. She pulled her cock back and pushed forward again, but when Jesse tried to pull away Pria’s thighs were there to catch his head. Carla pushed past his gag reflex and into his throat for just a second and pulled back out. Jesse thought he was going to puke, but somehow he held on. Carla ran her hands up over her ribs and cupped a breast in each hand as she pinched her nipples. Jesse’s hands were on her thighs so she reached down and pulled them up to her breasts. She worked her breasts with his hands until he got the message and began kneading them himself. When he started working her nipples through the bra she put her hands on her hips and started thrusting in and out of his mouth.

“Relax Jesse and let me down your throat. You’ve got to learn to deep throat me sooner or later and I think it needs to be sooner.” She pushed forward again and trapped between her descending crotch and Pria’s thighs there was nowhere for Jesse to go. He relaxed and she slid down his throat until her kakis were in his face, held there for three seconds and pulled back out. Jesse coughed around her cock a few times and his eyes were watering, but it did seem like it was getting easier. Her hands were still on her hips as she descended again. Jesse was ready and as she passed into his throat he squeezed her nipples hard. He could feel her cock convulse in his throat as he pinched and rolled her nipples with his fingers. Carla thrust down his throat like that a dozen more times and each thrust brought her closer to an orgasm. She was deep in his throat when her orgasm hit. She leaned forward, her breasts brushing the top of his head and with a howl she let loose four rapid pulses of cum down his throat. As soon as she finished she pulled out to let him breathe.

Jesse bent forward and desperately tried to keep from heaving up his guts.

“My, my. That was a very nice job Jesse. I haven’t cum that fast in a long time. I just love to have my cock sucked and you’re going to be doing it a lot if I have my way.”

As Jesse knelt on the floor both women tucked their penises back into their pants and Carla pulled her polo shirt back over her head. As soon as they were back together they grabbed Jesse by the arms and pulled him to his feet. Carla said,

“That was nice honey, but you better go to the bathroom and freshen up for your big scene. We don’t want you to be dripping Pria’s cum out of your ass while Maria is trying to shove her cock in there now do we.” The women pushed him off toward the bathroom in the corner. “Don’t forget to douche!” Pria called after him and both women broke into laughter.

Jesse stumbled into the restroom which turned out to also have a shower. He hung up his clothes and hopped in the shower. The hot water made him feel better and did a quickie wash. While he was rinsing he noticed a plastic bottle with an angled tip. He unscrewed the lid, filled it with hot water and once it was full he slipped the tip into his rectum. Gently squeezing the bottle he propelled the contents into him. It actually felt pretty good. After a few seconds he let the fluid run out of him and he could see some of Pria’s cum in it. He did one more just to be sure he was cleaned out. He toweled off and when he went to get dressed he found some sweat pants and wife beater shirt with a note that told him to put them on. Once he was dressed he went back out to the studio.

There was a crowd of people around the elevator prop and he took a deep breath before he headed over to them. As he approached he noticed that Maria was also dressed in workout gear. She was wearing a pair of navy blue spandex Capri pants with a grey sports bra that seemed to be cut more to show off her breasts than to support them. He stepped up to the edge of the group as Kara was saying,

“…at this point we will shake the elevator to make it appear that it has gotten stuck. Once the voice over the intercom confirms that it will only be a short while before it is fixed you start making eyes at Jesse’s character. You don’t have to follow the dialogue in the script exactly, but please try to as much as possible. Oh, here’s Jesse now. Are you ready to get started?”

“Yes Ms. Kara. I’m showered and all ready to go.”

“Good, good! Maria, are you ready?” She gave Jesse a long look up and down and replied,


Alright, take your places and we’ll get started.”

Maria and Jesse got into the elevator and stood politely apart as if they were strangers sharing a ride. Everyone one else took their places at lights and cameras so they were ready when Kara said,

“Roll cameras.” Pria said,

“Elevator scene, screen test one.” And snapped the clapperboard. Then Kara said,


Jesse and Maria were acting like strangers, but both were sneaking glances at the other. After thirty seconds Carla shook the elevator and they both looked around surprised. Maria reached out and tapped some of the buttons before she finally muttered,

“Oh, this is just great. Looks like the elevator is broken.”

“Here, let me hit the call button. Maybe someone will answer.” Jesse presses the button. After a brief silence a voice is heard asking,

“May I help you?”

“Our elevator seems to be stuck. Can you get it going or come get us out?”

“I’ll call maintenance right away. It will take at least thirty minutes for them to get to you.”

“No one can come right now?”
“I’m sorry sir. We only have one maintenance person qualified to work on the elevators. They’ll get there as quickly as possible.”

“Well…alright. I guess there’s nothing we can do but wait. Thanks.” He turns to address Maria. “Looks like your evaluation is spot on. We’re stuck.”

“At least I’m not stuck in here alone. That would be much worse.”

“So I guess that there’s nothing left to do but get acquainted. My name’s Jesse.” He sticks his hand out and Maria takes it.

“I’m Maria. Nice to meet you.”

“Wow. You have a nice grip. You’re a strong woman, you must work out a lot.”

“I try to make it five days a week. What about you?”

“That’s the schedule I try to keep also.”

“Well, it seems to be working for you. You’re a pretty hot guy.” Jesse blushed for real.

“Um…thanks! I’m not used to pretty women telling me I’m hot. It’s kind of nice.”

“We could do more than just talk about it.”

“I’m not sure I follow…” Maria stepped up close and covered his mouth with hers. After a second she pushed her tongue deep inside. She kissed him hard and started rubbing his muscular body. She pushed him against the side of the elevator hard enough to make it rock a little. Now Jesse’s hands were in action, rubbing her hard body as they continued kissing. Maria said,

“God, I’m so hot for you. I want to do it right here, right now.”

“Why don’t we wait till they open the elevator then we can go to my place.”

“I don’t want to wait. I want to fuck you now.”

She kisses him again. Harder this time. Her hands all over him. Jesse can’t tell if she’s acting or truly hot for him. To him it feels real. She’s grinding her body against his and the spandex is slippery and extremely sexy. Jesse is getting a hard on and she can feel it pressing against her. She slips her hand down the front of his sweat pants and grabs his cock. She gives it a squeeze and says,

“Feels like you want me too. It’s nice, I’m going to take it out.”

“But we might get in trouble! They could be watching us on some kind of camera.”

“You think so? That’s so hot, it turns me on even more! I’ve got to do you now!”

Maria pulled his cock out of the top of his pants as she pushed them below his butt. She squatted down and started to rub her breasts along his fully erect prick. The sports bra and soft breasts had Jesse throbbing with desire. This was the hottest thing he’d ever done. She slipped her mouth over the head of his penis and got it all slippery, then proceeded to push it down into her cleavage. Jesse was panting as her tight breast flesh engulfed him and she rocked up and down, fucking him with her tits. She pushed up his shirt and began to lick and kiss her way around his abs. Jesse was floating on air and oblivious to her sucking on one of her fingers before she slid it back to his ass. She gripped his ass in both hands and then slid her lubricated finger into his asshole.

“Hey! What the hell…I don’t do…oh…Oh…OH…that feels good!”

Maria had found his prostate and was massaging it. He was putty in her hands. She worked his ass for a few more minutes as she kept up the barrage of attention from her tongue and tits. Finally she pulled back and stood up. Jesse let out with a moan of distress.

“You really liked that didn’t you? You’ve got a nice cock, but I want to play with a bigger one now. She hooked her thumbs in her pants and pushed them down till her own cock sprung up between them. With both of them right there side by side it was easy to see that she was bigger than him. He looked down at her and almost forgot that he was supposed to be playing hard to get, but at the last second he said,

“Holy shit! You have a cock!”

“Yea, I know, and it’s a pretty big one too.”

“I can’t touch a cock!”

“What’s the big deal? You have a cock and I’m pretty sure you touch it.”

“It’s attached to me, that’s a big difference!”

“I think you’re blowing this all out of proportion. You don’t see me making a big deal out of you having a cock.”

“I’m a guy! I’m supposed to have a cock!”

“Well, I’m a hot looking girl who wants to have sex with you. It just so happens that I have a very big, hard, throbbing cock that I desperately want to press into your tight ass.”

“No way! You’re not putting that thing in my ass!”

Maria stuck out her bottom lip and made a pouty face as she said,

“Awww c’mon, that’s no way to be after I just treated you so well between my titties.”

“That was nice, but it wasn’t enough to let you fuck me in the ass!”

She quit pouting and said,

“Listen, I’m screaming horny and I’m going to fuck you. It can be the easy way or the hard way, but make no mistake, I’m going to fuck you.”

“Over my dead…”

Maria grabbed him by the arm and spun him around. She pulled his arm up behind his back and slammed him against the side of the elevator. When he started to struggle she wrenched his arm even harder.

“Oww! Sonofa bitch! That hurts, cut it out!”

“Once I’m in you and you quit struggling I’ll quit hurting you.”

Maria spit in her free hand and rubbed it all over the head of her prick. She stepped up behind Jesse and began to feed it into his ass. The head stretched him open and the rest of her thick member followed until her hips were against his ass. Jesse grunted and squirmed as she filled him with her meaty girl cock. She stayed still inside of him as she flexed the muscles in her ass making her cock grow and move. Jesse was breathing hard and it wasn’t acting.

“There now, see how well I fit inside you? Are you ready to behave? If you do I promise that you’ll get off with me, but if you keep forcing me to put you in your place I’m going to cum in your ass and leave you hanging.”

She let go of Jesse’s arm and when he didn’t struggle she started to slowly pump his ass. She kept him pinched between her and the wall at first, rocking her hips as she worked his ass.

“Oh Jesse, it feels so good to be inside of you. You’re so warm and slippery I don’t think I’ll be able to hold out too long.” She reached around to his cock. “You’ve gone limp. That’s ok, lots of guys do that when I’m inside of them. Seems I’m big enough to make them forget all about their own cocks. Here, let’s get you up and work on that prostate a little. That should get you in the mood.”

She worked his prick as she kept grinding her own in his ass. She found his prostate with her cock tip and began to rub it as she stroked him. Jesse’s head was spinning. He knew that he was supposed to be playing hard to get, but Maria had complete control of him. He would have done anything for her right then. He could feel her breasts pressed against his back and her free hand was running up and down his stomach. The whole world had faded away and now the only thing he was conscious of was this incredible creature making love to him. She was making him feel things he’d never felt before and he was lost in her spell. Suddenly out of nowhere his orgasm came crashing down around him. Hot thick jets of his cum sprayed on the wall of the elevator as she pushed against his prostrate. Jesse groaned and grunted with each jet of cum until he was finished.

“I love it when my man cums while I’m fucking him. It turns me on almost as much as someone watching me fucking him. Turn around, I want to finish up facing you.”

Maria pulled out of Jesse, turned him around and leaned him back against the wall. She pushed his sweat pants to the floor and had him step out of them. She pealed her sports bra off and then pealed Jesse’s shirt off of him. Maria stepped in close and pressed her hard nipples against his chest. She reached down and pulled his leg up and hooked it over her hip. Moving in closer she guided her penis back to Jesse’s ass. Having just shot his load he was a bit lethargic and suddenly hyper aware of the film crew and watchers outside of the elevator. Maria changed his focus when she started talking to him,

“Look at me. Look in my eyes. I want you to see my expression as I’m cuming inside of you. Tilt your hips forward more so I can get deeper inside you. MMM, that’s it. Much better. Now play with my tits. Rub and squeeze them. Yea, like that. Now pinch my nipples. Ooooo, yea. Harder. Ugh! Hell yea! This is so good, so damn good I’m gonna squirt a fucking gallon of cum in you!” Maria was starting to really pump him now, but she didn’t look away. Jesse was drowning in her incredible blue eyes. He began to squeeze her with the leg he had hooked over her hip, trying to pull her closer to him. “Yea baby. That’s it, pull me deeper. I know you want me in you. You were just playing hard to get earlier. I know you couldn’t wait to have my throbbing cock buried in your ass.” Maria is humping Jesse like there’s no tomorrow now. She’s rocked up on her toes and has his forehead pulled down against hers with her arm around the back of his head. Suddenly she shoves as deep in him as she can get and her body convulses. “OH, OH, OH GOD YEA! UGH,…UGH! Feel me squirting inside you! UGH…UGH! Damn your ass is so hot! MMMM…UGH. One more! UGH!”

She’s standing there with her cock still in Jesse’s ass, his leg hooked over her hip, as the breathless voice crackles out of the speaker.

“Damn that was HOT! Do him again! Fuck him with that girl cock one more time!”

Maria laughs and says to the voice,

“I’m glad you liked it! Don’t worry, he’ll get it again.”

Maria pulls out of Jesse’s ass and as her cum runs down his legs Jesse thinks to himself, ‘Man I love my job!’

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i so wnt a freakin job like tht!
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Very nice and entertaining
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where oh where can i get a job like that
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Smashingly brilliant story :D