My first timw with a T-Gurl

When I was in college I had my first experience with a really fem boi or some would call a trap. As many college students I often spent my off hours at the local bar. You could find me there many night drinking, hitting on girls and playing pool. Well, I have always had a thing for petite rocker girls. You know the kind tight little skirts with thigh high fishnets and knee high black boots usually wearing a loose fitting band shirt. Hair all disheveled and streaks of some sort of crazy color to offset the equally bright make-up and piercings.
It was the beginning of January and classes hadn't resumed from winter break. Almost none of my friends or roommates had returned from yet and one night I found myself bored. I decided to go to the local bar in hopes that I could meet up with someone I knew and have a few. However, I was soon to be disappointed because the bar was dead. Almost no one was in there expect I noticed two girls sitting at the end of the bar. They both looked hot as hell with their slutty little punk look. I took a seat mid way down the bar and ordered a beer and thought that I would wait a bit to see if anyone showed up.
I sat there for a few minutes and would glance down the bar to catch another look at the two girls. When I noticed that one of them was a total knock out. She was wearing a zip up green hoodie and a torn up Dead Kennedys t-shirt. She had shoulder length blonde hair with a dark pink streak in the front with a small stud piercing in her nose. She was so hot and reminded me a lot of a punk rock version of Elisha Cuthbert. I kept peeking down the bar and of course eventually got caught as they noticed me staring. I just sat there pretending that i wasn't as huge a jackass as I felt as I could hear them snickering to each other.
"Hey, you gonna come talk to us or what?" the one friend yelled down the bar. I walked down and took a sit next to them and ordered a pitcher for us. "So I'm Lisa and this is my friend Kelly." she said as she pointed to her hot blonde friend. I told them my name and we chatted for a bit but Kelly didn't speak much and was pretty timid when she did speak. "Oh just ignore her, she just thinks you're hot and whatnot." Lisa said bluntly after Kelly had a smart ass comment to her.
"Shut up bitch." Kelly responded quickly.
"Easy girls, I think you're both hot as hell so no worries." I said trying to ease the awkwardness. They both looked at each other and then me and giggled.
"Well, I going to go over to Tim's. Did you want to come or do you want a ride back to our place?" Lisa asked to Kelly. She looked at me and started to respond, "I...guess...".
"I can give you a ride if you wanted to hang out here longer." I interrupted.
"That would be great." Kelly said with a sexy tone in her voice. Lisa smiled and looked back and forth between us.
"Alright you k**s have fun." Lisa said as she grabbed her stuff and walked away.
"Oh are you spending the night at Tim's? Kelly yelled down across the bar.
"You slut." She said with a giant grin on her face. "But yeah I probably am."
"It's not like that...I...just wanted to know." Kelly said back in her timid voice.
"Sure you did." Lisa said sarcastically.
Kelly just sat there for a bit with her face buried in her hands till I finally talked up into a conversation. We talked for a while and had more drinks. We were having a great time she was into all the same kinds of music and art as me. We were there till almost midnight when we decided to leave. I gave her a ride to her apartment and we just sat in my car for awhile in a strange silences.
"Umm, you want to come in?" Kelly asked with a frighten sound in her voice.
"Sure if you really want me too." I responded.
"Yeah I do, really." she said a little more affirming.
We walked up to her apartment and as we walked into her place. She grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her with a look of deer in headlights in her eyes. I leaned in and kissed her as I pushed her back up against the back of her door shutting it behind her. We passionately kissed and sucked on each other necks and earlobes. We kept kissing as my hands started to work south from the small of her back to her nice firm ass. We clumsily made our way into her kitchen making out the entire time. I grabbed Kelly with both hands just underneath her butt and lifted her up and sat her down on the counter top. I stood back and just looked at her for a bit with her legs slight spread open I could see up her tight little skirt and she that she was wearing baby blue cotton panties. As she noticed me looking up her skirt, she placed her hands over her crotch and closed up her legs. I walked back over to kiss her again when she held up her hand.
"Wait a sec, I gotta tell you something before we go any further." She as she placed her hand on my chest. My mind was racing I was running through all the different possibilities. "Okay, ummm....OH, god." she said as if she was about to die.
"It's okay, just take a deep breath and take your time." I said trying to be as comforting as a horny male can be. Kelly took a couple of deep breaths and then looked up at me with here amazing green eyes.
"I'm a boy." She said quickly. "Well sorta a boy. Oh, god." she said with the returning sound of death in her voice. We began to talk and she told me about her gender identity issue she was having. She told me about how she mostly felt like a girl but at times felt male. I felt bad for her, she must have been so confused. However, after discussing hormones and possible surgery that she was unsure if she wanted we finally came back to what we doing.
"So, yeah...thanks for being so understanding. I was afraid you might freak out on me or something. I understand if you want to leave." she said as her head shank into her lap.
"What if I said I wanted to stay?" I asked.
"Oh, that's cool we can talk or something?" Kelly responded looking around her kitchen.
"What if I don't want to talk or something?" I said as I moved in close in front of her sitting on the counter placing my hand on each side of her.
"Really?" She said as she looked right at me with a big smile on her face.
"All I can say is I'm attracted to the person I see in front of me." I said as Kelly opened her legs to let me lean in to kiss her. I placed my hands on her hips as our lips met and I slid my tongue into her mouth. Kelly was a crazy kisser she would suck on my tongue and bit my lips. She would suck and kiss my neck and earlobes and it made me want to do the same to her. When I would kiss and suck her earlobes her body would shiver and it was driving me wild.
We had a deep, hard kiss and then she pushed me back off her with a grin on her face. She hopped off the counter and unbuckled her big studded belt and then unzipped her skirt and let it all drop to the floor. She had thigh high black stockings and a pair of tight baby blue bootie short style panties. She let her hoodie fall off as she walked over to me and began to kiss me again. I placed my hands on her hips but quickly moved to her amazing ass. It was a pretty bubble for Kelly's petite frame and size. She giggled from time to time as I grope and fondled her butt.
"I can't believe you're feeling me up." She said as she leaned back to look at me face. "Let's go to my room." she said as she led me by the hand. She stood me in front of her bed and turned me towards her just to push me down onto the bed. I looked her up and down and could see she was getting hard. She dropped to her knees in front of me and leaned over and placed her hands on my belt buckle.
"Can I suck you?" She said with a lustful tone in her voice. I nodded franticly as she smiled and began to unbuckle my belt. I was rock hard and she stop to notice before unzipping my pants. "Ohhhh, look at this." she said as she grabbed my throbbing bulge. "Mmmmm, I gonna have fun with this." she said as she gave me a good stiff squeeze before working her way back to my zipper. She unzipped my jeans and then began to tug them down around my ankles where she removed my shoes and then my jeans. She placed her hands on my knees and then ran them up my thighs and up into my boxers where she would tease me by just grazing her hand by my testicles or barely touch the shaft with her finger tips. I would moan as she did this and she would giggle. She eventually would just reach in the fly hole of my boxers and grab me firmly by the balls and pulled out my cock with the other hand. She sat back on her feet and looked at my erected cock and balls and bit her lip while she gazed at it.
"What is it?" I asked.
"It's nothing, I have a pretty cock." she said as she leaned in closer.
"Uh, thank you." I said as I moaned from feeling her warm breath on my cock. Kelly looked up my body and poke her tongue out and just touched it to the tip and just lick the underside of the head of my cock. I love feeling her warm tongue lap up and over the tip of my cock and occasionally flicking her tongue on it and giggling.
"Do you like it?" She asked.
"Oh god yes." I responded and she smiled and then placed the head of my cock into her mouth and began to swirl her tongue around the tip while holding it in her mouth. She then began to try to work her mouth as deep as she could on it. It felt so great a I could feel the tip of my cock begin to work its way into her throat. Kelly quickly pulled my cock out of her mouth and looked up at me.
"Could you help me? She asked as she gazed up at me.
"Huh?" I shrugged.
"f***e me down on you....fuck my mouth." she said as she began to slowly stroke my cock. I nodded and place my hands on each side of her head. I let her suck for a bit and when she went down as far she could on her own I pushed her head down and felt my cock slide down the back of her throat. She gagged and pulled up quickly after to catch her breath and resisting the urge to throw up.
"Okay, let's try that again." Kelly said as she got back into position to try to deepthroat me once again. Kelly took a couple good breathes and slurped my cock into her mouth and just sucked and kissed the head for a bit and then rammed her head down on me f***e my cock as deep as it could get in her throat. Mt reaction to this was to hold her head down on me once she reached the base. I held her their for a couple of seconds as she gagged and drooled on me. She put her hands on my legs and pushed off digging her nails into my thighs. She raised up with slobber running out of her mouth and down her chin with tears welling up in her eyes.
"Dirty boy." She said as she wiped the spit and tears away from her face. "I'll have to practice deepthroating you I guess." she said as she began to stroke my spit covered dick.
"Oh, so you already want to do this again?" I said with I am sure a stupid looking grin on my face.
"Shut up." Kelly responded as she kind of blushed.
"So, now what?" I said as I stared at her still stroking me.
"Well, my boi-pussy doesn't gag." Kelly said with a desire in her eyes. "Do you want to fuck me?" she quickly added.
"Yes" I said not hesitating for a second.
"Okay" Kelly said as she smiled and stood up walking into her bathroom. She walked back in the room and tossed a bottle of lube on the bed next to me. She turn away from me and showed me her ass as she slowly slid her panties off. I was sitting on the edge of the bed with this beautiful smooth butt in front of me. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her ass towards me. As I pulled her towards me I push on her lower back making her bend over exposing this pretty little pink hole. I couldn't help myself I leaned towards her and began to lick her tight little boi-pussy. She moaned and groaned as my tongue swirled all around her rim and them plunging in.
"Ohhhhh god, no one has....ever done that to me before." Kelly moaned as I began to tongue fuck her pretty ass. Soon enough Kelly pulled away and grabbed the lube next to me. She squirted some on her hand and began to stroke me with it. She gave me a good few strokes making sure my cock was fully lubed. She took the excess on her hand and rubbed it on her sweet little hole.
She turn her butt back towards me and slowly began to lower herself on me basically using me as a chair. I watched as she reached under her legs and grabbed me firmly at the base of my cock and lowered herself onto the tip of my dick. She then f***ed my cock into her tight boi-pussy. I grunted loudly as she slowly took all of me into her. She started off slow just barely raising up and lowering down but then i put my hands on her hips and helped lift up and f***e her down. After my cock had slowly but surely had worked her open she began to bounce on my cock really hard. I felt like I was going to cum with every pump into her tight butt. I f***ed her to her hands and knees on the floor and began to pound her doggy style. She was moaning and screaming for me to slam her harder and harder. The sound of my thighs and lap slapping against her hot ass. I was so close to cumming when I pulled out and just rubbed and slapped my cock on her tight little hole.
I grabbed her by the arm and lifted her up and tossed her back on the bed. She tried to turn onto her stomach but I stopped her and she just stared at me with a confused look on her face. I f***ed her to lie on her back and then grabbed her by the underside of her knees and pushed her legs back fully exposing her to me.
"Like want me like this?" she said as she tried to cover her hard boi-clitty with her hands. I just smiled at her and then bit my lip as I pushed the tip of my cock right up against her tight asshole. I stuck the tip in and then rammed the rest of the shaft in and Kelly groaned loudly as I got as deep as I could get my cock in her. I began to slam my cock into in the position and we both moaned and grunted in bliss. Kelly couldn't control herself anymore and began to stroke herself hard and fast.
"FUCK...oh, yes. Fuck me, Fuck me." Kelly screamed as I rammed myself as hard as I could into her. "Oh, shit." Kelly yelled as she shot her cum all over us. The first spurt shot up her body and landed on her chest, neck and chin. The following spurts just kind of oozed out and as she continued to stroke franticly splattered on my stomach and on hers as well. She shook and shrived as the last little dribbles of cum ran down her clitty.
"I'm going to cum!" I grunted as I frantically thrust into Kelly.
"Yes, fucking cum....cum in me." Kelly yelled as she put her arms around me pulling toward her to make sure I planted my seed deep in her. I gave Kelly one last pump and she held me against her with her arms around me and trying to clinch her ass on my cock. I cum so hard it was like an earthquake in my body. I filled up her ass with my hot cum and slowly slid out of her and collapsed next to her on the bed. We just lied there and stared at each other trying to catch our breath and then just smiled and laughed. We went to the bathroom and took a shower together and then got into her bed and made out for a while till we fell asl**p.
Kelly and I pretty much dated till the end of that school year and had numerous sexual experiences with. She ended up moving back to California at the end of the semester because of some f****y issues. It was not only some of the best sex I have ever had but she was the one you started my addiction to hot emo/punk/goth gurls. I hope she is doing well wherever she may be and I hope she still looks back at our experiences as fondly as I do. Let me know what you all think and if you want to hear anymore.

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1 year ago
That was so fuckin hot & horny
2 years ago
Wow that is a fantastic story
2 years ago
Great story, Kelly sounds like an amazing little sissy trap.
2 years ago
Was really a fantastic story Sir. I wanted to be in Kelly's spot so bad, she sounds so beautiful. Hopefully you two can meet or talk sometimes
2 years ago
wow, what a nice story, you have great experience with that girl, yummy !!
3 years ago
sexy story!
3 years ago
wanting Kelly
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Awesome Story! Write more!
3 years ago
Nice story:D
3 years ago
Fuckin awesome I was hard from the min she said imma boy sorta great story hope u enjoyed livin it as much as I enjoyed readin it
3 years ago
awesome story. can't say i've ever had a 'trap' as they way you describe them. been with a few shemales i swore were women until they undressed, just because they didn't tell me, but most times just by the place your pretty sure before hand.
3 years ago
Very Good story
3 years ago
This is AMAZING!!! :D i really, really love this's hot as hell and pretty readable, good English and a great plot! It being real makes it even hotter with a sweet twist too. ***** 5 Stars! :3 xxxoxo
4 years ago
wow dude , that was fuckn amazingly hot - fuck pictured in my head so good .. wow best story i have ever seen on here . I wanna fuck kelly
4 years ago
hot story
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good one!
4 years ago
please write more you have talent
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My Dick is still throbbing...
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Wow hope you write more stories like this one i jackopff through the whole story thanbks
4 years ago
It is late Sunday night and even after a weekend of fucking my little 19yo T gurl GF, your story got my aching cock hard as a rock, Way to Go!
Write More!
4 years ago
good story, my cock is hard, more stories please
4 years ago
That was so hot. She had total control of you and you did not even know it. I like girls that know what they want.
4 years ago
You're so lucky... and I'm so jealous. Hot story!
4 years ago
cool story i like emo !
4 years ago
That was hot