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Where are you sexy trap gurls?

I have been into transexuals/crossdressers ever since my first experience in college. Now in the area that I am from most gurls are latina, which is great. I love a spicy little mamacita as much as the next guy. However, lately I have found myself dreaming, thinking and just plain wanting a sexy little emo gurl. I keep thinking about gurls that look similar to bailey-jay (do yourself a favor look her up). An emo/punk/goth gurl, I can't say what it is about these types of gurls but it drives me wild. I never felt like more of a lust thirsty creature then the times I have been with a trap I used to hook up with but unfortunately it came to an end.
Soft, smooth skin which I can run my finger tips across seeing the pleasure and excitement in their pretty face. The tight and sexy cloths that I get to peel off their hot little bodies. Their long smooth legs leading to their hot round panty clad butt. Well, as you can tell I enjoy what I do and love it when it's a hot little punk gurl.
I have been single for awhile now and have been looking for such a gurl. However, no luck so far. I have tried bar, clubs, etc. but it seems that the type of gurl I'm looking for doesn't go these places. Which to be honest I am kind of happy for I'm not really into the bar/club scene either. As far as I can tell most emo/punk/goth gurls, some call traps, tend to be on the shy side. Which I understand but it sucks when trying to find one. That's probably the other reason I am so into these gurls is because a lot seem to have characteristics that I like. Now I know many are thinking "you're trying too hard" and "you just got to let these things happen" but that's bullshit. Sometime you have to try to be aggressive and tell the world (or internet) what you want.
Would love to find a sexy emo/punk/goth gurl that loves anime/manga, art, variety of music, video games, movies and very importantly sex. Now I'm not trying you to f***e anything I am just putting this out there and seeing who's reading. Feel free to respond and let me know what you think about this subject. If you know good places to meet these types of gurls, let me know.
Just to give you an idea of the types of gurl I have been thinking about here are some gurls to check out. I'm sure if you like these types of gurls too you already know them.
TS Bailey-Jay
Devilotmarky (a.k.a Devilotmarkky)
fotr (on xtube)
Bee Armitage

Posted by Ryu1313 4 years ago
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2 years ago
Yeah, I feel ya. This world needs more sissy trap girls like the ones you mentioned.
2 years ago
you dont put sarina valentina as you favorite ? i think she's the best too, you should try.

or maybe you can put me in there too, lol
2 years ago
i can be your sexy emo goth girl :) just gotta get to NY hunny and we can have some real fun!!! meeeow!!
3 years ago
You put in the right way good luck Candi
4 years ago
I'm right here baby. I've been misbehaving....I think I need to be punished.