Happy Anniversary Part 2

A week had gone by since Dave hired the limo. Even when pressured, he never revealed who had been in the car, or where they had driven. All Ami really knew is that she had been ravaged the entire night and had enjoyed every second of it. They had never done anything like that before, but had talked about it occasionally in the months prior to that night.
Although their marriage was always strong it had gone stale in recent years and both wanted a little spark but neither knew how to add something without making the other uncomfortable. One evening Ami was finishing the last of the dinner dishes when she thought she heard something coming from the den. The k**s were already out for the night so she knew it had to be Dave. She walked towards the den and the sounds were getting louder. It sounded like Dave was panting and grunting. Worried, she quickened her steps and turned the corner into the room. She was not prepared for what she saw but was all of a sudden incredibly turned on by the scene before her. Dave’s hand was wrapped around his cock and his head was leaning back in his chair. He was watching a video of the night in the limo. He didn’t hear her come in and she didn’t intend to make her presence known just yet. She wanted to relive that night while watching her husband’s reaction. She saw the strangers cock enter her wet pussy over and over again. Dave’s hand began to match the rhythm of the man taking his wife. Ami found her hand moving towards her pussy as the video played on. Dave started grunting a little louder and she knew that he was close to cumming. Silently she began to rub herself to climax. Feeling a bit embarrassed, she left the room as quietly as she entered.
The next night Ami looked at Dave and told him what she had seen. He was scared to talk about it but after an hour of coaxing he finally confessed to it. He was still shy about revealing the extent of his extracurricular activities, but a quick look through the history on the computer revealed all Ami needed to know. There seemed to be a high concentration of wife watching videos and stories. “Is this what turns you on? Do you like to see me with other men?” Dave’s eyes widened as he began to stammer out his answer. Ami knew this was making him uncomfortable so she started to play with his cock a little bit and the swiftly growing erection gave her the answer she needed. “I guess I have my answer” Ami stated. Dave just blushed and quickly looked down, still ashamed. “I don’t know why I feel that way, it isn’t right I know and I am ashamed. I promise never to go to these sites again” Dave said. That is how it was left for several weeks. Neither of them spoke of that topic until one day Dave came home early from work and found Ami sitting at the computer, slowly masturbating. She was startled when he cleared his throat and she jumped. Ami had been looking at one of the sites Dave had gone to several times…an adult story site that featured all sorts of categories, but there were only a couple that Dave would search through…Loving wives and Mature.
It was at this point that they really started to discuss their desires, fantasies and such. Both agreed that they would never act upon them, but loved to think about such possibilities. Since that time, Ami noticed Dave watching her with a different look than she had ever seen before. Dave also noticed the slight wink Ami would give him whenever they would pass each other in the hall. If they were at a club and she was dancing with someone else, she thought she saw the look of approval, desire, lust in his eyes. Regardless, she did know something for certain, every time after they got home, they had pure a****listic sex and afterwards it was replaced by a sweet, gentle and passionate love making that only a married couple can know.
Ami found herself testing and pushing the limits. She would purposely find someone other than her husband to dance with and carefully watch his face for any sign of concern. If she ever found that he was against that or that it bothered him at all, she had no problems stopping completely. Dave was the love of her life and the only reason this turned her on was that it was apparent that it turned him on even more! Dave knew full well that his wife’s heart belonged to him. He could be a very jealous man otherwise, but he had full and complete trust in Ami.
Dave found himself sitting back one night, away from the dance floor, watching Ami spin and move. She was obviously enjoying her much younger partner. He moved her around the floor his body pulsing and shaking with the beat. After the song was over, he saw the young man kiss her full on the lips and was astonished when she kissed him back just as passionately, all the while looking directly at Dave and gauging his reaction. She saw a smile cross his lips and a slight nod of his head and immediately her hands moved from her partners waist to his ass and cock. Tony grabbed her ass and slid his tongue into her mouth. The music started pulsing again but the two were lost in the passion building between them. Ami looked over at Dave and she saw his hand sliding into his pants. At that moment she knew she loved Dave more now than she ever had. They were made of the same cloth. She liked to be seen and he liked to watch. He closed his eyes for a moment and remembered the night that had changed their relationship for the better. Leaning back he found his hand wandering to his cock as he recalled the limo ride. He knew then that he needed to have another night similar to that one.
Dave had decided to surprise Ami during their anniversary with a limo ride. He had carefully planned it out to the very last detail. Instead of hiring a driver, Dave just rented the limo and had a friend that he had met online act as the driver at first. It was only after Ami was blindfolded that they had changed places with the driver now accompanying Ami in the back. Dave had met a few other friends online as well and had arranged to pick them up at separate locations all the while dropping the previous guy off. It worked out extremely well and kept Ami guessing who was doing what to her.
As they were leaving the club that night Ami was glowing from the attention she received from the younger man. She didn’t let it progress any further than some passionate groping because she couldn’t see her husband’s reaction. He started talking about that night in the limo. Excitedly Ami started asking questions thinking that he was finally going to reveal who she was with. He wouldn’t budge though. He simply stated that another night was being planned for that upcoming Friday and that he only needed her to choose a wine and some other refreshments. She asked him who was coming and he stated that it was just some friends. When Ami pressed for the names, Dave wouldn’t provide them, only saying that she had met them before and that they were all going to watch a movie. Dave had recently finished working on the basement and had installed a beautiful home theater. Ami decided to just go with the flow because Dave had never steered her wrong and that she fully trusted him.
Ami was on pins and needles all week wondering just who these people were and what movie they were going to watch. As the day got closer, Dave surprised her with some special panties and bras. He had always loved when she dressed up sexily for him, but had never really bought her anything this special. This time was different…these panties had lace and frills and at least one was crotchless! The bras were just as ornate and all matched the panties perfectly. He made her promise that she would wear them Friday night. Trembling slightly, she agreed.
Friday night finally arrived and Ami was in the kitchen preparing the food and chilling the wine. Dave was nervously pacing when the doorbell rang the first time. He opened the door and there stood John and Travis. As he greeted them, he saw the headlights of another car pulling into the driveway. That should be Andy and Phil, Dave thought. He introduced all of the guys to Ami as she gave them each a glass of wine. Despite the fact Ami had a low tolerance for alcohol she quickly tipped back her glass and drank the liquid courage.
“Let’s move into the theater room”, Dave suggested and grabbed Ami’s hand to lead the way. The system was all set and ready to go. There was a DVD in the player and everything was synched. As the screen turned on, Ami saw herself and Dave walking out of the house arm in arm towards the white limo. She saw the driver open the door and they entered. She remembered the entire scene but hadn’t noticed anyone filming it. Once they were inside, the video changed perspectives. She saw her blindfold being applied and saw the camera change hands to those of Dave’s. Now the scene was being filmed from the front seat looking backwards. The man who had been the driver she quickly recognized as the one introduced as John and he was sitting right next to her. The room was completely dark aside from the glow coming from the TV. The scene was being replayed as it was on the screen. John’s hand started moving from her knee to her upper thigh. She saw how she reacted and mimicked everything. Travis was groping and fondling her breasts. Ami was getting wetter and wetter by the minute and glanced nervously at Dave only to see his smile of approval. She closed her eyes momentarily and opened her legs, giving more access to these two strangers. She could feel the calluses on their hands. She had been correct after all; it wasn’t Dave’s hands that night.
The limo stopped and picked up a new man. Andy reached up and started removing her panties. She saw herself u*********sly rise up to accommodate his efforts. She saw him take her panties and hold them to his face and breath in deeply with a smile of satisfaction. He then passed them forward to Dave who did the same thing. Andy then bent down and took a long lick at her crotch, forcing his tongue between her pussy lips. My god this man could eat pussy! The roughness of his hands were doing their magic both onscreen and in real life. She could see herself writhing in pleasure as his hands and tongue snaked into her deepest parts. Ami felt herself shifting in her seat, two sets of hands probing her pussy while another pair rubbed her nipples through the fabric of her blouse.
Ami looked back at Dave again who was attentively watching the events that were unfolding on the couch rather than the screen. She saw that look of utter love in his eyes and with that, she reached up and unbuttoned her blouse and quickly discarded it. The bra held her tits at attention…proudly jutting outwards with the nipples pointing upwards. Ami closed her eyes and felt two mouths close around each nipple. She felt other hands removing her skirt and panties. She opened them to see Andy and Phil had started to participate. All four were now heavily engaged in pleasuring her and she noticed Dave out of the corner of her eye with the camera. Ami relaxed and surrendered to the pleasure.
Dave came over with four silk ties and took one hand and tied it to one side of the couch. He proceeded to do the same with the other hand and then both feet. She was now completely helpless and vulnerable to anyone who wanted her. Phil leaned down and started tasting her pussy while John and Andy suckled at each breast. Ami felt something at her mouth and when she opened her lips, she felt the head of a large cock enter. At first she tentatively licked the head before devouring it completely. She had never been so hungry for cock before and it wasn’t long before she felt stream after stream of hot semen shooting into the back of her throat. She felt movement, shifting of bodies and John had taken Travis’s place. Ami opened her mouth and took his hot member in easily. Phil had now pulled his body up till the head of his cock was positioned at the entrance of her pussy and she felt herself open up to him. She felt completely filled, more than she ever felt before. Each thrust came harder and harder until she felt the warm sensation of his cum flooding her pussy. She looked over at Dave and saw him slowly stroking his cock as he watched his wife being fucked.
Ami felt herself drifting off as she came yet again. She was exhausted and had taken on each guy multiple times that night. The last thing she heard was the chime of the grandfather clock striking two am. When she came to, she was in her bed wrapped in her husbands arms and legs. She gingerly pulled herself out of bed and made her way to the bathroom to take a quick shower. She felt sore, tired but extremely good considering. She had never felt so alive and desired.
The warmth of the water felt soothing to her skin as she washed the dried sperm off her skin and out of her hair. She felt the remains of what had been deposited inside of her drip out as well. Exiting the shower, she dried herself off and wrapped a thick robe around her body. She lay down beside her still sl**ping husband and took him in her arms. She loved this man and always would. Smiling she drifted off to sl**p.
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3 years ago
So perfectly told and such a beautiful encounter. Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
So hot! You have a gift for intimate details
4 years ago
very very exciting and stimulating well worth the read.
4 years ago
This made me cum so hard. I love the fact that I'm in it. Very hot.