Just Another Boring Job?

“Pat’s Plumbing, how can I help you?” I answered the phone trying to hide the boredom. Things had been slow for a little while and I really didn’t want to be at work today. I listened to the female on the other end talking about her toilet but I couldn’t help thinking she had a very sultry voice. “I can be there at 1pm today Mrs. Green.” I told her happily. I was excited to see the woman behind the voice. “That will work perfectly, my son will be home to let you in. Just do what you need to do and leave me the bill.” She continued to rattle off the address and directions to her place but I barely heard her. I was wishing that she would be home instead of her son, it might have brought a little excitement to the day.
Driving into her subdivision I looked around at the houses. Most were modest little homes with toys in the front yard and a seemingly endless line of k**s running in and out the front door. Further into the area I noticed that the houses grew larger and the toys were a lot more expensive. I pulled up to Mrs. Green’s house and noticed that there was a cute little BMW parked in the driveway. I thought it was a little odd since she said her son would be home but I put the thought out of my mind and prepared the tools I would need for this job.
I walked past the rosebushes and breathed in the lush scent. As I stepped onto the front porch the door opened and a beautiful red haired vixen was standing in the doorway. She was dressed in a modest black suit with a green blouse underneath. The blouse was low cut and I saw a flash of the top of her creamy white breasts as I stepped into the house. She didn’t look happy so I didn’t say anything but hello. “My son called and told me that his practice was running late and he couldn’t be here so I had to leave work” she said tersely. “Would another day work better for you?” I asked hoping that she would say no. “No, I need that toilet fixed but thank you for offering to alter your schedule for me. You must be very busy and that was very kind.” she smiled and I saw a little gleam in her green eyes light up. I returned the smile and asked her to show me the problem.
As I started working I heard her humming along to the radio while she worked in the kitchen. A little bit later I heard her call out to me and say “I’ve made some lunch if you’d like a bite to eat.” Since I hadn’t had breakfast I was starving so the mention of lunch made my stomach start growling. I walked into the kitchen and was pleased at the view before me. She was bent over in front of the refrigerator pulling out some soda and her round butt was swaying to the music. She had changed out of her suit and was now wearing a tee shirt and a pair of shorts. Her skin was so creamy white and smooth that it reminded me of ivory. She had pulled her hair into a loose ponytail that hung below her shoulders. “Thank you for making some lunch, I hadn’t realized how hungry I was until you offered.” She smiled and I saw that gleam again.
We talked through lunch and I found out that she was recently divorced and it was just herself and her in the large house. She started looking a little down about that so I cracked a stupid joke just to see her eyes light up again and it worked. Soon she was laughing and I could see her large breasts jiggle. She noticed where my eyes were staring and she started to blush. Her face turned a bright rose which made her eyes stand out a little more. “I’m not used to getting attention from other men. My husband would get insanely jealous if another man so much as smiled at me but then I find out that he’s been fucking his secretary. I won’t bore you with those details though. I’m sure you don’t want to hear me ramble on about him. I’m better off without him anyway.” With that statement she began to clear the dishes from our lunch and put them into the dishwasher. I stood up and started to go back to finish when I heard a faint sob come from the kitchen. I turned and she was crying into her hands. Unsure of what to do I asked her if everything was okay. “Yeah, I just need a moment.” she sighed wearily. I went back into the bathroom to give her some space.
Just as I started cleaning up she walked into the bathroom and apologized for the outburst. “I tell myself that I am better off without him but then I look at the fact that I am 37yrs old and now alone. I expected to live happily ever after, boy was that ever a joke!” she smiled ironically. “I am sorry Mrs. Green, you don’t seem like a woman that deserved that kind of treatment and I’m sure you will find someone that will give you the love that you do deserve.” I said tenderly. “Please call me Christina, I’m no longer Mrs. Green.” Suddenly uncomfortable with my growing attraction to her I started to walk out of the bathroom but she stepped in front of me. Her tee shirt was tight and low cut and once again I could see the tops of her breasts. She was so close that I could smell her shampoo which was the same scent as the rosebushes in front. She looked up into my eyes and asked “Do you find me attractive? I mean if I were walking down the street would you turn your head to get a better look at me?” I stuttered “Y-yes Mrs. I mean Christina, you are a beautiful woman and any man would be lucky to spend any time with you. She stood up on her tiptoes and gave me a kiss on my lips. It was so soft but I could feel how much she needed to feel like a woman. I grabbed her head gently and pressed my lips to hers hard. She returned each kiss with another kiss, each one growing more and more passionate. I pushed her up against the wall and let her feel my body against hers. Her small hands reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling me even closer to her. I kissed her jaw line, her earlobe, her neck, I removed her shirt and kissed her chest. I could feel her heart beat begin to pound faster as I reached back to unhook her bra and let the thin material fall to the floor. Her nipples were large and already standing straight up. I lifted her breast to my mouth and wrapped my lips around. She moaned softly as she slid her hands under my shirt and lifted it up over my head. Chest to chest I kissed her again and she wrapped one leg around my waist. Quickly she worked to unbutton and unzip my jeans. With one tug she had both my jeans and my boxers down to my knees. My thick 8”cock was rock hard and standing at attention. She looked into my eyes and moved to her knees. I felt her warm, soft lips wrap around the head and I could barely keep myself from thrusting deep into her mouth. She slid her tongue all around the shaft, licking me like I was a melting popsicle. She moved her lips back and forth sucking. I grabbed a fistful of hair and that made her suck harder. I knew then that she liked it a little rough so I started thrusting my hips and fucking her face. My balls smacking her chin and the tip of my cock hitting the back of her throat. She moaned over and over again and I could feel the vibrations move through me. Her fingers moved over my balls and gave them a tight squeeze which brought me close to cumming. She looked up into my eyes again and she winked. Just then I felt her finger press against my asshole and slowly slide inside. She curled her finger and pressed on my prostate. I had never felt anything so incredible and I couldn’t hold back any longer, load after load of hot, sticky cum shot out. She swallowed every drop and licked at the head to make sure she had it all. She stood up and kissed me with the taste of my cum still on her lips. It was a bit salty but still sweet enough to make me want to kiss her more. I turned her around and pressed her against the wall while I kissed her full lips.
“Let’s go get a little more comfy and move somewhere else other than this cramped bathroom” I whispered while I nibbled on her earlobe. She nodded and led me to the bedroom upstairs. I laid her on the edge of the bed and removed her shorts to reveal a lacy black thong. I knelt there and admired her body. She was what most men would call large but she was gorgeous. I allowed my hands to explore every curve of her soft body. Leaning forward I breathed deeply and smelled her musky scent. It was intoxicating and made me want more. I licked at the crotch of her panties and tasted the sweetness behind the fabric. As my hands moved her panties off her body my tongue continued to move over her lips. I nibbled on her clit and her hips started to buck wildly against my face. My tongue slid in and out of her wet hole and she pressed my face deeper into her. Slipping two fingers into her I got them wet with her juices. I pressed the fingers against her asshole and shoved them deep within. She cried out with pleasure and my fingers quickly matched the rhythm of my tongue.
Feeling my cock get hard again I stood up and moved her further onto the bed. I slid the head of my cock over her lips and clit, back and forth until I heard her say “Fuck me Pat! I need that cock inside of me now!” She moved her legs over my shoulders and without hesitation I positioned the tip just inside her pussy. With one quick thrust I was deep inside her. I felt her inner walls stretch around me and then start to squeeze against my shaft. “Oh god Pat, fuck me hard!” she cried and I began to pound her harder. Her hips moved with me and against me matching every thrust. My balls smacked against her ass over and over again. Our moans turned to a****l like grunts as we both neared climax. Her tits bounced everywhere with every thrust and I leaned forward to take a nipple between my lips. Sucking and fucking this beautiful woman sent me into a deep trance and concentrated on the pleasure we were giving each other. “Oh god Pat I’m going to cum, cum with me baby!!” I heard her call out. Faster and faster I fucked her and finally I could feel my cum start to shoot into her. Filling her pussy with my cum she shook and quivered as her orgasm moved through her. Panting, I collapsed on top of her and our hearts beat against each other. I kissed her lips and caressed her face “Christina, that was incredible and if my opinion means anything your husband was a fool to walk away from you.” I whispered as she drifted off to sl**p. I held her close to me and watched her sl**p. I chuckled softly as I remembered thinking that this was going to be another boring job.
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1 month ago
I'm a IT guy and i do home repairs and i had this happen with a Hot Blond BBW and that was so hot i busted 2 nuts within 10mins Service man dream
1 year ago
A contractor's dream!
2 years ago
Ahhh such skills =)
2 years ago
3 years ago
Awesome read
3 years ago
wow. very vivid. I like.
3 years ago
lovely , i like this very much, wish that was you and I doing this ;)
4 years ago
that was amazing just so sexy