A Night At The Movies

He called her up one night and said “Meet me at the movie theater at the corner of Sheridan and Oak at tonight at 7pm. Wear a skirt.” He hung up the phone before she could say anything. Of course she would comply. He was always opening her eyes to new adventures and had never steered her wrong.
She drove to the theater and arrived a few minutes early so they could get their popcorn and drinks. He greeted her with a kiss and then he grinned mischievously and she knew then that this was not going to be an ordinary movie date. “Which movie are we going to see?” she asked him but he just placed his finger over her mouth and said “it’s a surprise” he then placed a blindfold over her eyes and sat her down in a chair in the lobby. “Wait here and I will get our tickets.” She heard him walking away and she also heard the others milling around and snickering at her. She could feel the blush starting to form on her cheeks and she started to feel like she was naked and on display. When he finally returned she begged to be taken into the theater so she could get away from the stares. When she started to lift the blindfold he gently placed his hand over hers and pushed hers away. He led her into the theater and sat her down in the seat. Just then the movie started to play. She asked him to remove the blindfold so she could watch but he replied, “tonight you are going to rely on your other senses” ”You will also not be allowed to make a sound nor will I be speaking.”
They sat together without another word between them. He held the soda to her lips so she could drink, he gave her popcorn…he even stole a few kisses on her neck. He could see the smile cross her lips and he knew she was enjoying her time with him. He gently grabbed her hand and placed it over the bulge that was forming in his pants. Her smile got wider when she realized that he had already unzipped his pants and she was feeling him thru his boxers. She slipped her hand beneath the waistband and started slowly stroking him, feeling him getting harder with every stroke. She started to squeeze a bit and his head fell back with the pleasure. She brought her free hand up to his mouth and he began to suck her fingers. She continued to stroke and squeeze. His hand moved to the back of her head and he started to push her face closer to his cock. She moved out of the seat and got down to her knees. Without hesitation she wrapped her warm lips around the head while her hand continued to stroke. Her hand moved up while her mouth moved down. Sucking and stroking him to the point of climax, she gently grabbed his balls and could feel that he was about to cum. She removed her hand and slid her mouth all the way down to the base, letting his cock tickle the back of her throat. He gently held her head there as he shot his sticky cum into her, She expertly moved her tongue all over to catch every drop. When she felt him start to soften she moved her mouth back up to the tip to suck out the last little bit. She helped him put his now flaccid cock back into his boxers and jeans and sat back down in her chair.
Though she didn’t recognize the movie, she listened and could figure out that they were about halfway through. He placed his arm around her shoulders and pulled her close to him. She loved the smell of his cologne and she buried her nose into his chest to breathe him in deep. He started stroking her hair, letting it fall through his fingers. He loved to play with her curls. She tilted her head up and kissed his jaw line. His hand slipped under her shirt and brushed her nipple and it stood at attention. He gently began to pinch it and roll it between his fingers. His free hand moved down her body and under her skirt. The tips of his fingers touched her pussy and he felt how wet she was. He began to rub her clit thru the thin , soft fabric. Her hips started to rock a little bit in her seat against his fingers. He pulled one breast from her top and bra and began to suck on her nipple, feeding from it like a baby drawing milk from his momma. Her hands gripped the armrests of the seats as he fondled and sucked. Wanting to cry out but not wanting to make a sound per instruction she was going nuts. She reached over and felt that he had gotten hard again so she decided to surprise him. She slipped his cock from his jeans and boxers once again. She could feel that all 9 .5 inches were standing straight up. She pulled herself from his embrace and stood up again. Using only her sense of touch she slid her panties to the side and straddled his legs. With one quick motion she slid down his shaft and began to ride his lap. His hands rested on her waist guiding her back and forth while he thrust upwards. It didn’t take long before she could hear his breath changing to know that he was ready. With one last thrust she felt herself being filled with his cum. She leaned forward and took his earlobe into her mouth. She bit down just a bit to stifle the scream as she came with him. She kissed his lips and slid her tongue inside as he removed her blindfold. She looked around and saw that the theater was practically empty but for a few people near the front. He chose two seats away from the crowd in the back corner of the theater. She moved off his lap and turned around to see that the movie was just about over. After they both smoothed their clothing he took her hand and they watched the end of the movie
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1 month ago
so erotic, the blindfold was a brilliant thought
1 year ago
I loved it, I really thought that the twist at the end would be that you were near the front of the theater and you two were the show for others. I really liked the privacy of the corner yet the public area, what a wonderful contrast.
1 year ago
So when we goin to the movies ??
3 years ago
Beyond hot.
4 years ago
This one is actually true. Hope you like it :D