Blind Date

She tells me, “I love you baby, but you need to get out and see other people” “You’ve been holed up in that tiny apartment all alone for too long and I worry about you” I whisper thru my tears, “You’re the only one I want, no one understands me the way you do. I’m shy and I don’t make friends that easily…especially with women.” “Baby, we’ve been over this a hundred times, I’m almost 1000 miles away and neither one of us can make the trip to see each other…you need to find someone else. You’re a beautiful, vibrant woman that anybody would be lucky to have.” “I have a friend there in Illinois. Her name is Caitlin. I’ve known her since college. She’s a lot of fun to be around. I really think you’ll like her, she’s a lot like me. She’s 5’7’’, about 250lbs, long, black hair, big blue eyes, nice kissable lips.” “I’m going to give her your number, promise me you’ll give her a chance?” I promised her but I was scared. Scared of what this Caitlin would think of me. I’ve never been the one that is called beautiful…heck I don’t even think I was even considered pretty. I’m 5’1 and I guess I would be considered a BBW even though I didn’t feel beautiful. I have bright green eyes and auburn hair that curls to my shoulders. My lips are full and my fair skin is freckled. My breasts are large and I know that’s the first thing that men stare at when I walk into a room. Then their eyes look lower and see that I am a big girl and their eyes look away. I look in the mirror day after day and try to see the beauty that Dawn says I have. I just don’t see it, and judging by some of the looks I get from the rest of the world, neither did anyone else.
The following day, the phone rings. It’s a local number but I didn’t recognize it so I let it go to VM. As soon as the caller hung up I checked my messages. I hear a sexy voice say “Hi, this is Caitlin. I got your number from Dawn and she said that you would be interested in meeting me. She sent me your picture and I’ve got to say that I am definitely looking forward to meeting you. You’ve got my number on your caller ID so I do hope to hear from you soon. Kisses, bye” I could feel the heat of the blush moving over my entire face. She thinks I’m pretty? She wants to meet me? My heart started to skip beats as I started thinking about calling her. What would I say? Would she change her mind once she heard how shy I am? Nervously, I started pacing back and forth. I started to call Dawn to tell her that I couldn’t do it but I knew she wouldn’t let me back out now. With my hand shaking, I started to dial Caitlin’s number. It rang once, twice, three times with no answer. I started to move to hang up the receiver when I hear a rushed “Hello?” “Hi, it’s Vicki” I stammered out. “Oh, hi Vicki!! Dawn has told me so much about you. She told me that you’re incredibly shy so I didn’t think you’d call!! I can’t wait to meet you. I hope I’m not being to forward when I say you have beautiful eyes. Oh goodness, listen to me ramble on and on. I sound like a little school girl with a new crush. So, do you think you’d want to meet me tonight? Is that too soon? Am I making you uncomfortable?” Steeling my nerves I blurted out “Yes, I would like to meet you tonight” She giggled and I blushed. “How about 8p at Sorrentino’s? They’re a small place and they have corner booths so we can be alone to get to know each other.” “Ok, I’ll see you then. What will you be wearing so I can find you?” I asked her. “Trust me sweetheart, I’ll find you first. I just ask that you wear something that will highlight those beautiful eyes.” Before I could stammer anything else out she ended the call with “Kisses sweetheart”. I sank to the couch wondering what Dawn had gotten me into. I decided to give her a quick call to let her know that I was meeting Caitlin tonight. I knew she’d be excited to hear the news but when I called there was no answer. I left a quick message and hung up.
Glancing at my watch I saw I only had an hour to figure out what I was going to wear and get ready. I moved into the bedroom and started peeling off my shorts and tank. I stepped in front of my full length mirror I stared into the image before my eyes. I thought back to the first time Dawn called me beautiful and for the first time I started to see the beauty. I smiled at myself and moved to the closet. At first I started to worry that I wouldn’t find anything that Caitlin might approve of but then I saw the green blouse that Dawn sent me for my birthday. It was emerald green and silk. It also had a plunging neckline so I thought it would definitely meet her expectations. I pulled out a slim black knee length skirt and a pair of black strappy sandals that had a small heel. I moved to my jewelry box and pulled out a simple gold chain that had a large teardrop pendant that would lay nice between my breasts. Looking at my bras and panties I searched for the perfect matched pair. Finally I found what I was looking for. The lacy black bra that cupped my breasts nicely and gave me nice deep cleavage and the matching bikini panty looked nice against my ass. I stepped into the shower and let the hot water run over me and I let it relax my mind and body. I told myself that tonight was going to be great. I could feel all of my worries wash into the drain.
Driving to the restaurant I started to wonder what Caitlin would be like. Dawn had given me a very brief description but I couldn’t picture her. Trusting Dawn’s judgment I knew that she’d never set me up with someone that she didn’t see the beauty in. I pulled in and gave a quick glance to check my hair and make up and told myself again that it would be a wonderful night. “You can do this” I told the woman staring back at me. Stepping from the car I was greeted with the sweet aroma of garlic coming from the restaurant. Opening the door I scanned the other diners looking for someone that fit Dawn’s description. I didn’t see anybody and my heart started to pound, and my mind began wondering if Caitlin had changed her mind. Just then a woman with silky black hair started walking towards me with a large smile on her face. “Vicki!“ she exclaimed. I stared at the goddess moving towards me. She was gorgeous. Her eyes were the deepest blue I had ever seen. Her skin was luminous and seemed to glow brighter than any moon. Her body was well curved in all the right places and I could feel myself staring at every move she made. She had chosen a simple black dress that hugged every curve. She extended her arms and pulled me into her embrace and hugged me like I was a long lost relative. Her lips brushed my earlobe and she whispered “You look amazing!” “Thanks, you do too.” We walked to a back corner booth and there was already a bottle of wine and two glasses filled with the warm red liquid. I sat and took a sip letting the alcohol quiet the nerves that were starting to build. She watched me and started to giggle when she realized just how shy I really am.
After we ordered our meal, she started asking me question after question, learning everything I told her about my past. I followed her lead and soon we were both giggling and chattering like two old friends. The food was delicious, the wine was intoxicating. I stared deep into her eyes as she talked and I leaned in closer to catch every word. Noticing our bottle was empty, Caitlin waved our waiter over and asked him for another bottle. When he returned she promptly filled both our glasses. I took a long sip of the sweet beverage. We continued to talk and share the wine. Our bodies moved closer and closer to each other as the night wore on. Soon we were sitting side by side and I could feel her leg up against mine. Her perfume was a light musk and all of a sudden I felt this urge to taste her skin. I looked into her eyes again and without saying a word she knew what I wanted. “Dawn did tell me that she was supposed to be your first but the distance has prevented that from happening.” I nodded sadly. “Hey, now, don’t be sad. Dawn loves you so much that she set up this meeting for you” Her fingertips started to move over my already erect nipple. My breath caught in my throat and escaped in a quiet moan. “I know you wanted her first but let me be her. I know I can’t expect you to love me as much as you do her but I can give you the pleasure that you need. I can take away the loneliness you’ve been feeling. Let me help you Vicki.” I kissed her full on the lips, tasting her dinner and the wine. I breathed her scent deep into my nose. My hand moved over her breast and I could feel her nipple straining against the fabric of her bra and dress. She moaned against my lips and moved closer to me so that our bodies were pressed against each other. My lips moved from hers and I started to kiss her neck, finally tasting her soft skin. It was sweet with a slight hint of salt. I whispered into her ear “I need you now” “Oh, baby girl I was hoping you’d want me because I want you!” she whispered. She motioned for our check and we quickly paid and left the restaurant.
Knowing we both had too much to drink to drive we called for a cab and she quickly rattled off her address. She sat back in the seat and curled her arm around me. Kissing my temple, the corner of my eye, my cheek. My hand slowly moving over both her breasts wanting to see, touch, taste and smell the skin beneath her clothes. “Easy now baby, we’re almost there.” she cooed. I could see the driver stealing glances at the two of us in each others arms and he smiled as he asked “Are you two looking for a man tonight?” Caitlin laughed and said “No, this night is just for my new girl and I but thanks for asking.” I could see his face fall in disappointment but he tried to keep his chatter upbeat. I whispered in her ear and asked her to invite him to join us another night. Caitlin began searching her purse for a pen and a small piece of paper. She scribbled her name and number and wrote “Call me another night.“ Finally, we reached her place and she handed him the money. He looked down and saw that there was an extra $20 and he started to say “Hey ladies, this is too much” but Caitlin stopped him and told him to keep it as a gift to remember us by. He looked down again and saw the note she had scribbled and a big grin crossed his face and he drove away.
Walking up to her door I couldn’t resist moving my hands over her gorgeous curves. She slid her key into the lock and we moved into her house. Quickly she turned around and pressed her body against mine so close I could feel her heartbeat pounding against mine. Her mouth started kissing my lips, and I moved my hands to unzip her dress. Slipping her dress off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor I kissed her neck, her ear lobes, the tops of her breasts. Her back arched and moved into my kisses. Her fingers worked to unbutton my blouse and bra while I explored her body with my mouth. I removed her bra and let her full breasts fall onto my face. I kissed the slightly salty skin beneath each breast, tasting her sweat. I stood up and we pressed our naked chests to each other. She frantically started unzipping my skirt as we both kicked off our shoes and started moving towards the bedroom. Once there we both stopped to admire the others naked bodies. She was even more gorgeous nude. She looked like she could be a model for Rubens. Her tummy was plump and her thighs were large and she was breathtaking. I started to lie her down on the bed but she looked at me and said “No darling, this is for you. I want to pleasure you first.” I lay down on the bed and she crawled in next to me. Her mouth closed over my nipple, suckling as a baby would her mama. Her fingers moved over to the other nipple and started pinching softly and rolling it between the tips My fingers moved thru her hair, massaging her scalp. She started nibbling and pinching a little harder and I could feel myself begin to tingle. Her other hand moved over the rest of my body. Stroking each curve, petting my soft spots. She reached my legs and gently pushed them open. Moving her mouth down the same trail her fingers had made I could feel her warm breath everywhere. Her fingers slid over the thin fabric over my panties and I became aware of just how wet I was. I was dripping! She gently pressed on my swollen clit with her fingertips while her nose nuzzled thru the soft patch of hair. She looked up into my eyes to make sure I was okay. With a moan I answered her question. She quickly removed my panties and let them fall to the floor. Her tongue gently parted my outer lips, revealing the petal soft inner lips. She expertly slid her tongue inside and I cried out in pleasure. My hands on the back of her head I gently pushed her closer to me while my hips bucked and moved against the thrusts of her tongue. Her fingers moved over my clit…alternating soft slow circles with hard fast flicks. She slid two fingers into me and pressed them against the G-spot while her teeth gently nibbled on my clit. My hips started bucking frantically at the new sensations she was giving me. Over and over I called her name as I felt wave after wave of pleasure wash over my body. She looked up into my eyes and said “That’s it sweetheart, cum for me, cum for Caitlin” My toes started to curl, my body tensed up and I started panting. Her fingers slid in and out of me while she nibbled and rubbed my very swollen clit. I screamed that I was about to cum and she started to lick my lips faster. My climax moved over me and my body started to convulse. Over and over again I could feel myself getting wet and I heard Caitlin hungrily lapping up every drop of juice. She looked up at me with her dripping face and smiled. “Do you want to taste yourself off my tongue baby?” she asked. Not having the ability to speak yet I just nodded. I had tasted myself on many different occasions but that night I tasted sweeter than ever before. She lay down next to me and just caressed my body. We didn’t leave that bed much over the weekend. We both took turns bringing the other pleasure. As I was leaving late Sunday evening I silently thanked Dawn for having the foresight and the faith in me. I knew then that Caitlin was going to be a very important part of my life for a long time.

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