Only needs to say YES

I met her here one day when a casual "hello" was sent to her. She had caught my attention through her personal profile. I sensed that she was prime, made to be owned, used and a worshipper of her lover.
We began the usual chat but something clicked as she realized that at the other end of the keyboard was someone that could satisfy her cravings...
The conversation turned to what many consider primal: a Man overpowering His female and regarded by many as BDSM.
Fact is that in our times, the instinctive nature of sex is overlooked. The human a****l is no different than other mammals: This basic natural instinct is that the strong male attracts the female for breeding purposes.
Why then is BDSM attractive to many females? It is that basic instinct at work. He overpowers, she submits. Both their roles are accomplished....
BDSM is beyond primal however in that the roles are pushed beyond what nature intended. Our minds play an important part in our sexual pleasure and being an intelligent a****l, that pleasure is sought after for more than just breeding purposes: it is fufilling so we desire to expand the pleasures physically and compliment it by the power of the mind.
There is in reality no Top or bottom......sub or Dom. What there is is is that whatever makes up an individual is realized. Most often the female desires the overpowering male and both get what they crave. It's simple, both get what they need and when two matches meet, magic is created, that "fit" is perfect.
She appears to "fit", being submissive and I being Dom. It is far from being a woman hater that the Dom operates, but more in giving her what she craves and needs to satisfy herself. He in turn is also satisfied as He was able to deliver.
That meeting comes, her eyes meet His and there is a meltdown in her. Butterflies flutter, skin tingles, she just seems to KNOW. His first touch is electrifying. Shivvers so delightful. She wants contact and His touch will make or break the connection. His hands should be gentle but firm expressing He has control, his gaze into her eyes held until she lowers hers.
Those shivvers are wonderful indeed.
That first kiss comes........she is held right, and He feels that she has weakened....she meanwhile is undergoing a fanstatic transition... her normal mindset is being tossed aside, she is tossing aside all of the proper behavior and letting herself go.......she knows "better" but she lets it happen as it feels wonderful.
Her breasts swell, nipples harden, heart races and she begins to wet from the contact made.
There is a moment in time that the transition occurs...hard to describe it, but well understood and sought after... let go, nothing else matters...take me ...i'm yours!
F--- me, use me, pleasure yourself with me, just do me please........ surrender, submission, primal, i am Yours.
Play on this together through her in the smallest of details for there lie the little triggers that send her off and that will make her Worship you.
Too many people just don't get it. It isnt one sided at all....The Dom gives her what she craves and in turn is gratified by her Worship. So who has "control" really? This is why she is hard to find but once found is a treasure. She in turn will want to be His for only He truly has found her triggers.
The arousal acheived is something to behold when the two are matched. It all started with a simple hello, but i beleive that she could be fufilled should our eyes meet.......... only needs to say yes.

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2 years ago
wow.... I loved it
it was amazing ;)