I had rented a rustic cabin, up on snowy Mount Rainier, for this past weekend. Tatiana and I wanted to get away from neighbors, friends and f****y. And spend some quality time alone together, in a remote and intimate environment.

Saturday morning, while we were making love, we decided it would be fun and exciting, to continue our amorous efforts in the hot tub out side the cabin. Tatiana didn't need much convincing, she ran naked, out the door, across the deck, and jumped into the hot tub. I was right behind her. Tatiana is eleven years younger than me. Anyway, that's my excuse why she got there first.

She is a beautiful woman: petite, lovely shoulder length wavy brown hair, small pert breasts with pierced nipples. Tatiana's areola and nipples are only slightly darker than her very pale alabaster skin. She has small hands and feet that match her tiny five foot tall body. She can barely reach all the way around my penis when she holds it. And although, she is 41 years old, she is in great shape and could pass for a 30 year old easily. She has the most beautiful hazel eyes, and a cute round butt.

She splashed me, as I got in the hot tub. So I grabbed her feet and dragged her off the submerged ledge she was perched on. Her eyes went wide as she slide under the water. I picked her up and held her close to me as she laughed and sputtered water. And then she tried to tickle me. Which was a mistake. Because she is very ticklish, and I am not.

She wrapped her legs and arms around me and I forgot all about tickling. I set her butt down, on the edge of a little seat, where jets of water were blowing at her private parts. And then I entered her. We made love slowly at first, enjoying the feel of the hot water jets hitting us down below. And then our love making got more vigorous. She said she wanted on top. So we rolled over in the water. Tatiana wasted no time and started to really move. I thrust back as she rode me hard. She likes being on top. She says she cums fastest that way. While we were doing this, she was staring at the fence. And after a few minutes she said to me, "I think we have company."

I looked over in the direction she was still looking, over near the gate, about five feet beyond the hot tub side. And standing there, were two women. One was older that than the other. The younger woman had long red hair cascading down to her waist. She appeared to be in her early twenties or late teens. The other woman was old enough to be her aunt or mother in her late thirties. She had her blonde hair in a bun and wore glasses. Both were dressed for the cold weather and they both had slightly startled expressions.

Tatiana hallo'd them. And I got up. Instantly realizing that I probably shouldn't have got up. I sank back down into the deeper center of the hot tub, slightly embarrassed.

The older blonde lady said, "Oh, you must be new to the neighborhood?"

I said, "Ah, we're just renting for the weekend, we are actually from Seattle." I felt a little more composed, now that I was mostly submerged.

Tatiana looked at me, and said, with a scolding frown, "Rutger, where are your manners? Can't you see they are freezing? Invite them in! It's still winter after all!" She then added, "I'm getting us all something hot to drink. Be right back!"

With that she hurried off towards the cabin, for a pot of coffee and bottle of Jameson (Irish Whiskey).

"Well, ladies, Tatiana is right!" I said, and continued, "It is a lot warmer in here, than it is out there, especially in this winter weather. We're out of the wind and the snow, in here, under the hot tub gazebo. Just reach over the fence gate and let yourselves in. Be sure to close it behind you though. Tatiana will be right back with some Irish coffee for us all, if I'm not mistaken."

And with that, the two women came in, which really surprised me.

The older blonde with here hair in a bun took off her glasses and said, "I'm Ruth and this is my niece, Charity," and they continued to undress quickly and throw their clothes over the railing of the hot tub gazebo.

"It's nice to meet you, Ruth and Charity," I said while they quickly got it the hot tub. And then I added "My name is Rutger, and that lovely creature hurrying back this way, with a tray of hot coffee and whiskey is Tatiana."

"Irish coffee anyone?" said Tatiana, while she set the tray down and climbed back in the hot tub.

"Just a shot of whiskey, if you please, I've had too much coffee already this morning!" said Ruth, as she reached across my lap towards Tatiana for her drink. "Emmm, that warms me right up, from the inside," Ruth said, as she took a sip, while still leaning over me.

"Could I have one too, just like Aunt Ruth's please?" said Charity. She had a beautiful soprano voice, with a clarity of tone, like a bell.

So now instead of having Ruth's lovely large breasts hanging over me. I now had Charity's lean past me and take her place. Ruth's breast were large with dark areolas. She was very tan. And her pubes were dark brown. She had beautiful long legs.

Charity was long, with breasts not quite as large as her Aunt's. But not small either. She was freckled from head to toe. And had an impish grin with a cute little turned up nose. She had shaved a little red "landing strip" of trimmed pubes, and had really longish nipples, I noticed as she passed before my eyes.

"Oh, that burns a little! But it does warm one up! Doesn't it!" Charity said quickly.

"Yes, well, just sip it slowly darling," said Ruth to her niece, as she reached back across me, while Tatiana refilled her shot glass.

As Ruth leaned back, to sit back down, all her concentration seemed to be on, not spilling her her drink, and she brushed her left breast across my shoulder and face. She didn't say a thing! She just smiled mischievously and sipped at her drink. I looked over a Tatiana, who was smiling mischievously too. She shrugged her shoulders and took a sip of her mug of Irish coffee.

Charity, emboldened by her Aunt's move, and Tatiana's reaction, half floated, half pulled herself over my lap as she made her way over to Tatiana and her tray of coffee and liquid courage. Brushing her breasts and entire length over my penis, and then she turned over and headed back face up this time, as she pulled herself back towards her seat.

"Hey, when do I get a sip?" I said to no one in particular, as Charity was pulling herself backwards over my lap again. She stopped, on my lap and sat up. And gave me a sip with right hand, while she steadied herself with her left hand, by reaching around in sort of a sideways hug.

I kind of felt like a Santa Claus with a naked woman on his lap.

Charity slowly poured the rest of her shot down my throat, and my dick started to get a hard again as she wiggled her bottom against it. Then she kissed me hard and long.

After the kiss she pulled herself up to my right ear and said, "I'll tell you a secret, I've never been this close to a hard dick before." And then she leaned back and smiled wickedly.

I looked over at Tatiana who was smiling and shrugging. Which told me I wasn't in trouble and that she was actually enjoying this.

Tatiana then moved over to Ruth and said, "Ruth, would you tell your niece, that she is wasting a perfectly good hard-on, right now."

Ruth put her arm around Tatiana and said,"Charity, darling, if you don't take advantage of that nice hard cock, I will myself, if you don't hurry!"

With that, Charity got up, and sat back down on my lap facing me. She lifted herself up grabbed my dick with her right hand. And put her left hand around my neck (still holding the empty shot glass). she then squatted down, slowly guiding my dick into her pussy. That was enough for me, I pushed my dick up inside Charity. There was some resistance and then I was in, pumping like mad as she bounced up and down on my dick. Her eyes went wide, her mouth dropped open and she hugged me tight as she came. Then I felt her tighten up inside and I came too.

Charity, leaned in to my ear and said, "Wanna hear another secret? The only thing that's been in there besides you is my Aunt's little vibrator, but that doesn't count, does it." Then she smiled her devilish grin again and got out of the hot tub.

Ruth, said, "It was nice meeting you. Next time maybe you can warm me up like that" as she got dressed too.

Tatiana said, "You know we will have to do this all over again, real soon!" and she smiled a knowing smile at all of us.

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