The Reason He Left Home

Drifter: that was the word that most best described Tavius, at least since he was 1X, growing up on a farm that happened to be at least 6 or 7 miles from the nearest town to the east, to the north there were mountains to the west there was miles and miles of forest that seemed to go on forever and a rather large fast moving river to the south. There was almost nothing for him to do besides work the fields, tend to the few a****ls they owned, with his f****y farm being so far from the town he never had any of his friends from school over, his mother had left an extensive collection of books when she left his father 2 years before, alot of them were cheap romance novels but there were some that he liked, books full of adventure, excitement, ghosts, and knights, and all sorts of other things that took him far away.
If he wasn’t reading or working he would be trying to get himself lost in the woods, never with any luck he’d been playing in the Forest since he could remember and knew the woods from the river to the mountain and at least 5 miles in like the back of his hand.

Life on the Farm wasn’t so bad really, till one day like his father said “The Soil Has Gone Bad” and his father started drinking, which wasn’t so bad really the land still produced enough for them to get by but it was hard work, they managed for a few months but his father drank more and more, and the more he drank the worst things got.

Riding his bike early every morning and coming home to father that was passed out d***k in the middle and then starting on the fields, and caring for the a****ls was wearing Tavius down.
“Lanora” Tavius’ father said late one night standing in his bedroom doorway in just his boxers, the hallway light shining in, “Lanora, baby, got this dick for you” he slurred said almost swaying from side to side trying to keep his balance as he made his way over to his son’s bed, “La-nora” he whispered softly hiccupping pulling the cover back dropping his boxers to the floor and laying down in the bed next to Tavius.
Tavius laid there on his side facing the wall his father pulled down his Red tighty-whitey mistaking them for the red lace thong his now Ex-wife wore when she wanted sex. His fathers dick got instantly hard at the sight not having touched or been touched by a woman since his wife left him, “damn ya pus-sy wet nora” he whispered sliding his dick up and down the crack of Tavius’ ass which was now only wet because the pre-cum oozing out of his fathers dick like a leaky faucet Tavius still sl**p shifted his body moving away a u*********s response to fathers actions, “oh com’on girl don’t be like that” he said moving himself closer, “let me get just a little…” he said once again lining his dick up with Tavius’ backside and thrust his pelvis forward hard shoving more half of his fully engorged dick into Tavius.

“Yehhah!” Tavius let out waking from his sl**p he didn’t know what was happening the pain was nearly unbearable, “you like that Lanor-a?” his father said his breath reeking of Tequila or Rum, or both “what?” Tavius said trying to turn over but the light from the hall blinded him and his father held his hips, “then you gon love this” his father slurred pulling Tavius’ hips back stuffing the rest of his dick into him as he did, “ahhhh!” Tavius screamed, but to no effect, they were alone for miles in every direction. Each cry of pain Tavius made was mistaken for the lustful moans Tavius’ mother once made, come here” he said throwing Tavius’ leg up and climbing between his legs then holding them against his broad chest “Tay, You look just like your mother” his father said, but Tavius was in too much pain to do anything but whimper.

His father in the midsts of his d***ken stupor had on some level realized that it was his son not his Ex-wife that he was with but was either too d***k to or just simply didn’t care to stop himself, Tavius did have many of his mothers features, he had her eyes, her ears, her naturally puffy cheeks, but most of all he had her smile, his lips moved the same way in the same shape hers did and that’s what keyed in on his eyes locked on Tavius’ mouth as he f***ed his way in and out of his son, “ungghh!” his father grunted as his arousal peaked and he let loose nearly two years worth of sexual backup in one shot. Tavius laid there in a state of pure shock as his father released his legs and fell on his side and almost Instantly fell asl**p, his legs started to tingle as the bl**d rushed back to down to his feet and back up again his father’s now softening dick felt almost good to Tavius as it easily slid out along with his father’s juice that seemed to have no end as it emptied out.

He there still, so very still, his eyes were shut but he didn’t go back to sl**p but he didn’t feel quite awake either in fact he was only think about the color orange, it was his favorite color and in his mind at that moment that is all that was, no sky, no ground, no, hot, no cold, no air, no sound, no planet, just orange.
It’s hard to think of just one thing without another thought popping in your head a song you like or a memory or something funny someone said but Tavius laid there for hours in his own little orange universe he had created till the sun came up, there was a sound like Velcro only softer as he got up and pealed away from his sheets, his father still naked laid there drooling and snoring loudly, though he had been up all night he was surprisingly refreshed as he walked out of his room down the stairs and into the kitchen grabbing the big Chef’s knife (The Kind Michael Myers Uses) then walking very calmly back upstairs to his room.
Tavius stood there in the doorway looking at his father as he lay sl**ping on his bed gripping the knife so tight it hurt his hand, he thought about just walking over and slitting the d***kard’s throat, “Hunhh!” he grunted in anger falling to his knees and driving the knife into the wood floor.
Breathing heavily he stood rushed to his closet emptied out his backpack and started grabbing clothes and other things he thought he needed and stuffing them into his now empty bag, he ran down the hall stopping to take a sl**ping bag out of the closet then went into his father’s room opening and reaching into the top drawer of his dresser and moving things around till he found what he was looking for a wad of money neatly wrapped in a rubber-band, Tavius counted the money it came $990, he ran back into his room put on some clothes and shoes tossed the money in the bag leaving the knife there in the floor he ran downstairs into the kitchen taking food and water, he walked outside got on his bike and started riding.

Tavius road faster and faster peddling hard till he was out of breath then peddling some more, he got to a crossroads, if he headed straight he would have the town, there he could have told a teacher or the police what happened, but he turned left that morning headed north toward the mountains and didn’t stop……………………….

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2 years ago
wow what a story
3 years ago
Wow, what a start out in the world. Tell more, brings some memories back
3 years ago