A Twin Thing

I woke up that morning with a smile on my face to a beautiful sight; under either arm were the identical twins Eric and Derick, their heads resting on my chest and their smooth naked bodies nestled closely against mine as the orange glow of the morning light trickled through the blinds. It had been warm the past few nights and last night was no different so we opted out of using a blanket and the three of us had just snuggled up together. On my left was Eric; he was a top, he kept his hair braided in tight cornrows that reached down to his shoulders was hilarious, adventurous always able to make me laugh even when I was in a real bad mood and he loved to go out and have fun, and the fact that he was walking around with eleven inches of dick between his legs didn’t hurt either. On my right was Derick; he was a bottom who kept his hair in a low fade was more of a Nerdy, Homebody, though he had a dick as big as Eric he rarely used it. Derick would rather stay in playing Video games, my heart would just melt for him when he would go on about Doctor Who or Star Wars… and it was like his ass was built just for taking dick.

I laid there for a moment admiring the way we all looked in bed; my caramel complexion sandwiched between their dark chocolate skin was something that I can only describe as beautiful. “Morning” Derick groaned reaching down and slowly rubbing the tip of his finger up and down all nine inches of my morning boner, “hey” I responded softly turning to face him, he looked up at me and it was hard not to lose myself in his pretty brown eyes.
I lowered my head slightly and puckered my lips then pressed them against Derick’s, I only meant for it to be a good morning peck on the lips but one lead to another and another which quickly led to us making out.
We tried to be as still as possible so that we wouldn’t wake Eric, not that we were trying to exclude him or anything like that it was just that Eric got cranky when he was woken up and it wasn’t an emergency. It didn’t take long for Derick to grip my hard dick in his hand and start to stroke it ever so gently while we kissed, “I love how good your hand feel… so soft” I said glancing down to watch his hand on my dick, “my hand? I thought you loved my mouth?” Derick responded sarcastically and started stroking my dick faster, “oh you better believe I do, but your mouth isn’t doing any of the work” I explained, “you know… all you have to do is ask” Derick said looking up at me with a smile.

“Well hell can I get some head then?” I asked with excitement in my voice, Derick shot me a look that said (He Must Be Out Of His Mind) but it was soon broke with a smile, I turned my hips toward Derick slightly and he scorched down till my dick was right in his face then he started sucking.
“I see you too didn’t waste any time” Eric’s deep voice said with a giggle, I turned my head and without hesitation passionately kissed Eric’s lips, “wanna join?” I asked looking into Eric’s eyes and reaching for his dick, he didn’t say a word just flashed his pretty ass smile at me while he stretched his arms and legs, “then here… it’s been waiting just for you” I said opening my mouth as wide as I could, “silly” Eric said shaking his head with a slight grin as he lifted himself up on one knee and put his morning wood right in my mouth.

Derick worked his warm wet mouth up and down on my dick with such talent that it made my dick sucking skills seem amateurish by comparison but Eric always loved the way I sucked on him. Eric inched his dick deeper and deeper into my mouth till he hit the back of my throat then held his dick there, it took a moment for me to relax my throat but as soon as I did I reached my hands up and put them on Eric’s ass cheeks and pushed him forward causing him to start pumping his hips back and forth.
Derick slowly lowered his head down till he reached base of my dick and started sucking causing me to move my hand down and place it on top of his head to help guide him. “Unuhm fgkk” Derick moaned with a mouth full of my dick, with Derick sucking me and Eric fucking my face the way he was such a turn-on, Eric and Derick had my head spinning and my dick throbbing like crazy.

Eric stopped thrusting his hips and seemed to reluctantly pull his dick out of my mouth, “get on your side” Eric said as he moved away from my face, Derick stayed on my dick not missing a beat as I shifted and laid on my side. I looked down to see that Derick was hard and had started stroking on his big dick, I watched with excitement as his precum oozed its way out.
Eric moved down behind me and I let out a pleasure filled moan the moment I felt his tongue start to lick at my hole, with a mouth on both ends the sounds of slurping and sucking filled the room.

Eric stopped licking my ass, moved up, and positioned himself behind me, a surge of anticipation went through my body each time Eric ran his dick up and down the crack of my ass. Derick finally sat up but stared down at my dick with hungry eyes before turning over so that his ass was facing me and started to back his ass right onto my dick.

Eric moved his hips back and forth jabbing his dick against my hole over and over until the head slid inside me, “oh shit” I let out enjoying the feel of Eric inside me, Derick backed his ass right onto my dick and let out a whimper as I entered his ass. “Fuck” Eric said softly pushing his way deep inside me as I did the same with Derick till neither of us could go any deeper; I paused for a few seconds to let Derick enjoy the feel of my dick inside while I made it throb over and over while I reached over and took Derick’s dick in my hand and started slowly stroking.
Eric didn’t waste any time, as soon as his had pushed all eleven inches inside me he started pumping his dick, Derick took the lead rolling his hips around like he was on the dance floor. With a dick in my ass and an ass on my dick I was in heaven, my thoughts were fuzzy and it was hard to think straight, the physical pleasure I was feeling clouded even my most basic thoughts and for a second I forgot where I was.
Eric stopped pumping his and let his dick sit there inside me, “get it” Eric said shaking my shoulder a bit snapping me out of the daze I was in, I moved my hand from Derick’s dick and held his hip and started fucking him.
Backing out of Derick meant backing into Eric and while I tried to focus and do my thing my head went all fuzzy again and it was like my hips were on autopilot, I could hear Derick and Eric’s moans of pleasure, I could see Derick stroking his dick, I could feel Eric wrap his arm tight around my chest and I could smell the sweat and sex coming off of all three of us.

Now enjoying myself is one thing but without noticing things started feeling too good, that’s when I looked down to find that when I pulled back from Derick, Eric would push into me, “oh… my… god” I said breathing heavy as I continued, “I cant hold out much longer” Derick said stroking his dick, “damn, I’m bout to bust” Eric said still dicking me.
The three of us all came together like a chain reaction, “fuck yeah” Eric said filling my ass with his warm sperm, “yes!” I whispered in satisfaction shortly after Eric came as I flooded Derick’s hole, Derick didn’t say a word just kept stroking his dick, my dick hadn't stopped throbbing when Derick shoot a long white rope of cum that flew at least five feet across the room landing on the floor by the door.
We all laid there in bed enjoying our post-orgasm bliss, “I love you guys” I said reaching over grabbing Derick by the chin and turning his head towards me then kissed his lips, then turned back toward Eric and did the same, “I love you too” they both said in unison which brought a smile to my face as we laid there cuddling while still inside each other……………………………………………

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