A Good Houseboy

The sun was just starting to set when Jonathan along with his two good friends Pedro and Deshawn, all three of the young men laughing at one the many goofy things to come out of Deshawn’s mouth, had just walked back into the three bedroom apartment they all shared. After they shut the door behind them they all walked into the living room and made themselves comfortable on the couch before a silly fight broke out over control of the TV remote, followed by a heated debate on what to watch. The three men lounged about talking and watching TV when the guys heard the sounds of keys at the door and soon in walked their Houseboy Ramal with a bag of groceries in either hand. “We’re having tacos tonight fellas!” Ramal shouted as he walked into the house the guys were all pretty hungry but in truth Ramal was the only one in the house that actually knew how to cook. “Sounds good Ramal”, Deshawn said, “yeah I’m starving “Jonathan agreed, “aside for my mother, no one’s cooking is as good as yours Ramal” Pedro complimented with a smile as Ramal kicked off his shoes then made his way past the guys through the living room and into the kitchen and wasted no time getting started on dinner.
Ramal enjoyed and accepted his role in the house, whether it was doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, going grocery shopping, running errands, or if it was tending to the sexual desires of Deshawn, Jonathan, or Pedro, Ramal; being the submissive type with a near insatiable hole Ramal was more than up to task of taking care of three attractive young men.

After dinner had been prepared Ramal went and set the table off to the side in the living room that they used to share their meals, he happily served the others then went to the couch just to rest his eyes for a bit. It couldn’t have been more than an hour when Ramal opened his eyes only to find Jonathan, Pedro, and Deshawn, standing in front of him, all three of them naked from the waist down. “Hey sl**pyhead” Jonathan said, Ramal’s mouth started to water at the sight of three of the biggest dicks he had seen his entire life,
Ramal sprang up on the couch, and within seconds quickly took Jonathan’s thick White, uncut, ten inch dick in his left hand, Deshawn’s long, eleven inch, Black, cut dick in his right hand and took Pedro’s fat, juicy, Latino twelve inch cut dick right in his hungry mouth. The guys took it upon themselves to take a step away from Ramal so that they were just out of his reach before reminded him of one of the house rules, “hey, you know the rule, unless you’re cooking or its super cold, you’re supposed to be naked in this house!?” Jonathan reminded while looking back and forth between Deshawn and Pedro who both nodded back in agreement. Pedro stayed there while Deshawn and Jonathan helped Ramal up off the couch and stood him up; Pedro reached over and f***efully yanked the shirt right off of Ramal and threw it on the floor.
Pedro, Jonathan, and Deshawn all sat back down on the couch leaving Ramal standing there, “pants, off” Deshawn said gesturing with his hands for Ramal to continue, Ramal turned around and unbuttoned his jeans, “fuuck look at that ass” Pedro remarked admiring the plump round shape of Ramal’s ass as he removed his pants, “spread that ass… let me see that hole” Deshawn demanded and Ramal did was asked of him bending over and spreading his ass cheeks giving Deshawn a clear view of his hole.

“Turn around and let me see your dick” Jonathan ordered so Ramal did, slowly turning to show the group his soft, brown, half Black, half Japanese nine inch long dick, “good, now get over here and get these dicks” Deshawn said while holding his soft dick in his hand. Ramal walked his naked flesh over to Deshawn who was sitting in the middle of the couch, Deshawn grabbed Ramal by the hips turned him around then buried his face right between Ramal’s ass cheeks and started licking, Jonathan crawled down got right between Ramal’s legs put his dick in his mouth and begun sucking, “aye bend him over” Pedro said to Deshawn when he stood and walked around in front of Ramal now bent over and face to face with Pedro’s dick.

“Man what’s the matter with you?” Pedro asked with real concern in his voice “you mad at me for something?” Pedro questioned, “no” Ramal quickly answered back, “then what the hell? You have a dick in your face… and you know what that means, your mouth needs to be open” Pedro reminded Ramal by slapping him on the nose with his soft dick, Ramal opened his mouth and let Pedro’s soft dick enter. “unnhh!” Ramal let out, he liked taking the guys one on one or two at a time but he truly loved it when they triple teamed him like a pack of hungry b**sts, to Ramal there was no greater pleasure than pleasing his boys, letting them use his body till they were completely satisfied.
With a tongue licking at his hole, a mouth wrapped around his dick, and a dick in his own mouth Ramal felt a blissful calm wash over him, “fuck I love this fat ass, its so fuckin good” Deshawn said coming up for air smacking Ramal on the ass when he did before putting his face back between Ramal’s ass cheeks, “yeah but his sweet ass mouth is something else” Pedro debated as he ran his hand along Ramal’s chin, “you two are both nuts” Jonathan started as he pulled his mouth off of Ramal “he has such a nice dick” Jonathan argued cupping Ramal's balls in his hand before going back to sucking.
The praise from his men as they argued over which part of his body they liked best made Ramal even hornier than he already was; his nine inch dick was hard and jumping around inside Jonathan’s mouth like he was about to cum, “whoa! Jonathan shouted moving away from Ramal as fast as he could, “nobody said that you could cum yet” Jonathan said looking back and forth between the side of Ramal’s face and his throbbing dick. Ramal wanted to explain but he knew that he wasn’t allowed to take any of their dicks out of his mouth without permission so he simply shook his head no and continued sucking on Pedro.
Ramal couldn’t stand it any more; while he loved Deshawn’s Tongue he was in desperate need of something more substantial so he reached his hand around and slowly slid his finger down the crack of his ass till he reached his freshly wet hole and Deshawn’s tongue and started finger himself, “nope… I’m not done yet” Deshawn said grabbing Ramal’s wrist and moving his hand out of the way before he went back to licking, “unnh, ahh, mmnh” Ramal moaned, “shit that feels too good, you trying to make me nut boy?” Pedro asked looking down Ramal who just nodded back and kept sucking.

After a long session of foreplay the guys backed off and sat back on the couch leaving Ramal there stroking his dick and fingering his ass while they all watched which only made things worse because he knew that he didn’t have permission to cum yet, “say it…” Jonathan urged holding his hard dick in his hand, “judging by the look on your face… you want it, and you know what you have to say to get it” Deshawn added while he stroked his dick up and down but Ramal stayed silent still masturbating in front of them, “oh, C’mon, you know we love to hear you say that shit” Pedro begged letting his erection hang freely as he flexed it over and over so that it looked as his dick was dancing, “fine…” Ramal sighed with a smile, “the only time I feel alive is when your dicks are inside of me” Ramal admitted with a embarrassed looking grin on his face, “you remember the first time he said those words?” Jonathan asked, “Hottest thing I ever heard you say” Deshawn said looking up at Ramal, “we were fucking the shit outta him that night” Pedro said giggling as he remembered back to that night.
“Get over here” Pedro demanded still smiling, Ramal’s heart started to race and his stomach felt like it was in knots, it amazed Ramal that even after all this time he still got butterflies when he approached them when there was lust in their eyes. Jonathan reached out and took Ramal’s hand then guided him down onto Deshawn’s lap who was back sitting right in the middle of the couch and it didn’t take long for Deshawn to slid the tip of his erection up and put it against Ramal’s ass. A complex mix of lust, excitement and pleasure that overtook Ramal and he didn’t wait for Deshawn to push in any further instead took the lead and slid his ass down around all eleven inches of Deshawn’s dick.

“Damn boy” Deshawn said impressed by Ramal’s ass as it devoured inch after inch till he reached the base of Deshawn’s dick, “you must have been wanting us all day” Deshawn remarked with grin. Jonathan walked up right in front of Ramal waving his hard dick in his hand just beyond Ramal’s reach, “you want this dick?” Jonathan teased still wagging his dick around, “yes… I do” Ramal admitted, “work them hips” Deshawn ordered and Ramal started rolling his hips around on Deshawn’s lap, “its right here” Jonathan continued to tease, Pedro walked over and threw his arm around Jonathan’s shoulder stood right next to him and started teasing Ramal alongside Jonathan.

“I want… no I need your dicks” Ramal admitted, “I need themmmmmmm” Ramal moaned just as Deshawn started thrusting his dick upward, deep into Ramal’s ass making a flat smacking sound that echoed through the room. Pedro and Jonathan looked at each other; they were both very turned-on by Ramal begging for their dicks and they both moved forward close enough for Ramal to lick the heads of their dicks, “I think he wants them in his mouth Jon” Pedro said still hugging on Jonathan’s shoulder, “I know he does, just look at him” Jonathan said looking down watching Ramal as the tip of his tongue licked on the heads of his and Pedro’s dicks.
Deshawn raised his arm and stretch it out toward Jonathan and Pedro, “tagging out” Deshawn informed, Jonathan quickly thrust his hand out and tagged Deshawn’s hand, Ramal slowly lifted his ass up off of Deshawn’s dick and stood up, “this ass…” Deshawn said affectionately while gripping on of Ramal’s ass cheeks tightly in his hand.
“Get down on your back” Jonathan ordered pointing at the floor and just like a good Houseboy Ramal did what he was told wasting no time getting down and lying on his back, Jonathan followed him down positioning himself right between Ramal’s legs, “ready?” Jonathan asked, but before Ramal could answer back Jonathan quickly stuffed all ten inches of his uncut dick deep into Ramal. “Unhh! Fuck” Ramal moaned out in pleasure, “drives me crazy when you make such sexy noises” Jonathan stated leaning down and kissing Ramal’s lips while Deshawn and Pedro got down on either side of Ramal and Jonathan and started moving their hard dicks against the sides of both Deshawn Jonathan and Ramal’s lips.
Jonathan and Ramal didn’t seem to mind that Deshawn and Pedro were interrupting their kiss as Jonathan lifted his head and both Deshawn and Pedro’s dicks slide along Ramal’s lips until they were touching then Jonathan leaned back down and continued right along kissing Ramal and licking on the tips of Pedro and Deshawn’s dicks as well. “Fuck you two… keep doing that shit” Pedro said reaching over and rubbing Deshawn’s nipple with his fingers, Jonathan was taking long strokes; slowly inching his dick out of Ramal till just his head remained inside before stuffing it right back into Ramal’s ass in a single instant.

Deshawn leaned over a bit and Pedro did the same their lips locking just a few inches over Jonathan and Ramal, “this fuckin hole!” Jonathan exclaimed lifting up and pulling out of Ramal then putting his face between Ramal’s ass cheeks to get himself a taste before standing up again.
“Turn that ass over” Pedro commanded, “you gonna take my ass?” Ramal asked seductively as he turned over and smacked his own ass with both hands, “spread em” Pedro said and like so many times before Ramal did as he was told reaching his hands back and spreading his ass cheeks as far apart as they would go allowing Pedro access to his freshly fucked hole. Jonathan and Deshawn got down and put their dicks in Ramal’s face and took turns putting their dicks in Ramal’s mouth.
“Just like that” Pedro said smiling then took hold of his thick and hard twelve inch dick and started to lean forward more and more making sure to aim for Ramal’s ass until gravity took hold making Pedro fall over sliding his dick right into Ramal “unngghh!” Ramal let out, his moans muffled by the hard dicks being fed to him, “oooooooh shit” Pedro said, “this ass, this ass!!” he added with a shake of his head and a smile on his face.
“Take it, keep those cheeks apart… yeah just like that, take it all” Pedro said sliding deeper and deeper inside, “mmmnnnaaaaa” Ramal let out, “hey stop slacking off” Deshawn demanded putting his hand on the back of Ramal’s head then stuffed eight of his eleven inches into his mouth forcing Jonathan out then with his remaining three inches hit the back of Ramal’s throat.

Pedro now having gotten every last inch of his dick inside of Ramal he begun moving his hips left to right wiggling his huge dick around inside Ramal’s hole, “YES!” was all Ramal managed to get out of his mouth when Deshawn removed his dick and gave Jonathan a long kiss before Deshawn used his hand to turn Ramal’s head allowing Jonathan to stuff his dick into Ramal’s mouth.
To anyone who wasn’t Ramal it simply looked as though Pedro was just passively resting on top of Ramal’s back while slowly moving his hips up and down but Ramal felt Pedro’s foot long dick stabbing around inside him again and again as he held his ass cheeks open. “Goddamn!” Pedro said pushing his dick as deep in Ramal as it would go one last time before taking it out.

Breathing heavy Ramal rolled over onto his side and started fingering his ass while rubbing on his dick getting harder and harder as he watched the hard dicks of his three men while they stood over him, “so… who wants to be first?” Jonathan asked looking back and forth between Deshawn and Pedro, the three long time friends each throw their fists in for a round of (Rock, Paper, Scissors). The first round Pedro cast scissors while both Dante and Jonathan chose rock eliminating him from the running, but it didn’t matter much, Pedro liked a messy hole to fuck and took this time to get back down and monopolized Ramal’s mouth with his dick while he waited.

Jonathan and Deshawn went at it ahead; Jonathan beating Deshawn paper over rock, While Ramal sucked on Pedro’s dick he ran through as many mental images as hr could of the faces Pedro, Jonathan, and Deshawn all made while they were in the throws of their orgasms, “how do you want me to take that dick?” Ramal asked softly while looking up at Jonathan, “standing” Jonathan said simply.

“Here” Jonathan said extending his arms down and locking hands with Ramal helping him get on his feet. Jonathan wasted no time grabbing Ramal by hips, turning him around and getting back inside, “you want it?” Jonathan asked, “yes, give it to me, I need that nutt” Ramal said, “I need all of your cum” Ramal said looking at Deshawn and Pedro with true affection in his eyes while Jonathan pumped his uncut dick up and into Ramal’s ass. “You know you should be taking care of them” Jonathan said putting his hand on Ramal’s back and pushing him over until his face was at dick level with Deshawn and Pedro. Ramal took a second to just admire the two big dicks in front of him before he reached his hands out grabbing Pedro and Deshawn’s dicks and pulling them both into his mouth, “wasn’t expecting that” Pedro said with a giggle, “he’s so cute, trying to fit both of them in his mouth” Deshawn pointed out looking down and watched Ramal try to fit both his and Pedro in his mouth. Jonathan held Ramal’s hips close as he pumped his dick in and out
Pedro pulled his dick away leaving Ramal’s mouth to Deshawn while he moved around and stood next to Jonathan, “that’s right Jon… fill him up” Deshawn encouraged as he watched Jonathan do his thing. Pedro stood behind Jonathan and wrapped his arms around his chest then begun playing with his nipples, “fuck that ass Jon…” Pedro said softly into Jonathan’s ear, “fuck him harder make him moan” Deshawn suggested while Jonathan fucked.

Ramal tried to brace himself but it was already too late, Jonathan started moving his dick like a piston, “it almost sound like applause” Pedro remarked still playing with Jonathan’s nipples, “well he is putting on a good show” Deshawn commented sincerely, “and its about to be even better” Jonathan said pushing deep inside Ramal “fuuuuck” Jonathan groaned releasing his swim team right into Ramal’s ass.
“After a long day, I really needed that” Jonathan said running his wrist across his brow before slowly pulling his dick out of Ramal, “you want next?” Pedro asked looking over at Deshawn, “if you insist” Deshawn replied removing his dick from the warm embrace of Ramal’s mouth, “on your knees, and show me that ass” Deshawn ordered. Ramal turned his back to Deshawn then got down on his knees presenting his freshly seeded hole, “beautiful…” Deshawn said looking down at Ramal’s asshole like it was the bull’s-eye on a dartboard; Deshawn bent his knees lowering himself slightly placing his hands on Ramal’s hips before he entered his waiting ass.
“Yessssss” Ramal whispered enjoying the feeling of Deshawn and his eleven-incher as it slid deeper and deeper into his slippery hole, Deshawn started off pumping his dick in and out of Ramal just hard and fast as Jonathan had just been doing, “you like that?” Deshawn asked, “Yes! I love it” Ramal responded, “then take it… take this dick” Deshawn said raching out grabbing Ramal’s wrists then quickly pulling them out from under him and folding them in place on either side of Ramal’s ass while he continued pumping his hips up and down on Ramal’s ass.
Jonathan walked off headed for the bathroom while Pedro got down and started stroking his dick right in Ramal’s face, Ramal wanted to suck on Pedro but in the position he was in he couldn’t and Pedro knew it, “bet you want this in your mouth don’t you?” Pedro questioned already knowing the answer, “unhh, uhhh, ahhh” moaned Ramal, “well answer the man” Deshawn said thrusting deep into Ramal, “ungh, yes, yes, I want in, aahh, unhhh, my mouth, please… oh fuck, please let me suck it” Ramal begged as he watched Pedro slow stroke all twelve inches himself right in front of his eyes.

Jonathan walked back into the room and sat on the couch just as Pedro stopped teasing Ramal and moved close enough for him to suck his dick, “fuck this ass feels so fucking good!” Deshawn said, upon hearing aloud how much he was pleasing one of his men made Ramal’s heart started to flutter and on sheer instinct clenched his ass tight around Deshawn’s dick, “oh shit!… you want it that bad huh?” Deshawn said still fucking Ramal, “ungmmm” Ramal moaned back taking heavy breaths, with that Deshawn begun pumping his dick as hard and as fast as he could.
“I’m bout to nut” Deshawn announced shooting his warm sperm into Ramal adding to what Jonathan had already left inside. Deshawn released Ramal’s wrists suddenly causing him to fall throat first down on nine inches of Pedro’s dick before he pulled himself out of Ramal then falling onto his back breathing hard and with foamy cum on his dick, “that… was… the… best” Deshawn said with a big smile on his face as he laid there on the floor looking up at the ceiling.

“That was mean” Ramal said turning his ass presenting it to Pedro, “I’m sorry, it just kinda happened” Deshawn said still looking up at the ceiling, “as long as your sorry” Ramal responded, “I am” Deshawn said with a smile tilting his head up making eye contact with Ramal. Deshawn wasn’t the only one smiling, Pedro had lit up with excitement and had a huge smile on his face when Ramal swung his ass around and he got a good look at the cummy mess Deshawn and Jonathan had made of Ramal’s hole, “just the way I like it” Pedro said taking his dick and slapping it against Ramal’s sloppy hole. Pedro put the tip of his dick against Ramal’s hole then thrust his hips forward, “so slick” Pedro remarked enjoying the way Ramal’s cum filled ass felt, Pedro was truly surprised that his dick didn’t explode the moment he entered Ramal as excited as he was, all he could think about was adding to the amount of cum Ramal already had inside of him. “gonna shoot so much cum deep in your ass” Pedro boasted ramming his dick in and out of Ramal.
Pedro reached down and took Ramal’s hard nine his hand and started stroking it while he fucked, Pedro was in no hurry, taking slow but deep pumps timing each thrust of his dick with his hand tugging Ramal’s dick downward when he pushed his way in then back up again when he pulled his dick back.
With Pedro fucking the way he was Ramal couldn’t hold himself up any more slowly falling to the floor flat on his stomach with his legs spread wide and Pedro right between them. Ramal reveled in the pleasure Pedro gave him, taking every last inch of Pedro’s dick with a smile on his face, Deshawn finally stood up and went over to the couch with Jonathan, “like the way all that nutt makes his ass feel Pedro?” Jonathan asked already knowing the answer, “you know he does” Deshawn said with a giggle “he loves it all slippery and shit” Deshawn added, “just feels better this way” Pedro explained while still humping Ramal, “oh god!” Ramal moaned out feeling Pedro’s hard dick rub against places only his twelve inches could reach.
Pedro rammed his dick deep into Ramal without saying another word his eyes looking downward watching his dick go inside only to exit Ramal again, (Tight, Messy, Cum-filled, Man booty) Pedro repeated inside his head constantly reminding himself of the condition of Ramal’s hole. “I’m Cuming” Pedro said still pumping his hips while he unloaded his warm sperm into Ramal before stopping all together, “oh my god, I can feel you still cumming” Ramal moaned in pleasure feeling Pedro’s slick cum covered dick still throbbing and flexing inside of his ass as he filled Ramal with every last drop.

Pedro laid there on top of Ramal staying inside his ass for a few moments riding the waves of his orgasm as long as it lasted before he pulled his dick out and sat down on the floor just behind Ramal, Ramal gasped taking deep breaths as he stayed there on the floor like that “love this ass” Pedro said with a huge smile while giving Ramal’s ass a good smack.

“So much dick…” Ramal uttered rolling over onto his back getting a good look at Jonathan Pedro and Deshawn then stuck two of his fingers deep into his freshly seeded ass, “damn… look at him go” Deshawn said looking over at Ramal as he f***ed his now cum coated fingers inside himself, “my boys… I love it when guy shoot off inside me” Ramal said as he rubbed some of the guys cum on his dick and started to rubbing.

“You all feel so fucking good” Ramal admitted, “no need to spare their feeling… we all know, that I’m the best” Pedro said full of conceit which was soon followed by a pillow throw from the couch flying through the air right at Pedro’s head, but neither Jonathan or Deshawn would say who threw it.
“Ok one; WE…” Deshawn said pointing his finger between himself, Pedro, and Jonathan, “aren’t yours… you are OURS” Deshawn explained standing up and walking over to Ramal who let out a moan to what Deshawn had just said, “but thanks for the compliment” Deshawn added squatting down over Ramal to kiss his lips before dropping down on either side of Ramal’s head then putting his semi-hard dick back in Ramal's mouth.
Jonathan went over to Ramal as well and started on his left nipple and soon after Pedro crawled up and put his mouth on Ramal’s right nipple.
Ramal felt nothing but pleasure throughout his entire body, he was ready to pop but he tried to fight it off by slowing the speed of his hand as he moved it moved up and down on his dick “uhnmm” Ramal whimpered and wiggled around a bit, trying to get the guys attention, “I think he wants to bust” Jonathan said looking down at Ramal “unmg huhn” Ramal groaned nodding his head as best he could, “I don’t know, he makes such cute faces when he really, really, needs to bust” Deshawn said fondly looking down at Ramal while his dick grew hard again in his warm and wet mouth, “nah he’s been good” Jonathan argued, “and we did give him a pretty good work out” Pedro said agreeing with Jonathan, “ok fine, go on and cum… but don’t stop sucking, that shit feels good” Deshawn said looking down between his thighs at Ramal.

With his recently used ass still full of cum, a big dick growing hard in his mouth with each passing second, tongues licking on both of his nipples, and no longer under the constrained by the house rules Ramal didn’t think twice about gripping his dick tighter in his hand increasing the speed of his stroking, “oh shit…” Pedro said looking down and getting excited while he watched Ramal quickly stroke his dick and finger his cummy ass, “uienmmm” Ramal moaned as thick warm sperm shot from his dick mostly spraying and sticking all over Deshawn’s lower back and ass cheeks then onto his own belly.

Jonathan and Deshawn got up, Jonathan went over to the couch and Deshawn headed off to the bathroom, “You should go get yourself something to eat” Pedro said standing up on his feet then extending his arm down to Ramal, “you with me tonight, and you gonna need to keep your strength up” Pedro informed while helping Ramal to his feet. “Oh, and don’t spill a single drop” Pedro ordered with smile and a hard squeeze of Ramal’s ass, “and Ima want seconds… maybe thirds before I go to bed” Jonathan said looking right at Ramal’s ass.

Ramal went into the kitchen to make himself something to eat passing Deshawn in the hall who kissed his lips before heading back into the living room. Ramal couldn’t help but get hard again thinking about Pedro’s dick and how he was going to have all twelve inches to himself later on that night…………

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