Breaking Him In (Part 2)

It took Marco a full 20 hours to wake up after the work out the fellas and I gave him, he looked around trying to figure out where he was, it was early in the morning just before sunrise, Marco got up and quietly made his way to the door, I was sitting on the porch with a couple of the guys waiting to greet the morning sun with a few blunts. “Hey! He’s finally awake” one of the guys said pointing behind me at Marco, “how you doing” I asked genuinely concerned, for one reason or another Marco stayed silent and eyed us, “he asked you a question” another one of the guys said snapping his head toward Marco, “f-fine” Marco said standing at the door like he was afraid to walk past, “that’s good to hear” I said turning my head at Marco, “I need to get going” Marco said timidly, “no one’s keeping you here, go do what you gotta do” I said calmly not really concerned with the day to day of Marco’s life.

Marco slowly started to walk past each of us, “but have your ass back here by nine tonight” I said in a commanding voice as Marco paused for a moment before he walked off. To tell the truth that last bit wasn’t a command or a threat, in fact if Marco came back at all it would be on his own accord whether he knew it or not, he knew what we wanted from him and if he came back it would only mean he wanted to give it to us. It was getting late, the guys and I had a little bet going to see if Marco showed up tonight, I personally was just aching to get back inside but I knew his hole was going to need a few days to bounce back after we stretched his hole the way we did the night before last.
I was sitting in the living room of the house watching the end of the game with the fellas; it was eight fifty-six when I heard the guys that were out on the porch hooting and hollering meaning only one of two things had happened, (1: Big Jeff was out of prison) which was damn near impossible seeing as how he was serving three life sentences, or (2: a few guys just won the bet and Marco had showed up).
The noise the guys made as they walked in with Marco echoed through the whole house drawing the rest of the guys to the front room, Marco didn’t look happy to be here but he didn’t look disappointed either, “here I am” Marco said when the guys settled down looking right over at me with little emotion in his voice, “good, take a seat, relax, have a drink” I suggested, Marco walked over to the one of the couches and sat down and stayed quiet.
The guys stayed off Marco for about an hour while he got settled and was cool with just hanging out at our little club house, that is until one of the guys; very d***kenly. sat next to him and started rubbing on him, Marco looked uncomfortable but he didn’t try to resist the advance. What I did next wasn’t done out of concern or remorse for Marco it was merely to ensure his continued, though I really didn’t know how the rest of the guys would take it, “say guys…” I said stand and walking over to Marco, taking him by the hand, and standing him up, “since our boy here was so good to us the other night, I say we repay the favor…” I suggested. A quick scan of the room and the looks I was getting were mixed; some clearly opposed to the idea, some totally for it, yet others looked simply confused by what I said.
I walked Marco over in front of the TV; “I mean, how many times did you bust the other night? or you?” I said pointing at a few of the guys with a smile on my face as I slowly ran my hands up either side of Marco’s chest lifting his shirt as I did “don’t you think we should repay the favor?” I questioned with a lustful grin on my face before I pinched his tiny brown nipples and started rolling them between my thumb and index finger in front of everyone around.
I got a few more smiles from the guys when people started catching on to what I was trying to do so I leaned over and begun kissing and sucking on Marco’s neck, another guy walked right up to Marco looked him in the and said with a smile, “you, made me cum 8 times the other night” sounding more like he was blaming Marco rather than thanking him.
More of the guys started to move in, and those who could begun kissing, licking, on Marco’s lips and neck then nibbling and sucking on his ears. It didn’t take long for someone to pull Marco’s shirt off and toss it on the floor, I stepped back and sat on the couch as the guys started jostling and shoving each other all trying to get at Marco’s body, multiple hands running all over his chest and back while two guys licked and sucked on either of his nipples. Anyone paying attention to Marco’s face could tell that in-between one of the guys kissing his lips could tell that he was trying to fight; trying to resist the amount of pleasure he was getting.

I couldn’t stop myself from getting hard as I sat back and watched the fellas give Marco the gift of pleasure, watching attentively as my friends rubbed, licked, kissed, and sucked every inch of his exposed flesh, leaving hickeys up his arms, all over his chest, and down his back. It wasn’t long before the guys were impatiently yanking at Marco’s jeans no longer able to abide him with his pants still on.
The guys didn’t hesitate to help Marco out of his shoes and pants leaving him standing naked surrounded by hungry eyed men, and he might not have wanted it but his body betrayed him and most of the guy’s eyes lit up when we saw that not only was Marco hard as a rock he was leaking precum.

It took way longer than I expected it to for the first dick to me whipped out but the guy now down behind Marco stroking his dick while he licked and tongued Marco’s hole, but I couldn’t doing the same watching the expressions on Marco’s face when one of the boys started sucking on Marco’s dick, it looked as if he was about to pass out, like he was in a state of pleasure overload, but who could blame him, with 16 guys all touching, rubbing, licking, kissing, and sucking on every sensitive spot his body had I was surprised that he was still standing.

Unable to just watch anymore I finally got back up and pushed my way through the guys till I got to Marco taking advantage of the fact that there wasn’t anyone occupying his mouth leaned in and kissed his lips as passionately as I could, “ungrr” the guy sucking Marco’s dick bellowed standing up and holding his mouth half open, “the fuck came in my mouth” he said with anger in his eyes as most of the guys started to giggle and laugh, “well then… maybe you should give it back to him?” I suggested moving aside, there was a dark grin on his face when he realized what I meant everyone backed off then he slowly moved in and kissed Marco’s lips, “you like the taste of your own nut” one of the other guys shouted, “make sure he swallow it all” another guy shouted.
More and more hard dicks started coming out of the pants of my friends as we all stood and watched our friend share deep cum kisses with Marco before he pulled away leaving Marco just standing there in that post-orgasm daze before he fell hard to his knees.
Not a word was said but a quick look around the room, at the faces of all my friends and it was clear that we were all on the same page… Marco had been properly thanked for the other night and now it was time for us to have some fun with him.

Marco was kneeling there on the floor with a single drop of his cum drooled from the corner of his mouth, we were all like runners at the ready and once that drop of cum fell from his chin and landed on his thigh we moved in, jockeying for position in front of him waving our hard dicks in his face and tapping him on the head with them as well.

That didn’t last long though some of the guys felt they didn’t want or need their dicks sucked on and that Marco had enough spit on his ass to jet a jump on his ass, moving him onto his side and stuffing a hard dick right up into Marco’s ass. It didn’t take long for things to progress or regress depending on how you look at things, just like last time; Marco’s hand mouth and ass were never empty for long and he didn’t complain or try and stop us but this time was different in that the guys were doubling up on in Marco’s ass and tripling up on his mouth not really caring if he sucked them just as long as he had a mouth full of dick.
Now I wouldn’t say I cared about Marco but I was aware that he was still a person, but it seemed like the rest of the guys were having a hard time seeing Marco as anything but a set of hands and holes to be used for their own pleasure.

I couldn’t help but wonder if I was the only one trying to figure out what Marco was doing here, from the look on his face he wasn’t enjoying himself; no one had threatened him, no one had f***ed him; yet even after the way we used him the first time… here he was back for more. We all took turns putting dick to Marco, no one had cum yet, we weren’t going to make the mistake of using Marco’s body as a cum rag this time, I mean sure at the time it was one of the hottest things I’d ever done but fucking a slimy cum covered guy isn’t something any of us wanted to do again.
Marco was down on the floor riding the dick of one of the guys while sucking the dicks of two others when I crawled up behind then slowly eased my dick in Marco’s already filled ass along with my friend. On the top and either side of my dick was the feeling of man ass, but the underside of my dick was rubbing up and down against the slick and hard dick one of my close friends that feeling was too good to describe.

A few moments after I started double stuffing Marco was when the first load shot off, one of the guys groaning as he put his dick in Marco’s mouth then released his cream keeping his dick in Marco’s mouth while pinching Marco’s nose shut so that Marco had no choice but to swallow it all.
Marco coughed a bit then for the first time since he got here he started to smile then with the lick of his lips and a slight giggle he uttered just word “more” looking around at all of us, “give me more” Marco said sounding like he was both begging and demanding of us.
I was turned on, Marco had finally given into his desires, he wanted it; wanted us and we had every intention on giving him enough cum to make him full.

“You heard him… lets give this bitch all of the cum he could stand” one of the guys shouted out his words stirring us all into a loud celebratory cheer.

I couldn’t say that I knew exactly what Marco was feeling, I have never been surrounded by a group of 17 half naked horny men while they jerked their dicks; Marco sucked on them, rubbed on them, and taking who knows how many combined inches of dick in the process, but he looked like he was having the time of his life… like he accepted his new role as our plaything..
I was getting closer and closer to cumming as I fucked Marco and watch him swallow load upon load as they were shot one, sometimes two at a time right into his mouth then disappear down his throat. I couldn’t hold out any more and quickly pulled out of Marco and moved around to his face as another guy just as quickly took my place behind Marco and started pumping away, I jerked my dick just a bit then rammed it all the way into till the tip of my dick hit the back of his mouth and I shot off my warm gooey cum right down his throat not giving him the chance to taste my.

It was the second time in three days that we worked out Marco’s holes, but this time we all made a deposit or three of cum into Marco’s belly until he simply couldn’t swallow anymore and begged us to stop, I could just picture what had to be billions of sperm swimming around in Marco’s stomach.
I took comfort in the fact that Marco had come back on his own and would keep coming back, and that we would keep using his holes… until we eventually used him up.

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