Someone In My House (The Intruder Scenario)

It’s late at night, you’re sl**ping peacefully in your bed when you hear a loud noise, it wakes you up and you realize someone has broken into your home. You grab a baseball bat and your phone, exit your room, then go to check on things. You make your way downstairs only to find a very attractive Black man standing there in your home, it quickly becomes apparent that this stranger has no intention of harming you; he’s not here for your money or your jewels, he’s there for something else and by the look on his face you know what it is. What he wants from you becomes crystal clear when he unbuckles his belt and lets his pants fall to the floor.

You are going to call the police, the phone gripped in your hand and ready to dial when you glance down between his legs and find the thickest, and longest cut dick you’ve ever seen up close, with low hanging balls that are full of thick hot cum just waiting to erupt. You “KNOW” that you should call the police and report the intruder but the more you look at his dick the more it seems to be calling out to you, begging you to touch it, to wrap your lips around it.

You give into your urges and then slowly move closer, the closer you get to him the faster your heart starts to beat, you get right in front of him and you finally reach down and take his warm almost hot dick in your hands and start to caress him getting him aroused and semi-hard in the process.

You look down and see a drop of precum welling up at the tip of his thick hard black dick, you can’t help but drop to your knees and start to lick the precum up then without even thinking you take it in your mouth sucking on him with everything you have, its like you’re in a trance and your wild sucking makes his dick harder and harder, you hold nothing back hitting him every trick you know driving his hard dick insane.

His dick is twitching again and again, you can tell he wants to cum but you have other plans for that long black monster dick that’s now nice and wet, you drop lower on all fours and put your ass up presenting it to him like a tribute, he wastes no time getting down behind you holding his cut dick in his hand aiming it right at your waiting hole.

Your body quivers and shakes as the head of his dick enters your ass and he holds it there for a moment giving you a second to adjust before plunging his dick in going balls deep in one thrust then keeps it there, you let out a moan and let your ass get used to his dick, you can feel how deep inside you he is and even though he isn’t moving an inch you’re getting pleasure from him just being inside you.

He starts thrusting his sleek black dick in and out of your ass it makes you want shout its so good, he takes you by the hips and rams his dick in and out, all you can hear are the flat smacking sounds and your pleasure moans that excape your mouth with each of his thrusts.

Your dick is hard and with each thrust you ooze more and more precum from your dick like a leaky faucet, all he can think about is how good your tight ass feels around his big black dick and he continues to pump away lost in the pleasure you’re giving him, and with one last thrust inside you as deep as he can go and he releases the huge load of cum he had filling your insides with fresh white sperm till it gushes out from around his black dick.

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2 years ago
Makes you want to take his place. More please!
2 years ago
This is sexy
2 years ago
very very hot...
2 years ago
My fantasy comes true…
2 years ago
I surely wish that i am the boy who will surrender to the intruder and suck his beautiful dick until he cum in my mouth
2 years ago