Dominant & Submissive

I had been baiting him for a couple months now panting vivid pictures for him with my words giving him glimpses of the kind of things I was into sexually and I finally got a bite. Terry; a young 22 year old guy came over to my place early Saturday morning and told me that he wanted to explore his Submissive side. Terry was aware of my dominant sexual nature and he wanted my help to walk him through some of the basics. I really didn’t know where to start but I knew I had to keep things light. I decided to give Terry a test; one task and if he could do it then I would know if he was a keeper or just a passing interest. “Here…” I said handing Terry a silver plastic bullet the size of my thumb then him gave him one simple direction, “put it in your ass and don’t take it out until I tell you” I commanded without any other explanation.
After some hesitation Terry did just as I told him dropping his pants to his ankles, I could tell that there was a shell that I was going to have to bring Terry out of if this was to go any further but for now I needed to know if he could get through my test then and only then would I consider going any further. With the bullet now inserted inside Terry I revealed to him a small remote the same color as the bullet, “what’s that go to?” he asked as I held it in my hand, I pushed one of the buttons turning on the plastic vibrator, I couldn’t hear it but by the look on Terry’s face I could tell that it was on and working, I had it on low and had no intention on changing that… not any time soon anyway.

“Pull up your pants back and come with me” I demanded as I made my way to the door with Terry behind me. I felt no need to explain myself but thought I should let Terry in on the rules of my test, “so besides not taking the vibrator out, you can’t draw too much attention to your self” I stated as we headed out into the neighborhood. Terry walked around with me as I ran a few errands each word from Terry’s mouth was shaking with pleasure while we stopped by the pharmacy, getting a cup of Coffee, buying groceries.
Terry was doing good while I kept changing the setting on the vibrating bullet between normal and pulse a few times but it wasn’t until I went to claim my clothes from the cleaners that I felt like I should change things up. While we stood waiting for the clerk to check their records and match my ticket I reached into my pocket and pulled out the remote, unlike before when I just changed the setting this time I turned up the speed of the vibrator, “unh…” Terry let out, the clerk looked up at him and I turned and did the same, Terry was shocked and flushed but kept it in breathing deeper but making no other noise.

I was impressed; honestly I thought Terry would have failed by now giving in to the urge to moan with pleasure while I gradually increased the vibrator to max. To anyone that got close enough it just sounded like Terry’s phone was vibrating continuously but I knew the truth and it was making my dick so hard that I was almost unable to hide it. It was early in the afternoon when we made it back to my place; I had to admit that Terry passed my little test and didn’t break any rules so I just had to think of a nice reward for him. “Good job” I complimented as I sat down on my living room couch looking up at him with the vibrator still buzzing away on max inside him, “you did exactly what I asked you, and for that you’ve earned a reward” I said undoing my pants then pulling out the raging ten inch of my hard erection I had in my pants all morning from walking around with Terry knowing that he had a vibrator in him the whole time.

There was a smile on Terry’s face while he made his way over to me, but weather it was because he was now able to relax a little or if the sight of my hard throbbing dick excited him didn’t really matter to me much as long as he did what he was told.

“Now come here and suck my dick” I Commanded, again Terry did as he was told and I smiled as I watched him getting down on the floor in front of me. Terry wasted no time taking my dick in his mouth; while Terry had his mouth wrapped around my dick I reached over grabbing the remote for the TV and turning it on, it wasn’t really a test I just wanted to see how Terry would react, if he would be more concerned with me turning on the TV or if he would be focused on what I told him to do.

I didn’t bother to look down because I didn’t want to seem like I was giving him any attention, Terry made no protest to the TV being on and just kept sucking away on me. There was nothing on that I wanted to watch but that wasn’t the point Terry seemed to be giving it his all maybe competing with the TV for my attention but I wasn’t sure, I looked down at Terry and who looked pleased that I was giving him my attention. I leaned down and started pulling Terry’s shirt off of him and tossing it onto the couch next to me, I gave Terry all of my attention as I watched intently as he sucked on my dick taking as much of me in his mouth as he could without gagging.
I relaxed and let Terry do his thing, he keep sucking while I sat admiring his naked upper body and thinking of what position I wanted to put Terry in.

“Alright…” I said no longer wanting Terry’s mouth, “get the rest of those clothes off” I ordered sounding as authoritative as I could. With a smile on his face Terry looked at me and nodded his head then stood and removed his shoes, pants and boxers, “now get down flat on your stomach” I told him then watched as he did as I said getting down on all fours then giving me a show as he slowly lowered himself so that his pelvis was the last part of him to hit the floor.
I sat there for admiring the view or a naked Terry, I had to give him points for trying to tease me with his body but I wasn’t so interested in Terry’s skills of seduction. I got down and started licking Terry’s hole getting it wet and ready for my dick. I took my time licking away at his tasty asshole building his anticipation until he finally couldn’t take it any longer and started to beg. “C’mon do it, put it inside, fuck meeeee…” he whined but I ignored him and kept licking, it sounded too much like a command to me and Terry needed to learn that I was the one charge here. “What’s the magic word?” I asked half joking, “please… please fuck me” Terry moaned out and I got a huge smile across my face, I reached in my pocket pulling out the remote for the vibrator and switched I back to pulse then pulled down my pants lower.
My hard dick was dripping with precum and I had a tight soaking wet hole in front of me, I rubbed the tip of my dick up and down on Terry’s hole before I eased my way in pushing my dick deeper and deeper till I was all the way in and held my dick in place, I wasn’t doing it for Terry’s sake though I wanted to get my timing right before I started pumping my dick syncing each thrust I made with the vibrator pulse.

Each time I did it right it felt like Terry’s insides were vibrating around the tip of my dick but after awhile that control started to erode and I let my hips take control as I started pumping my throbbing dick in and out making Terry moan loudly.

I was getting ready to cum but I stopped moving my hips for a second when I thought of the best way to reward Terry for passing my first test, I started thrusting again with thinking of nothing but the orgasm I felt building up in me while I was pumping away at Terry’s ass. “you’re dick feels so good inside my ass” Terry finally let out hearing those words filled me with a sense pride in my sexual prowess that pushed me over the edge. I had to cum so holding my dick I pulled out of terry and turned him over onto his back then moved up putting my dick in his mouth and let loose, my body tingled as pleasure radiated from my dick, “shit!” I shouted while I flooded Terry’s mouth with my cum.
“Ie tasse weet” Terry said with my cum in his mouth, “don’t spit it out, and don’t swallow it either… just hold it in your mouth” I said this time more of a request than a command, I know how hard it is for anyone having sex to keep their mouth closed.

I moved back down between Terry’s legs and put them up on my shoulders then stuffed my dick back in him and continued right along pushing my dick in and out of Terry. I looked down, his eyes were full of pleasure but he kept his mouth shut tight with a mouthful of my cum being sure not to spill a drop. “ungh, nmhh” Terry groaned each time my hips smacked against his ass.

Terry’s dedication was impressive; I could him trying his best to keep his mouth closed while I kept fucking him, treating his ass the way it should be and he still held it in. just knowing that Terry would go this far to obey me was turning me on so much I just couldn’t stand it anymore and pulled out and put my dick back in his mouth and released a second load adding to what I already left in there.
I went and sat on the couch then told Terry to come over and sit on my lap, he slowly stood up and came over to me turned facing away from me then managed to put my semi-hard dick back in his hole. I kept my still and let Terry’s vibrating ass nurse my dick back to life while I grew harder and harder inside him till I was good to go again.

I started pumping my hips upward no longer taking it easy on Terry’s ass, I pulled him back wrapping my arms around him with his back pressed against my chest not holding back anything I had as I used his ass for my pleasure, I turned and looked at his face, his eyes had stars in them; a glazed over look as if all Terry was feeling was pleasure and then I noticed that Terry was now drooling my cum out of is mouth, it streamed down his chin down onto his chest.
“Oh shit I’m bout to cum” Terry said as the last bit of my cum fell from his lips, so I reached around and started stroking on his dick as I continued my thrusting up into his ass. “I-I’m…” Terry whimpered with me still pumping and stroking, “gonna cum!” Terry uttered as if they were his dying words.

I lifted Terry off of me then looked over at him with a smile and saw that not only did he look completely worn out but that there was so much cum on his chest from what oozed from his mouth and his own.

I stood pulled up my pants and looked back down at Terry covered in our juices, he looked like he didn’t have the strength to stand so I went to get him a bottle of water and a towel before any of it got on my couch. I handed Terry and just stood there watching him, he had potential; he obeyed and his ass was fan-fuckin-tastic, “I’m going to sl**p…” I informed “bathrooms back there on the left, go take a shower and come back next week” was all I told before walking off to my room to take a afternoon nap.
I left it up to Terry if he came back we would continue, if not then at least I got some use out of him.

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