Untill He Learns To Love It Ch.10

Pierce, Otis and I stayed up most of the night putting dick to Dominick; David woke up too and got a few more nuts off as well but with the morning sunlight blaring over the horizon we all knew it was time to call it quits; Dominick had to make sure he had all his things packed and ready to go by the time the supply ship came in.

A few hours pass…

It was early in the afternoon; Otis, David, Pierce, and I were all the monitoring room, standing around except for Otis and David who were sitting in a chair, we were both waiting on the supply ship and looking over the new candidate files, “ok I checked, I double checked, and I triple checked, and I got all my things packed up” Dominick said walking in on us and over to Pierce and cupped his dick from behind him, “who are those guys?” Dominick asked pointing at the screen in a purely curious tone “Well with you leaving to go home and claim your $7,500.00 prize, we need to hire on another assistant to help out around here” Pierce explained, I looked over; the look on Dominick’s face was a look of pure jealousy, “what?! None of those guys even look like they can take my place” Dominick said all defensive with his nose turned up as if he had just smelled something bad, “really…what about him?” David asked as we continued down the list spotting a guy he liked, “ha, he couldn’t hit your spots like me David” Dominick boasted still rubbing on Pierce’s dick, Dominick shot down the next three guys either of us mentioned, he swore that none of the guys on the list could ever measure up to him, making some c***dish crack about their looks as if his opinion had any weight in our decision.

“Got your stuff coming in” a voice said over the radio, Otis looked out the window and spotted the supply ship approaching, “could a couple of you guys help with my boxes?” Dominick asked, “Just load Otis on up” David playfully slapping Otis on the back, “fuck you, I’m not a fucking pack mule” Otis snapped, “I’ll help” pierce said turning around facing Dominick and gripping his ass, “yeah me too” I said and the three of left the room.
It took a couple of trips but Dominick Pierce and I got all five of his boxes down to the beach, Otis and David walked out to join us as the smaller boat came speeding our way, Dominick hugged each one of us telling us just how much he was going to miss us, I myself had wondered how Dominick would re-adjust back to his normal life but that was just a passing thought. The boat came in; we offloaded our supplies first then got Dominick and his things on the boat, and like that our plaything was gone and we were left to carry our things inside and once that was done we all went back to the monitoring room, “so what are you all in the mood for?” Pierce asked casually, “Asian” Otis said with a big smile on his face, “Latino” I said, “I want another Black one” David said, “we aint had a White boy in a long time” Pierce said, (such a well oiled machine) I thought to myself with a smile, “well whoever” I said shaking my head, “just be ready in two months when he arrives” I said, “and make sure it’s a guy” David said looking over at me, then Otis and Pierce did as well, “oh, One Time!” I shouted looking around at them, “are you ever going to let me live that down?” I asked, “No…” Otis said plainly while shaking his head and shrugging, “it was a girl named Bobby… What the hell is that” I said forever trying to defend myself on this point, “its cool, you like pussy, so what” David said with a smile while the others giggled, “fuck yall” I said, “just pick somebody” I added shaking my head already wanting the company another guy around here.

The End.

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2 years ago
good series, have Dominic come back
2 years ago
i agree...im waiting for the next series
2 years ago
I loved the series, you should write about who comes next!!