Untill He Learns To Love It Ch.7

A couple weeks passed…

I woke up one morning still jealous, Pierce had been the first one of us to get Dominick to swallow his cum the night before, Otis was all snuggled up with Dominick in his bunk the sight of Otis like that as big as he was in comparison to Dominick brought a smile to my face. It didn’t take long to see that it was raining again, nothing stronger than hard drizzle but there sure was a lot of it, “morning” Pierce said when I walked into the kitchen looking for something to eat, he was doing the same, “hey” I said with a nod of my head, “how did you get him to swallow that load last night?” I asked looking at Pierce as I went to sit at the table, “simple, I gave him a choice…” Pierce said smiling, “swallow it, or I shoot it up in him” Pierce said plainly as if getting anyone to swallow cum was that simple.
“Did you see Otis?” I said with a smile on my face, “yeah I still find it funny that the big guy’s got a thing for snuggling” Pierce said with a giggle, “he was like a bear protecting its kill” I joked. I ended up eating leftovers and got this rainy day started. A rainy day here on the island was no different than anywhere else; business as usual just less outdoor time.
I was both glad and concerned the next time I saw Dominick that day, he walked past me completely naked headed for the bathroom, the look on his face was just blank, I found myself wondering what Dominick had to be thinking, about us, about being on the island, but this is what I wanted, what we all wanted someone that was here only to please us, then why did I feel so conflicted about it?

A few hours had passed and it was still raining, I was sitting alone in the monitoring room when Dominick walked in, still naked and face as blank as it had been earlier, he walked right over to me and without a word he got down pulled my dick out and started sucking, in that instant I didn’t know weather to stop him in my surprise or to let him continue, I chose to let him continue.
I had to say I was impressed, Dominick seemed to remember the exact way I liked my dick sucked on and he didn’t need much correcting from me, “you…” I started about to ask Dominick something about but held back trying to keep a distance between him and myself, “yeah” I said pushing Dominick’s head down on my dick making him gag, “suck that dick” I said holding his head down at the base of my shaft, my dick throbbed deep in his throat a few times before I let him up for air, he made no complaints about it at all he just kept on sucking away.
Dominick’s sucking was getting better, I could hardly focus on what I was supposed to be doing, “just a little more” I said ready to bust one in his mouth, “shit” I said releasing my load into his mouth, “thanks” I said with my head full of that post orgasm fuzz, afterwards I expected Dominick to spit my sperm on the floor, or hold it in his mouth and get rid of it later but he opened his mouth showing me that it was now empty, then he calmly got up off his knees face still blank and he just left the room.

I worried to myself that we had all through the almost constant sexual assaults, training him to be the perfect human sextoy had broken Dominick in some way we could never fix, but on the other hand; surprise oral sex was a rather heavy counter weight to my concerns.
Later that day I walked in on Dominick in the common room, still naked he was sitting on the couch watching some show on TV I didn’t recognize, he looked up at me with anticipation in his eyes, I assumed he thought I wanted something but that wasn’t the case here, all I wanted at that moment was to find a decent book that I hadn't read yet, Dominick was an after thought. I finally settled on a book titled (A Light In September) sat down and started reading, I could have gone somewhere quieter but I stayed there.
I was barely ten pages in when I got the sense I was being watched, with a frowned face looked up to find Dominick Staring at me, “what?” I asked slightly uncomfortable, “you’re…”Dominick started his voice shaking, it was the first time I heard his voice since the night he gave himself to us, “you’re not like the others” Dominick stated thought I didn’t really know exactly what he meant by that, I simply raised my brow in confusion, “not as bossy as David, not as rough as Pierce. And not as big as Otis” Dominick said innocently, “no offense…” he added slightly fearful like I would get up and smack him around like an abusive husband, looking back on it now I know that was just trying to tell me I was nice, but at the time I thought he was saying I wasn’t as authoritative as the others were which made me a little angry, I mean I had used him just as much as Otis, Pierce, or David but his words managed to sting my masculinity.

“So you think I’m rough huh?” Pierce’s voice said Walking in presumably hearing everything Dominick said, “well…” Pierce said walking over and sitting next to Dominick with a grim smile on his face, “you got me on that” Pierce admitted then in one fast motion he grabbed Dominick and threw him down across the couch onto his belly, “and I need to nut again” Pierce said positioning himself on top of Dominick then let drool run freely from his mouth right into the crack of Dominick’s ass.
Dominick’s face scrunched and tightened the moment Pierce entered him going balls deep in one breath, Dominick looked at me like he was expecting me to go over and rescue him from Pierce, but I just tilted my head down and started reading again he acted like he wasn’t getting paid to be here.

Usually when I’m reading I’m able to drown out the world around me and get lost in whatever book I was reading but the way Pierce was putting it to Dominick made me unable to do that.

I sighed deeply before closing the book and leaving the room, I wasn’t in the mood for or need of Dominick’s services, and all I wanted at that moment was to read so I took the book and headed to my bunk.
After a few hours I had my fill of reading and wanted some mind-numbing TV, as I made my way to the common area I heard I could here Otis, David, and Pierce all in the kitchen so before I went to watch TV I decided on the detour to the kitchen, “there he is” David said looking very excited, “finally awake” Otis said with a smile, “I wasn’t asl**p, I was just reading…” I informed, “What’s going on?” I questioned looking around at them all, “we had an idea” Pierce said, “well, David had an idea and Otis and I thought it was good” pierce said with a smile on his face, “we were just waiting on you” Otis said, “what am I the fucking ringleader?” I said jokingly, “please…” Pierce said, “if anyone is in charge here its me” Pierce declared putting his thumb to his chest, “what!, I’m the brains of this operation” David said smugly, “I’m Big, I’m Strong, I’m dangerous” Otis said, “I run the show round here” Otis proclaimed, “ha! Dangerous, You’re a big ass teddy bear” I said having known Otis for so long, “anyway!?” I said out trying to end this pointless debate, “What’s this big idea?” I asked looking around at the three of them waiting for someone to clue me in.
“So get this, we all cum in or on something and get him to eat it” Pierce explained, “who, Otis?” I said completely confused, “what!? No, the boy…” Otis said looking at me like I was crazy for letting that come out of my mouth.

I had a few reserves about going through with this idea, I couldn’t help but ask myself if we hadn't Dominick through enough already, but sure enough I went along with it. Our dicks out, David, Pierce, Otis and I stood around the table stroking off to completion over a plate that had a lone slice of banana cream pie on it, then as a group we all took it into the common area where Pierce said Dominick was. When we got in there the TV was still on and Dominick was still laying on the couch just the way he was when I saw Pierce take him earlier I doubt he had moved an inch since, “here you go” David said playfully lowering the plate down in front of his face, Dominick looked up at all of us with suspicion while he sat up, “take it” Otis insisted, Dominick took the plate, “eat” I said.

Dominick picked up the fork that was on the plate cut a piece then put in his mouth, by the look on his face Dominick almost instantly knew what was on the pie, “finish it all” Pierce Demanded and he did as he was told, I have to admit watching Dominick eat all of our cum like that was a real turn on and even though I had just cum not five minutes ago my dick started to jump, the more he ate, the harder I got, and by the time he finished I had to cum again and I walked over pulled down my pants sat next to Dominick and pulled him up on my lap and started fucking him till I came deep inside his guts……………………………………………….

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