A Master And His Slave

My name is Darien; I’m 29 with Dark Brown skin, it was early in the afternoon and I was in my car driving home after a long and fun week at the 7th Annual BDSM Bash; a huge exhibition and sales expo. This year it was held at The Regency Center in San Francisco California. Along with my Man-Slave Tyler, Tyler was a younger short White boy; 21 years old, pale milky skin, cute lips, and a nice round bubble booty, Tyler understood very well that he was MY property.
Tyler was in the back of my 2011 Dodge Durango mostly naked wearing just boots and black underwear, a collar around his neck Blindfolded, Gagged, hands tied together behind his back, just the way I like him, although there is a funny story about me getting pulled over once with him in my car tied up like that back when he was 19 years old but that’s a story for another time. After Training him for four years Tyler knew exactly what to do to please me sexually, he knew that I liked to use his ass and mouth at least four times a day and having had sex twice before we got on the road he was in the back getting restless moaning and groaning trying to get my attention because he needed some dick.
Now I’m not going to lie; my dick was aching to get inside Tyler’s ass right then and there and all that sexy ass moaning he was doing was making it hard for me not to but I wasn’t just going to give in, he followed my commands not the other way around so I made him wait it out for a few more miles down the highway until I was good and ready before pulling off the highway at a seemingly deserted rest stop.

I grabbed a leather leash got out of the car I looked around a bit and realized that we were in the middle of nowhere, the only thing around was a small men’s and woman’s bathroom a few trees and a whole lot of waist high grass. I took my sweet time as I walked around to the other side and opened the door, attached the leash to his collar and got him out the car. I did a quick visual scan of the area trying to find a good place to let loose; even though we were alone I didn’t want anyone who might be passing by to see us and without a word I walked Tyler around behind the bathroom of the rest stop to a grassy area. I removed Tyler’s Gag, then his blindfold and the bright afternoon light hurt his eyes he squinted for a moment letting his eyes adjust then he started to look around at where we were, I reached over and pulled down his underwear to find that he had already started leaking a large amount of precum “and what’s this?” I asked looking at him with a smile as I played with some of it between my thumb and index finger, “I just wanted… then you wouldn’t… and I can’t stop thinking about it” Tyler tried to explain to me, I knew what he meant though, I just smiled and finally gave him what he wanted and I pulled my dick out of my pants and let it hang there, Tyler stood in awe for a moment his eyes glittering in amazement just looking down at my dick before he squatted down and with his hands still tide behind his back Tyler leaned forward and took my dick in his mouth.

I tilted my head up gazing up at the clouds overhead while I enjoyed the feel of Tyler’s warm wet mouth sucking on my dick just the way he knew I loved it, the way I trained him to do. “Yes… just like that” I said praising Tyler for his skills and it seemed that Tyler was pleased that I was pleased, “keep it up” I commanded looking down and rubbing on Tyler’s head and loving the sound of him sucking on my dick, “yehh mahsher” Tyler said with my dick muffling his words.
I stood there letting Tyler do his thing while I tried my hardest to fight the urge I had to just stand him up and turn him around but I couldn’t restrain myself anymore, “Up” I commanded and Tyler stood up awkwardly with his hands still bound he nearly fell over. I looked down at Tyler’s now hard dick that was now gushing precum like a busted water main, knowing that my dick had that kind of power over Tyler brought me a great deal of satisfaction. With a twirl of my finger Tyler turned around facing the back wall of the bathroom and stood with his legs apart, “good boy” I said stroking my hard sloppy wet dick as I inched forward lined my dick up with his ass and slipped inside, “unugh” Tyler let out his chest pressed against the wall “yes, does Master like it?” Tyler asked wanting my approval, “what do you think” I said not answering the question just putting my hands on his hips and started pulling his ass into each thrust putting a smile on Tyler’s face.

“Master, Master, Master!” Tyler cried out in pleasure, I knew we were alone and I was glad that Tyler loved my dick but at that moment I was seriously thinking about gagging him again. Tyler kept tightening up and then loosening the grip his ass had making it feel like his hole was sucking my dick. “That’s right, just how your Master likes it” I encouraged slapping Tyler’s ass cheek and pumping away at his ass harder. Loud smacking sounds rang out but there was no one around to envy them, the isolation did give me a good excuse to really cut loose going at with all I had, “munh,, fahh, ahh” Tyler moaned, “what?” I question jokingly not expecting any response, “I, yah, mmmmmmmm” Tyler responded as I continued to pound his ass, “what?” I asked again curious now as to what he was trying to say, “dahhhh, uhngh” Tyler said and then it occurred to me that because of the way I was fucking him Tyler couldn’t form actual words, I found myself overly pleased with that fact.

“OoooOoooOOoOOOoo” Tyler bellowed as his ass choked my dick and he shot his load, “whoa… who said you could do that?” I asked slightly irritated bringing myself to a stop, “s-so sorry, I just couldn’t help it Master” Tyler apologized, I knew that it was an accident often I was able to fuck a nut right of Tyler, usually he says something and I’ll ease up because he knows I don’t like him Cumming without permission, (maybe that’s what he was trying to say?) I thought.
In any case he needed to be taught a lesson, “no treat for you” I declared pulling my dick out of him and started jerking off, “what?! That’s not even fair…” Tyler started turning to face me, “Quiet” I commanded cutting him off, “you want this in you… don’t you?” I questioned still stroking knowing just how much Tyler loved having my hot cum shot up his ass or pumped down his throat, “yes Master” Tyler responded sounding more like he was begging than answering a question, “and yet you break the rules” I lectured still stroking on my dick, “I’m sorry Master” Tyler said again looking right at my dick in disappointment knowing that he wasn’t getting my nut.
I knew that was a waste of a good nut and by the look on Tyler’s face he thought the same but he knew better, still stroking my dick I was about to pop one so I turned slightly and sprayed my load in the grass below (probably the most its been watered in months) I thought, but Tyler looked down at my cum dripping off some of the tall grass like I had just wasted the last dollar we had, I didn’t say anything there was nothing to be said about it I just grabbed Tyler’s leash and walked him back to the car put; his blindfold back on and his gag back in then got back on the road and headed for home.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
that was fantastic!
2 years ago
great story I hope it is true. I'd like to be owned like that
2 years ago
great story I hope it is true. I'd luv to be used like that