Untill He Learns To Love It Ch.6

The closer I got to the kitchen the stronger the smell of something delicious got, I opened the kitchen doors looked over and saw Pierce at the Stove, “so this is where you been” I said walking over to the counter, “last time I checked we still have to eat” Pierce said looking down at the three pots he had going on the stove, “and you’re a terrible cook” he joked.

I told Pierce all about David and Dominick, he thought the same as Otis had, it seems that I was alone in my line of thinking, “so when’s dinner” I questioned, “whenever you feel like eating… but the food will be ready in a minute” Pierce answered, I had something smart-alecky to rebut but I kept it to myself, I just smiled and left the kitchen this time headed for the door leading outside. I got outside; it was a clear night and a light breeze blew against my flesh, I headed right down to the beach and sat in the sand, the sun had since set and the starry night and the thin crescent moon ruled over the ocean below. I stayed outside for about half an hour getting some alone time, just relaxing with my thoughts (was it time for a change of scenery off this island and back to civilization?), (would Dominick or have taken the job if he knew the truth despite all the money he was offered?), were just a couple of questions I asked myself in my solitude until I heard Pierce shout from the door, “Jay!” he yelled unable to see me as I sat there in the pale moonlight, “what!” I shouted back mostly just to mock Pierce, with the door open and light pouring out from behind him I doubt he could see me until I got up close.

“There you are” Pierce said when I finally got close enough for him to see me, “foods done” he informed, as we both walked inside, “and you should go check out what David’s done with it” Pierce added, “IT?” I said confused as to what he meant, “The hole… what’s his name, Dominick” Pierce said, I know he hadn't been here long and that we were just using Dominick to satisfy our urges but I was surprised to find that Pierce didn’t even look at Dominick as Human.
Before going to eat I headed back toward the common area, I heard the moans before I even got in the room that signaled that Otis, and Dominick were still at it. When I got in there Otis was sitting in the chair I was in earlier, and David was back on the couch riding Dominick’s dick, “uhh, Pierce said I HAD to see what you did?” I said pointing at David who looked at me like he had no idea what I was talking about, “oh, you have… to come around here, to see” David said sweat beading on his forehead grinding his hips on Dominick, I walked around to see nothing out of the ordinary till I leaned in closer and saw a length of white twine or ribbon tied tight in a bow around the base of Dominick’s dick, “cant cum… unless I want him to” David explained, Dominick looked like he wanted scream out in anger and ecstasy, “how long you been going at him?” I asked, “Twenty-Five minutes” David said with a deep inward breath, “a bit less” Otis commented from the side watching the two as they carried on. I left and took my time getting something to eat; I knew that after I got some food in me I’d be more than ready to use Dominick as a nightcap.

When I got back to the common room David was still going at it, (Jesus) I thought realizing that he had to be coming up on almost Forty minutes straight of riding Dominick, “you aint done yet?” I asked looking at David as he stroked on his dick “almost, almost, All… Most… There…” David said just before spurting out a massive load from his dick. David got off of Dominick and his dick looked like it was ready to explode, David slowly bent down and untied the ribbon around his dick, I thought in the instant he unleashed Dominick’s dick it would release all over the place but it took a couple strokes from David’s hand before it erupted spewing long ropes of cum high into the air a lot landing on the floor a little on the couch and some even landed on Dominick’s chest, “WOW!” was all I could say after witnessing what I saw.
The look on Dominick’s face; I’ve never seen someone look totally happy and completely pissed off at the same time……………………………………………………………

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