Untill He Learns To Love It Ch.5

A few days had past, Dominick had spent most of that time recuperating in the bunks but that hardly stopped us from using him, Pierce was concerned that when Dominick got his strength back that Dominick would try and contact someone for help but that didn’t happen. I don’t know why Dominick didn’t at least try and call for help… maybe the time he spent wandering the island did more to him than leave him physically weak, or maybe he just didn’t know how to work the equipment either way he seemed to finally accepted the fact that we were in charge here not him but I couldn’t be certain of that and I never bothered to ask.

It was early in the evening; David, Pierce, Otis, and I were all sitting around in the common area; a medium size room that had a few bookshelves and the only TV, we were watching the satellite,
“so how’s all this work?…” a sad sounding voice said and we all turned and looked to find Dominick walk into the room in just underwear and a shirt, “my role in this?” Dominick asked his voice shaking with fear like he really didn’t want the answer, “that’s the easy part” David said as he stood and walked over to him, “sure is…” Pierce added, “we ask” Otis continued as David lead Dominick by the hand over the couch, “and you give” I concluded with a shrug letting him know it was that simple, it sounded a bit scripted but in truth it was just an elaborate coincidence.
David pulled off Dominick’s shirt and his underwear walked him back over then pushed him onto the couch next to Otis then David dropped to his knees and started sucking on Dominick’s uncircumcised dick.

There was a look of shame on Dominick’s face when Otis decided to take his hand and stick it down into his pants. I didn’t care about Dominick’s feelings much all that mattered to me was that he giving himself over freely to us just like we wanted. Pierce walked over to me and put his hands on my shoulders as I sat in a cushioned chair next to the couch, “now all that’s left to do is to teach him the dos and don’ts” Pierce said softly to me and I simply nodded in agreement.
Pierce left the room to go do… I don’t know what, I sat there with my attention split between the TV and what was going on the couch between David, Otis, and Dominick “good” Otis said, I turned my head but kept my eyes glued to the TV for a moment before shifting my gaze over to the scene on the couch, David was still giving Dominick head while Dominick had one hand around Otis’ now exposed and erect dick stroking it up and down, “grip it tighter” Otis commanded, I turned my attention back to the TV.
It was one of my favorite shows and I really wanted to watch this episode but when weighed against the sounds coming from the couch the TV seemed more like a distraction, “that’s right… now come here” Otis’ voice said, I turned just in time to catch Otis take Dominick’s chin in his hand then lean in to kiss him right on the mouth not hesitating to slip him the tongue when he did. I focused back on the TV after hearing a gunshot and a scream, “nice and wet” David said, I saw David stand up out the corner of my eye but didn’t turn to look till a commercial came on, David was taking his pants off then tossed them right on the floor beside them.

Otis was still kissing Dominick when David turned around he slowly and carefully lowered his ass down onto Dominick’s lap, “unh, unh, unghh” David moaned as he settled himself, “yess!” David let out more excited than he was in the throws of pleasure then started grinding his ass around on Dominick’s dick. Otis stopped kissing Dominick then leaned down and started sucking on his nipples, the look on Dominick’s face was hard to read it was like he had been defeated and was trying hard not to enjoy the pleasure. David continued rolling his hips around then started bouncing up and down on him, “no, no… don’t move” David demanded treating Dominick like he was a human dildo.
I don’t think Otis or David was paying attention let alone cared about the subtle changes in Dominick’s facial expression; it was like he was fighting against the pleasure being inflected on him and he was afraid of what might happen if he allowed himself to just enjoy it.
It was a weird scene to watch; David moaning and bouncing on a near motionless Dominick while Otis continued giving Dominick instructions on how he wanted his big dick stroked. I was no longer paying much attention to the TV, watching the three of them there on the couch had got my dick hard, part of me wanted to finish watching my show but all I could think about each time I glanced over was how with the exception of a kiss from Otis every now and then Dominick’s mouth was unused.
I finally stood up out of the chair I was in, David had his eyes closed so I doubt he noticed, Otis glanced at me but that was it he was more interested in sitting back and enjoying his Handjob, Dominick however was eyeballing me hard with dread all over his face when he looked and saw the boner that threatened to burst right through my sweatpants.

I reveled in the in the look of apprehension on Dominick’s face as I walked over to them, he didn’t know what I was going to do, but seeing as how he now understood his purpose here on our island it didn’t matter what I did, he was ours now. I walked over and stood up on the couch next to Dominick then positioned myself so that my hard dick was right in his face, he looked at the point in my pants then looked up at me, I didn’t say a word to him, I figured what I wanted was pretty self-explanatory. He hesitated but after a few moments Dominick’s shaky hand slowly rose up then he rubbed against my dick through, I kept my gaze on him letting him know I expected more from him, I pulled the waistband of my pants down under my balls.
Shaking my hips from side to side waggling my dick around in his face waiting for Dominick to take it in his mouth but instead just took me in his hand and started stroking on me. I figured that Dominick didn’t want a dick in his mouth and would do anything not to have to suck it but I wanted some head and I was going to get some even if I was going to have to make him suck it.
I pushed my pelvis forward pressing the tip of my dick against his lips; Dominick sighed deeply but finally opened his mouth then I put my dick in. Dominick took charge and started bobbing his head back and forth along my shaft I guess trying to mimic either what he had seen in porn, or the way we had been using his mouth, “woah! Relax…” I said putting my hand on Dominick’s head and guided his mouth along my shaft the way I like it; then took off the training wheels and just let him go.

Things were going good for a while I didn’t need to correct Dominick much in his sucking; Otis was sitting back watching TV while enjoying the feel of Dominick’s hand around his dick. I don’t know if I was the first to notice or if it was Otis; Dominick sucked hard on my dick and he must have tightened his grip on Otis’ dick because we both looked right at him then at each other.

I didn’t know what that spasm was about but soon found out, “Oh what the… Who gave you permission to cum?” David demanded as his riding Dominick came to a halt, David stood up turned and looked at the Dominick with disappointment in his eyes, “such a naughty thing to do” David said as if he were talking to a pet instead of another human being.
“What to do? what to do?” David asked staring down at Dominick, Otis and I just laughed wondering what David might come up with, “Jay…” David said turning and looking at me, “what do you think a fitting punishment would be?” David asked me, I never looked at myself like I should be a judge for anything but this seemed simple enough so I said the first thing that came to mind, “well… he made a mess, only seems right that he clean it up” I said with a shrug, “brilliant” Otis said but I couldn’t tell if he was trying to be sarcastic or not.

“Interesting” David said tilting his head to the side while looking at Dominick giving my suggestion serious thought, “you’re right” David said squinting his eyes, “would’a never thought of something so simple, I mean my parents made me clean up the messes I made…” David went on, “why shouldn’t he have to clean his?” David said turning back around facing the TV.
I have to admit what happened next caught me off guard, David got up on the couch and I moved away then he bent over and backed his ass as close to Dominick’s face as he could, “now clean it out” David ordered. All I meant was go get a rag and some water but David took my idea to the next level backing his hole against Dominick’s mouth, Otis looked at me with surprise on his face like what David was doing was my idea, but thinking ahead grabbed Dominick’s arm and I grabbed the other copying Otis.

Dominick moved his head from side to side as David pushed out what Dominick had left behind, the sound of fart and gasp for air could be heard over the TV then finally David backed off getting down off the couch and both Otis and I released our hold on Dominick, he sat there breathing hard but otherwise very still; his mouth was covered with his own cum some even dripped off the tip of his nose down onto his chest, “I had just started enjoying myself too” David complained sighing as he did, Dominick looked like he was lost for a moment before snapping out of whatever kind of daze he was in, “that was hot” Otis said nodding his head, personally watching David rub his cummy ass in Dominick’s face was a bit of a turn off, “I know how to fix that… but maybe I should let you have some down time” David said looking hard at Dominick then walked off, I assumed to the bathroom or shower to clean himself up, “you go ahead” I said putting my dick back in my pants then leaving the room, “just you and me then, this gon’ be fun” I heard Otis say as I started down the hall toward the kitchen………………………………………………

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mmmmmm poor Dominick...lol