Untill He Learns To Love It Ch.4

I woke up in my bunk early the next morning with a pounding headache not remembering much of the night after I got my first nut out, the orange glow that poured into our small metal building stung my hungover eyes it reflected off of every polished metal surface that made the light look like it was coming every direction, “fuck…” I said rubbing my head as I made my way to the bathroom. After, I made my way down the main hall to the kitchen, I was a little surprised to find that Dominick was right there where I remember except now his dark skin was nearly completely covered in streams and smears of dry cum, what he pushed out of his ass was pooled and dried on the on the floor as well it flaked off his face like pealing dry skin and he was sl**ping.
I got a glass and filled it with some cold water and drank it all down then repeated the process a few more times, finally I filled it up and added a straw then walked over to the table leaned down and put my hand on Dominick shoulder, “hu!” Dominick let out flinching back into consciousness, for a moment he must have forgotten he was tied up because he tried to struggle and pull away, he looked like he wanted to scream but we both knew that his throat was way too dry for that, “relax… relax” I said trying to calm him down, “Dominick!” I said in my authoritative voice, “Chill…” I said “breathe” I added, “good” I said when Dominick calmed down or at least pretended to. I tilted the cup then bent the straw down to Dominick’s mouth “drink” I said commanded, he looked up at me his eyes were full of mistrust, “or suffer through dehydration” I said with a shrug looking down into his eyes, he hesitated for a second but quickly came to his senses giving into his instincts, that primal nagging voice that screamed from deep in his core telling him he needed to drink, and that’s just what he did taking the straw in his mouth.

Within moments the glass was more than half empty, “tried to get you to drink” I said standing up and walking back over to the sink and refilled the glass then went back over to Dominick and put the straw back in his face, and again he drank deeply emptying the glass in no time flat.
“Why?…” Dominick said his thirst now quenched, “why me?” he asked but I didn’t really have an answer for him other than, why not you? I mean he took the job, if not him then it would have been the next guy, “why did you guys do this to me?” Dominick pleaded, “because we could…” David’s voice said just before he walked into the kitchen looking more hungover than I was, if I didn’t know any better I would have guessed that he had been awake all night, “because you are ours now” David insisted.

“Now lets get you cleaned up” I said, David looked intrigued like he wanted to help, “good a time as any” David said looking at me, he shut his eyes tight before going around to the other side of the table and leaning down untying the rope then I unbound Dominick’s hands, “ahh” he let out as he tried to stand upright, being in that position all night had left him temporally stuck that, “take my hand” I said holding my hand to Dominick, I wanted it to be his choice weather or not to trust me right now or not, though it wasn’t like he had many options at the moment with not being able to use his full rang of motion just yet. Dominick placed his hand in mine then David and I lead him to the shower.
The shower wasn’t in the bathroom it was just outside, nothing fancy just a concrete floor, two wooden stalls opposite one another about waist high and a long metal pipe in between the two stalls that arched out overhead and with standard showerhead.
It was a little cool out but that would change as soon in an hour or so when the sun was higher in the sky.

Dominick was still hunched over when he, David, and I got over to the shower and I turned it on waited for the water to warm then shed my clothes and stepped in, he was still angry and nervous with the two of us there but that wasn’t going to just change with a shower, “this has gotta come off” David said tugging at Dominick’s shirt then pulled it right off of him and tossed it on the ground a lot of flakey dried cum fell off of Dominick when his shirt came off but there was still so much more still left, “where is it hurting?” I asked pulling his naked body into the shower with me; I wasn’t a doctor but soothing mild muscle pain didn’t seem too complicated, ”here” Dominick said waving his hand around his lower back, I started massaging his back as the warm water hit his back I admit it turned me on a bit

Dominick stood straight up I could see the pain he was feeling all over his face but he powered through it as he broke fast bum-rushing David knocking him to the ground then he made a B-line for the trees, “you OK?” I asked David with a sigh more concerned with him than I was with Dominick taking off but it wasn’t a problem things would just have to go back to normal for a while that’s all.

Four days is how long it took before Dominick stumbled naked back into the building of his own free will, I personally thought he would lasted a bit longer out there before he realized the truth, the fact of the matter was we didn’t have a boat and there was nowhere on our little island for him to hide, no caves to speak of and that the forest wasn’t that thick, we could have at any time just gone out looking for him and probably found him in a matter of minutes, but the catch was all his stuff was here and our little facility was the only source of food and fresh water in a hundred miles. “Welcome back” Otis said casually watching Dominick nervously walk back into the place like he expected us to all pounce on him like a pack of wild and angry a****ls but that wasn’t the case, “so what did you eat, I hear snake is pretty tasty… when you’re hungry” Otis said taking Dominick with him to check him over.
I was bored sitting in the monitoring station tracking a summer shower coming in, it didn’t look like it would be anything to worry about but there was a lot of it when David walked in, “got rain coming in” I said tapping one of the screens lightly with a pin, “rain… this time of year?” David said looking over my shoulder, “log it… on a lighter note, he’s back” David informed patting my shoulder, “thought he would’a stayed out there longer” I admitted with surprise in my voice, “where is he now?” I asked turning to look at him, “Otis’ giving him a look over” David said.

I knew Dominick would back he didn’t seem dumb enough to try and make a swim for it but I at least thought he would try to sneak in and steal supplies, food, water, but that seemed to be an overestimation on my part, all that was left to do now was to get back to training him up, Otis had determined that Dominick just needed water, food, and a lot of rest.
Pierce had told Dominick what we had in mind for him, I don’t know if telling him the score right off the bat was a good idea but what’s done was done, Dominick knew now that all David, Pierce, Otis, and I wanted was his body… his holes…………………………………

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loved these 4 stories! more please ;)