Untill He Learns To Love It Ch.3

Dominick was still there, hands tied together and to the table breathing heavy, “should get him some water” Otis suggested pointing at Dominick and being the in-house medic he was probably right, I went and filled a glass full of nice cold water and took it over to the table, “you thirsty?” I asked as politely as I could considering, but all I got from Dominick was a look like he wanted to tear my throat out, “I’m gonna take that as a no” I concluded “well you will… just remember I offered it to you now” I said going back over to the others.
After just a few moments of realizing that neither of us was close enough to just reach out and grab him Dominick started to struggle to get himself free, David, Otis, Pierce, and I all stood there in amazement while Dominick pulled and thrashed with all his strength.
We all stood there and just watched for a few moments as Dominick tried with all he had to free himself but couldn’t making us all start laughing, “Jay, Jay… tell him the score” David said still laughing, while still giggling I walked over to Dominick and sat on the table, he was now breathing heavier like he had just run a marathon, “that’s the rope we use to tie things down during heavy storms, hurricanes, shit like that and the table pretty heavy, you aint going anywhere” I explained “now I ask again… do u want a glass of water?” I asked looking down at him with a single brow raised, I didn’t get the same reaction out of him as I did the last time, no look of hatred, but he didn’t say a thing maybe it was because he knew I had the power here, “tell you what…” I said getting up walking over to get the glass of water then back to, “if you get thirsty at all… just say so” I said placing the glass right in front of him then went back to drink a little more before I got started.

It was clear to me that Dominick was going to be difficult, the way we worked him he had to be thirsty but he just wasn’t drinking. I took one final swig of cognac then turned to focus on Dominick, the way he was exposed and tied to the chair was enough to pop my dick up. While David, Otis, and Pierce stood at the counter drinking and talking I made my way over and got right back up inside Dominick, Otis had loosened him up good he was still tight but my dick slid in and out of him more easily than it had before. “Unngh shit, just the way I like it” I said as I squeezed both his ass cheeks in my hand, I wasted no time pounding away at that booty I figured after Otis got to him I didn’t need to take it easy on him like I did before.
It was steady rhythm I had going, I stood behind Dominick holding his hips then nearly sliding out of him only to stuff my dick right back in deep, “now I know that mouth remembers the taste” Otis said looking at Dominick and pointing at his ass as he walked over to the table, “but I want this mouth to get a taste for it too” Otis explained touching Dominick’s mouth then climbing on the table and putting his dick on Dominick’s face, “smell it” Otis said pressing the tip of his dick under Dominick’s nose.

It didn’t take long for David to come over and join, like me he got under the table and started playing with Dominick though I couldn’t tell exactly what he was doing, besides I was more interested in the fact that right in front of me Otis was now smearing his precum all around Dominick’s lips and just under his nose, I found that turned me on more than thinking about what David was doing down there. “Open” Otis said like he was spoon feeding a toddler, Dominick didn’t open his mouth, I pulled my dick out a bit gabbed the part that wasn’t still in him with my hand and moved my dick around in a curricular motion, Dominick moaned and groaned a lot but that wasn’t the effect I wanted to get out of him, “Open up” Otis repeated looking down at Dominick with the same unresponsive result, Otis let out a disappointed sigh then reached down and pinched Dominick’ nose shut.

I started fucking faster and harder while Dominick held his breath in defiance as long as he could before giving in and taking a deep inward gasp through his mouth, and Otis wasted no time sticking his dick in and after a few seconds he released his nose to let Dominick breath, “suh guhg” David’s muffled voice said with a loud slurp that signaled just what he had been doing under the table “Otis move” I said still pumping away in getting the feeling that I was about ready, Otis moved out of the way and I pulled out taking Otis’ place “here you go” I said my body tingling while my dick shot my hot white cream all over Dominick’s face getting some in his mouth.
It was a good orgasm because when I stood up my legs felt like jelly then I walked over to the counter, Pierce hadn't joined in and I shot him this casual “what the fuck” look “waitin, you know I like em’ all sloppy… and you know Otis” Pierce said just watching with a hard dick “loves making those deposits” I said knowing exactly what Pierce had meant. David was still under the table sucking away at Dominick and stroking his own dick while Otis got back behind “you look so sexy” Otis said running a finger along the side of Dominick’s face through my cum while sliding his dick in and out of the whimpering Dominick, it was one of the hottest things I’d ever seen Otis do and even though I just came, watching him rub my semen around on someone’s face made my dick jump.
“yeah Dave keep lickin them balls” Otis voice said as I turned and left the kitchen to go to the bathroom.
When I got back I noticed a couple things had changed, David was now standing up still stroking on his dick with a drop of fresh white sperm rolling down his cheek as he walked over and leaned down then pressed his lips against Dominick’s and held it for a bit longer than a regular kiss, “unh, you like the way you taste?” David asked and then I instantly knew what he was talking about, Otis was going at it like he didn’t know that less than two hours ago Dominick’s ass had been all virgin, wet smacking sounds echoed through the kitchen/dining hall, “now taste me” David said stroking off with one hand and holding Dominick’s nose shut with the other then put his dick in Dominick’s mouth, “oh yes!” David let out sounding so dramatic; David was filling Dominick’s mouth full of his sticky white goodness. When David took his dick out of Dominick’s mouth he started to cough out the white fluid, “shame…” David said shaking his head, “but you’ll learn to like it” David added getting up, “take it all” Otis said with his dick as deep in Dominick’s ass as he could get it then his whole body started to shake and quiver swept up in the f***e of his orgasm.

A few moments later Otis stood straight up and his now soft dick fell out of Dominick along with a large white drop that fell to the floor, considering how deep in Otis was we knew that what came out with Otis’ dick wasn’t all that he left inside and I doubt Pierce was going to give Dominick the chance to even think about pushing the rest out.
I watched Pierce fully naked slowly walk over to the table and start rubbing the tip of his dick around on Dominick’s cum filled hole, “better than lube” Pierce declared sliding every last inch of his hard dick right up into Dominick like it was nothing at all. There was flakey dried semen all over Dominick’s face; and some that managed to stay wet in places like the corners of his mouth and in the streams of his tears, “and that’s four” David said pointing underneath the table as fresh cum splattered on the floor from Dominick’s dick, “four?!” I said both surprised and confused, “he came twice while Otis was in him” David informed and Otis looked rather pleased with himself to hear his achievements spoken aloud, “ungh!, ungh!, ungh!” pierce let out each time he pulled back then rammed his way back in, I personally thought he was being a little rough but that was Pierce for you… he liked it a little rough, “can you feel me stirring up that mess up inside you” Pierce taunted but Dominick had since stopped talking but that wasn’t going to stop Pierce from saying every vulgar thing he could think up, “soon… you’ll beg for it…” Pierce said, “you won’t be able to live without having a dick deep inside you” Pierce went on as the rest of us watched and continued drinking, “you’ll be on your knees begging for a load of cum down your throat or up you’re ass” Pierce informed Dominick and just the thought of what we had planed for Dominick excited Pierce even more pushing himself over the edge, “now here’s your reward” Pierce said pumping deep into Dominick before he stopped humping all together, “shit… I needed that” Pierce said out of breath while pulling back and walking over to us with a smile on his face……………………………

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