Holes In The Wall

I was walking home after a night out on the town with some old friends, it had to be at least three in the morning when something deeply concerning occurred to me; I was lost, I lived in this city all my life and I never got lost sober or d***k. Nothing looked familiar to me, not the street signs or the buildings around me, so very inebriated I walked around looking for an open store so I could ask for directions. I must have searched around for about 25 minutes before I saw a large white glowing square attached to the top of a one story building so I made my way there and there door was open and the lights were on so I walked on in, it looked like any simple liquor store “are you Mack?” a voice from my left questioned, I turned and looked to find a short Indian man standing behind a counter, “yeah sure…” I replied, “look do you know…” I started to ask but was quickly interrupted, “you’re late you know” he said with a thick accent, “yeah sorry… car trouble” I slurred just being a smart ass and going with it, “anyway I’m trying to get….” I started and again I was interrupted, “I know where you’re trying to go… to the back, now go they’re waiting on you” he said pointing at a door in the back in the back of the store.
I headed toward the door in the back of the store, I don’t have any clue as to why I went this far, curious maybe, or I was just too d***k to stop and ask myself what I was getting into. I walked through the door and on the other side was a small and tight solid red room with a plastic and metal chair in the center like the kind they have in schools. I sat down and just waited, I didn’t know what to expect so I sat there silently then I heard the sound of something sliding open, I looked around the red room and that there was now a square hole in the wall.
“what the hell “ I whispered to myself looking into the hole I thought I was just tripping at first when I saw an eye on the other side of the hole and then it blinked and I realized that I was looking someone right in the eye, “holy sh…” I said backing up thinking I was going to end up as a skin suite in some weirdo’s basement, then I heard another sliding sound, then another, and another, and then more, I got up and tried to leave but the door wouldn’t open, (I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die) I panicked looking around counting about 23 different holes in the walls opened.

“Here” a voice said, I looked around and saw a single black dick sticking through one of the holes. I wanted to get the hell out of there but with my inhibitions lowered and looking at a nice piece of meat had me thinking I should stay and go for it. I walked over and took that warm dick in my hand and started rubbing it with my hand, I looked around again and noticed that most of the open holes had a dick poking through them now. Some big, some small, some cut and others uncut, all different colors. My horny intoxicated brain was working overtime as I stood there in dick heaven hesitant of what to do (stay or go?) I questioned myself before I finally made up my mind “fuck it” I said bending down and licked that warm black dick.

A sense of calm and relaxation washed over me when I took that first dick in my mouth and started sucking, I could feel his dick growing bigger in my mouth as he started fucking my mouth, “uggg, uggg, uggg” was the only sounds that escaped my mouth while this man used me as his personal fuck toy. I reached out with both hands and grabbed two other dicks in my hands and started stroking them while I continued to suck, I was really getting into it losing myself in a wild frenzy of sucking harder and stroking. My dick was hard as hell I was sure I was leaking precum in my boxers, then without a word the dick I was sucking popped one right in my mouth, (shit) I thought not angry just surprised, then really turned on. I pulled my head back letting his dick fall out of my mouth spitting his nut on the floor then his dick was gone from the hole, I moved over to the dick I had in my right hand, it was on the smaller side of the dicks I had seen but it was suckable nonetheless, but within a few minutes of me sucking on him he released his nut.

I looked around searching for my next target and started sucking on a brown dick with a mushroom head, this guy didn’t move at all, no pelvic thrusts, just stood there as I sucked on him.
Time seemed to stand still but I knew I had to have been there for a good hour, wads of fresh cum covered the floor just under the holes in the wall and dripped off my chin as I moved from one dick to the other jerking, licking, and sucking each dick that poked through the walls, some taking a while to finish and others barely needing a good lick before they unloaded. I’m not a dick spotting expert to say the least but I swear there were a few guys sticking their dicks back through for seconds and thirds, I tried not to get any cum on my clothes and for a while there I didn’t but I couldn’t stop it from getting on me I now had cum stains in my shirt and pants.

I felt like I was going crazy unable to stop myself as I moved from one dick to the other satisfying them all with my hands and mouth. It got to a point where I just had to pull my dick out and get my nut out. I managed suck out another few shots while stroking my dick, then all of a sudden there were no more left but I hadn't got mine yet, I was both excited and disappointed about that, then like the last boss in a video game three dicks pocked through the holes right next to each other, “wow” I said looking at the sizes ranging from a fat chubby one white one, a rather long Latino looking one, and one huge black one that looked like it would destroy any man that even dared to try and tame it.

I started with the fat chubby white dick on the left, he tasted a little salty like he just got done running but it wasn’t bad though, I was sucking and sucking it wasn’t the best head I had ever that I was saving that for the last guy, I took all of his dick in my mouth it was big but it didn’t hit the back of my throat at all but I know it felt good to him because his dick was throbbing like crazy and I knew he was ready to shoot off.

Pulling his dick out of my mouth the hard white dick shot out hitting me right in the chin and dripping down onto my pants, I moved to the next dick, he was long and I sucked on him like with care getting him nice and hard with my mouth and stroking his dick with one hand and jerking my dick with the other all at the same time.
I kept stroking myself but held back on getting my nut, I wanted to save it for the last dick, even while sucking on this guy I kept my eyes glued to the last one, to be honest I wasn’t even sure I would be able to handle it.
With my attention completely focused elsewhere I forgot about the dick I had in my mouth, that didn’t stop my jaw from working on auto sliding back and forth on his dick. I couldn’t get all of his dick in my mouth without gagging, something I felt a bit upset about; because if I couldn’t get all of this in my mouth there was no way I would be able to get the last guy in at all. Without warning he started thrusting his dick “ukn, hnnm“ I gagged thinking I would throw up so I pulled away and right then he nutted, some in my mouth while I coughed, some landed on my cheek, most of it landed on my chin though.

While I caught my breath and wiping the excess cum off my face I eyeballed my Dark Chocolate prize questioning myself as to how I would approach it. I decided to start by licking every inch; polishing it up good before I went to work on it, with each lick his dick pulsed and got harder and harder, I couldn’t help but be impressed at the size he grew to when he was fully erect, (he must have taken those dick pills since he was like four) I joked thinking that dicks like this only existed in legends and fairy tales. Even though I could only get a little less than half of it in my mouth I sucked with every skill and trick I knew of; licking the tip of his dick, gently massaging his balls, working my neck and more. I was excited; my whole body felt like it was melting and I started on my dick again jacking it up and down, I couldn’t help ask what this thing would feel like if it was pushing inside of me but I have to admit that I was afraid to find out.

I put as much of his dick in my mouth as I could, muffled moaning was the only sound I could make as my jerking faster and I was filled with ecstasy as I shoot off making mess on my pants and he thrust forward damn near choking me as he exploded in my mouth, some going down my throat the rest oozing out of my nose and the corners of my mouth.

(Shit…) was all I think while I was stuck in a d***ken pleasure induced daze for a moment, after a few minutes I snapped out of it and stood up fixing my now cum stained clothes as best I could then made my way to the door. I was now back out in the liquor store heading for the exit “Mack” the man behind the counter, “hey Mack” the man said again shouting this time but since that wasn’t my name I simply ignored it, “oh!” I said not responding to the name but remembering that I was lost and needed directions, “you have that much fun, you almost forgot this guy” he said in that thick Indian accent of his as he slid a small black plastic bag across the counter with a look on his face like he was kicking himself. I opened the bag to find that it was full of money and a disk, “Eight-Hundred, its all there, along with a copy of the festivities as agreed” he explained, “COPY!” I shrieked (what the fuck did I get myself into?) I asked myself ready to jump over the counter and beat his ass till I was sure this footage was destroyed, maybe it was because of the anger but at that moment the first seemingly rational thought popped in my head (if I do that then leave with a bag full of money it would look like I just robbed the place) I did my best to just push it aside repeating in my head over and over (Choices Consequences) “Look… just tell me how to get to Riverdale Rd” I said finally asking for the directions I needed, “Riverdale… that’s in Hutton” he said, “yeah I know” I said “well you’re in Ander guy” he explained “its like a mile that way” he said pointing his thumb east, “Wow” was all I could say as I grabbed the bag and left.

I didn’t think I was d***k enough to cross county lines without knowing it” I said to myself shaking my head as I started for home.

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