2 Men And A Dildo

James and Robert had known each other for a while through work and in recent months having both being in need of a new place to live, having talked about the two decided they should get a place together. After a few months of being roommates it came to light that the two of them were in fact masculine gay men, and after some talking they also realized that they were both total Bottom men as well. Nether of them were bad looking guys as a matter of fact James and Robert were quite attractive; Robert had a light brown complexion while James had dark brown skin, both of them were 5’9 with full lips, beautiful brown eyes, smooth skin, and round juicy bootys that niggas would go to war over but they weren’t attracted to each other for the obvious reason.
After a night of drinking and getting on by a bunch of women at a straight bar that was a few blocks from their house they stumbled back home, when they got there they both went to their rooms and passed out right for the night. James woke up out of his sl**p a few hours later and had to take a piss so he got up and headed out his room in just his underwear down the hall to the bathroom, James found Robert standing there asl**p on his feet in front of the toilet snoring with his head tilted back and his dick poking out of the hole in his boxers, James was amused to no end to find his roommate like that coming up with a near endless string of jokes and insults, then he took a good at what Robert had between his legs, it was impressive to say the least, James’ dick wasn’t small but Robert had him beat, in both length and girth Robert had the biggest dick James had ever seen outside of a porno flick, “what a waste of a good dick” James said shaking his head, James moving closer and shaking Robert’s shoulder waking him up while laughing his ass off.

For the next few weeks the image of Robert’s dick popped into James’ head more and more often; it wasn’t so much that James wanted to take Robert’s dick for a test drive, it was more that he wanted Robert’s dick hard and in all its glory.
Robert was horny but neither him or James were the Hooking-Up with just any guy type and work kept them too busy for any kind of serious relationship. A few more days went by and James walked in the living room where Robert was sitting on the couch watching TV and “Raahhh!” James roared venting a bit of his tensions as he sat down with Robert, “what’s wrong with you?” Robert asked still looking at the TV, “Ugk, I’m horny as fuck” James complained, “ha, I know what you mean…” Robert admitted, “I aint had any in almost six months” Robert confessed “seven” James said blankly, “It’s not a competition!” Robert snapped smile a smile on his face.

“I keep thinking about it” Robert said “wanting dick” James said back, “In my mouth” Robert said closing his eyes, “yes!” James agreed, “Holding it in your… how a part of the body can be that hot without him having a fever, licking it” James said feeding into his rising level of horny, “sucking it, going down to the base on it like your life depended on it, licking around the tip when the head is still in your mouth, getting it nice and wet, making him want to bust” Robert continued doing the exact same thing as James.

The two sat on the on the couch going on and on only adding to their building horny, “and oh my god, when you’re on top riding it” Robert said, “ok… this is just making things worse” James said with a sigh, “it would be better if we had a nigga sitting here with a nice long dick between us” James joked with a smile on his face but James’ little joke seemed to spark an idea in Robert.
Robert sat there his eyes squinted and he was glaring off at the wall deep in thought, “what?” James said seeing the look on Robert’s face. Robert turned and looked hard at James with his brow raised and his mile running at a mile a minute wondering weather if he should tell James what he was thinking or not. James looked puzzled as Robert said nothing, stood up and walked back to his room.

James could hear Robert moving things around in his room then things went silent, “hey James!” Robert shouted from his room, James curious stood up and walked back to Robert’s room to find Robert sitting on his bed, “were you serious…” Robert said, “about having a dick between us?” Robert asked reaching behind his back then holding up a long black double sided dildo, “wha…” James said with a laugh thinking it was some kind of joke, but Robert was dead serious anyone could tell by the look on his face and once James noticed that look he was taken aback he never considered the idea of coupling with another bottom man before, “its twelve inches, I’m all worked up, and I know you too” Robert said.
James stood there frozen in shock knowing Robert had a point, they were both horny as hell and the there wasn’t a top around to satisfy their needs, James eyed the tool hanging from Robert’s hand and made his decision.
Without a word James went over to the bed and sat next to Robert and nervously moved closer to him on the bed, James was ready and willing to try this but he was unsure of his role in this was so he started with what he knew and leaned in and started kissing Robert.

Robert took James’ lead and for a moment the two of them sat there kissing then James took his shirt off, Robert took the opportunity to move in and start sucking and licking on James’ nipples making him moan.
Robert took his shirt off; James leaned in and started kissing and sucking on Roberts neck. Robert and James both undressed and were laying on Robert’s bed sucking and licking on each other, James had gotten what he wanted laying his eyes on Robert’s big hard dick though James knew that he was never get Robert inside him.

Robert was folded up, his knees pressed against the bed just above his shoulders; James held the back of Robert’s knees down while he was up licking Robert’s ass and balls, at this angle Robert cold lick and just barely suck on the tip of his own dick something he had ever only done twice before. After a few minutes of that they switched up James laying flat on his stomach and Robert was eating his ass like it was his last meal licking and slurping getting James nice and wet for the main event. Robert and James were facing opposite each other in the doggy style with the dildo between them, Robert took it himself first and James followed taking the dildo into his ass.
The two of them backed up matching each other inch for inch till their asses kissed as they met in the middle let out a loud moan, “shit”, “fuck” James and Robert said at the same time pausing for a moment to get used to the feeling of having six inches of artificial dick deep in their asses. Robert was the first to back his ass up slapping it up against James’ “hahhh!” James moaned out feeling the dildo push into him, James pushed his ass back and slowly grinding it around against Robert’s, “so good” Robert moaned closing his eyes and truly enjoying the pleasure he was feeling and started jacking his dick.

The room echoed with the loud slapping sound as the two slammed their meaty asses together, James bit down on his lower lip loving every second of this new experience. James and Robert rolled over putting pillows under their lower backs to hold themselves a bit while they begun to thrust their hips back and forth pushing and pulling the dildo as they did, “so good” James said breathing heavily, Robert took the opening to lean over and kiss James.
Precum flowed freely from Robert and James’ dicks as they rubbed together in their lustful embrace; James wrapped his hands around both his and Robert’s dick and started stroking them up and down, “heeelllll yeaaaaahhhhh” Robert moaned still rocking his hips while James jacked the both of them off.

Robert never expected anything like this when he first had the idea, all that he was able to think of was the pure pleasure he was feeling, James wrapped his legs around Robert’s waist moving in as close as he could get then threw his arms up around Robert’s neck and kissed his lips and started bouncing on the dildo pushing it in and out of Robert at the same time. Both their dicks were hard as stone as they kissed, bounced, and grinded working the dildo around inside them, “oh fuck!” Robert let out as he reached that point, “I’m gonna…” James said following behind Robert, Robert’s dick erupted like a volcano shooting cum up between the two of them landing on the both of them, James’ dick gushed as it throbbed spraying his cum all over Robert’s chest and belly like a hose on full with no one there to guide it.

The two fell onto their backs, heads spinning, fresh cum covering their chests, and breathing heavy still connected by the dildo, “wow” James said with a big smile on his face, “I wasn’t expecting something so… intense” Robert admitted pulling away and pushing the dildo out at the same time, “unh” he moaned feeling the dildo fall out of him. “Horny takes you to all kinds of crazy places” James said as he slowly pulled the fake dick out of him, “what?” Robert said with a giggle, “just something my older b*****r said to me once” James said back finally realizing just how true it was. James stood up walked out of Robert’s room to the bathroom.

Neither of them considered for a second what this event might do to their living arrangement but that didn’t matter now, they were both satisfied and for the time being they were comfortable with that

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2 years ago
Ive played with a double dildo once with another twink. Very hott time!
2 years ago
Wish A Couple Guys Would Make A Vid Like This Story