Insane masturbation to Paris HIlton yesterday

Felt like a big Paris day and wanted to have a MASTURBATION-THON so I wrote down everything.

Started at 8AM and came to a pic of her in my s****rs Star magazine at 8:25

9:43 started again to her on a DVR TMZ episode. Big load

11:33 Saw new pics I found and loaded in Paris pic section. Dropped TWO loads back to back on Paris.

I guess masturbating so much I continue to be horny. 12:40 watching One Night in Paris Vid. Come to Paris at 12:56.

2:03 blow my load to Paris on a printed pic of her in white bikini.

2:25 Blow another load in my bed thinking about her.

5:41 Cum to a pic of Paris on Xhamster. Sore but I get another one load out right after still being so horny and doing it for the masturbationthon. Arm is tired and I sweated alot to get that one out LOL.

7:15 Went through moms Enquirer magazines and found a great face pic of Paris. Got off a decent orgasm pretty quickly. Tried to go again but its too tired. Been cumming all day to Paris.

9:05 Rock out another load for Paris to another pic of her in my Paris section here.

10:07 Pull out my fleshlight and fuck it forver until I call out Paris during my orgasm. So tired and sore. I fell asl**p still inside the Paris pussy flashlight. haa.

12 Orgasm to Paris in 14 hours. Loads of cum. Loads of fun.

60% (11/7)
Posted by Runner216
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2 years ago
Fucking Awesome. Would've loved to see that cum together. Love Paris. Cock mustve been sore.
2 years ago
Masturbating to Paris is fun. I remember renting "A Night in Paris" and my hair stood on end from just from the way that she played with her clitoris while the guy was fucking her. I came all over myself!
2 years ago
I actually liked it! Made me hot for Paris! Lol
2 years ago
Got messages sent to me that this story could've have been better and more added in and its too boring. IT'S NOT A STORY!!! IT WAS REAL LOL!! Geez