Big cock for my girlfriend

I do not have a small penis. That being said, it's not necessarily big either. It's about 7 inches which is a decent size. My girlfriend has recently been hinting at wanting a threesome, which started out as just talking dirty when we were fooling around and looking at porn on the computer, but I started to feel like she really wanted it more and more. After a while I thought about it and thought it might be fun, but I definitely wanted to be the one to pick the guy. After all, maybe she would want to return the favor and we would end up having a threesome with a girl.

So I started thinking about who we would do it with. Maybe someone we kind of knew but not really. I didn't want it to really be anyone we would see again to be honest. So I decided to look around at people I knew very little, but at least a little. As I shopped at grocery stores and ate at restaurants I was literally scouting out every guy I came across. It wasn't very easy for me but I did my best. Eventually when I was at a grocery store a few miles away I came across this guy who was slicing meats in the deli. He was maybe around 20 years old. I decided to get some sliced meat so I could talk to him and see what he was like. I wasn't sure how I was going to fit a threesome into the conversation... It's not something you can really just shout out. So I figured I would go a couple of times a week and try to get to know him at least a little bit. He was a quiet type, skinny and not too tall, maybe about 5'10. Seemed like a nice guy. I eventually worked conversation into finding out that he didn't have a girlfriend and he was 22 years old, in college, and his name was Alex. I decided I would wait until after he was done work to talk to him outside and finally just straight out ask him, what did I have to lose really? So I did just that, and at first, he refused. But I could tell by his response that deep down he was kind of interested. Eventually I came back a couple of times and I managed to convince him.

This is where the story gets interesting. I decided I was going to surprise my girlfriend with this little plan I had come up with. I was going to tie her down and blindfold her and let him come in the room and we would both just go for it, hoping that she would go with it. I had never even thought to see what he looked like naked... It wasn't exactly an interest to me of course. So my girlfriend came over, and I was super horny because of the whole situation. I was even shaking a little bit. I brought her straight upstairs and threw her down on the bed. I tied her up with some suit ties that I had and blindfolded her. I got up and waved him in from where he was hiding in the other room. "What are you up to?" My girlfriend said in a curious voice. He was perfectly quiet entering the room. "Nothing, just relax". He was still wearing his boxers when he came in. I got onto the bed and started kissing my girlfriends thighs, making my way to slipping my tongue into her nicely wet pussy. He got on the bed and immediately I could tell she felt that there were two people there. "Woah!? What's going on??" She struggled a little and I wasn't even really sure how to answer the question. Maybe surprising her wasn't such a good idea. "Don't freak out" I said, "I umm, wanted to try something, um.. I'm gonna take the blindfold off just stay calm". I pulled the blindfold off her slowly and she had this initial completely shocked look on her face but it almost instantly shifted to a curious 'wow'. I noticed his boxers were still on. Before I could say anything she asked me "Are you serious??" "No?" I asked unsure of her position on the situation. "No it's not.. I'm ok with it.. Are you sure you're ok with this??" "Well, I set it up didn't I?" I said. "Mhmm" There was a slight pause and then she looked at him "Well? Are you going to take those boxers off or what?" We both watched him as he said "Oh ya sure.." And stood up to pull them off. He pulled them out and let them drop. His dick was probably a solid 5 or 6 inches soft, with balls that were quite big. "Oh my god" I could hear my girlfriend whisper under her breath. She had this look of seduction on her face like she was really turned on just by the sight of his cock. "I can't really do much for you boys if I'm tied up" She said. I could tell she just wanted to get a hold of it. I untied her and she made her way to the edge of the bed. She let out a very slight giggle as she got close to his cock, which was starting to grow slightly. He and I stood next to each other as she got on her knees and took a cock in each hand. She started jerking our cocks and put them in her mouth switching back and forth every now and then. She kept holding them up a little and looking at both of them as they each grew harder and harder as she was sucking on them. I could tell she was beginning to compare them. Mine had grew to it's usual size while his had grown substantially larger. She seemed like she had something on her mind and eventually she told us to hold on a second. She came back with a tape measure. "I hope you don't mind, I'm sorry but I'm just so curious". She pulled me by the cock closer to her and put the tape up next to my dick. 6 and 1/2. She then took his cock in her hand and put the tape next to it. 9 and 1/4. After that she didn't really mention anything about it but I could see that she was really pleased with the cock I had found her, and she certainly used it a lot more than she did mine that night. I had never heard my girlfriend make those moans like she did that night, especially when he was fucking her from behind. He would fuck her and she would barely pay any attention to sucking my cock because she was enjoying the deep dicking so much. We ended it up by cumming on her face together. She made me jerk myself but she jerked his cock for him and held his balls like they were her own little jewels that she wanted to keep. I was ok with her somewhat obviously favoring his cock since it was supposed to be a one time thing.. But she has mentioned it since then. "That was fun wasn't it?" She always says, trying to subtly hint that she wants to do it again. I think I might give him a call again at some point, but I'm not sure.
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7 months ago
Thank you :) Give it a try maybe she would enjoy it.
7 months ago
Your girlfriend sounds hot
7 months ago
Nice little story - wonder if my wife would go for that!