Supersex with co- worker

One Friday after work, we were all from the office and had a single beer. As people disappeared, only Suzanne and me back.

My name is Torben and late thirties and Susan are a couple of years younger. We are both married and have c***dren, but there has always been a little electricity between us.

It has never translated into anything, but as we got a few beers, I could see that Suzanne became more and more unrestrained.

At one point she comes little dancing over to me and lose completely random balance, so she has to sit on my lap. I put my arms around her waist and hold on tight so she does not move again.

We look each other in the eyes and I slowly let my hand move up to her chest. She is clearly affected by the situation, because her breathing change and her eyes become completely blurred.

Slowly I buttons on her white cotton shirt up and lets it fall to the ground. But a little ingenuity I get hooked her bra up and come 2 beautiful breasts, which certainly is not tainted with 3 c***dren.

I kiss her now gently on the neck and let my kisses wander down to her breasts, takes one of her nipples as I gently take in the mouth while I alternately sucking and biting lightly in it.

All inhibitions are now gone and Suzanne are trying to free my cock from his pants, but it's easier said than done since she was sitting on my lap.

So she lets himself down on his knees between my legs and get rid the a****l, which now stands stiff as ever, right out in front of her face. Slowly she let her lips encircle his head, then she starts to suck me deep and slow.

Gradually, I can not take it anymore and do groaning tell that I'm about to come, but instead of stopping, she puts just the pace up. It's more than I can handle and I almost explode in her mouth. Suzanne looks up at me as she just swallows it all and lick me clean.

Now it's my turn to give a little, so I take her and put her up on our conference table. I throw the last of my clothes and get pulled her pants and panties. I pull her to the edge and begin to explore with my tongue.

I lick her labia, let your tongue play with the perineum and begins to manipulate her clitoris. When she is about to be warmed up well, I let a couple of fingers into her while I only lick her clitoris.

It obviously has the expected effect, because suddenly she shoots back like a cat and comes in a wonderful orgasm.

Between the time I was ready again and before her orgasm has tailed off, I've raised me - spread her legs and put my dick in her pussy. In a slow shock, I drive my cock all the way, prolonging her orgasm further.

Now I put her legs onto my shoulders and fuck her in long deep strokes, where I alternately encounter deeply and slowly and at other times, fuck her fast and hard. Brands how her tight pussy squeezes my cock each time I'm down. Fortunately for the blowjob, I might have been within 10 seconds.

It's time for some change so I drag myself out and face her, so she lies across the table with her lovely ass in the air.

Just before I need to intrude into her again, she is head and says, "if I should take it in the butt, you have to find something to smear with". I had not really planned to take her in the ass, but such an invitation, you can not skip.

So good advice is expensive, but luckily I find one of those little yellow vaseline tubs in a colleague's desk drawer.

I take a good dollop and penetrates her anus with a finger - then 2 fingers - and finally 3 fingers.

Before I put my cock head to get it even just a blob - Slowly push myself inside, no one says a sound to the cock head suddenly passes sphincter.

Since sound is a deep groan from Suzanne, which I take as a sign that I can continue. Since I am totally depressed, I keep a short break before I slowly pull myself out completely. I put a little extra Vaseline on my cock and puts my cock head again to her rectum. This time I am not quiet, but adjacent to the bottom of a long shock. This is more than she can handle and she falls over the table in a giant orgasm.

Now I fuck her in long deep strokes in the ass - slowly I put the pace up until it finally becomes too much. I spray all my remaining sperm deep up the ass on her and falls over her.

Slowly we come to ourselves, look at each other and burst out laughing. This is certainly something to be repeated.
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