For my Secret Lover in L.A. California

I hear the strong wind roaring by as it tosses the waves onto the shore. I hear its echoes in the palm trees. Under the cobalt skies, I look into the distant horizon as the day slowly darkens. The gentle trade winds return to soothe me as my thoughts drift back to our moments together. Thinking of the time when you became my sanctuary, my heaven on earth. I remember that you like it when I tease you until you became moist. It is so sensual to hear that you would get naked and lie in your bed under the sheets thinking about the times we made love.
Sometimes in the shower, I fantasized that you are with me like the time we took a shower together. With some body wash lotion, I start to lather up your body. You soap up my broad shoulders and chest and then you gave me some extra attention on my cock as it stiffens up. My hands begin to touch and caress every inch on your body. Standing behind you, I would reach around you with both hands and begin to massage and squeeze your breasts making your nipples hard and perky just waiting for me to suckle on them like a baby hungry for milk.
My hands roam down your sides, around your hips to your sweet flower as my fingers unfold your delicate petals to expose you. You gasped in surprise and begin to moan softly as I gently rub your sweet spot. You closed your eyes and grabbed my arm almost telling to stop but I can tell that you wanted me to go on. My two fingers begin to probe and enter into you. I start to finger-fuck you uncontrollably, your breathing quickens and you begin to moan. You became so wet you begin to climax almost instantly. I feel your warm pussy juices on my fingers. I take my moist fingers out of you and I can bring them to your lips so you could taste what I enjoy when I lick your delicious pussy... Like sweet nectar for a honey bee. We rinse off the sweet sweat from our bodies and dry each other with towels. I pulled you close to me and whisper that I have a surprise for you in the bedroom.
When we reach your bedroom, I tell you to get on your knees in front of me. Without any hesitation, I thrust my cock into your mouth. With both of your hands grabbing my buttocks, you thrust my stiff manhood deeper into your hungry mouth like it was pumping for oil. I became hard so quickly that I almost came. You beg for me to cum into your mouth so you could taste me. But I had a better idea. I pull out of your mouth and made you get up and turn around. As you began to bend over with half of your body on the bed, I start to probe your wet box with my engorged cock. I find it quickly with my stiff cock. Before you knew I easily slipped it into you because you are so wet and I began thrusting my cock into your tight wet pussy. Oh my God, it so good. I keep pumping you until you had three orgasms before I felt ready to cum. You beg me not to stop but I had another surprise for you. When I am ready to cum, I pulled out, made you turn around and get on your knees. While cupping your breasts with both hands and your mouth wide-open, I continue to jerk off not to lose the sensation of your tight wet pussy. Then, I explode like a pistol firing a bullet. I sprayed my lovely hot juices all over your beautiful tits and into your mouth. You thrust my rock-hard cock with both hands back into your hungry mouth again in an attempt to catch every last drop of spurting cum. I reached down and started to smear some of my spilled love juices all over your beautiful tits. What a beautiful sight!

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2 years ago
A beautifully written sexy story.

SassyBri ~