First time giving a guy a blowjob

At first you have to know that this story is absolutely true and not invented.
To make you better understand how i came to giving a blowjob i have to start from the beginning. Back in the day i had a friend and we did a lot together like playing ping pong, playing videogames, camping and stuff like that. One day we had a little wrestling session in which i dominated him. As he was laying kind of trapped in front of me, i pushed my hand into his pants and, without thinking,grabbed his cock and gave him a good squeezing.
He was a bit paralyzed from that but shortly after he wanted to touch my dick in return - otherwise it would have not been "fair".

After that wrestling session we started exploring each other more and more. We made doctor games with checking out the others genitals and some time later we started playing roulette where you had to touch the others cock or balls with the toung.
Those action were always performed rather light hearted and not really intense, but we sure had our fun.
We then started to watch each other masturbate, to see how the others orgasm looks like. When my friend was in the mood he just started jerking off, even if i was around. His cock didnt really appear to me back then. He had a thick cock with an upward curve, a lot of veines and a thick red cockhead, that was pretty blunt with a deep slit where his peehole is. In contrast to me
he never shooted out his cum, it just ran down his dick or flew down the floor, in a steady stream. His cum was really thick and completely white.

More time went by and we started going in the 69 Position and playing with each others cock or sticking fingers inside each others assholes. I always loved the feeling of his anus muscles pulsing around my fingers.
During one of our 69 sessions, where i layed on the floor and he was on top of me, i wanted to go to town on him and see if i could make him cum. Though i found his cock more or less disgusting I grabbed it and pulled his foreskin completely back, exposing his thick, red head. Then i took it into my mouth and started to really suck on it, sliding my toung around his head, over his
hole and so on. As soon as i started sucking his head i realised that he immediatly stopped all his actions on my ass and remained without any movement. He was just enjoying it. After i sucked his head for a couple of minutes i tasted a big drop flowing out of his cock.
I was kind of perplex so i stopped and didnt go on.

The days after this experience i realised that i really "had" to make him cum with my mouth only and that i wanted to drink a complete ejaculation from him. I couldnt wait till the next time we would meet.

The next meeting came and i was about to spend a night as his place, watching a movie. We watched the movie and were about to go to sl**p...and then came what i waited for the whole evening "give me a blowjob". I knew all the time that he wanted more of what i gave him the last time, but i wanted to hear it from him, and there i had it.

He lay in his bed with the bedcover over him and his legs spread. I crawled under the cover closer to his dick. The TV was still running and he said that its great to be able to watch tv and have the cock sucked at the same time. Guess he was kind of nervous.

I grabbed his still flaccid cock and looked at it. His balls were sagging down between his asscheeks as they always did and the distinct smell of his penis came into my nose.
I had planned to suck him off without any use of my hand. I wanted him to cum with only the head of his dick sucked, nothing else.
It was like a trophy hunt for me.
I went on, pulled his foreskin back and direclty put his head into my mouth. I started going with my toung and realised a big fuzzball under his head, that was trapped by the foreskin. I removed the fuzzball and restarted to suck his still flaccid cock.
The cock slowly began to fill up and got bigger and bigger. I could feel the curves and lines of his head getting clearer and sharper until he had a full erection and his head was hard and slick in my mouth. I licked the slit of his head where the hole is and the little
piece of skin that connects the head with the foreskin. After about 5 minutes of continuous sucking i tasted the first slimey drop of precum dripping out of his cock. It tasted slightly salty and i loved it. I kept sucking and he kept dripping out precum every thirty seconds.
I used the precum in my mouth with its great characteristics as a lubricant to keep his head nice and moist before is swallowed it from time to time.
The rates of his precum dripping out went up and it started to become a light and continuous flow that i gladly tasted and enjoyed.
I felt the muscles in his body getting tighter and tighter and i stopped sucking a second and asked him if hes going to cum - "soon" was all he got out. I sucked on for another 10 minutes and suddenly he moaned "im going to cum". I didnt react at all and slowly sucked on his head. His hands were moving slowly in the direction of his cock and his legs tightened. I gently but firmly pushed his hands aside. This was my moment i have worked for half an hour. He resignated and put his hands back, realising that i wanted him to cum in my mouth.
Then his legs started to cramp up and shake a little and he began to ejaculate in my mouth. He usually did not shoot his cum but the first thick and very warm stream landed half the way back to my throat with the next streams flowing out like usual. The load of cum was immense and
i tried to keep sucking his head, to give him the best orgasm possible, while keeping up with swallowing his rich cum stream. I had the taste of his ejaculate and the smell of his cock in my mouth for hours later.

This was the first real blowjob i gave him and we both enjoyed it a lot. Our sex-games developed from playing to real orgasm-orientated sex.
A lot of blowjobs followed.

96% (50/2)
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6 months ago
Dam that was fucking hot I love sucking them big uncut cocks
6 months ago
That was hot/
7 months ago
very hot story..
7 months ago
I think this was so special to have a sweet cock to suck only with your mouth and make himcum so hard that was erotic
7 months ago
Great. Wanked and came reading it ;)
7 months ago
Great story!
7 months ago
I am always wary of uncut cocks, never know whats underneath, yuk!
7 months ago
Great story! My experience was similar but was worried I had the guy use condom for my first cock to mouth meet up.
7 months ago
like it
7 months ago
7 months ago
Oh yes! Please tell more!!!
7 months ago
got me hard
7 months ago
great story tell more.. I had a very similar time as a youth.. it was great..
7 months ago
Nice story, great memories, beautiful.