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Why did I keep making bets like that, was the only thing I could think of while in line. Why did I keep making bets I was destined to loose, and then have outcomes like...well, this. I was standing in line to go to a cosplay convention, and was in full costume, but of the wrong gender. I was dressed up as one of those Vocaloids, with knee length blue pigtails, A black skirt that was barely at my knees, a set of black and blue boots that went up to my thighs, a sleeveless vest like shirt, a weird belt thing, weird glove-like sleeves (that left my armpits and upper arms open for the whole world to see), and all lipstick, nail makeup, waxing, and skin lightener that went with it. In all honesty, I think the most embarrassing part of this whole outfit was the blue striped bra and panties as, why the bra couldn't be seen, all it would take was walking up the stairs for anyone to see the panties, and my secret. Unfortunately, the bet was that I had to wear this all day, while attending certain events, and I honestly don't think that-

"Why hello there!" A voice almost sang from behind.

"Calmly" turning around, I saw a sight that made my heart instantly drop: an ex-girlfriend. Not only that, but she had her two friends with her, and all three of them were dressed in the same outfit as I was.

"I didn't know you were into this!" She exclaimed, as her two friends circled closely around me.

"I-" I tried to explain, before she shoved a finger near my mouth.

"Don't talk," One of her friends smiled, as I found myself cornered against a wall.

"You wouldn't want anyone to know what you are doing, right?" The other friend asked, as she pulled something out from her purse.

"That's right," my ex nodded, as her free hand went under my skirt. " want the world to see this."

Quickly, she grabbed my cock, and almost immediately chuckled.

"Wow, I'm glad I never did you," she laughed. "Something this small doesn't deserve to be used."

Not wanting anyone else to notice us, I simply held my voice in, as she continued to tease both me, and my cock. Her friends weren't helping much either, as they were also feeling under my skirt, and adding their own comments. Looking back on it, I don't know if the people around us didn't actually notice, as they weren't exactly talking quietly, but the people around us did move slower. Eventually, I felt the pressure build up from their continued assault on my cock, and I tried with all my might to hold my orgasm in. It was futile, as their movements just kept piling on and on, until I finally-

"Now," My ex smiled.

Immediately, all three of them had stopped touching my cock, the girl behind me slipped on a cock cage, the other friend put a lock on it, and my ex grabbed hold of my panties.

"Did you actually think we'd let you cum like a man?" My ex teased wickedly.

"It would have been an insult," the friend behind me agreed.

"Only real semen should stain a skirt like that," the other agreed.

"And besides," my ex continued, "we're just getting started."

"But-" I tried protesting.

"If you don't come with us," my ex ignored, "not only will we not unlock you, but, we'll also take your panties away!"

"What kind of perv dresses like a girl with no panties?" The behind friend quipped.

"The same perv who does it with a cock-cage!" The other answered.

"This is-" I again began.

"Only men are allowed to talk," my ex stated bluntly, as she began to pull on my panties. "Now either nod your head and follow us, like a good little girl, or these panties are finished."

Without any options, I meekly nodded, eliciting laughter from all three of them.

"Good girl!" my ex praised. "Now stay between us."

Quietly, I followed them, as they lead me on the most roundabout way back to their room. The whole time, they didn't stop making fun of me, even if we were going through thick crowds. Once or twice, she even stopped to hit on another man, and, without fail, would always point me out to them. The worst part was when we went through the yaoi section, as not only did she reveal my secret to some random guy, but he also agreed to come with them. I don't remember how long it took to get to the room, but the moment we did, they began their work.

"We'll be right back," my ex smiled, as she and her friends went into the bathroom.

Before I could even ask her what she was doing, the man had me planted firmly on my knees, as he whipped out his cock. It wasn't the first cock I've seen, owing to the aforementioned bets, but it was definitely the longest, at about a foot long. Without saying anything, the man had opened my mouth, and shoved his cock in. Gagging, I tried getting him out, but his grasp was too firm, not to mention, his dick was so clean. And tasty...and smooth...and-

"I knew it!" My ex cheered, as she watched me work his cock. "I knew you weren't a man."

"Well, at least she seems happy," A friend shrugged.

"What kind of girl wouldn't be with a dick like that in her mouth?" The other asked
"No matter," my ex smiled, as she stuck a hand in my pussy, "she'll make a fine slut."

As my head bounced back against her crotch, I couldn't help but notice that there seemed to be something...hard there. After a signal I had missed, the man let me go, and I was turned around to face a blue strapon of equal length to his dick. Mindlessly, I began working, on it, as my ex simply chuckled, and petted me.

"You know," she smiled, as her other friends came in, equally armed, "we were originally going to use these on a hapless girl in a cosplay like ours but-oh wait, that's exactly what's happening."

Chuckling, laughing, and insulting me, I continued to pleasure the girls' cocks. Slowly, and I'm still not sure how slowly, they managed to get me onto all fours, while still sucking cock, and completely oblivious to the world around me. So much so, in fact, that I completely missed all the preparatory steps to the man penetrating my pussy. The instant he entered me, I screamed in an orgasm, eliciting more laughter, as my clit and pussy began to leak.

"She totally is a girl!" The friend on the right laughed.

"I wonder if she's taken cock like this all the time?" The one on the right asked.

"I'm sure she has," my ex said coyly. "I keep 'convincing' her friends into making bets like, well, crossdressing, and, from what I've heard, every time ends something like this."

"No way, really?" The right friend asked in disbelief.

"It's true," my ex nodded, as she she cradled my blank head in her crotch. "And tonight, I think we should just break her."

"What do you mean?" The friend on the left asked.

"Well, it's a three day convention," my ex explained, "and I have the number of many guys and girls willing to do a slut like her, let's say, about the whole length of the convention."

"That sounds awesome," the friend on the right smiled, as I screamed out another orgasm.

"Look at her," The left friend criticized. "She's already squirted twice, and none of us have even cum once."

"Well, we do have about two hours before anyone else said they could come," my ex smiled, as the man pulled me onto him for his first (and my third) orgasm. "Let's get started then."
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