My Cousin

When I was younger I had an older cousin I found really hot. Anytime she came around she would ask me how she looked and pose a bit, turning so I could see her ass or pushing her tits out a little. I had hormones raging through me but was too stupid to do anything about it. One day after she had slept over at my parents house she was getting ready to go out and had on a miniskirt, heels and tight top. That alone was driving me crazy but she did her poses as usual then sat on my lap! Right away I got very hard and embarrassed. She new I was hard it was pushing against her, but instead of getting up she wiggled around my lap a bit grinning down at me. I was afraid that I would cum in my pants and at the same time hoping it would happen. Just then she go off me grinning and walked away swaying her ass. I thought she left so I was on my way to jerk off but made a stop to the laundry first, and there within a small pile I found her panties. I had the best cum of my life to that point absolutely soaking her panties so they became transparent around my cock. I hid her panties the bathroom to do it again later. When I walked out of the bathroom she was back in the house sitting and reading a magazine. She gave me a look and smiled and I had no doubt in my mind that she knew I had just finished cumming while thinking about her. I though of getting her panties and showing her what she did to me but never did. I think that's part of the reason I like to have women know when I cum thinking about them today. Just imaging my cousins face if I had handed her those soaked panties still gets me hard.
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