All tied up (and no place to go) Part 2

All tied up (and no place to go) Part 2 of 2 – by Rod Houston

With unexpected pleasure, you feel him once again caressing and fondling your breasts. Playing with your nipples, lightly rolling them around with fingertips and then squeezing them gently between his fingers. Cupping and holding them, squeezing them in his hands. Playing with your nipples. Finally you feel warm breath and his warm moist tongue lightly licking them. First one and then the other. Your skin has turned into chicken flesh as goose bumps cover it from head to toe.

He takes a nipple between his lips and squeezes it tight. He sucks each nipple in turn, first on the very tip, then taking as much of a tit into his mouth as possible, and sucking harder. This continues for a very, very long time, and it has chills running up and down your spine. Firmly squeezing each breast as he suckles it’s nipple. The wet warmth is building between your legs, and you want to move them but even wiggling your hips is near impossible. Your legs are spread so far open that wetness on the edge of pussy lips feels the coolness of the air around it. It is beginning to drive you mad. All you want to do is reach down with a hand and rub your tingling pussy. But you cannot, and it is becoming agonizing that he can sit there and watch you try to squirm and you cannot see anything. You finally give in to your frustration and relax. Lying motionless (and sightless) feeling the pleasure of his attention to your breasts. It really does feel good.

He acknowledges your subsidence of struggle. “That’s it Baby! Relax and enjoy. My only goal is to pleasure you like you have never been pleasured before.”, he comforts. You manage a smile and imagine he is smiling back, though he says nothing else.

Now you feel the weight of his body get back on the bed. He is, of course, between your outstretched legs. You want his touch badly, but after seconds there is none. You press your hips into the air as much as your bindings will allow, as if to offer your cunt to him. Still nothing. You wonder what he is doing. Is he just sitting there looking at your pussy? ‘Touch it please’ you say to yourself, hoping that he soon will.

“Hey! You still here?” you blurt. “Uh huh” he responds.

You are waiting. The anticipation is killing you. “Ummm… whatcha gonna do now?” you ask to your unseen partner. No reply.

“Whatcha doin?” you ask as your curiosity continues to get the better of you.

“What do you want me to be doing?” comes the response. “Ummm fuck me?” you encourage.

“Nah…. You ain’t ready yet.” Is the reply.

“Please do something…. Please?” you begin to beg.

And as if your begging was the signal he had been waiting for, you feel a light touch to the end of your overly exposed clitoris. It makes you jump as it was sudden and unexpected. When the rush of adrenaline passes you begin to push your hips up as high as you physically can (which isn’t very much), in hope that the play will begin in earnest.

“Yes, that feels good” you offer, hoping that he will not stop again. Gratefully, he continues tenderly tracing his finger around the edges of your orifice. Briefly picking up moisture from the bare inner lips and spreading it around. His fingers explore silently, teasingly close to an erogenous zone and then skirts away. “Mmmm…” you are hoping the encouragement from you will keep him going.

It does, or at least you have decided that your verbal contributions are doing so. You continue to moan softly to let him know how much you are enjoying it, although you are dying for something more intense.

His fingers work around your pussy, not getting too close to your clit or wet opening, but just enough for your moans to be real when they do get close. Finally, after what seems an eternity, his finger brushes across your aching clit. Your back arches and you let our a loud moan. His fingers are getting busier, rubbing your clit and slightly dipping inside your love hole to gather and spread the honey.

You are struggling with your lack of mobility, and your body wants to instinctively gyrate in-sync with the intense feelings of pleasure, but you have very little movement ability. Your legs are already tugging tightly at their bindings around your ankles, as you want to raise your knees. As he moves his face to your pussy and begins to lick around your clit, you begin fighting with the ties on your arms as well. The intense feelings of pleasure in your groin are overwhelming and to lay there unable to physically respond is becoming maddening.

Just as you begin to fear that orgasm is only an instant away, he withdraws the attention on your soaking pussy. You groan out loud and beg “please don’t stop…don’t stop, please???”.

Your body is doing it’s best to rock back and forth and legs and arms are pulling against strong ropes. You feel his motion somewhere on the bed and once again hear sounds of rummaging through his Goody Bag. You relax just enough to be able to strain your ears so that you can recognize the sounds and anticipate what is next.

You hear a faint, yet familiar buzz. It takes a few moments for your mind to process the sound and you finally recognize the sound of a vibrator. “Ohh, noooo…” you beg. “I can’t handle that right now! It will make me cum… I promise….”. Your cries are unanswered.
Your entire body convulses when you feel the touch of the vibrator on the tip of your clit. Your head is rocking back and forth on the pillow, but that is the sum total of what you can move. He attacks your swollen clit with the vibrator. Holding it just ever so lightly against the tip, and your inner muscles are tightened and pushing. Fighting back a rapidly approaching orgasm, you yell “not yet… not yet !!!”, speaking directly to your pussy, trying to instruct it to behave.

He is now rubbing the end of the vibe even harder against your tender clit. Back and forth, spreading juices and sending electricity throughout the region. “Ohhhhhh….” You are moaning, “stop, stop” you plead. Instead, he inserts the toy. Playing around the entrance and out to tease your clit even more, then back in. Each time, working it in deeper, and each time withdrawing to spend even more time on your throbbing clit.

It is maddening. You cannot see, you cannot move. And you are ever so close to cumming. You are begging breathlessly now, “Fuck me. Fuck me now. Fuck my pussy…. PLEASE!!!!”.

He pushes the vibrator all the way in, and your pussy muscles contract and push it right back out. He pushes it back in and you push it back out. This continues forever, and you no longer have control of even your inner muscles. They are reacting entirely on their own. He pushes in, and you push out, it is becoming even faster now and it is driving you crazy. Your begging has turned to demands “Listen mister… you better fuck me now, here?”

You hear a roaring laughter from him, and frankly, it pisses you off. Not literally of course, but you are getting extremely frustrated and want so badly to feel his cock inside of you and ripping you open with a volcano of exploding hot cum. “Please?” you soften your request.
It works. He slowly removes the vibrator, and his palm rubs back and forth across your slit. Each time it crosses your clit you are sure the top of your head is going to come off. You want to cum, and you want to cum NOW!

With a gasp of relief you feel his body moving. His arms moving to either side of your waist, and the bed rocking with his movement. You feel the head of his cock poised just barely between your hot soaked pussy lips and your hips are trying fruitlessly to push toward it.
He slowly, ever so slowly, slides his shaft inside. Inch by agonizing inch, until you begin to feel that overpowering feeling of fullness of hot flesh rubbing internally. You gasp sudden air as the last inch or so is suddenly thrust against erogenous inner depths and instantly you are filled with the cock you have been desiring for over two hours.

Thankfully, he must be horny as well, as he begins to pump your pussy, in and out, long deep strokes. Building in speed and intensity until he is finally pounding hard. You hear the slapping sound skins meet with full insertion, and you hear the squishing sloshing sound of your juices overly lubricating. Faster and harder with each thrust. You cannot control yourself at all. Your orgasms come one after another, sometimes it seems two or three at the same time. His rhythm does not let up. He is pounding your pussy hard and you are wanting him to cum so badly. You are fighting to hold of your final climax.

When it seems that you may faint from the most recent orgasm, he thrusts suddenly hard and deep, exploding his hot jism in buckets. You feel each wave of cum travel the length of his cock and erupt in sudden hot splashes deep inside. You gasp air and make a soundless moan as your body quivers with convulsion of the most intense orgasm you have ever known.

Your heart is racing and you are sure it will pound its way out of your chest any moment. Gasping for air that you cannot get enough of. He collapses on your body, gasping for his own breaths. You nuzzle your head as best you can, into his neck and continue to struggle for air. You can feel his heart pounding against you own chest, and it leaves you even weaker.

At length, you feel him rising off of you. You gasp as a quick orgasm shoots by when his cock withdraws from the comfort of the warm wet surroundings that you have been nurturing it in. You feel him get off of the bed, and are still trying to catch your breath.
“Hey you!” you breathlessly say. “Uh huh” you hear his breathless response.

He bends over to kiss you on the mouth, and you whisper, “That was fucking fantastic!”. “Yup” he responds.

“You can remove the blindfold now” you tell him. “I don’t think so.” He replies.

“..but… we don’t need this anymore, I don’t need to be tied any more, right?” you half plead. “Oh, you’re not through yet.” He responds.
“Oh geeezzzz… I can’t take any more!” you inform. He is silent for a minute, then you hear him say from the foot of the bed “You should really see all the cum oozing from your pussy right now. It is a absolutely pouring out!”. “I bet it is” you say, you should feel it from this end” and you laugh. “Get me a towel, and untie my hands, okay?” you try once more. “Besides, my girl friend is dropping by later on and I will need to cover up our little adventure, you know?”

“I think I want to watch you just as you are for a little while first” is his reply. “I’m going to sit right over here in the chair and smoke a cigarette and watch the cum flowing out of your pussy with your legs spread wide open.”

“Well then!” you scoff. “At least let me have a puff”. He holds the cigarette to your lips and you inhale deeply. A long exhale and your head is swimming. “Fine!” you say to him. “You sit there and watch a helpless soaking wet woman with her legs spread far apart and I will take a nap”. More like pass out really, as your head is dizzy and your body weak. You can hear his breath as he exhales, and you drift off to sl**p.

You are awakened by a noise. “Hey there” you softly call out. He doesn’t reply. “Hey!” you say again louder. Still no answer. Maybe he is in the kitchen or somewhere, you think.

How long did you snooze?, you wonder. What time is it. Must be late afternoon, you reckon. You really must be getting up and getting all this evidence put away, and get dressed before your friend gets here. “Hey!” you shout out, hoping he will hear you from across the house and come to your rescue.

Thankfully, you hear sounds of shuffling feet coming your way. “Ok, you can let me up now” you tell him. However, there is no response. You can sense that you are not alone, but he does not speak.

You begin to plead now, appealing to his sensibility, “Untie me now, okay? Vicki will be here any minute, and I cannot be just laying here all ties up and blindfolded, with a freshly fucked pussy and cum all over the place!” “Okay?”

Instead of a verbal reply, you once again feel the bed move with the weight of a body climbing back in between your bound legs. “You want one more fuck? Is that it?” you ask. No answer.

Instead, you feel the light touch of fingertips smoothing cum across your pussy and across your clit. Your body jolts at the sudden tingle of excitement. “Okay darling” you say, I guess I could do with a quickie.”

You feel lips kissing your inner thighs, and licking cum off the sides. Then you feel a warm soft tongue licking your mound, across your clit and drinking juices from between your wet slit.

“You lick up your own cum?” you say with surprise.

“It’s not mine” comes the soft reply, “but it is very tasty”.

“VICKI !” you shout. “Its you!”

Later you learn that there was a note on the door to come on in, and the door was left unlocked.

You also learned that Vicki is very very good at eating pussy.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Well, I'll be damned!1 Ultimately Vicki was expected to show. The note with instructions was totally unforeseen, and neither were Vicki's actions!

Very good end to a very suspenseful story. A very nice, easy bondge situation with a mostly expected outcome.
2 years ago
Very nice!
2 years ago
great twist.....luv the end
2 years ago
very hot!!