All tied up (and no place to go) Part 1

All tied up (and no place to go) Part 1 of 2 – by Rod Houston

You met him at the bar last night, and you’re still not quite sure how the conversation got around to bondage. Still, the thought intrigues you. ‘After all’, you think to yourself, ‘he is a gorgeous hunk and you would love to have sex with him’. Besides, the thought of being tied up and a man having his way with you is very erotic and something you have often fantasized about.

So now you are going to get your chance. He wouldn’t come home with you last night (probably married, you thought), but that really doesn’t matter to you. You’re just looking for a good fuck, not a relationship. He agreed to come to your house this morning for the adventure, and that is all that really matters.

You had waken early, taken your bath, shaved your legs and very closely around your pussy so that it would be nice and smooth for your guest. Taking extra care to spray your perfume in all those extra places, and dressing in a halter top with no bra and short skirt with no undies, you admire the look in the floor length mirror. ‘Mmmmm’, you think, ‘what man could resist this’, and you smile. Another cup of coffee while I wait for him, and I’m ready’, you decide.

As you sit at the kitchen table pondering the adventure ahead of you this morning, you hear your cell phone ringing from somewhere in the kitchen. ‘Oh, where did I put the damned thing?’, then find it right next to the coffee pot where you had left it.

“Hello” you say after flipping it open on the fourth ring. “Oh, Hi Vicki.” You respond to your girl friend’s voice. “Sure, 3:00 this afternoon will be fine, no wait! Better make it 5:00. I have a ton of things to do today and probably won’t be home before then”, you lie, knowing that you want to give yourself ample time for today’s activity. “OK, see you then, bye!”.

Glancing at your watch, you see that it is already 9:00am, the time you and he had both agreed on last night. He should be here any minute. Setting the half empty cup in the sink, you hurry to the bedroom to make sure that everything is just the way you want it. New clean sheets, and the bed is made up. Room is straight, everything put away. “Looks good”, you nervously say out loud to yourself, and laugh that you had done so. You are a bit nervous about this, it is the first time you have ever tried bondage and can only fantasize about what to expect. And you don’t really know this guy, although after four hours of conversation last evening, you somehow feel comfortable about him.

It had been a pretty lengthy conversation about bondage and you felt immediately that you and he were on the same wavelength. Besides, he is really a gorgeous hunk of a man, and you would have sex with him any way you could get it. You laugh out loud again as the thought strikes you.

The doorbell rings. It is him. Right on time. You take one quick glance at your king size four poster bed, thinking about when you bought it and how you had fantasized at the time that it would be perfect for a bondage adventure. The silk scarves were laid at the foot of the bed, ready for his use. You believe everything is just the way you want it, and head for the door.

You had left the front door open, with the screen locked, and can see him standing there smiling as you approach. ‘Oh My!’, you think, ‘he is even sexier than I remember him from last night!’.

“Hi there!”, you welcome, unlatching the screen. “Good morning!”, he returns the greeting. “Come on in” you say, pushing the screen door open toward him. A quick kiss on his lips eases your tension. “Coffee?” you ask, as you lead him toward the kitchen. “Sure” he replies as his eyes are traveling up and down your frame. “Very sexy!” he says approvingly. “Awww, thanks.” you reply with a faint blush.
He is 3, maybe 4, inches taller than you and dressed in blue jeans and a tight tee shirt that accentuates his broad chest and muscular shoulders. You bite your bottom lip with excitement after you had turned away from him to retrieve clean coffee cups from the cabinet. “Cream? Sugar?” you ask as you sit the hot java in front of him. “Your cream will be all I need Sugar!” he teases. You smile and chuckle.
He arrived with a small backpack over one shoulder, which he sets on the kitchen table then settles onto a barstool next to where you stand. “Going camping?” you muse out loud, nodding toward the pack. “Goody Bag!.” he responds with a grin. “Ohhhhhh” you say with a broader grin.

He sets the coffee cup on the bar, and puts his hands on your waist. You respond by placing your arms over his shoulders and around his neck, and lean forward for a kiss that quickly becomes a long, exploring tongue French kiss. His hands slide down your hips on either side, up under your short skirt, and grasp your bare buttocks and pull you closer to him. “Nice ass” he says. “Nice hands” you say and dive back in for another prolonged wet kiss.

When his kiss moves to the nape of your neck and to the back of your ear, you cannot help but let out a soft moan as your eyes close and you feel a wet arousal beginning in your depths.

He slowly pushes you back to arms length, and hands move up your firm cheeks, taking your skirt upward along with them, exposing your smooth pink flesh. “Mmmm, beautiful! Just the way I imagined it would be!” he tells you as his eyes are transfixed on your cleanly shaven mound. “You like?” is all that you can vocalize, feeling silly at that response. “Yes, I like.” He confirms with a smile and a penetrating lock into your eyes. You smile.

His hands move up under your top, exposing your soft but firm breasts and hard nipples. “Very nice” he approves as his hands gently cup and caress with a finger moving across one very excited nipple. He leans forward to take the nipple between his lips and tenderly suckle, and your previous anxiety disappears knowing that he will lead this adventure into pleasurable heights for the both of you.
“You want to see the bedroom?” you blurt, half because you are now horny as hell, and half because you can’t think of anything else to say. He smiles and nods his head. Grabbing his back pack of mystery off the table, he follows you into the bedroom.

“Perfect!” he says softly, looking at the huge four poster bed. You smile back at his approval, and sit on the edge of the bed. “So….. what is in the goody bag?” you ask.

“Oh, the usual. Ropes, handcuffs, nipple clamps, and a few surprises.” He laughs. You giggle, feeling another blush coming on. “So let’s get this show on the road.” He announces, and takes your hands to pull you to a standing position next to the bed.

Not sure exactly what you should be doing, you pull your top over your head and off, tossing it onto a chair. He tugs at the bottom of your skirt until it passes your waist and drops to the floor, where you step out of it. Bending over, you pick it up and toss it onto the chair as well, then turn to face him. He is smiling with delight as he appraises your beautiful nakedness with his eyes. You return the smile and throw your arms once again around him and f***e another long wet French kiss. It instantly brings wetness to another area and you can feel the tingling of excitement growing between your legs.

Hungrily, you pull up on his tee shirt and get him to pull it off, over his head. Your hands waste no time finding and undoing his belt and jeans. You greedily pull them down, and he steps out of them. He has no underwear on, and his gorgeous cock is already showing signs of enlargement. With no hesitation at all, you immediately take it into your hands and begin to squeeze and stroke it to full erection.
“You like?” he teasingly mocks your earlier question. “I like.” You teasingly mock back, and lower yourself to your knees for a taste. It is quite a mouthful, and you softly stroke the length that you cannot get into your mouth as you try your best ‘deep throat’ impersonation.
He pulls you back up to a standing position, and sets you back on the bed. “Now,” he announces, “we can do this several ways.”. He picks up one of the scarf’s you had laid on the end of the bed. “We can do blind fold or no blind fold. Gag over your mouth or no gag. Let’s see, which shall it be?” he ponders out loud, not really asking for your preference, just verbalizing his options.

Before you can offer your opinion, he continues and informs exactly what he plans to do. “I think I will first bind you while you can watch, and maybe tease a little so that I can watch your expression. Then you can experience the thrill of being unable to see and not knowing what you will experience next. I will not tie the gag over your mouth for a while because I want to hear your moans and begging.” He explains.

Your excitement is growing rapidly and your pussy is burning. Your eyes have hardly left the stare at his thick hard cock, only with quick glances up to his as if acknowledging you are listening to everything he says.

“Crawl up to the middle of the bed, and lay back.” He instructs. Doing as told, you watch as he unzips his pack and removes several lengths of rope. Skillfully, he wraps a silk scarf around one of your wrists, then ties a knot of rope around it. “The scarf will keep the rope from being uncomfortable” he explains as he continues with the other wrist.

Each of your arms are pulled back above your head and the rope is fastened to each bed post at the top corners of the bed. Not stretching your arms apart too tightly or uncomfortable, just spread far enough to absolutely restrict your movement and ability to use them.

Next, the procedure is repeated with your legs. First eh scarf around an ankle, then the rope. ‘He must have been a Boy Scout’ you muse to yourself, watching as he ties knots that are fast and firm. Each leg is then spread as far apart as possible and ties to a corner post. Flat on your back and spread-eagle upon the bed, you cannot even wiggle around much. You pride yourself on your flexibility, but don’t think you have ever spread your legs this far apart before. Still, it is not uncomfortable, just awkward in a way that you have never found yourself before.

“Now! How’s that?” he asks you, not really expecting an answer. “Different” you reply with a giggle. “So do I get that nice cock now?” you ask encouragingly. He smiles.

“Let’s see here” he says as if talking to himself, as he crawls upon the bed between your out stretched legs. Your excitement is incredible with anticipation. He leans forward and you think he is going to start eating your pussy, but instead, he teasingly blows air upon it. The warm breath on your cunt sends a shiver up your spine and you feel goose bumps forming instantly all over your flesh.
On his knees, he rises before you. His hard cock before you for you to watch. His hand strokes its length for a moment and stops to hold it up for you. “This what you want?” he teases. “Ohhhh yesssss” you respond.

“Well not yet” he tells you, “but you will be begging for it soon enough.”. With that he leans forward and lightly, very lightly passes the palms of his soft hands over your abdomen. Your stomach muscles contract and tighten at the touch. It is a very erotic pleasure. Methodically, his hands trace the sides of your body, from hips and up to the sides of your breasts, then slowly and lightly back down past the waist, hips and outer thighs. Your excitement is almost uncontrollable and those goose bumps are unmistakably covering every inch of your flesh. “Ohhhh”, you moan softly.

When his hands finally reach and caress your breasts, you feel like you are about to explode internally with desire. Softly cupping your breasts and tenderly squeezing them, then exploring your erect nipples, circling the areola and fingering lightly across the tips. You push your hips up instinctively, at least as far as your bondage will allow. Your stomach muscles are tight and your pussy muscles are squeezing but there is nothing inside to squeeze.

He stops and rocks back on his heals, again gently stroking his cock for you to see and desire. He smiles seeing your wanton expression. Every urge in your being wants to beg for his cock right now, but you sense that it would do no good and bite your lower lip again.

“Now you are ready…” he announces, and you are hoping that means ready to be fucked, but he continues, “…ready for the blind fold”. “OW, I still wanna watch” you quickly offer, but it is no good. He reaches for one of the long scarves and rolls it in length, then places it around your eyes and lifts your head to tie it in the back. You cannot turn your head enough to either side to get it to move. You are now visionless.

“Use all of your other senses” he tells you. “Try to hear what is coming. Smell me as I get close to you. Feel the heat of my body as I move around and next to you. Feel my touch on your skin as I pleasure you. Anticipate…imagine…” he instructs.

Reluctantly, you must obey, and begin to listen for what he is doing. You feel the bed move and can tell that he has gotten up and off. You hear some sound. ‘What is that?’ you silently ask yourself. You imagine that he is digging around in his Goody Bag, and are soon to find out that you were right.

----End of Part One

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The suspense is deadening and unnerving. The lady's anticipation it beginning to take turns that she had not entirely expected. Will she get her ultimate wish and desire satisfactorially satisfied??