Became my neighbours toy PART 3

I've been busy with work this week so its been ages since I could upload another post.

25/07/14 - Last Friday

A (my neighbour)
P (my partner)
J (neighbours wife)

My neighbour and his wife invited my partner and myself around for a barbeque since the weather was nice. Everything went as normal (except for A brushing up against my ass a few times), that was up until after we ate and J and P sat on the decking chatting while me and A sat in his shed to have a few beers (he converted it into a day type room). After a few beers A started looking at me like he did be for and pulled out a pair of white spandex-type panties from a draw, tossing them to me. I knew what he wanted and was happy to give it to him, but a bit nervous since both our partners were less then 10m away and could see us through the glass windows in the side of the shed (they were thin strips of glass about half a foot wide that went from floor to celling). I pulled off my shoes, jeans and boxes and slipped the panties on as he pulled down his jeans and his thick cock flipped up. he immediately pulled my down in front of him, his cock centimetres from my mouth. Looking behind me I could see wife sitting talking to mine, if she glanced to her left she would see me, wearing wife panties, kneeling in front of her husband with his cock in my hand. I barely had the time to open my mouth be for he grabbed the back of my head and slid his cock into my throat, nervously I began sucking his dick, the thrill of possibly getting caught making my own cock hard as rock. I kept glancing back now and then just to make sure they didn't see. After nearly chocking on his cock twice he pulled my up onto his lap, pulling the panties to one side, he smoothly slide his dick into my ass and began bouncing me up and down. He slid his hand under my panties and began stroking my dick in time with his pounding, all the while I kept my eyes on his wife (I couldn't see mine from where we were, only As wife would be able to see in). She stood up to get another drink and I thought our eyes met, but be for I could say anything As cock spasm and came inside me, causing me to cum simultaneously. I slide myself off A and by now she was back and still chatting to P. A gave me a wink as we got our self cleaned up and went outside like nothing happened. I remember thinking "at least we didn't get caught" but I was wrong.

28/7/14 Monday

I got a text Sunday from A asking me to come over but I was working and P would be back the same time I was, so I said id be round Monday at 10am. I knocked on the door and J answered, I little shocked I said A asked me to come round. She said she knew and invited me in. I stepped into their living room and instantly saw A naked on the couch stroking his dick. Be for I could say anything A simply said "She knows", I asked "What?" a little shocked, and he repeated "She knows, she saw us yesterday". I turned to J, going to beg her not to tell P, but she spoke first saying "A told me about your arrangement. You were his bitch, now your both mine since iv got leverage over both of you. Now put these on in the other room". She tossed a blonde wig and a purple lace set of lingerie. After I put everything on, I stepped back into the living room a little awkwardly to see A in a matching set to mine but in blue, J was wearing a black corset and fishnet stockings (she's a perfect curvy MILF normally (both A and J are about 20 years older then me) but seeing her in a corset got me going instantly). She ordered me to lay down on my back and A to straddle me so I could suck his dick. As I did so I glanced up and saw him bury his face between Js legs. When she had her fill of As tongue she sat on the table and told me to eat her pussy, gladly I did as I felt A pulled down my panties, again sliding his dick inside my ass. I was in ecstasy, having my ass fucked as I ate Js sweet pussy. I felt her legs tighten around my neck, knowing she was having an orgasm ( I guess she always wanted to watch her husband fuck a guy who was eating her pussy). When she released me from her thighs she ordered A to sit on the couch and me to get on top "like yesterday", she sat where she was and fingered herself (across from us) as I bounced on As dick, my panties still at my knees. After what looked like another orgasm she stepped over to us and bent down. sliding my dick inside her, now fucking her and her husband at the same time. J started to now gyrate her hips down into my cock as I pounded As dick into my ass and my dick into her pussy, I became overwhelmed and moaned "Im going to cum" A softly saying "me too". J slid herself off my and got to her knees, wrapping her lips around my cock. Still bouncing me A came in my ass once again and I came shortly afterwards, a small drop dribbling off Js lips. She order me onto my knees in the doggy position and f***ed A to lick my ass clean. As she did so she leaned round and kissed me, making me taste my own cum.

I still can't believe that this happened but I cant wait till next time.
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5 months ago
So hot!
5 months ago
\a dream senario I've had for several years
6 months ago
great neighbours you have mate!