Became my neighbours toy PART 2

First of all thanks to everyone that read/commented and liked my first post.

This happened on Thursday, and after the fun id had last time I was eager for the next. At around 10am I got a text from A(my neighbour), P(my partner) usually leave for work around 9. The message said "Get your tight ass over here, I'm bored and home alone". The message iv been waiting for. Instantly I stopped what I was doing, and grabbed my red lace lingerie set, panties, bra, garter belt and stocking, put them in my bag and went over. He answered the door straight away and grinned, inviting me inside. As I stepped in, he playfully grabbed my ass.
When we were both inside and he locked the door he asked me if I was already dressed (meaning in panties), when I said no he told me to get dressed in the master bedroom en suit bathroom. As I got changed I could hear him in the bedroom, sounding like he was looking for things. As I stepped out of the bathroom, wearing my red lace lingerie, he was already naked on the bed. I could see a small collection of things next to him, but all I could focus on was his throbbing dick. Stepping forward I smiled and him saying "Happy to see me then", he smirked and said "What do you think". Getting onto the bed next to him I finally saw what the small collection was, he brought out some lube, a butt plug and a pair of his wifes panties, I started getting hard immediately. "What's all this?" I asked, knowing full well what he wanted. "Just somethings to have fun with" he said with a wink, be for leaning in and kissing my neck, telling me to get on all fours. As I did so he once again slapped and grabbed my ass as he got onto he knees behind me.
I could feel him start to fondle me, starting with my balls towards my ass. I arched my back letting him get a better look as I heard him unclasp the lid on the lube and feel the cold drop on my ass as he pulled my panties to the side. A few seconds later he slipped a finger inside me, then another, slowly finger fucking my ass. After a few minutes he slipped his fingers out, and the butt plug in, it wasn't so big that it was a problem. He then put my panties back in place and told me not to move. He stood up and came around in front of me, his cock now rock hard. I opened my mouth taking his cock as he stepped forward, I started sucking his rock hard 7inch dick, swirling my tongue around as I did so.
As I was deep throating his dick, still in the doggy position, my back arched, he began playing with the butt plug still in my ass. I could feel the pressure inside me as she pushed it back and forward, moaning into his cock. This continued for some time, him changing between teasing my ass with the butt plug and grabbing the back of my head, making me chock on his dick.
As my arms got tired he pulled out of my mouth, the mix of saliva and pre cum still dribbling down my chin. He told me to stay still once more, this time pressing his wifes panties into my mouth, telling me im not allowed to take them out. He then crawls around the back of me once more, pressing my face into the bed this time, he pulls my panties to the side again, once more teasing my ass with the butt plug be for pulling it out, placing it on the side of the bed. Feeling his cock at the rim of my ass, I playfully wiggle my ass. He slapped my ass hard, making me let out a soft moan, be for he slide his cock into me.
I came instantly, spurting my cum all over the bed, my cock being so hard the tip poked up over the waistline of my panties. He continued to slide his cock into me all the way to the base of his shaft. He started fucking my ass, still pushing my face into the bed, pounding away. My dick got hard again as soon as he picked up speed. I was moaning gently, muffled by the bed and his wifes panties stuffed into my mouth. He paused momentarily as I felt him reach down, pulling my cock out of my panties, not stroking but gently squeezing, driving me crazy. He pounded my ass a little harder no, using to f***e of each thrust to make me fuck his hand, still grasping and squeezing my cock.
After what seemed like an hour of him thrusting deep into my ass, I came again. Releasing my dick from his grasp, he told me to turn around onto my back, as I did so, he spread my legs and pushed them upwards, wrapping them around his waist. I reached down, spreading my ass open while he positioned himself. Again as she slid his dick into my ass I started to get hard again. As soon as he was fully inside my I placed my arms above my head, he then pinned my arms there and began to thrust once more. I lay there for at least 40 mins as he pounded me, still pinning me down, while I softly moaned into his wifes panties. I came once more as his cock thrust against my g-spot. He finally started to get close and ordered me onto my knees on the floor. He started stoking his cock and told me to spread my legs and hold my arms above my head (with my hands on the back of my neck and my elbows up) and to open my mouth. As I moaned, his wifes panties still in my mouth, he spurted his hot load all over my face, most getting into my mouth and his wifes panties.
He pulled the panties out of my mouth, a small string of cum trailing afterwards and told me to follow him. He stood me up and lead me into the bathroom, stepping into the shower, he turned it on, the water flowing down his body, and told me to step in as well. Stepping in, still in lingerie, he started cleaning my body all over and I did the same to him. Both of us getting hard again now, he lay down (it was a bath shower) and I straddled on top of him, making a joke about it not being the first time, and began to grind my hips in circles as he stroked my cock. We did this for 10 mins be for he came again, this time in my ass. Lost in the moment I leaned down and kissed him, he looked a bit shocked but kissed me back, telling me to lay down. He wrapped his soft lips around my cock and starts sucking, I managed to cum once more, now laying in his path, in red lace lingerie, soaking wet and fucked raw.

That's it for this time. Hope you all enjoyed it, I sure did. Feel free to add me, like and comment, id love to hear from everyone.
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5 months ago
Love the stories, thanks for posting them ;-) x
5 months ago
love it
6 months ago
Great fun,,,keep writing
7 months ago
good story. just do a better poof read.
7 months ago