Pounding Hearts Pounding Ass

Pounding Hearts Pounding Ass
Chapter 4

With anticipation and joy, I tugged at the elastic ribbon that held tight to Cody’s waist, like the wrapping on a birthday present I pealed his underwear down his thighs and off his feet, the only thing he wore now was a smile. It was so sweet undressing Cody for the first time he was so cute bashfully holding on to his underwear. No longer hidden behind clothes, Cody’s sculpted body was breathtaking his hairless sac hung with gravity between his legs his uncut cock flopped forward onto his stomach laissez-fair. I told him how beautiful he looked--as if my saluting cock didn’t tell the story already.

Leaning over Cody’s body a sense of empowerment ran through my veins. As I nibbled on his neck and ears I could feel his body slipping into something a little more passive, with his head in my hands I kissed him deeply. Cody hands explored every inch of my body fondling my boys and slowly caressing my ass. Our bodies now embarrassed, my cock poked and toyed with his tender hole driving him absolutely insane. Finally the words I had waited to hear for so long were whispered in my ear---Fuck Me!!

My heart jumped half out of my chest, yes Mam,” I thought to myself as a smile grew across my face. I have to admit it was a real turn on for me to see the needy side of Cody itching almost begging to be fucked. I’d get to his ass but first my lips tugged on his foreskin my tong aroused his pink crown soft and tender from it’s wrinkled armor. Lowering my lips over his cock I took every inch he had to the back of my throat. I felt like the Pied Piper using his charms to turn Cody into a dossal teddy bear; his alpha male scampered off into the green grass leaving behind the most vulnerable man my eyes have ever seen.

Now completely surrendered to my will I propped Cody’s feet over my shoulders, his ass was all mine and like a turtle on his back he squirmed in excitement as my thumb slowly massaged his moist hole. The more I probed the more his body came alive. Cody guided my thumb as deep as it would go; I licked the head of his dick in a slow circular motion. It didn’t take long for Cody’s ass to tighten around my thumb. In an innocent moment of uncertainty he tried to back out of my mouth.

Through my knees I could feel his heart beating into the earth, twisting in my arms he blurted out “I’m going to cum” my thumb probed deeper. Cody’s eyes filled in delirious love opened wide for only a moment our eyes met and we both knew he had reached the point of no return. Cody’s head tipped back and with his chin to the sky he repeated a phrase in his native tong. Oh god he moaned, his eyes grew heavy his will to retreat tossed on top of the clothes that lay beside us. Cody’s thick cock erupted shooting warm streams of cum into my mouth. I was overwhelmed to say the least but it was the moment I was waiting for.

I had no idea a guy’s ass throbbed when they came, it was if my thumb was inserted into a beating heart and with every throb Cody pumped his manly treasure down my throat. Cody’s cum spilled from the corners of my mouth s**ttering warm milky pools across his tan belly. I was amazed at how my lips felt so numb and swollen but then again this was my first time. Cody’s slippery dick fell from my lips; I retrieved it and continued to toy with his boner like a proud dog slobbering over a steak bone.

Spilled among the blades of grass Cody was a puddle of serenity lit from within like a smoky bar, his Texas size smile proudly stretched across his face stealing my heart and in that very moment I realized how happy I had made him feel. For some reason I felt like I was the lucky one maybe it was the seven-inch prize I held in my mouth.

Leaning forward I kissed Cody softly sharing with him how great he tasted our lips parted- I was just getting started. I lathered my cock with Cody’s cum, again I kissed him, now holding Cody’s delicate ankles in my hands I thought -my fair tale has come true- I pushed his legs forward, his virgin ass laid open like a well read romance novel and with all the hope of a first date kiss, his willing ass rose out of the grass to meet my cock. The moment was so epic for me I seriously thought I was going to blow my wad just watching Cody’s cheeks open wide revealing the sweetest rose bud I had ever seen. His legs wrapped around my waist pulling me tight against his wide-open ass.

Never having made love to a man I have to admit I was a little intimidated. Rubbing what was left of Cody’s cum into his ass I positioned my cock over his hole and pushed into his eager ass with the excitement of an English Bull Terrier mounting his bitch. Slowly my cock stretched him open “Oh Fuck” he gasped his arms reached out searching for something to grip onto.

Under the weight of my body I held Cody to my passion; my kisses to his neck and ears helped soothe the sting he wore on his face then slowly and methodically my cock glided in and out of his tight ass. When Cody least expected it I buried my cock to its base causing his body to pang. His hips came alive! “Fuck me” he breathed pumping his ass as he rocked on his back. I went deep again he begged for more. It didn’t take long for Cody to become intoxicated by the rhythm of my cock his moans encouraged me on my passion to please him was new and overwhelming.

I scooted closer cradling what seemed like Cody’s boneless body between my legs. My knees set tight in the saddle my arms held his legs far apart and my balls bounced off his ass like a paddleball on a short rubber band. Cody pumped his needy ass upwards his hands squeezed my thighs as I rode him like a prize bull my nuts grew numb and sweaty from the relentless pounding on heavens door.

Watching Cody beneath me I couldn’t decide if I was getting more pleasure out of this or if he was. His head rocked from side to side like a cork on the end of a fishing line his limp cock flailed about on his stomach like a rag doll and his balls shook like Jell-O. His body was in constant motion his hands held my waist and pulled at my cheeks.

In my wildest dreams I never imagined that my cock could turn another man into a moaning schoolgirl. Making love to Cody brought to life a dimension of him I had never seen; he was wild yet civilized, hard as granite yet soft as the mist that rose from the creek. My cock took Cody to a place of pure happiness looking down on his face with his eyes half closed and jaw opened, his moans spilled off his lips like water over a dam. Cody pulled at my sense of manhood and at that moment I felt as if I were haven on earth for him. Putting a strapping guy like Cody on his back and my relentless enjoyment of his manhood made me feel like I wanted this moment to last forever. Believe me I tried.

Several times I pulled out of his ass so I wouldn’t cum but he kept pulling me back for more. The last time I tried to pull out he held me in, my body stiffened my balls heaved. A hot flash washed over across my face and for a moment I thought I was going to pass out. My cock jerked spewing my seed deep within Cody’s fiery ass we moaned in unison together our bodies rocked back and forth. I empted myself into this gorgeous man my sac came to rest drooping empty like a pillowcase on a close line. My cock slipped out of Cody for a brief second I pushed back into his silky abode with no intentions of leaving this slice of heaven any time soon.

Peacefully we laid; nestled in the tall grass our arms wrapped around each other Cody’s long black hair framed his smiling face beads of sweat dotted his fore head, I kissed his chin, nose and mouth adorning him with praise. Playfully Cody pulled at my butt.

I wondered- did he want more.
I wondered- could I be enough man to please this wild stallion?

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3 years ago
fucking hot trev .. yeah usually when i feel a guy cum from deep inside, i have a hard time holding back
4 years ago
Well written, poetic and colorful.
4 years ago
cannot wait for the next chapter, the sex is so sensual and erotic.
4 years ago
Thanks Very hot.
4 years ago
Very hot, looking forward to next chapter. Great love story with just right amount of sex!! Thanks.
4 years ago
I'm telling you you have a gift will be waitting to read more thanks
4 years ago
whoa this is long
4 years ago
Hot sexy portrayal of an erotic piece of time w 2 guys merging their sexual desires in2 one arc of pleasure. Thanx.